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Chapter 12: Parting on Bad Terms

Xuanyuan Ying followed from behind. Hearing Gu Yunlan’s words, he smiled towards her and sat across the table from An Shufen. “Miss, you sit down too, Xin’er is coming!” Xin’er walked from a side door carrying plates, seeing An Jiaona coming in, she immediately said to Gu Zhengyu, “Marshal! Let Xin’er greet Miss An!”

“En, go ahead!” After Gu Zhengyu saw that his daughter has come around, his complexion had become a bit gentler.

Gu Yunlan sat next to Xuanyuan Ying, bowing her head, and looking at the dinner bowl in front of her, her thoughts were a mess.The north and south warlords are going to war, why is Papa bringing home an aunt?

Before, her thoughts were still unclear, but now, they were actually very clear. Papa couldn’t possibly have had an illegitimate daughter, Mother died early. Ever since she was young, Papa had brought her everywhere with him, she had never met another mistress before.

“Isn’t Yun’er going to greet this guest?” Xuanyuan Ying’s unhurried voice interrupted Gu Yunlan’s thoughts.

Gu Yunlan stared blankly, then snapped back to reality. Seeing a bowl of soup in front of her, she held the spoon and asked unhurriedly, “Can you eat?”

The words that slipped out caused Gu Yunlan to be frightened, how can she say such a thing? After all, can an undead eat?

“Of course this General can eat, you haven’t greeted me yet?!” Xuanyuan Ying glanced at her lazily.

“Sister! Why can’t a General eat? Isn’t Sister being too oppressive?” An Jiaona, who had been seated in front of Gu Yunlan by Xin’er, had an unforgiving expression on her face.

“I’m confused, Miss An. I didn’t seem to have said that. If you don’t believe me, why don’t you ask the General?” Gu Yunlan sneered, raising her eyebrow.

“We were only discussing whether or not this soup will taste good!” Xuanyuan Ying didn’t even look at An Jiaona as he explained coldly.

“Come on, General. This soup is nutritious, I even had the servants cook it for an entire afternoon!” Gu Yunlan looked cheerfully at An Jiaona’s enraged expression. Reaching out her arm, she scooped up a spoonful of soup from the soup dish and poured it into his bowl.

“Is that so?” Xuanyuan Ying glanced at her suspiciously malicious expression. He picked up his spoon obediently, drank a mouthful, then immediately complimented, “Pretty good!”

An Jiaona looked furiously at the two people, they actually dared to ignore her; just wait and see!

Seeing An Jiaona’s enraged expression, Xin’er became cheerful. She hurriedly picked up her chopsticks, and put a chopstick full of fish in her bowl, and introduced with a smile, “Miss An, this piece of fish is a specialty of ours, the flavor is wonderful. It’s the Marshal’s favourite dish! Our Miss has taken off all of the fish bones!”

“Nana!” An Shufen looked at her daughter with a frown, what is wrong with this girl?

“Is that so? Papa Marshal likes it?” An Jiaona snapped back to reality, picked up a chopstick full of fish, and ate it in one bite. She immediately spat it out, pointing furiously, “Damned servent! Being so spicy, you actually dared to trick this lady! You’re looking for death!”

“You! You don’t have to curse at someone if you don’t like it! Our Marshal really does like eating it! Wu wu…” While speaking, Xin’er’s tears rolled down, her face full of grievance, “I’m not a servant, I’m not…”

“Nana!” An Shufen first blinked in surprise, then immediately shouted, “Still not apologizing?!”

“No need to apologize! If Miss An doesn’t like the food I cooked she doesn’t have to eat it! But why does she have to curse at Xin’er? Who told you Xin’er was a servant?” Gu Yunlan coldly said as she abruptly put down her chopsticks.

“Jiaona! You are in the wrong!” Gu Zhengyu wrinkled his brows and put down his chopsticks heavily, even eating a meal isn’t peaceful, “Xin’er has ceased being our Gu Family’s servant since five days ago!”

An Jiaona embarrassedly withdrew her hand, she was a bit upset, even a bit angry. Damn! She would actually play tricks on her! Wretch!

“Xin’er! We’re leaving! If they’re not eating, then fine!” Gu Yunlan feigned anger as she walked to Xin’er’s side, immediately pulling her out from the dining hall.

“Yun’er!” An Shufen hurriedly called out.

“No need to call her, she is very stubborn. Let’s just end our dinner here!” Gu Zhengyu’s voice was a bit cold. He put down his chopsticks and said to Xuanyuan Ying, “General, apologies. My daughter has a stubborn temperament, let’s go chat in the study room!”

“Alright!” Xuanyuan Ying dipped his head, and gracefully stood up to leave.

“Wait a bit and I’ll have a servant lead you to the guest room!” Gu Zhengyu said coldly, then immediately left.

“Marshal!” An Shufen could only watch with wide eyes as he left.

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