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Chapter 53: The Maze-Like Tunnel

Ahead of them was a bend, and right before them, they discovered a two meter high wall made of ants.

Bai Yiran promptly made a sharp turn and ended up brushing against the two meter wall of ants. My god, why are those things back?

Another sudden turn came ahead making Bai Yiran suddenly stop mid air. Seeing the wall of ants ahead of them, a strange feeling crept up within him, “We’re probably surrounded…”

Sure enough, he turned with the other two in his grasp to that they were indeed surrounded.

“What do we do now?” Xuanyuan Meng looked at Bai Yiran, whose face was dripping with sweat. He couldn’t hold on to them for much longer. “Let’s switch now!” she said urgently, 

“Don’t move!” Gu Yunlan’s brows locked together as she halted whatever the two was doing. “Use fire! Mengmeng, do you have a talisman like the flying one except for fire?”

“I do!” Xuanyuan Meng nodded her head immediately. She grabbed a handful and was about to shove it into Gu Yunlan’s hands.

Gu Yunlan glanced at Bai Yiran whose face was full of sweat and instructed hurriedly, “Just one is enough! First, Yiran fly me over there to spread out some gunpowder, then you fly by yourself to ignite the fire and burn them to death.”

That’s right! Before heading out, she had prepared a bit. They brought some anti-bugs powder, ones specially made by Master, and also brought some flame starters!

Xuanyuan Meng nodded her head, and put away her talismans, leaving only one slip out. She gestured for Bai Yiran to let go of her, and let her float in the air by herself.

The wall of ants came closer and closer. Bai Yiran gripped onto Gu Yunlan and slowly drifted higher, planning on flying over the ant wall. Ashy grey powder as fell onto the ants, but the ants seemed to be unaware as they continued to bare their fangs at the two of them.

Seeing that the ant wall grew even taller, Xuanyuan Meng started panicking. A talisman seal was sent over to them, as soon as the slip of paper touched the ants, a roaring sound sprung up as a fire was ignited. In an instant, the wall of ants turned into a wall of flames.

Crackle crackle. The cave immediately filled up the strong stench of burnt leather. The group of people covered their noses and mouths. The wall of fire fell over.

Xuanyuan Meng glanced at the approaching wall of ants and led the way as she flew over. “Yiran, quick!”

When the group flew over, Gu Yunlan turned her head to take a look. The nest of ants were blockaded by the fiery heap. Seeing that the fire heap was about to burn out, she immediately said, “We need to leave quickly! They’ll come chasing again soon.”

This time, the two people flew themselves, each pulling Gu Yunlan along by one hand. Like this, they fled through the cave, not even knowing how far they traveled. Gradually, light appeared. Without needing to use spirit power, the three people can see the road ahead.

“Hey, are you okay?” A distant voice from ahead sounded.

The three people gasped for breath as they looked at each other. Gu Yunlan said promptly, “There’s someone there. Let’s go take a look and maybe find a place to rest!”

The two nodded their heads. They slowed down to make sure there were no dangers and only then did they cautiously head forward.

After turning a few consecutive corners, the three people couldn’t help but feel that the voice came from close by. They then halted their steps, and sat down under a cliff to rest by meditating.

Gu Yunlan cautiously stretched out her head. Her pupils flashed before shrinking back again. How should she tell them? Even now she still cherishes the memory of Xuanyuan Ying being by her side! At least she didn’t need to worry about having her thoughts heard here.

“Do you know what’s going on?” Bai Yiran asked softly, lifting his head to look at her hesitantly. A vague premonition raised in his heart. He could sense that Nightspring was nearby. 

Gu Yunlan signaled for them to be quiet. She glanced at the two of them. Her lips moved slightly before she used her hands to point towards further in the cave. Then she nodded her head– that’s right, there were two people inside. However, there were also several large cats and ants there too. It’s very clear that the spot that they are in right now is very dangerous. This is an intersection, so anything could come out at any moment.

Thinking of this, Gu Yunlan shut her eyes and slowly let out her spirit power. Not good! There’s something on this side, the other side is no good either… what’s this?

Gu Yunlan’s eyes lit up as she pulled along the other two, slowly moving towards the spot she discovered. She cautiously swerved around the cave entrance. When they finally arrived safely at the place, they were sweating profusely.

What terrified them was that the creatures here have already developed intelligence. They even know to guard and defend. The three people looked at the other side in shock.

Suddenly, an alarmed scream sounded out, “You ugly monster! What do you want!”

Bai Yiran’s brows creased, for this was Nightspring’s voice. The three people immediately crouched down onto their stomachs, and watched over the ledge. The spot Gu Yunlan found was very well concealed, yet was high enough that they could clearly see the activities below.

Looking down, they could see two people forced into a corner. Bai Nightspring was in front of Yan Zhikuan, protecting him by yelling at the humanoid creatures in before her. Meanwhile, Yan Zhikuan was holding his stomach. Blood flowed down, dripping onto the ground. His lips were very pale, the corners of his mouth had traces of blood.

He’s hurt! He’s lost a significant amount of blood! was Gu Yunlan’s first line of thought. She didn’t have much of an impression of the youngman, but seeing Bai Nightspring protecting him, Gu Yunlan furrowed her eyebrows– clearly he took a blow for Bai Nightspring.

“Damnit!” Bai Yiran cursed silently. Why’s Nightspring protecting that man? They’ve only known each other for how long? Can’t she see how dangerous that black clothed creature is?

Indeed, a creature wrapped in a black cloak, obscuring its actual form stood facing Bai Nightspring. She and Yan Zhikuan were before it, cowering obediently as the two of them have been backed to the wall.

Cough cough Yan Zhikuan coughed out twice, blood once again spurted out. “Nightspring, don’t mind me. Run, your brother is probably right on the surface!”

Bai Nightspring didn’t put her arms down, and instead backed up even more, until she was right in front of him. “Don’t talk nonsense! I will not abandon you! I can sense that my brother is very close by…” she said quietly.

Yan Zhikuan smiled bitterly, “Even more of a reason for you to run, as long as one can run, then run!”

Bai Yiran’s mouth moved at that. Idiot! You don’t run even though you were told to, you just had to act brave! Could this man be even more important than your life?

Gu Yunlan and Xuanyuan Meng’s eyes widened at that; He’s a real sis-con. However, that black clothed creature has already approached the two victims. They can’t delay any longer, they must think of something.

Xuanyuan Meng once again took out a handful of fire talismans and said softly, “I only have this much left. If it’s alright I’ll throw all of these down at once. You guys go save them, then we’ll meet up again here!”

Gu Yunlan and Bai Yiran looked at each other, yet could only helplessly nod their heads. Only Mengmeng could ignite the fire talismans, so there’s no other option.

Xuanyuan Men took out a medicinal pill. “I don’t have much left. There’s only one. If don’t give it to him and he dies on Yunlan’s turf, that wouldn’t be good.” The pill was something she got from her grandfather. There were only five of them; one was taken away by big brother, and she only got one. The others need to be saved for life preservation purposes.

Bai Yiran took the pill with an ashened face. He nodded towards Gu Yunnan, before they untied the ropes on their waist. They slid down the steep slope and split towards two seperate directions.

Xuanyuan Meng looked down from above to see the two people stretching necks. She found a good position and immediately snatched up a few talismans. Two fingers stretched out from each hand, she spun the talismans and softly chanted, “Rise!”

The talismans turned shapeless, as her eyes shrunk into two half-moon shapes. She gently tossed them downwards. Just as the black cloaked creature was about to reach the two people, two shadows flitted in and took ahold of Bai Nightspring and Yan Zhikuan, before once again retreating.

At this moment, Xuanyuan Meng started forming hand signs as soon as the two shadows appeared. As soon as they safely escaped from the cave, she cracked her knuckles, “Rise!”

The black-cloaked creature who just had his prey snatched from right under his nose was furious, he bellowed towards the skies. Just then, fire ignited his body. Immediately, its howl turned wrathful.

“Quick!” In a blink of an eye, Gu Yunlan had already pulled Bai Nightspring to the bottom of the slope. Xuanyuan Meng grabbed onto Bai Nightspring to help pull her up. Then Bai Yiran and Yan Zhikuan also caught up. Presently, Yan Zhikuan’s face color recovered a bit.

They haven’t climbed up yet when they heard a rumbling sound. The three people immediately sped up their movements and pulled Yan Zhikuan up in one move. Gu Yunlan and Bai Yiran lept up easily.

They could feel the rumbling spreading below them. Gu Yunlan quickly took out her bug repellent powder and scattered it all around them. She signaled for them to stay quiet before crouching down.

Black Cloak was still wailing as the ground trembled. Gu Yunlan could feel something running through the road underneath every so often. Whenever the footsteps halted, her heart would tighten up in fear of being discovered.

If it were just the three of them, it would have been easier to flee instantly. But adding on two powerless people, Xuanyuan Meng and Bai Yiran can’t carry three people. What now? They can’t stay like this, she feared that the tunnel would collapse– dirt had already started falling from above.

She thought for a moment, then said quietly to the others, ”You two bring the others and leave first! I have bug repellent powder, I can hold them off. If we continue like this, I fear that we may be buried here!”

Hearing this, Xuanyuan Meng shook her head, this won’t do! She came here only to protect Gu Yunlan, if Gu Yunlan were to be harmed, then big brother would probably skin her alive.

Bai Yiran also creased his brows. He thought for a bit then said, “I’ll lead the way. Those two stay in the middle. Mengmeng will carry Gu Yunlan and bring up the rear. How’s that?

Undoubtedly, this was the best idea. Gu Yunlan nodded her head in agreement. Was he the only one who knew the way?

“I need to keep track of our pathing!” Bai Yiran could understand her meaning by looking at her expression.

With a set path, they can directly follow the path as they flee. Seeing the blacked cloaked figure about to exit the cave, Gu Yunlan immediately stood up, letting the other three flee first. Xuanyuan Meng grabbed ahold of her and flew up and followed from a distance. They didn’t flee far before hearing the pounding of approaching footsteps. They continued onward.

Because Yan Zhikuan had only just recovered with the medicinal pill, he was panting heavily as they fled. Helpless, Bai Yiran could only pull him along as they ran. He also pulled along Bai Nightspring. Bai Yiran glanced worriedly at the two in the air before he turned his head away to run.

“Mengmeng! The powder is running low!” Gu Yunlan watched the group worriedly, they still have a long way to go before getting the the cave exit, what now?

“Speed up!“ Xuanyuan Meng wrinkled her eyebrows; there’s something chasing them. The two of them didn’t stay behind any longer, and directly caught up to the three in front of them. She pulled up Bai Nightspring into the air and flew ahead. Seeing this, Bai Yiran also pulled Yan Zhikuan up and chased after her.

At such a high speed and with no more ants to blocked their way, they soon arrived at the cave exit. Bai Yiran fumbled around for a bit, but then a rumbling noise sounded as a blinding light lit up ahead. Was this the same cave entrance they went down? He promptly pushed Yan Zhikuan out and helped Bai Nightspring over the entrance before swiftly climbing over himself. Just as he turned around to help the two behind him, the black-cloaked figure caught up.

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