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Chapter 10: The Evildoer Has Come Out

“Papa!” As soon as Gu Yunlan exited the hall, she saw Gu Zhengyu dressed in military uniform, leading the way in. A group of people following behind him.

Although his body is slightly plump, making his military uniform bulge, and his face is a bit round, it can still be seen that Gu Yunlan looks somewhat like him. Especially the eyes; it’s not hard to tell that Gu Zhengyu’s younger appearance would make thousands of women fall for him.

Gu Yunlan ignored the irrelevant people. Seeing the Marshall still alive, the feeling of regaining something lost filled her heart. She went directly to him, giving Gu Zhengyu a hug.

“Hey! Slow down Yun’er!” Gu Zhengyu’s slightly plump body bumped into his daughter, getting nudged backward.

“Look at the Miss, acting just like a child!” Housekeeper Uncle Zhong hurriedly supported Gu Zhengyu from behind, looking at Gu Yunlan with a kindly look.

“Uncle Zhong!” Gu Yunlan lifted her head looking mildly surprised at Uncle Zhong, and let go of Gu Zhengyu seeming a bit embarrassed. She smiled slightly, and grasped Gu Zhengyu’s elbow saying, “Papa! You just came back, are you tired? Are you hungry? I even personally cooked today!”

“Oh?” Gu Zhengyu looked at Uncle Zhong in surprise. They leave for a few days, and suddenly his daughter knows how to cook?

“Miss knows how to cook?” Uncle Zhong’s smiling eyes turned into slits. The Miss has become sensible, the Ancestors in heaven can rest in peace now.

“You don’t believe me?” Gu Yunlan had an unhappy expression, she looked at Gu Zhengyu with a pout.

“No! No!” Even if Gu Zhengyu has been honorably titled Marshal, the only thing he didn’t know how to deal with was his daughter. He hurriedly said, “Is this surprising to your Father? No! It’s happy! Yes! It’s happy!”

“Right, right! We are happy!” Uncle Zhong immediately agreed.

“Miss! The meal is ready! Let the Marshal and Uncle Zhong eat first, then bathe and rest!” Xin’er’s voice came from the other side of the courtyard.

“Alright! Let’s not also stand here uselessly! Come! Take this Marshal’s belongings, the guest’s belongings, and send them to their rooms, be careful with it!” Gu Zhengyu nodded his head, instructing the servants.

“Marshal! It’s better to let old Zhong go do it!” Uncle Zhong hurriedly turned around, instructing the servants to move the things inside.

“Guest?” Gu Yunlan, finally hearing what her Father had said, looked up at her Father in confusion.

“Come, come, come!” Gu Zhengyu led Gu Yunlan around with a face full of smiles saying, “This is the vice lieutenant that Marshal Yu sent over, General Xuanyuan Ying, who will be helping this Marshal fight against the South!”

The area Gu Zhengyu holds power in is to the North of the Yangtze River, the easily defended Three Gorges of the Yangtze River. It had started as a thin stretch of territory, but who knew that the commander in chief mentioned by the command was placed in charge of the province. This is the information Gu Yunlan had in her previous life, there was no Xuanyuan vice lieutenant in that time.

Thinking to here, Gu Yunlan looked over in astonishment. Seeing the person entering, she opened her mouth wide in surprise, “You…”

Those pure pupils and seductive eye structure are stunning at first glance, and remain stunning at the second glance. It’s just that other than those familiar eyes, the rest…

There was no more of that long black hair that trailed on the ground and made people envious. He wore green from head to toe, bearing a straight posture. He’s born to look good wearing anything. His hair was hidden under the military cap, only revealing a pair of piercing eyes.

It’s him! Gu Yunlan was suddenly very sure, she could tell from his smiling eyes that it was definitely him. When did this evildoer come out?

“Younger Brother Xuanyuan! This is Yun’er, this Marshal’s daughter!” Gu Zhengyu didn’t notice that his daughter looked odd at all, and introduced while laughing loudly.

“Yun’er…” Xuanyuan Ying called out to her respectfully. There was tenderness in his call however one listens, yet he still made it sound solemn.

Gu Yunlan felt some goosebumps. Although she was called out by him, she got a cold feeling. A voice suddenly popped up from her mind, “Evildoer? That senior?”

“Eh…” Gu Yunlan was frightened and immediately tightened her hold on Gu Zhengyu’s arm.

“Yun’er, where’s your greeting? This girl! Don’t just stare blankly!” Marshal Gu had been happily judging the people in front of him, yet only when he was caught in his daughter’s grip, did he find that his daughter still had not greeted him. He promptly laughed and clasped Gu Yunlan’s hand.

“You’re scared of me?” Xuanyuan Ying suddenly walked close to her. Those eyes under the military cap smiled as they looked at her.

“Eh, I’m not scared!” Gu Yunlan reacted. She sucked in a breath and bowed saying, “Greetings to the General!”

Xuanyuan Ying kept silent, and Gu Yunlan was determined not to say anymore. The courtyard stayed silent for a while.

“Marshal! Why don’t you introduce us?” A girl’s voice broke the silence.

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