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Chapter 33: Being Threatened

When Gu Yunlan opened her eyes again, the car had already started driving on the road. She poured a cup of water to rinse her mouth. Only after spitting the water outside the car did she notice that another girl had appeared inside, a very beautiful girl!

“Hello…” Gu Yunlan slightly smiled at her. Red clothing clung onto the girl’s rosy white skin. She wore a red hat that bundled up all her hair.

“Sister-in-law… peh peh! Greetings to Older Sister! My name is Xuanyuan Meng! Big Brother’s little sister!” As Xuanyuan Meng thought of this, she slapped herself. If she were to yell such a thing out loud, then Big Brother would probably slap her flying.

“Big Sister? She’s not as old as you!” Xuanyuan Ying said coldly and distantly, frightening Xuanyuan Meng. Big Brother’s qi hasn’t disappeared yet!

“My name is Gu Yunlan. You can call me Yunlan!” Gu Yunlan covered her smiling mouth. She reached towards Xuanyuan Ying’s side and asked, “She’s your biological sister? The two of you are so different! You’re more depressing!”

Depressing? Xuanyuan Ying stared blankly. He’s depressing? When it comes to her, his words were more abundant. If it were the him from the past, would he be considered depressing to death?

“That’s right!” Xuanyuan Meng patted her chest and continued to say smilingly, “I’ll call you Yunlan and you call me Mengmeng!

“En!” Gu Yunlan nodded her head. She leaned closer to Xuanyuan Ying’s ear and asked, “The two of you are blood related? From the same…”

“No!” Towards Gu Yunlan, Xuanyuan Ying’s voice became a lot gentler. He explained patiently, “She’s my little sister from the same father but a different mother, someone annoying that was picked up halfway on the road! What she says can be directly ignored! Too many words…”

Tche tche, Xuanyuan Meng watched the two people talking and couldn’t help but click her tongue. Look at how gentle he is. She felt goosebumps appear all over her. However, this was the first time she heard him admitting that she was his sister outside, even in front of another girl. Such special treatment! What’s so different about their blood relationship?

“Then, may I sit behind to chat with her?” Gu Yunlan asked cautiously. Having the same father but a different mother would normally make her older brother dislike her. But Mengmeng was so pretty and cute; she wanted to sit by and chat with her…

“You can’t…” Xuanyuan Ying spat out slowly. The girl’s thoughts jumped around way too much. The two of them can’t stay here for too long. He had wanted to make Gu Yunlan into a cold and unfeeling killer! However, to change her current temper really was hard…

“It’s fine! We can still chat like this!” Xuanyuan Meng hurriedly explained. It’s better to not irritate him, otherwise, she would be chased away…


As the two of them chatted with one another, the two sitting in the trunk woke up. They looked at the three people in surprise. Who moved them to the back seat?

“Yi? How come we are in the trunk?” An Jiaona’s voice appeared.

Gu Yunlan and Xuanyuan Meng turned their heads and shrugged their shoulders in an unknowing manner at the same time. “You were probably sleep walking! You guys were already laying in the back when we woke up.”

What Gu Yunlan said made An Jiaona blink her eyes. This older sister was bound to pay for making a fool out of her.

“This person is?” Yangjin wrinkled his brows as he sat up. What’s going on? He was completely unaware that someone had moved him to the back.

“This is General Xuanyuan Ying’s little sister!” Gu Yunlan introduced simply, “You can call her Miss Xuanyuan!”

“Hello, Miss Xuanyuan!” An Jiaona smiled towards her wanly, then turned to Gu Yunlan to ask, “Big Sister! Are we out of danger?”

“We’re out!” Gu Yunlan nodded her head. Suddenly, Xuanyuan Ying’s voice sounded in her mind, “Tell her the one who saved them in the end was Meng!”

“It’s Meng who appeared in the end to help us!” Gu Yunlan followed along with what Xuanyuan Ying said, explaining.

“Really? Thank you, Miss Xuanyuan!” An Jiaona felt joy as she hurriedly thanked her.

“Hmph! This Miss only wanted to save her big brother. You guys were saved by coincidence!” Xuanyuan Meng didn’t even turn her head back and humphed lightly.

An Jiaona paused at first, then smiled in embarrassment, saying, “How should I say this, you still saved us. We must still thank you!”

“Then you have been wronged by being made to sit in the car trunk. We still have a few hours before we get off the car and start walking!” Xuanyuan Ying didn’t turn his head back as he tossed out those words, continuing to drive.

After Xuanyuan Ying’s words were said, silence filled the car for a while. Nobody spoke for a very long time.

Even if An Jiaona, who sat in the back, wasn’t satisfied, she didn’t dare to say anything. This was his car, and they were the ones who requested to tag along. She glanced at the man by her side.

Yangjin shook his head, and closed his eyes with a wooden expression.

Xuanyuan Meng still couldn’t help it. She pulled on Gu Yunlan’s sleeve in front of her. “Sister-in-law… peh! Yunlan! How did you and my big brother get to know each other?”

She was still very curious. A person like Big Brother wouldn’t hesitate to slap someone to death, even if it were his own little sister. So how come he was so good to other people? Especially a woman!

“How we got to know each other? Must you know?” Gu Yunlan glanced at Xuanyuan Ying, immediately turning her head to ask.

The atmosphere within the car was a bit dense. Xuanyuan Meng could only brace herself as she said, “En en! Tell me!”

“Hai!” Gu Yunlan sighed softly. She turned her head with a face full of grief as she sat up properly. She only heard her say quietly, “I had just turned eighteen when Papa brought home an auntie and a little sister. Back then, it really broke my heart. However, it was at that moment that your big brother followed them in!”

The corners of Xuanyuan Ying’s eyes twitched. This girl wasn’t completely useless. At least her reaction was quick. Their first meeting in this world definitely counted as the first time.

“Oh…” Xuanyuan Meng had an understanding expression. Then she turned around to ask An Jiaona behind her, “That little sister would be you, right?”

An Jiaona, who sat on the ground, could only nod her head foolishly when asked by her. She was angry within her heart. How come she felt like those words said by Xuanyuan Meng held a bit of mockery? It’s all Gu Yunlan’s fault!

Xuanyuan Meng turned her head around with satisfaction. No wonder Big Brother acts differently towards Gu Yunlan. It was actually because he pitied her! But she’s definitely unlike that little sister. She absolutely worshipped her big brother, ai! Big Brother is too strong!

“That was the first time we met!” Gu Yunlan leaned against the window to look outside. If there was no him, then the her now would have become a lonely wild ghost, floating around the wild aimlessly…

Xuanyuan Ying glanced at the lady, who was lost in thought, as she leaned against the window. She had lived very innocently the entirety of her previous life. After her entire family was killed, including herself in the end, her hatred skyrocketed. But how come he felt like her hatred had faded ever since they exchanged blood?

Could it be a side effect from exchanging blood? Or is it because of her Pure Yin Physique? He pressed on his temples. This is different from his original plan! Even he was influenced by her unintentionally.

“Then what are you coming over to this side for?” As Xuanyuan Meng asked this, even the two depressed people behind them pricked up their ears to listen.

Gu Yunlan leaned against the window and stared blankly. Coming over to this side for what? To search for the venomous worm! However, how is she supposed to say that?

“Why do you care so much?” Xuanyuan Ying said coldly.

“Eh…” Xuanyuan Meng smiled sheepishly. She was just curious. Feeling as if Big Brother had some things he didn’t say, she immediately stopped speaking, unless she wanted to die.

The two people in the back looked at each other regretfully, then continued to close their eyes and pondered.

Gu Yunlan sat up straight and rubbed her tummy. She was hungry again. Her brows creased slightly, what’s going on?

“I sealed your tendons and blood vessels, so you will not only feel hungry in the future. Because the corpse poison consumes a lot, you will also get hungry quickly too!” Xuanyuan Ying’s voice appeared in her mind.

The hand holding the beef jerky froze. Get hungry quickly? She glanced at the beef jerky and pork jerky in her bag, how long will these last her?

“I still have more here, no need to worry! Go to sleep after you’ve eaten your fill. The road later on will be traveled by foot!” Xuanyuan Ying pulled with his hands and the car sped up along the road.

Gu Yunlan took some pork jerky and passed it behind her, saying, “Mengmeng! Come! Taste one!”

“What is this? So dry?” Xuanyuan Meng was bored, seeing Gu Yunlan passing something to her, she immediately received it while asking curiously.

“Pork jerky! Very chewy! Taste it!”

Gu Yunlan chewed on a bite for her to see. The flavor was very abundant.

“Yi? It’s very delicious! Did Big Brother make this?” Xuanyuan Meng chewed on a bite, so delicious!

“No! This was bought from the Wang Family’s shop!” This is Gu City’s Wang Family’s flavor, her very favorite!

“That’s true! How would Big Brother be able to make these!” Xuanyuan Meng whispered as she took another bite.

The corners of Xuanyuan Ying’s mouth stretched. Didn’t he roast some wild chicken last night? How can he not know how to make these. Talking about last night, he became depressed. If he didn’t get injured and his strength hadn’t declined, then last night wouldn’t have been so difficult!

“Eh…” Gu Yunlan smiled embarrassedly. Xuanyuan Ying can do so many things. It’s just that, she can’t say it out loud…

“You talk too much! Go to sleep now!” Xuanyuan Ying coldly interrupted the two’s chattering.

Gu Yunlan stared dumbly, then immediately laid down obediently and shut her eyes to rest.

The car ran very quickly while the people in the car all slept very deeply.

“Bro!” Xuanyuan Meng opened her eyes very suddenly. Knowing the people sitting in front can hear, she asked, “Bro, how come your strength has declined? To have actually been trapped by me for so long?”

She was almost about to fall asleep again when Xuanyuan Ying’s cold voice came through, ”You’re proud of yourself?”

Her heart leaped and she hurriedly explained, “How can that be? I was only worrying about Big Brother. Nobody in this car is normal. The man in the back is a fox spirit, the woman was nurtured by a demon, and even that woman by your side…”

Her voice faded off and the temperature in the car suddenly dropped. She shrunk back her neck, “Big Brother, I just wanted to say that she’s suffering from corpse poison…”

“You know that too? What else have you noticed?” Xuanyuan Ying’s voice was as cold as ever, but the temperature did warm up a lot.

“What else is there?” A shred of puzzlement flashed through Xuanyuan Meng’s pupils, and she shook her head, “Her digestive system isn’t good, easy to get hungry?”

“Right! Isn’t your grandfather (on your mom’s side) an old daoist? When there’s time, teach her some techniques for protection!”

“Bro! You have the expression of giving charity to the poor as you ask me to do something? I refuse!” Xuanyuan Meng was furious. Look at his immoral behavior!

“Is that so? Then you can get out of the car!” Xuanyuan Ying had an indifferent expression.

“Wait! Wait!” Xuanyuan Meng immediately explained, “Big Brother, Little Sister’s words haven’t finished yet! Though it’s giving charity to the poor, Little Sister’s heart is willing!”

She absolutely couldn’t leave. Hanging on to Big Brother wasn’t easy. She was the only one who could!

“Does Father not know that you have come out? If you didn’t listen that day, then this Senior would have sent you over to him directly!” Xuanyuan Ying smiled coldly.

“Alright, Big Brother! This one is very obedient! I definitely won’t mess things up!” Xuanyuan Meng had a face full of mockery. All the threats have been used. Big Brother is so fierce!

“It’s good that you know! You should sleep too!” Xuanyuan Ying left those words and didn’t speak again.

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