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Chapter 19: Banquet

When the two people hurried to the banquet, the banquet had already been seated full of people. The girls had all dressed gorgeously, glittering with gold and silver.

“Zi Family Miss! Gu Family Miss!”

Just as the two came in, they were surrounded by many daughters from different families, disorderly and continuously.

“Zi Family Miss, those clothes are so beautiful!” One daughter looked smilingly at Zi Luolan.

“Gu Family’s Miss’s hairdo is beautiful!” Another daughter said, not willing to be outdone.

“I also think Zi Family’s Miss is beautiful!” “Gu Family’s Miss is beautiful!”

“Eh!” Gu Yunlan froze, and glanced towards Zi Luolan. This is?

Zi Luolan saw Gu Yunlan’s pleading eyes, and raised her hands helplessly, “That’s enough! All of you are beautiful ladies! Your dresses are all very beautiful. Right now is the time to dine, let’s eat first, OK?”

“Right! What Zi Family Miss said is right, you should remember it well. There are many Misters watching!” An Jiaona stood behind someone, covering her mouth and smiling.

Just as her voice spoke out, the many ladies frantically fixed their adorned clothes, and sat down in their seats one after another.

“Sister Zi, Big Sister, shall we sit down too?” An Jiaona looked at the two inquiringly.

Gu Yunlan glanced at An Jiaona. She had left hurriedly this morning, and didn’t even notice how she dressed. Seeing how she is dressed now is like the difference between the sky and the earth.

Wearing a Western-dress that exposed her shoulders, a pearl hair clip is pinned in the midst of her wave-like hair. Her hair was gathered to one side, while a simple pearl necklace adorned her neck, matched by a pair of coquettish eyes that made people turn their heads.

“You are?” Zi Luolan sized up the girl in front of her up and down. She is?

“Hai hai! Luolan, Father said that she would be my Little Sister…” Gu Yunlan said as she softly sighed twice.

“Your Little Sister? Tch tch, that’s unlikely! Let’s go now! Save the chatting for later!” Zi Luolan lifted her brow, and shook her head. As she raised her head, she noticed the many people watching and gossiping.

An Jiaona froze. She hadn’t thought that, though herself and this Zi Luolan had met multiple times, that she would actually say that she didn’t recognize her. Damn! She must have said that because Gu Yunlan was present!!

Gu Yunlan’s sixth sense right now is very sharp. Feeling An Jiaona’s hostile eyes on her, she calmly walked to her seat.

“Exactly, look at those Misses; so pretty as to divert our eyes!” One daughter covered her mouth, sneakily taking delight.

“Those Misses are already very beautiful. Just by putting a few of them together, they’ll be brighter than the sun!”

“Exactly!” “Exactly!” “Hee hee hee hee…”

The banquet became unusually lively in that short time, causing the neighboring male side of the banquet to look over one by one.

After the meal is a talent show. Zi Yunlan led a crowd of ladies towards the flower garden, after meeting up with a male guest, a crowd of people headed towards the stage in the flower garden.

The stage had already been prepared earlier. The stage was taken away, and a red carpet was laid down. The carpet was surrounded on all four sides by tables and chairs, leaving a big open space. Also, every table had two signs placed on top; passed or no pass.

“Please take a seat everyone!” Zi Luolan turned, saying to the crowd, “Sit wherever you wish!”

“Let’s sit over there!” “Let’s go there!” “This is good too, hee hee!”

Only after seeing the crowd taking their seats, did she smile towards Gu Yunlan by her side, “Let’s take the seats of honor!”

Only then did Gu Yunlan pay attention, the seats of honor on the other side, there weren’t any others that looked like them. She looked at Zi Luolan in astonishment, those two seats were prepared for them?

Zi Luolan leaned close to her ear, saying, “Haven’t I always told you, I don’t have any talent, and I reckon that you probably aren’t willing to participate in this competition. So I designed two judges’ seats, how is it?”

“Not bad!” Gu Yunlan nodded her head, the two then smiled at each other, and walked towards the seats of honor.

“Big Sister, then I…” An Jiaona’s voice was drowned out behind the two…

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