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Chapter 20: Being Pushed Into the Water

The rules of the competition were actually very clear, everyone had two signs in their hands: Pass or no pass. First, the judges will appraise, then the crowd will lift their signs. The one with the higher points win.

Two to a group, the order of performance was determined by the drawing of lots. The competition this time is for Gu City’s most literary or artistically talented Mister and Miss.

Zi Luolan’s simple sentences had already started the competition. The first to perform is An Jiaona. Gu Yunlan raised her brows with a bit of astonishment, she has talent?

The talent An Jiaona brought in is dancing. At this time, she had already changed into her dance costume. With bright red clothes, she started dancing to the music.

It couldn’t be helped but admit that her figure is excellent. A freely moving body matched with sweet eyes, her entire person attracted the gazes of everyone present.

Gu Yunlan looked all around, she didn’t recognize many of the Young Masters from the Gu City Families, she didn’t even have many good friends. Suddenly, her pupils contracted slightly, it’s him! Yangjin…

The current Yangjin is dressed in black Western-styled clothing, a white shirt, black necktie, and sported a hairdo that was a 30% fail. Thin golden eyeglasses were perched on the bridge of his nose. It’s the most fashionable hairdo at this time. Looking from afar, he still had that sly look about him.

It seemed as if the other person had discovered Gu Yunlan’s gaze, as he smiled toward Gu Yunlan and nodded his head.

“Yunlan, have you taken a fancy to someone? I’ll tell you now that guy isn’t fitting for you!” Zi Luolan had also discovered Gu Yunlan’s gaze, and said this as she leaned in close to her ear.

“How can it be?” Gu Yunlan smiled wanly, turning to look at her, “I was only puzzled, how come I don’t recognize him? When did an extra person appear in our Gu City?”

“You can’t even recognize all the Misses in our Gu City, how could you recognize all the males?” Zi Luolan nudged Gu Yunlan with her shoulder, continuing to say, “I heard that Yanjin has a literary reputation, even you know the matter about literary reputation. It’s just poor people raising their own status, to just claim a title…”

“Then why did you invite him?” Aren’t all the invited guests this time Young Masters of famous clans from Gu City?


“I can’t return what my infatuated Little Sister dragged in. Sigh, your Little Sister’s dance really is great! Eight consecutive turns!” Zi Luolan watched and praised, “She probably practiced for such a long time…”

“Even I’m not clear about it, but there should’ve been a period of time!” Gu Yunlan shrugged her shoulders, she hadn’t left home for a month now.

“Did you know? I had actually invited that Xuanyuan Ying you came with, too bad he wasn’t impressed by my family’s status, it wasn’t important enough; leaving even after coming to the doorsteps.” Zi Luolan had a regretful expression.

“How can it be? He said he had another matter, how can he be indifferent about your family’s doorsteps…” Gu Yunlan said somewhat awkwardly. That guy had actually said something like that. It’s not that he didn’t see the Zi Family as important, but rather saw it as a child’s plaything…

Regarding this competition of talents, Gu Yunlan couldn’t get interested. She never held any interest towards the affairs of other family’s ladies in the previous life, so her interest especially couldn’t be piqued in this life. She looked at the still-dancing An Jiaona in the middle of the stage, and said to Zi Luolan, “Luolan, staying here is too boring, I’ll go take a walk near the carp pond!”

“You’re really not going to watch?” Boredom flashed in Zi Luolan’s eyes, and she said smilingly, “I’ll have Little Cui accompany you on your walk. I’ll have her bring you back when it’s about time to change costumes in order to prepare for the masquerade!”

“Alright!” Gu Yunlan stood up and followed Little Cui out of the party.

After walking for a few minutes, Gu Yunlan instructed Little Cui, “Little Cui, there’s no need for you to accompany me, I want to walk alone. Go and accompany your family’s Miss. Come find me in half an hour!”

“Yes!” Little Cui nodded her head as she turned to leave.

After personally seeing Little Cui off, Gu Yunlan turned to walk by the carp pond.

The carp pond is very close to the stage, taking only a few minutes to arrive. Gu Yunlan laid down on the same spot as before, quietly watching the fish fight over food as her mind wandered off.

She rose too early this morning so her mind drifted. In that daze, she once again thought about the time she had fled for her life. She had ran, she ran with no end, chased by stubborn soldiers…

“Wei! Wake up!” A pair of pure white hands smacked her shoulder.

“Ah!” Gu Yunlan woke up with a start and stood up abruptly. Brandished her hand forcefully behind her, it was as if she wanted to push away that person who had smacked her.

Since bathing in moonlight everyday, it wouldn’t count as her having matchless strength, but it was enough to push that person back a meter.

“Splash!” The sound of splashing water completely woke the perplexed Gu Yunlan, and she immediately turned her head to look in the water. She couldn’t have pushed Little Cui into the water, right?

“Save me! Quickly save me!”

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