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Chapter 47: Bring a Bit More Money

There was a glimmer in Zhangyu’s eyes as he looked at Xuanyuan Ying; after he received a nod from his master, he moved back. 

Gu Yunlan looked at Xuanyuan Ying in admiration, tche tche! What an obedient guard.

Uncle Zhong slowly brought Xin’er out from her hiding place. Still sitting on the ground, An Shufen was dumbfounded. Seeing them come out, she knew that they had lost.

“Yes! Then what about you, Young Miss?” Xin’er bowed slightly.

“I’ll be returning a bit but you go back first,” Gu Yunlan looked to Uncle Zhong. “Ah yes, Uncle Zhong!”

“Please, speak Young Miss.” Uncle Zhong looked at Gu Yunlan and the Marshal, grim faced and dispirited, sitting in his chair. 

“Bring Aunt An back and keep a watch on her,” Gu Yunlan instructed after seeing An Shufen laying motionless on the floor. “We’ll decide what to do once Father awakens, in the meanwhile, tidy-up the mansion.”

“Of course we will.” Uncle Zhong nodded his head dutifully, then turned around to face the group. “Everyone, it is late. Won’t you accompany this old servant down the mountain?”

Yanzhi Kuan nodded; as long as it is within the Gu Mansion. He turned around and walked out the door with Little Si close behind him. Xuanyuan Ying hurriedly pulled Bai Yiran and his sister along with him.

“Bring the concubine away!” Uncle Zhong instructed to a guard standing to the side. The guard lifted An Shufen and exited the courtyard. He bowed towards Gu Yunlan slightly before leading Xin’er down the mountain.

Only after everyone had left did Gu Yunlan anxiously turn around and walk towards her despondent father. “Papa, what’s wrong with you? Xuanyuan, come here and take a look!”

Xuanyuan Ying obediently came and sat down on the other side of Gu Zhengyu. He took ahold of the hand that rested upon the table to measure his pulse. After a while, he said, “No wonder, the Marshal has been taken over by Yangjin for far too long. It harmed his soul causing his spirit to become depressed. Although Yangjin wasn’t controlling him just now, he was still told that you died, making him feel too much pain. Who knew that after seeing you again, he entered some sort of happy yet sad state!”

“What! Then what do we do?” Gu Yunlan was very anxious. Seeing her father with his head lowered as such, with such a dispirited blank look, the hate in her heart towards Yangjin and An Jiaona deepened even further.

Xuanyuan Ying noticed that her pupils were very deep, even she didn’t know that at that moment, her body emitted a heavy and cold aura. He whispered seriously, “Relax! Send the Marshal to the Mao Clan!”

Mao Clan? Right! It was the place where she studied for a year. In this chaotic world, that’s the only safe place to be. With Master there, she could be more at ease. She nodded her head, “Then who’ll send him?”

“Have Zhangyu go!” Xuanyuan Ying lifted his gaze to glance at Zhangyu who had stood to the side, observing them, “His skill isn’t bad! He can do it!”

“Yes!” Zhangyu lifted the corners of his mouth, saying as he dipped his head.

“Then I’ll leave a handwritten letter for Father!” Seeing him agree, Gu Yunlan brightened as she then turned to enter the Ancestral Hall. The Gu Family’s ancestral hall had a complete set of writing utensils, brush, ink and all. Near the doors, she picked up a brush and some ink, and started writing on the offering table, “Dear Master, this disciple requests some help! My Father’s health is poor and requires some recuperation. So, he will be sent to the village. I hope Master can take a look. Your Disciple, Yunlan!”

When the ink dried, she folded up the paper before walking out of the room. Handing it to Zhangyu’s hands she said, “I have troubled you, sir!”

“The Young Miss is too polite! Call me Zhangyu instead!” Zhangyu reached out his hand to receive the letter, putting it away.

Only then did Gu Yunlan turn around in relief, and squatted down in front of Gu Zhengyu. Seeing him stare blankly without even moving, she asked worriedly, “But with Father like this, how can he get to the Mao Clan?”

Xuanyuan Ying took out a porcelain bottle, “Inside is Mengmeng’s Grandfather’s Family’s medicine. Give some to the Marshal, and he should be able to reach the Mao Clan!”

Gu Yunlan reached out her hand to receive it. Pulling out the stopper, she gently tipped the bottle. A dark-colored pill rolled into her hand, releasing a strong medicinal smell. Gu Yunlan flinched, this is…?

“Feed that to the Marshal! You’ll know the effects when he eats it” Xuanyuan Ying merely smiled and didn’t answer.

Gu Yunlan nodded her head. She stood up to place it by Gu Zhengyu’s mouth. His mouth opened lightly before swallowing it down.

Gu Yunlan looked at him anxiously, just to see Gu Zhengyu’s mindless eyes slowly closing.

After a long while, did she finally heard his gentle voice, “Yun’er, your Papa’s fine!”

Gu Yunlan crouched down anxiously, looking him in the eyes. Compared to his previous mindless look, his vitality looked much better, “Papa! I want to send you over to Master’s place to be nursed, it’s very safe there!”

Gu Zhengyu lifted his head to look at his daughter. He knew why his daughter is sending him away, ai! He’s old now, he’ll only be a burden to her. He said gently, “Father has heard it all already, alright! Only, you must be careful!”

“En! General Xuanyuan will be here! Everything will be alright! I’ll have Uncle Zhong go with you too! With him with you, I will feel much better!” Gu Yunlan nodded her head lightly.

“Okay!” Gu Zhengyu’s pupils flushed, he trusted everything his daughter told him. Only now did he realize that his sole descendant was always so kind-hearted. He reached out his hand for her daughter’s, and placed the military insignia into her hand, “From today on this is yours, it also counts as the dowry from your father!”

“Papa! All of what Yun’er did wasn’t for this!” Gu Yunlan stood up suddenly, a slight look of anger flashed across his face.

“Don’t be rash! Listen to what the Marshal has to say!” Seeing her stand up, Xuanyuan Ying hurried to stop her.

“Foolish girl! Listen to what I say! With the military insignia, you can put all you can in your struggles!” Gu Zhengyu glanced at Xuanyuan Ying, and waved at her to sit back down before saying, “Unfortunately, quite a bit of my military power has been taken away by him!”

‘Him’ most definitely meant Yangjin. Gu Yunlan’s pupils flashed, her Gu Family’s belongings isn’t that easily taken! No matter how much was taken, she will force him to spit them back out!

Gu Zhengyu sighed, “With the military insignia, you would be able to have another layer of safeguard within these chaotic times. As for your Aunt An, ai! I’ll leave that for you to deal with!”

Gu Zhengyu sigh again, clearly, he was exhausted and beaten. After seeing how the mother and daughter pair was so pitiful, he brought them back. Who knew that was the equivalent of leading a wolf into the nest, ai! Honestly, how did he not know that An Jiaona was not like Yun’er at all? How were they ever like siblings…

“Father doesn’t need anyone to take care of him?” Gu Yunlan asked worriedly.

Gu Zhengyu shook his head, saying smilingly, “General Xuanyuan’s subordinate isn’t as simple as you think, with him around, getting to the Mao Clan will be very safe! And in the Mao Clan, all will be good with your master there!”

Although he’s never met her master, for Xuanyuan Ying to entrust his daughter to her, it most definitely isn’t that simple!

“Then bring some more money with you there!” Gu Yunlan could only nod her head.

“Brother Xuanyuan! Look at this girly! How troublesome!” Gu Zhengyu’s consciousness has improved a lot, even saying to Xuanyuan Ying brightly in response, “Then I shall leave Gu Yunlan in your care! I will have to trouble you!”

“About this, Marshal can be at ease!” Xuanyuan Ying nodded his head.

“Let’s go! I’ll return to pack up a few things, there’s no need to pack too much!” As Gu Zhengyu stood up slowly, Gu Yunlan stood up quickly to help him.

“Indeed not much is needed! The Mao Clan is completely independent! It’ll work out as long the you get there!” Xuanyuan also got up to follow along while Zhangyu trailed behind them.

“Papa, just stay at the Mao Clan peacefully and wait for Yun’er to finish dealing with all the problems. Then I’ll go over there to live with Papa!” Gu Yunlan said while giggling mirthfully, hanging onto Gu Zhengyu’s arm. That’s the lifestyle she’s always wanted; carrying a hoe(tool) and a jar of wine, such a free and carefree life!

“Alright! Papa shall wait for you, just for you!” Gu Zhengyu was full of smiles. Within this chaotic world, to be able to live through one day counts! It’s good even if he leaves, he’d be able to leave his daughter a careless life. With Xuanyuan Ying around as a protector, he can be at ease!

Xuanyuan Ying followed behind them slowly. The father and daughter pair’s silhouette made him feel strangely serene.

“Right! Is your injury ok?” While talking about the Mao Clan, Gu Zhengyu remembered that the reason Gu Yunlan went there was to heal her wound! He looked at Gu Yunlan worriedly.

“I’m fine! It only took two or three moments for Master to cure it! Yun’er didn’t return because she stayed behind to learn medicine and martial arts!” Gu Yunlan let go of him, twirling in front of him.

Only Xuanyuan Ying knew exactly how much danger they were in. One little careless mistake, the living soul would’ve been scared out of her! Especially since Yangjin there, Xuanyuan Ying seriously had an urge to beat him up!

“Alright then!”

Gu Yunlan hugged on to his arm tightly, “Then Papa, won’t you tell me what exactly happened in the year I was away?”

Gu Zhengyu’s pupils darkened, he sighed, “A year ago, General Xuanyuan brought the two of them back. Before he could even step into the room, a telegram sent him away. Yangjin and they told me that something had happened to you and whether or not you were alive is unknown. Even An Jiaona was saved by Yangjin! As I was grieving, An Jiaona told me that she would repay your kindness, be truly faithful…”

“Though, Yangjin did say that he won’t join in, maybe because our two’s family are too different?” Gu Yunlan continued, “Thus, Auntie An and An Jiaona begged you to give Yangjin the position of Marshal?” 

Gu Zhengyu sighed lightly, nodding his head, “Ai! Later he started wanting the military insignia little by little. Sometimes, he would say regretfully how he had forgotten to save you! Up until half a year ago, General Xuanyuan came back. My mind started to turn hazy, and would sometimes blur over. I constantly felt like someone was threatening me and won’t listen to me. That scared the living soul out of me.”

“That damned greedy wolf!” The anger within Gu Yunlan’s heart rushed out! 

“The times that I stayed in that muddled state lengthened, I would spend everyday hazily. Only during the nighttime would I be able to think clearly. Only later after I met with General Xuanyuan did the haziness disperse at times. That was when I finally understood An Shufen’s true intentions!” Gu Zhengyu said slowly. His heart was heavy, after so many days of the same muddle-headed life, he was truly exhausted!

“Papa has suffered! It’s all my fault for returning late!” Gu Yunlan looked at her father with a pained expression. If only she had come back earlier, then at least this could have been prevented!

“I’m fine, I was actually awake in the morning, but with An Shufen next to me, I had to pretend! Even when she pinched me, I still had to act like I didn’t know?” His smile was slightly bitter, “Later, Yangjin threatened me, saying that if I don’t follow what he says, then Uncle Zhong and Xin’er will die!”

“Papa has been wronged!” Gu Yunlan felt even more pained!

“Idiot! When you appeared, you don’t know just how happy I was and yet how much I wanted you to leave? Yun’er! You’re not a match for him, he knows sorcery! You must be careful!” Gu Zhengyu also looked at her with a worried expression.

“Marshal, you can be at ease with me here. With his weak little sorcery, I haven’t even taken him seriously yet. Even if the demon is any more powerful, it can’t be more powerful than our guns and cannons!” Xuanyuan Ying’s footsteps came closer to the two as he consoled them.

“Right! Right! That’s right! Nothing can hide from the canons!” Gu Zhengyu’s mood suddenly shifted as he laughed out loud, this young man is clever!

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