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Chapter 22: Since You Came, Then Don’t Even Think About Leaving

Zi Luolan arranged for an entire floor to receive guests for the masquerade. It is said that the Lord of the Zi Family brought a few concubines to soak in the hot springs, so it’s no wonder that everybody is out of sight.

When the two walked into the drawing room, many ladies and gentleman have already gathered; With cheerful expressions, and holding wine cups, they commented on another person’s costume from time to time.

“You probably spent a lot of effort in organizing this party, even the clothes they are wearing are very fitting.” Gu Yunlan sized up the guests wandering around, nodding her head at them from time to time.

“I have the measurements of every guest that I invited, guaranteeing that what they wear is well-fitting and enjoyable to wear. Including you…” Zi Luolan reached out her hand to take two glasses of red wine from a plate carried by a servant, passing over a glass to Gu Yunlan.

“Isn’t it that every time you conduct a large business transaction, everything has to be this diligent?” Gu Yunlan teased.

“How can I do business without being diligent?” Zi Luolan sipped some red wine and raised her glass in the direction of several ladies and gentlemen.

“So that’s how you succeeded!” Gu Yunlan wasn’t stingy as she also sipped a mouthful, praising Zi Luolan.

“Sister Gu! Are my clothes beautiful?” Li Yuting saw the two chatting as soon as she entered, and happily caught up to them as she cheerfully twirled.

“Beautiful!” Gu Yunlan and Zi Luolan smiled at each other. Zi Luolan teasing, “The clothes are beautiful, the hair is beautiful, the person is more beautiful!”

“It’s because Zi Luolan is skillful with her hands, the clothing’s size is just right!” Li Yuting was so excited she spoke while backing up at the same time.

“You are beautiful, so you make the clothing look beautiful!” Zi Luolan reached out her hand to stroke her face, saying, “Take a look at how smooth this skin is, tch tch!”

“Sister Zi!” Li Yuting yelled out shyly. “If you boast anymore, Yuting will…”

From afar, An Jiaona gloomily watched the three chat amongst each other cheerfully, then felt her own qipao, grabbing on tightly to the hems. Her clothes didn’t fit in amongst the occasion, everyone wore new clothing, even Zi Luolan’s younger sister (born from a concubine). She’s the only one who doesn’t have it! She’s clearly also the Marshal’s daughter, so why can Gu Yunlan dress like a fairy, yet she can’t even wear new clothes? It’s all because of that Zi Luolan!

An Jiaona looked at a few people angrily and willingly turned around. Suddenly, she heard some words, “Bring a girl to the West Wing and I’ll give you the most beautiful clothing. Tonight, you’ll be the center of attention…”

“Who?” An Jiaona looked all around alertly, and saw Gu Yunlan looking over with wrinkled brows. The irritation in her heart suddenly flared up, what’s the meaning of her wrinkled brows? Ignoring her to avoid losing face? Gu Yunlan, that’s good of you!

“It matters not who I am, by bringing a person the easternmost part of the West Wing, the clothing will be on the table of the entering door…” When Gu Yunlan walked over, that unhurried voice suddenly halted.

The easternmost part of the West Wing? Isn’t that the room she rested in during the break in the afternoon? There will be clothes there? She had clearly seen none when she looked all over! She suddenly felt somewhat as if something was towering over her…

“Sister!” An Jiaona turned around, and seeing Gu Yunlan walking over, she promptly smiled with a hint of unnaturalness.

“How come you didn’t change clothes?” Gu Yunlan looked at her indifferently, did she ignore Luolan’s clothes because she thought it’d look ugly?

“I…” An Jiaona froze, not expecting that she would directly ask her why she didn’t change clothes. A thought appeared from within her sea of consciousness, and she said in a low voice, “Sister, I got separated from the servant, I couldn’t find the West Wing…”

Gu Yunlan stepped back a few steps, sizing her up and down, asking in astonishment, “You’ve been looking for your room the entire afternoon?”

“En en!” An Jiaona immediately nodded her head, looking at Gu Yunlan with a hopeful expression, “Can Sister come with me?”

“It’s better for you to find servants! Even I don’t know where to go…” Gu Yunlan shrugged her shoulders and turned to wave towards some servants, “You two go and bring the Second Miss to her room!”

“Yes!” The chamberlain standing to the side nodded his head.

An Jiaona’s eyes flashed. What a pity, she could only follow the servant towards the West Wing.

Gu Yunlan turned around with a smile on her face, go to that Wing? Is she stupid? Her intuition told her that is something odd is definitely going on.

“Crack!” The sound of glass dropping to the floor could be heard.

“Ah! Sister Gu! Sister Gu! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” A shrieking voice made An Jiaona stop in her tracks. The corners of her mouth hooked up as she walked out gracefully.

“Yuting!” Gu Yunlan raised her voice and rubbed her head. It’s fortunate that she has a quick reaction and managed to dodge it. She heaved a sigh and said, “You’ve only bumped into me, it’s you who got dirty…”

“I…” Li Yuting snapped back to consciousness and looked down at the floor. There was a red wine stain on the small of her back, causing her eyes to suddenly turn entirely red,”Sister Zi, I’m sorry. I accidentally dirtied your dress! Wu wu…”

“It’s alright, just changing into another set is fine!” Zi Luolan who was carrying a wine cup walked over slowly, then immediately turned to the servant carrying the wine, saying, “Lead this Miss to the guest room!”

“Thank you Sister Zi!” Li Yuting held back her tears as she followed the servant out.

“See how nervous that girl looks! It’s just one set of clothes, my Zi Family has plenty of those!” Zi Luolan covered her mouth, smiling.

Gu Yunlan watched her as she left, watching until there’s not a trace of her in sight. Only then did she turn her head around, smiling at Zi Luolan saying, “That girl is pure; just a small incident would make her panic. She could be easily deceived by others…”

She abruptly halted her words. That’s not right, that just now was too strange, how can it be such a coincidence? Yuting! Thinking of this, she immediately turned calmly towards Zi Luolan saying softly, “Zuolan! I’m going out for a bit.”

“You should know where to find the room, right?” Zi Luolan teased.

“No worries, no need for servants to follow!” Gu Yunlan waved her hands at her, then hastily hurried out.

Gu Yunlan walked hurriedly and caught up to those people quickly. She could hear the sound of two people talking back and forth.

“Sister, you have a lot of beautiful clothes there?” Li Yuting’s innocent voice sounded, “But, that is yours! I should still go to my own guest room!”

“No problem! Sister Zi prepared a lot of beautiful clothes for me. You’ll look so cute wearing them, I’m willing to share some with you!” An Jiaona’s voice is really bewitching.

“This…” Li Yuting’s voice had some hesitation.

“You guys go find something to do. You see, we’ve arrived at this room!” An Jiaona smiled gently.

The two servants hesitated, looked at one another, and could only turn to leave.

Seeing the servants walking further and further away, Gu Yunlan could only watch helplessly. This dumb girl, fool! Seeing the two people walking into the courtyard, Gu Yunlan got up, wanting to block the way.

“Don’t go in!” A pair of hands rested on her shoulders at this time, succeeding in preventing her from moving. She immediately twirled around protectively, then said, “It’s you?”

“Don’t go in! It’s strange in there!” Under the moonlight, the man’s face seemed somewhat pale. It’s Yangjin. His pale face suggested that since drowning in the water, he still has not fully recovered.

“Then what do I do about her? That’s out of question!” Gu Yunlan glanced at the two people entering. Forget it. She hurriedly stood up, directly walking into the West Wing.

“Wei!” Yangjin furrowed his brows, wanting to follow her in, but eventually sat down after thinking it over. The things in there somewhat frightened him, but…

“Yuting!” Seeing the two pushing open the gate and about to go in, Gu Yunlan yelled out urgently, “Your family is in trouble, Uncle Li wants you to hurry home!”

“What? In trouble?” Li Yuting froze in surprise, her family is in trouble. She immediately looked at An Jiaona with a face full of regret, “Sister An, apologies. I can’t change clothes, I need to head home first!”

After talking, she broke out into a run, running outside the gates, and leaving behind some words, “Sister Gu, help me out and explain to Sister Zi!”

Gu Yunlan sneered, then turning around, wanting to leave.

“Sister! Since you came, why don’t you come in and take a seat?” Seeing her about to leave, An Jiaona’s heart skipped a beat, so she hurriedly tried to stop her.

“Apologies! Luolan is waiting anxiously, I must hurry and go right now!” Gu Yunlan didn’t even look back. She directly stepped forward, stepping down.

“Hehehe…” A bell like voice laughed out loud, “Since you came, nobody is allowed to leave! Haha!”

Just as she spoke, a huge pair of white-boned claws reached out from within the room, crawling towards the two people. The two hurriedly evaded, dodging the huge claws.

Gu Yunlan immediately drew back, glaring ferociously at An Jiaona who had rolled to the side. This idiot!

“I… Sister, I also don’t know what this is…” An Jiaona rolled again, explaining weakly. What exactly is that thing?

“You two leave quickly! This thing is very hard to deal with!” Yangjin appeared at some point, flinging out something furry, directly landing a blow on the huge claws, “Peng!”

The violent striking sound jolted the two towards the side of the wall. Gu Yunlan clenched her teeth, immediately heading towards the courtyard gates. Damn it! That thing is powerful!

The two didn’t even manage to get to the courtyard gates when their feet were halted by a humanoid shadow. Yangjin, Yangjin was thrown over here! An Jiaona immediately supported him up, “Brother Jin! Are you alright?”

Brother Jin? So they really did know each other from before, humph! Another white claw grabbed at the group. Gu Yunlan who wasn’t paying attention didn’t react at all, and got clawed cruelly, ripping the back of her clothes. Slender claw marks appeared on her back at the same time as bright red blood seeped out.

“Sss!” Gu Yunlan rolled on the ground, gasping in surprise. It’s painful, what is this thing!

“So sweet! Tche tche, the Pure Yin Physique really is sweet!” That voice suddenly turned hoarse and blunt.

Pure Yin Physique, oh no! Gu Yunlan wrinkled her brows as her heartbeat sped up. She hurriedly crawled up and ran towards the courtyard gate. The courtyard isn’t closed off! She felt happiness in her heart as she bolted away.

“Peng!” The powerful force knocked her back two meters, ruthlessly throwing her on the ground.

“You want to leave? It’s not that easy!” That voice sometimes sounded like silver bells, sometimes sounded hoarse; it gave out a dense feeling of creepiness, “This noble one’s territory isn’t something you can just enter, haha!”

That creepy voice abruptly changed, “You shall all became this noble one’s meal!”

A huge pair of claws grabbed towards the three people, and Gu Yunlan could only stay on the ground, backing up slowly. She could clearly see the sharp fingernails on those claws, covered in shreds of flesh.

That is her own flesh. Gu Yunlan had already retreated beside the wall, covering her face in fear. A surge of cold fear rose from her dantian.

No! She mustn’t die! Seeing the white claws coming closer and closer, she shut her eyes helplessly and yelled out loudly, “Xuanyuan Ying! If you don’t come soon, I’m going to die!”

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