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Chapter 97: Murder the Husband


“Yes! It’s been a cocoon since we came back from the Zi Household!” Gu Yunlan nodded. She had forgotten to tell her afterwards.


“How can you hurry the cocoon process? Don’t be in a rush! Rushing too much will only ruin the rare opportunity for success!” Xuanyuan Meng looked at her rather quizzically. What’s making Yunlan so anxious? Usually she’s an icy calm person, what happened today?


Gu Yunlan smiled at her wanly, explaining, “Nothing! I was only worried the cold weather would affect it!”


“So it was like this?” Xuanyuan Meng thought for a bit, “Temperature probably does affect it! Let’s wrap it up warmly!”


Gu Yunlan gave her a look. What a helpful comment, she probably won’t be much of a help either. It’s better to just focus on their walk.


The four people pretty much spent the entirety of the first day of the first year outside. They ate while strolling the streets until Xuanyuan Ying returned. The group of four masters and servants all returned home.


Xuanyuan Ying sat at the dining table, his gaze on the bags the four people held. His mouth twitched, “Did you guys play all day?”


“I’m exhausted!” Xuanyuan Meng put down the items onto the table and walked over to sit on the chair, not caring the least about her appearance.


“En! We played all day, and bought all the clothes we need for the whole year!” Gu Yunlan also put her items on the table, then instructed the girls behind her, “You two must be tired, take your things and retire!”


Xin’er and A’mu nodded their head. They put down around half of the items they were carrying then turned around and left.


“A’mu!” Xuanyuan Meng reacted quickly. Realizing that A’Mu already left the room , she immediately yelled, “If you leave, who’ll help me carry things?”


“Stop yelling, you can’t carry them yourself?” Gu Yunlan gave her a cold look, keep pretending!


Xuanyuan Meng pouted, complaining, “I’m real weak!”


“Zhang Yu! Come in! Carry these goods away!” Xuanyuan Ying had a rare moment of good mood, called out to outside the door.


“Bro! No need! I’ll just go alright? You think I’ll dirty your eyes?” Xuanyuan Meng immediately stood. She took out a pouch, then with a wave of her hands, the pile of bags before her immediately disappeared from sight. She patted her hands, then headed out, “I’m leaving now. I’ve eaten so much, my stomach feels bloated!”


Watching her as she left, Gu Yunlan immediately turned her attention on rummaging through the pile of clothes in front of her. After a moment, she pulled out two bags, saying happily, “Found it! Come here!”


“What is that?” Xuanyuan Ying stood up quizzically and sat down next to her, seeing her take out some black clothing from the paper bag.


“I found that, you actually look really good wearing white, so I got a windbreaker for you. I don’t know if it fits, try it out first! As for the white clothing, you go try it yourself later!” Gu Yunlan shook the clothing open. Xuanyuan Ying was very tall. When holding that windbreaker, she had to hold it at the height of her nose.


Xuanyuan Ying stood up helplessly, and resigned to having Gu Yunlan help him put on the windbreaker.


“Come! Turn a circle!” Gu Yunlan looked at her results in satisfaction. Xuanyuan Ying plus that windbreaker added a deeper sense of handsome to him!


Xuanyuan Ying could only turn a circle, what’s the use of pretty clothing? This clothing would only be a delicate item that hinders his movements. However, since she bought it, he didn’t quite dare complain.


After Gu Yunlan helped him take it off, fold, and put it in the bag again, only then did she take out her own pouch, and put away her bags on the table one by one.  


“What did you buy?” Xuanyuan Ying watched her actions curiously. She bought quite a lot of clothing, how come like Mengmeng, she also has such a large of a pile?


Gu Yunlan’s face reddened, yet didn’t stop her actions as she continued to put away the time, “Uh, I found that wearing qipao is a bit annoying! So I went to Luolan’s place to buy some clothing that are easier to wear!”


Xuanyuan Ying’s pupils held a smile in it as she walked closer to Gu Yunlan, leaning in to her ear to whisper, “Isn’t it just that you don’t know how to do buttons? Dummy! I can help you of course!”


Gu Yunlan’s expression changed. Her hands halted her actions, then she turned around to pinch his neck. She said in a low, angry voice, “Say that again, I’ll pinch you to death!”


Xuanyuan Ying was pushed, so he directly sat down on a chair and conveniently pulled her down on her. Afraid that she may fall, his hands cold only hold onto her waist. He looked at her innocently, “You want to murder your own husband!”

    此刻的她恼羞成怒,完全没有发现此刻两人的姿势有多暧昧, 她用力掐了下去,“你还说!”

In that moment her embarrassment turned into fury, completely not realizing how ambiguous the two people’s positions were, “You even said!”


Xuanyuan Ying looked at her with half-lidded eyes, as if really enjoying her current flustered state, “I, I didn’t say anything else!”


“When did I ‘murder my husband’?” Gu Yunlan raised her brows and looked at him slyly, then pressed down hard with her hands, “What I murdered was a jiangshi!”


Xuanyuan Ying found that he was unable to argue back, what’s with her lumping him and jiangshis together? He looked at her helplessly, “You’re a woman, what’s the meaning of you crawling on a man like this?”

    顾云兰一愣,低头看着自己的姿势,发现自己居然是跪在他大腿上的,而他的手扶着她的腰, 她心一横,挑衅的看着他,“你是男人么?只能算个僵尸!”

Gu Yunlan was speechless, looked down at her position and found that she really did crawl onto his thighs. Even more, his hands were on his waist. She panicked. She looked at him provokingly, “You count as a man? A jianghsi is all!”


Xuanyuan Ying supported her waist, and looked at her with his mouth curled up evilly, “Why don’t you test whether I’m a man or a jianshi. Guaranteed pregnancy, definitely not something jiangshi like Jiang Chen can do!”


“Lowlife!” GU Yunlan’s face reddened, and she shot him a glare. Patting his hands off, she directly hopped down. Who knew that as her legs kneeled for too long, they turned numb. She directly fell onto Xuanyuan Ying’s chest.


“What’s this? Are you sending yourself into my arms? This isn’t me being a lowlife this time!” Xuanyuan Ying brought her into his arms, mercilessly repeating back her own words.


“Xuanyuan Ying!” Gu Yunlan rubbed her nose that got crushed on his chest. Her nose felt sour and tears came out, “You’re teasing me!”


Xuanyuan Ying was stunned. He never would have thought that the unreasonable woman just now could be so vulnerable. She didn’t even cry back when Bai Linlong’s corpse poison infected her, yet she cried now. He rather clumsily helped her sit up on his lap, lowered his head to look at her, “Yes it’s my bad for not supporting you. Where does it hurt?”


“Here!” Gu Yunlan nodded at her nose, lifting her head with a wronged expression. She had bought clothes for him with good intention, yet he ended up teasing her!


Just as Gu Yunlan lifted her head, she could see into Xuanyuan Ying’s lacquer black eyes. The two people stared dumbly, even their breathing paused. Only when she coud Xuanyuan Ying’s hot breath on her face did she snapback to attention. She herself and him far too close to each other.


Xuanyuan Ying came back as well and reached out his hands to rub her red nose, feeling it’s rather code, “Here?”


He didn’t even do much, but at that moment, Gu Yunlan thought her nose felt warm, no longer hurting.


She looked at him fixedly, as he attentively rubbed her nose warm. At this close distance she found that his skin looked so delicate that even women would be jealous, as there wasn’t a single blemish. His eyelashes were both thick and long, like two rows of fans where the tails of his eyes brushed upwards. His pupils held a smile, cough cough, Gu Yunlan awkwardly shifted away her judging eyes.


“What do you think about this senior’s appearance? So handsome that you can’t take your eyes away right? This senior doesn’t recommend looking to many times!” Xuanyuan Ying flashed her a charming look, while saying innocently. Seeing her ears turning red, he thought she was becoming more and more fun!


“Let me up!” Gu Yunlan stretched out her arms to bring herschelf up, their positions are way too intimate.


“What if I don’t want you to get up?” Xuanyuan Ying’s hands which were on her nose were now on her red lips. His hand gently rubbed on her red lips. Ever since understanding his feelings, he felt as if he couldn’t contain himself any longer.


“Let me up! Somebody might see!” Gu Yunlan slapped away his hand irritatedly, now not even bothering to converse, “Your tongue is getting more and more glib!”

    看到她微红的脸色, 轩辕应怔了怔,神使鬼差的低下头,迅速的在她红唇上啄了一下。

Seeing her slightly blushing appearance, Xuanyuan Ying was stumped and he simply lowered his head and quickly pecked her on her red lips.


Gu Yunlan’s heart thumped wildly, her eyes wide open in fright. She swung a backhand at him, but Xuanyuan Ying caught her hand, and brought his head in close to the nape of her neck, saying as if wronged, “Is it so easy running back from the barracks every day? If you want to hit me, wouldn’t that be unfair?”


Gu Yunlan stared numbly, what’s with this logic! He kissed her, and wants to talk about fairness? Being tossed around by him like that, she felt reluctant to continue this conversation, so said softly, “Let me down, it’s getting late. I need to get back and shower, eat, then we go to the back mountains together!”


“A date in the back mountains?” Xuanyuan Ying raised his head, his pupils holding a smile. He looked at her mischeviously.


“One, two… “ Gu Yunlan started to really get angry. Before three left her mouth, Xuanyuan Ying immediately let go of her. He supported her waist and let her slowly get up. But at this touch, her face turned even more red. Under his help, her two feet eventually land safely on the ground.


After gaining her balance, she felt delighted to find that her feet weren’t numb. She glared menacingly at Xuanyuan Ying just to see him smile. She lifted up the corners of her mouth. Taking advantage of his lapse in attention, she stepped on his foot brutally.  


She lited her legs and ran, only leaving behind one sentence, “I won’t be eating dinner, you go eat alone!:


Xuanyuan Ying’s expression didn’t change as he looked at the footprint on his boot. Slowly, the corners of his mouth turned up. Gu Yunlan, you can run but the monk’s temple can’t run, you’ll eventually be mine!


After taking a bath, Gu Yunlan randomly tied up her hair and exited the bath room. He found Xuanyuan Ying sitting alone in the courtyard playing with a teacup. Thinking about what happened that evening, her face turned red. Taking a deep breath, she walked over.


Hearing the footsteps, Xuanyuan Ying lifted his head to look over. She wore fully black casual clothings.Seeing some line on the front of her clothes, he creased his brows and asked while pointing with his finger, “What is this?”


Gu Yunlan sat down beside him, “A new fun toy that came out! Zipper!”


It’s also beneficial for war, but at least older things tend to look so much more complicated! For example, buttons. On Xuanyuan Ying’s windbreaker, it uses those complicated buttons. Now looking at her clothing, her copper zipper is much easier to use than those buttons.


“Let’s go!” Xuanyuan Ying stood up, pulling her along. He conveniently pulled her into his embrace, and before Gu Yunlan could respond, they’d already disappeared from their original position.


At that moment, the two appeared in the veranda. Gu Yunlan looked at him in surprise, “Your power is back?”


“This is the limit of it!” His meaning was very clear. He could only bring her the distance of the mansion to the veranda in the back mountains. Xuanyuan Ying let go of her,”Let’s start!”


She snapped back to consciousness, and sat down cross-legged, closing her two eyes, and started her first cultivation following her advancement.


Seeing her enter just fine, he slowly sat down cross legged and started to enter as well.


For the first time, the two of the quietly and peacefully entered meditation. The moonlight slowly entered in, shining upon the two people, warm and peaceful.

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