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Chapter 83: Causing Trouble


“Hahaha!” When she heard Gu Yunlan’s words, Xuanyuan Meng roared in laughter.


“Then are you interested in visiting the Yang Mansion? Maybe we can greet them properly! On this snowy day, a big sister would worry if the little sister is warm enough, am I right?”


“Okay!” Xuanyuan Meng said smilingly; she had been worrying it’d be boring on a snow day, “Let’s bring a snack along, and enjoy the show!”


As Gu Yunlan and Xuanyuan Meng prepared to set out, two servant girls followed behind them with their hands full of snacks. In order to watch a show, they spent quite some effort to make it good.


The snow was still falling, but wasn’t too big at this point. The snow piled in front of the Marshal Mansion had already gotten cleared out, though a little wet. A single footsteps splashed water all over her boots.


“Yunlan! I think my brother is really biased! He gave the car to you to drive, yet I didn’t even get to drive it yet!” Xuanyuan Meng sat on the driverseat, complaining out loud.


“I heard Zhangyu say that even when learning to ride a bike, you crashed at least ten bikes! Isn’t he just afraid you’d keep destroying things?” Gu Yunlan glanced at her sideways, “This car is mine now! Your brother switched to another one, he says the house manager needs one! So he gave the old one to me!”


“Big Sister Gu! That’s not right!” A’ Mu shook her head in the backseats, her face grave as she corrected, “Our Family’s Young Miss crashed eleven bicycles, from then on, the mistress forbid her from touching any cars!”


“Shut up!” Xuanyuan Meng whipped her head around to glare at her, “When adults are speaking, younglings shouldn’t interrupt else I beat you!”


“If you touch me, I’ll tell the mistress!” A’ Mu said defiatenly with a raised brow, then leaned back.


Gu Yunlan hooked up the corners of her mouth, these words word tried through hundreds of experiments. So this girl is only fierce outside, but an all-fearing child back home!


“Humph, you say he’s not biased! He even gave a car to you! I’m the one who’s his little sister!” Xuanyuan Meng flipped her hair, ignoring A’ Mu now, “I don’t care, teach me to drive when you have time, then I’ll teach you some technique arts from my grandfather!”


“I don’t even cultivate those inner spirit power things!” Gu Yunlan shrugged her shoulders indifferently.


“”Who says you can’t, it’s not like my big bro stole the techniques, Yunlan, Yunlan!” Xuanyuan Meng grasped her elbow, calling out.


“Stop moving! I’m driving!” Gu Yunlan’s hand flinched, causing the car to swerve a bit. She hurriedly twisted the steering wheel. The car left a long curved line on the snowy white snow-covered ground below.


Once the car steadied, Gu Yunlan released a breath of relief. Fortunately the snow wasn’t too deep, otherwise it’d be impossible to get unstuck. She nodded her head helplessly, “Fine! I’ll agree! I really don’t know what to do with you.”


“I knew Yunlan is the best!” Xuanyuan Meng got what she wanted easy. Feigning obedience, she immediately let go of Gu Yunlan’s elbow and sat back properly.


Gu Yunlan slid a glance at her, then kept her gaze steadily on the road as she drove. There was quite a lot of people on the road here, she’d better be more cautious. She still roughly remembered way to the Yang Family form the memories of her previous life. The rest of the way, she’d have to have Xin’er point out the way.


The car smoothly parked into some spacious alleyway in the city’s southern area. The four people exited the car and went on their way by foot.


The snow in the city’s southern sie was heavier than that in the eat. One step would cause their feet to sink down deep.


Even before they got to the Yang Family, they could hear crying coming from the courtyard. Gu Yunlan raised her eyebrows. She thought they came late, who knew it’d be at just the right time. She instructed to those behind her, “Xin’er, knock on the door!”


“Pa Pa!” Xin’er lifted the door knocker and knocked down heavily.


“Who is it!” The crying sounds immediately stopped, as someone asked with a sob.


“I am from the Gu Family, our family’s Young Miss is looking for the Second Young Miss!” Xin’er shouted loudly.


The courtyard quieted at once. After a short while, they could hear a creaking sound of the courtyard gate was opened.


The one opening the door was An Jiaona. She stared blankly once she opened the door -it really is Gu Yunlan. Tears started flowing from her eyes.


“Big Sister!” An Jiaona weepingly threw herself up the stairs and to Gu Yunlan.


“What is going on?” Gu Yunlan slitted her eyes. To act like this as soon as she arrives, how heavy of a grievance is this. She immediately reached out her hands to pat her back, “Why are you crying so miserable?”


“Big Sister! Wuwu! Nana doesn’t want to live anymore!” Other than crying, An Jiaona still cried. It was as if she had suffered terribly!


“Idiot! How can you not live? You can tell your Big Sister about it, your Big Sister is here!” Gu Yunlan gently stroke her back, saying comfortingly.


“Don’t just cry! We’ll talk inside, other people will laugh!” Xuanyuan Meng said from behind with a concerned look.


An Jiaona was startled, then immediately stopped crying. She stood up from Gu Yunlan’s hug and glanced all around. Sure enough, quite a lot of people were paying attention. She wiped her tears, and bitterly laughed twice, “Big Sister! I apologize! Where are my manners, let’s go inside!”


After so, she turned around to bring the four people inside the courtyard.


The courtyard was quite big, it had a water well, a stone table along with four stone seats. There weren’t many rooms, only about five or six of them.


Yangjin sat with his head lowered on the courtyard’s stone seats. Without the military uniform on, he didn’t have any of that sharpness.


“Big Sister! Apologies, the rooms are rather crude!” An Jiaona complexion wasn’t too good, holding a hint of grievance, “Let’s talk indoors!”


Gu Yunlan nodded her head, and brought along the other three to follow An Jiaona indoors.


“In-law! It’s cold outside, it’s better to come inside!” Xin’er was the last to enter, she hurriedly shouted when she glanced at Yangjin still sitting there not moving.


Once Yangjing entered, the stove had already been lit. The gifts the group brought filled up the tiny drawing room. 


“Big Sister! The tea isn’t the best, if it’s unsatisfactory please do understand!” An Jiaona walked out from the kitchen in the back carying a teapot out.


“Second Young Miss! Let me!” Xin’er looked at her meaningfully as she took the teapot from An Jiaona’s hands. Although she dislikes An Jiaona, the Young Miss said that the play must be acted out well, other people cannot find out.


Once she got to take a sip of tea, Gu Yunlan looked over at the two sitting across from her, and asked, “Yangjin! I really want to ask, why is my little sister crying so bitterly?”


At those words, An Jiaona whom had already calmed down started up again. Her tears flowed, “Big Sister! Because Father isn’t home, only you can take charge now!”


“Talk! Lifelong sister is like a mother! Big Sister will let you make the decision!” Gu Yunlan pounde the table, sounding angered, “For her to cry so much, your Yang Family has wronged her so!”


“I… “ An Jiaona looked at the head lowered Yangjin, crying as she finally said, “He! He’s not human, yesterday he actually sold me to an old man, wuwu!”


“Cough cough!” Gu Yunlan choked slightly on the water. She had no idea that they’d directly say it, thinking that she’d only cry about. When did she, Gu Yunlan, became An Jiaona’s trusted confidant!?


“Yangjin! Are you still human! Nana was so innocently married to your family, yet you’d actually sell her, and to an old man too. Are you trying to humiliate the Gu Family or humiliate An Jiaona? Or maybe to humiliate yourself?” The enraged voice wasn’t Gu Yunlan, but rather Xuanyuan Meng. With no choice, she talked harshly with wide eyes, the originally simple matter flared up. 


“Cough cough!” Gu Yunlan lightly coughed twice again. She stood up and sat down in fron of An Jiaona, gently patting her head, “Nana! You talk! What do you want to happen?”


“Big SIster! I don’t know either!” An Jiaona lifted her swirling eyes, pointed at Yangjin lamenting, “Last night I found myself sleeping with another man. I was hurting so much I could die, who knew who knew! Wuwu…”


“What? It happened last night? Don’t cry! Shh…” Gu Yunlan received a towel from Xin’er panicked, and helped wipe her off.


“En! He said he’d bring me to the lantern festival to play, who knew that he’d actually bring me to a hotel. He said he’d go out to buy food and had me wait in the room. I don’t know how but I fell asleep and woke up with my body aching. An old man laid on of the blankets on top of me! Wuwu!” An Jiaona blew her nose. Tears started to fall again, “I ran out sneakily and saw him in the courtyard. Only then did I realize what happened! He sold me!”


Seeing An Jiaona crying, Gu Yunlan and Xuanyuan Meng looked at one another. Even if Mengmeng did that, it wasn’t wrong! Although it offended that old man, Yangjin was offended too, and even more was the wronged An Jiaona!


“Big Sister you don’t know but afterwards I feel like my body was dirtied. I no longer wanted to live, so I planned on ending my life while taking a shower! Wuwu…” An Jiaona cried out loud again.


“Nana!” Gu Yunlan looked completely shocked, she grasped tightly onto An Jiaona’s shoulders, asking incredulously, “Die? You wanted to die? What about me and Father?”


“But I’m dirty! I’m too embarrassed to meet you!” An Jiaona didn’t dare lift her head, wailing.


“Yunlan! No rush!” Xuanyuan pursed her lifts, immediately following up, “Let her finish!”


Gu Yunlan let go of her and sat down properly. She wrinkled her brows in pain, “Nana! What about this! I’ll let you coose what to do!”


“Big Sister! I don’t know, I only just found out after undressing that the inner garments aren’t mind! It was a man’s, and it was even the Jin character, so it was actually Yangjin’s! Say, if he wanted to go to the bridal room he could’ve directly told me, must he humiliate me! He’s humiliating himself too! Wuwu!” An Jiaona suddenly stoped crying. She looked tearfully at Yangjin, “Big Brother Jin! If you hate me so much, we can divorce!”


“An Jiaona! Shut up already! I don’t know even what’s going on! How could I have slept with you!” Yangjin stood up abruptly, fuming.


Xuanyuan Meng wasn’t willing, but she stood up and walked in front of Yangjin, grasping his collar, “Who are you yelling at? So it’s more reasonable for her to sleep with someone else?”


“I don’t even know what’s going on!” Yangjin easily twisted away from Xuanyuan Meng’s grip, and sat down on the chair. He tugged at his collar all fidgety, “What did she lose? Hasn’t she always wanted to enter the bridal chamber with me? Isn’t this as she wants?”


“Then why is she crying? Crying so bad too? You want to divorce her even after all this? Yangjin! You really think our Gu Family has waned, so what if we don’t capture you!” Gu Yunlan stood up in anger, fuming about.


“Then what do you want to do?” Yangjin leaned back on the chair dejectedly, as if his heart isn’t even on this topic.


“Divorce! Everything that counts as our Gu Family’s belongings will be taken away!” Gu Yunlan took a deep breath, and spat out these words coldly.


“Big Sister!” An Jiaona suddenly knelt down, she bit her lip, “I won’t divorce!”

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