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Chapter 23: You Finally Know To Call For Me

“Peng!” Just as she finished speaking, the sound of a huge collision reached Gu Yunlan’s ears. It’s the sound of a body landing on the ground. At the same time, she felt as if the sky and earth were spinning, and she felt herself being seized in a scalding hot embrace.

“How are you so dumb? You finally knew to call for me?” Xuanyuan Ying furrowed his brows, chiding as he dipped his head. He had been watching from outside for a such a long time, truly dumb!

“I…” Gu Yunlan leaned feebly in Xuanyuan Ying’s embrace. She opened her eyes slowly, and was alarmed speechless by what she saw.

What sort of thing this is, it’s a woman; With a white-colored skull, it’s body is draped in white women’s clothing. Green lights floated upon those deep, bottomless eyes. She watched as those white bones slowly crawled up, clattering upon it’s mouth. That hoarse yet silver bell-like laugh sounded from there, “Haha, so what if a helper appears? My noble self will make all of you stay behind! Haha!”

The huge claws brought with it a cold light as it once again attacked those four people. Xuanyuan Ying dodged while carrying Gu Yunlan, immediately evading the attack. Those white claws touched against the walls, disappearing in an instant.

However, the two people that included Yangjin weren’t as lucky. Yangjin only just had enough time to roll out of the way while carrying An Jiaona. Yet just as they evaded the giant claws, the effects appeared, and he immediately spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Brother Jin! Let’s leave quickly!” An Jiaona yelled out anxiously as she hurriedly supported Yanjin and continuously backed up.

“No! Cough cough! Your sister hasn’t left yet!” Yangjin’s face, which was already so pale, seemed even more haggard! Damn it, the injury got worse!

Xuanyuan Ying’s eyes narrowed. This person’s words are really hypocritical; He obviously can’t even leave, so what’s the point of acting so heavily righteous?

“Leave? Are the restrictions put up by my noble self so easy to break? Nevermind your voice, even a mosquito can’t fly out. Otherwise, humans would have already been swarming outside, haha!” The white bones once again laughed wildly.

Gu Yunlan had already been so frightened by its appearance as to shrink into Xuanyuan Ying’s embrace. Compared with her fright during the first time meeting Xuanyuan Ying, this is way more frightening.

Xuanyuan Ying seemed to have noticed the fear from the woman in his embrace. He reached out his hand to push her behind him, directing in a low voice, “Run when you see the chance to!”

Gu Yunlan froze, then nodded her head hurriedly. This thing is too frightening!

“Haha! Hand over that woman behind you, then my noble self will let you leave!” The white bones laughed loudly, as if it felt the actions of the two were beneath its notice.

Xuanyuan Ying sneered, “You want to move her? Who is who’s prey, you still don’t know! White-boned demon!”

“You’re looking for death! You dare to insult my noble self!” The white-boned demon howled at the sky in rage, reaching out his white claws to swipe at Xuanyuan Ying.

Xuanyuan Ying brandished his hand, sending a rush of black mist over to surround the claw.

About that time, the surrounding walls trembled and quaked, and the gate behind the people made a ripping sound, as if it was being torn open.

The two people including Yangjin reacted, hurriedly pulling An Jaona quickly towards the courtyard gate, stumbling as they ran.

Gu Yunlan had only just reached the courtyard gate when she felt some kind of barrier, once again knocking her back a few steps.

“Ttss!” Those white bones had actually been engulfed by that black mist. Xuanyuan Ying approached the white bones one step at a time.

“You want to leave? Humph! You have purposely infuriated this noble self just to allow them to leave? What a pity, that woman behind you is still there, haha! You guys can’t leave!” The white bones changed once again, becoming the voice of a young lady.

“Is that so?” Xuanyuan Ying humphed coldly. He simply reached out his hand and grabbed; A fiery ball of fire suddenly ignited within his palms. Lifting his hands, he simply threw it at the white bones.

“Cackle!” The sound of fire combusting the substance it had come into contact with could be heard. The white bones was frightened, Triple Truefire Essence! How does he know how? She couldn’t dodge in time. Her billowing clothes quickly ignited, instantly disintegrating into ashes.

“Ah!” The white bones let out a blood-curdling scream, its bones clattered as if it were going to fall apart any moment.

Gu Yunlan only thought of it as ear-piercing, forcing her to back up continuously, stumbling once. She suddenly backed out of the courtyard and dropped to sit on the ground.

“You! You two shall be remembered by this noble self!” That white bone’s body flashed, and instantly disappeared out of sight, leaving behind its voice floating in the air, “I, Bai Linlang from now on, will not let this matter be! Haha!”

“Are you alright?” Xuanyuan Ying looked at the spot where it had disappeared, furrowing his brows. He turned and approached Gu Yunlan, helping pull her up. He furrowed his brows; too weak, she can’t even withstand some puny white bones!

“You’re not going to chase it?” Gu Yunlan stood up with some help, looking at the courtyard before her. In the end, what does this courtyard have to offer?

“No need, we can’t even catch up, she’s too fast!” Xuanyuan Ying released her, saying coldly, “ Next time you act so thoughtlessly, this senior won’t be coming to save you!”

“En. Oh yeah, how come you came?” Gu Yunlan nodded her head. She doesn’t regret saving Yuting, she could never harm the innocent.

Xuanyuan Ying looked at her through a slanted gaze, then turned to leave, “Just as that Bai Linlang came out, I felt it. You think I came here specially for you?”

“Eh, no!” Gu Yunlan stared distractedly as she hurried to catch up, “I wouldn’t be that narcissistic. Oh right, are you going back now? Or are you going to attend the banquet?”

“Just a look will be fine! It’s just in case you can’t cope with it.” Xuanyuan Ying suddenly stopped his steps, examining her up and down, “It’s just that, is it necessary to go over there with this appearance?”

Gu Yunlan followed his gaze to look down. Her back felt somewhat cool, yet still ached dully, what’s more, is that she is bloodstained. The wind blew past, adding on to the chill.

“I brought you some clothes, let’s go! Let’s go to the guest room! Which way?” Xuanyuan Ying was a bit irritated, so he grabbed Gu Yunlan’s hand and just pulled her forward. He really can’t make sense of this; why did he choose her back then? She’s both dumb and foolish, so simple-minded!

“That way!” Gu Yunlan pointed to the left with her finger. Before she could react, her eyesight blurred. When she snapped back to reality, she had already arrived?

“Change quickly. If you have a question, ask later!” Xuanyuan Ying let her go, placing a sack of things in her hands whilst instructing her.

“Oh…” Gu Yunlan looked woodenly at the things in her hands, and obediently turned to enter, closing the room’s door behind her.

Only when she was actually changing did she remember something. How come he just happened to have women’s clothes with him? The question is, where did he take it out from?

Opening the door, Gu Yunlan wore a long, white dress, with braids dangling on either side of her head. Only then did she notice, that Xuanyuan Ying is wearing an entirely black-colored Chinese tunic suit. The military cap was now gone, revealing his inch-long hair. His hands were tucked in his pocket as he watched her quietly. Gu Yunlan couldn’t help but stare blankly.

“Let’s go! If we wait any longer, the banquet will end!” Xuanyuan Ying knitted his eyebrows, why is she staring blankly?

“En!” Gu Yunlan nodded her head as she closed the door. She and Xuanyuan Ying stood side by side, “General, what is that? How come the Zi Family has such evil things?”

“It’s better to call me Xuanyuan! Even Ying is fine! General feels weird!” Xuanyuan Ying corrected.

“Is that way okay?” Gu Yunlan looked at him hesitantly. Seeing his complexion change, she hurriedly corrected herself, “Xuanyuan! Right, what were those white bones?”  

“That was a white-boned demon! Didn’t you see that its entire body was made of white bones? There are crystal bones too! Very valuable!” Xuanyuan Ying’s words were somewhat half-hearted, “As for why the Zi Family has such a thing, it’s probably because this place was once malignant. Don’t ask so many questions. Don’t come to the Zi Family so often later, that trifle has its sights set on you! I reckon it’s waiting for prey at that place!”

“En!” Gu Yunlan nodded her head agreeably. She really couldn’t come to the Zi Family anymore, so many problems have arisen, causing her to be so tired as to be somewhat weak.

“Your physique truly is troublesome, even more popular than Tai Sui flesh.” Xuanyuan Ying judged her, then said, “We need to speed up our blood merging, just in case it may attract more trouble. You’ve only become more appetizing after cultivating because this senior is benevolent, otherwise, I would have swallowed you already, tche tche!”

“Eh!” Gu Yunlan suddenly didn’t know what to say. She whispered in her heart, that if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t even know how to cultivate! Don’t think yourself to be so mighty, alright?

“Thinking so loudly…” Xuanyuan Ying shot her a glance, finding out further that this woman is stupid.

“I didn’t say anything!” Gu Yunlan looked at him in a loss, when suddenly, she seemed to realize something, “You actually eavesdrop on me? You claim yourself to be a senior! Where is this benevolence?”

“This senior is not benevolent, don’t let me discover your kindness later on! Be careful of me…” Xuanyuan Ying said fiercely, unfinished with his speech. He looked at her exhausted complexion, and immediately supported her, letting her lean on him, asking, “Are you alright? How about going back to rest?”

“No problem! It’s just that I’m a bit drained from fleeing!” Gu Yunlan smiled wanly at him, shaking her head saying, “Is it alright to leave in the middle?”

“Is your body more important, or is your friend more important?” Xuanyuan Ying’s tone had a hint of annoyance. How come it seems that this woman has no sense of good or bad?

This, isn’t it still necessary to respond to others? Although it is difficult to bear, she looked at the nearing drawing room. Let’s just go in and say something!

By chance, Little Cui who hadn’t see Gu Yunlan coming back, went looking for her. Just as she came out, she saw Gu Yunlan leaning weakly against a man, so she hurriedly ran over, “What’s wrong with Miss Gu?”

“Say to your Miss that she is feeling unwell and will be heading back ahead of time!” Xuanyuan Ying said coldly.

“This… “ Little Cui looked towards Gu Yunlan, she doesn’t recognize this person. Is Miss Gu safe going back with him?

“All’s good! He’s my friend, it’s fine if he sends me back! Go deal with Luolan, tell her I apologize!”, Gu Yunlan nodded her head slightly. As if she thought of something, she thought for a long while, “Don’t let people into the easternmost room of the West Wing. It’s best to block it off… just like this…”

After she finished talking, she turned her head to the person beside her saying, “Let’s head back quickly! My head is starting to feel dizzy!”

Xuanyuan Ying looked coldly towards the drawing room, took up Gu Yunlan in his arms, then turned to leave.

Seeing Xuanyuan Ying’s ice-cold gaze, Little Cui couldn’t help but shiver. This man’s demeanor made people feel as if they fell into an icy hole. Hearing the footsteps behind her, she snapped back to consciousness, “Miss!”

“Since Gu Yunlan is feeling unwell, let’s go inside!” With a serene look to her eyes, Zi Luolan looked towards the figure of the two people leaving. She lifted the corners of her mouth, then turned to enter the room.  

“That room in the West Wing…” Little Cui asked as she hurriedly followed.

“Seal it! It’s fine if you say it’s haunted.” Zi Luolan replied expressionlessly, “If any aunts or little sisters don’t listen, simply cast them away. Right! When is Father coming back?”


“Very good!”

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