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Chapter 52: Taken Away

“No!” Bai Yiran creased his brows deeply; he smelled something familiar. Suddenly he became very alert, “Not good! That must have been Nightspring and Yan Zhikuan!”

“What?” Gu Yunlan and Xuanyuan Meng were startled, how can it be them? So that’s the reason why she felt that someone was following them.

“What do we do now?” Xuanyuan Meng looked at him anxiously. Although she and Bai Nightspring often bickered, it doesn’t mean she wants her hurt!

Bai Yiran closed his eyes as if he sensed something. After so, he opened his eyes, “Before when we were afraid of getting lost, or encountering danger, we went to Old Dame Zhu to enchant a pair of parent-child Gu for us. If something happened to one of us, the other one can clearly sense it right away. Right now they are locked up somewhere, Nightspring is safe, just a bit scared. I can feel that her heart trying to calm down!”

“Do you know which way?” Gu Yunlan looked at him in surprise. He really does care for his little sister. She heard from Teacher that the parent-child Gu and mother-child Gu were very similar. If a brother and sister pair were to make use of these Gu. If the one on the other end is injured, the older user would feel the pain, yet the younger one did not.

“It’s hazy!” Bai Yiran creased his brows real tight, shaking his head, “I can only tell that they’ve left the ground of the Shingwong Temple!”

“Then how do we save them now?” Xuanyuan Meng looked at the two of them while whispering, “Those two really are troublesome, is the trouble the only thing they can find? They clearly went back, why did they turn around? It really is curiosity that kills the cat!”

“Curiosity kills the cat?” Gu Yunlan creased her brows, then suddenly something clicked in her mind, cat! Right! She remembered that when they knocked out two cats, one died, so the other must know the way to base!

Almost at the same time, Bai Yiran grasped Xuanyuan Meng’s hand, and said to Gu Yunlan, “Go! Quick!”

As Xuanyuan Ying shourted softly, the three of them rushed back to the large hall. In the hall were two wild cats; one just woke up, one died, the other one fled.

Seeing three people running closer, that wild cat looked at them in alarm and immediately turned around to run.

“Where are you running!” Gu Yunlan gestured with her hands, a rope flew out of her sleeves and swiftly spiraled away. It coiled around the cat in a flash, completely tying up the wild cat from around the stomach.

Only then did Xuanyuan Meng clear her mind. Seeing the cat all tied up, her pupils flashed with interest. She slowly squatted down, fck! Is that fear she sees in that cat’s eyes?

“Mengmeng!” Gu Yunlan called out softly, waking up Xuanyuan Meng from her thinking.

Xuanyuan Meng snapped back to consciousness, damnit! For her to be distracted, f*ck, I will strangle you to death!

Bai Yiran watched helplessly as Xuanyuan Meng reached out her hands to strangle that wild cat, “Mengmeng! There are more important things to worry about!”

Hearing what Bai Yiran said, she started looking into the cat with a more professional attitude. That cat, in turn, kept an eye on her, it was as if the two were competing to see who was stronger! Exactly who can hack who’s memory!

While Xuanyuan Meng created all that drama, Gu Yunlan nodded towards Bai Yiran, signaling for him to protect Xuanyuan Meng.

She started to observe the surroundings. They were in a hurry when coming in earlier, being locked in just as they entered and all, they had no time at all to properly size up the place.

The large hall was quite empty, besides the incense and the incense altar, there was just a sculpture of some unknown person.

The sculpture was rather weird; it wasn’t standing but rather sitting. How weird, it sat with its back facing them too. Gu Yunlan’s pupils deepened, could there be some kind of switch here?

Originally she wanted to take a look, but with a rope around her waist, Gu Yunlan was helpless and could only stay there until Xuanyuan Meng wakes up.

After a long long time, Xuanyuan Meng slowly opened her eyes. Her pupils flashed before she stood up.

“Any results?” Bai Yiran asked hurriedly. He felt a shift in Bai Nightspring’s mood, he feared that she may be in danger.

“It’s too strong and has little thoughts. I could only find that there’s a labyrinth under the temple! How to enter and how to get there, I don’t know….” Xuanyuan Meng used her feet to kick at the wild cat lying on the floor. She then suggested, “Should we burn or bury it?”

Just as she said that the wild cat on the floor suddenly shot away. Under the group’s astonished gaze, it escaped behind the sculpture.

The three of them hurried to catch up. They skirted around the sculpture to find that the cat had somehow opened up a hole. While they haven’t been watching, it leaped up, wanting to flee.

Gu Yunlan pulled on the rope in her hand, making the wild cat end up falling flat on its face, causing its to start nose bleeding. It covered its nose and looked grievously at Gu Yunlan.

Gu Yunlan jolted, to think it could make so many expressions on a cat’s face, this…

“Yi? There’s a pathway here?” Surprise flashed over Xuanyuan Meng’s face.

“It’s too small, only big enough for the cat to pass through…” Bai Yiran hooked up the corners of his mouth. It is tiny, about the size of a bucket. Someone shorter may be able to fit, but a full-grown man like him, haihai! Forget it!

“Yiran, push this sculpture; try and make it turn to another direction!” While Gu Yunlan said this, her eyes stayed on the wild cat. She lifted her hands high up, pointing towards that sculpture.

As expected, after hearing what she said, that wild cat used his paw to rub the blood off his nose awkwardly.

Gu Yunlan lifted the corners of her mouth, then instructed, “Yiran, we’ll push this together!”

Bai Yiran was a bit hesitant as he placed his hand on the sculpture. Xuanyuan Meng also came to help. The two of them pushed hard, slowly but surely moving the sculpture.

Gu Yunlan glanced at the stray cat, then looked at the two people. They seem to be struggling, she thought for a moment before deciding it’d be better to help!

Seeing Gu Yunlan join in, the two people relaxed a lot more. Slowly, the three of them pushed over the sculpture. Just as they released a breathe, they heard a rumbling sound coming from behind them.

Before the three could celebrate, they glanced at one another and immediately turned around to look. The hole dug open by the wild cat had been widened even further, but now the wild cat has bitten through the rope and fled through that hole, disappearing within, “Meow!”

An ear-piercing cat’s screech sounded from the hole. Gu Yunlan released a breathe, “It’s okay! It only yelled out in surprise!”

Since everything’s okay, the three of them slowly slid down in the order they were tied in.

Rumble. As the trio’s figures disappeared, the cave’s mouth closed. Gu Yunlan’s heart jumped in fright. Some strange feelings flashed through her. She shook her head– she’s worrying too much!

So dark! All they could see what pitch dark blackness. The floor was slippery as if it didn’t have a floor. Suddenly a hole appeared in the road in front of them. Before she could respond, she felt her feet hit the ground. A hand immediately pulled her up. Soon after, she heard a “peng” sound as something hit the ground.

“Aiyou!” Bai Yiran’s scream sounded out. Gu Yunlan was clueless– what’s going on? A fire suddenly lit up on Xuanyuan Meng’s palm. With this dim firelight, the two looked towards Bai Yiran.

“Pfft!” Gu Yunlan laughed out loud. In the dark, Mengmeng managed to grab ahold of her, most likely saving her from slipping like her.

“Hahaha!” Xuanyuan Meng tilted her face upwards as she laughed.

What happened was that Xuanyuan Meng managed to save Gu Yunlan, but ended up pulling Bai Yiran down. Because of her swift speed and his cluelessness about the situation before him, he then slipped and fell on his back.

Bai Yiran climbed up and dusted off his clothes. At least he isn’t wearing white clothing today.However, hearing Xuanyuan Meng still giggling, he looked rather awkward. He smiled unpleasantly, “Yeah keep laughing. Wait until you attract some unknown creatures over here!”

Xuanyuan Meng immediately shut up. Crap, she forgot about where they were…

Gu Yunlan closed her eyes and sent out her spirit power– something is moving! She immediately opened her eyes, pulled on Xuanyuan Meng and said to Bai Yiran, “Move!”

“I’ll carry you guys as I fly!” Xuanyuan Meng responded as she extinguished the flame. She stuck a slip of talisman paper on herself. With one hand pulling Gu Yunlan and the other pulling Bai Yiran, they floated off the ground.

“I can’t see the road…” Xuanyuan Meng’s voice was very small. Because the fire on her palm was extinguished, the space around them has plunged into darkness.

Bai Yiran thought for a moment before saying, “Do all of you know how to use spirit power?”

“Yes!” Gu Yunlan and Xuanyuan Meng said at the same time.

“Send out your spirit power to act as your eyes. This works but uses up a lot of spirit power. Just be careful there!” Bai Yiran’s quiet voice said.

As expected, when using their spirit power as the eyes, they could see very clearly, almost as if it was daytime. No wonder, after using spirit power, they could see up very far.

Gu Yunlan looked at the ground below her, measuring their current position. They were being pulled up into the air. The cave was very narrow and only one person could walk through at a time. It was very long and the end couldn’t be seen. There was a door every two meters. Since the cave was at least three meters tall, this place was more of a trail than a cave.

“Something’s coming!” Bai Yiran reminded softly, “There’s a suction force!”

Not long after that, they could hear a sucking sound in the distance. Gu Yunlan’s brows creased, there’s a lot, no- it’s an entire herd!

The sound came closer and closer. Within the pitch-black cave, it raised goosebumps, Xuanyuan Meng tightened her grip. This sound made her very uncomfortable.

Following the sounds, the creature finally appeared in the three people’s lines of sight. Gu Yunlan’s pupils shrank, they’re ants…

Ants the size fists, dense and numerous. They rushed forward like a tide, with numbers larger than countable.

The three stared with gaping mouths, no one could have guessed that there was such an ants nest under the Gu City. To add on to that, the three of them couldn’t help but think of the wild cats that shrieked liked wailing humans.

After an unknown amount of time, the ants finally began to disappear. Xuanyuan Meng couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief as she watched the ants disappear into the distance. She softly let out a gasp, “Hai!”

That scared the heck out of her. Seeing those things gave her the urge to puke.

“Mengmeng! Run!” Gu Yunlan raised her eyebrows. What is that girl doing?

Xuanyuan Meng’s last sigh of relief caused the ants at the very end to stop and slowly turn around and raise its head to look up… 

When Xuanyuan Meng looked over, the ants have already piled up to a height close to theirs. This speed is… Xuanyuan Meng’s face changed, she then quickly dragged the two other people as she fled towards the cave entrance. Oh, how she hated herself!

Xuanyuan Meng regretted it– it was all her fault. If only she laughed quieter, or didn’t sigh just now, then they probably wouldn’t be in this life or death situation. It was all her fault, she didn’t even know how many caves they fled through. She started feeling weak…

A pair of hands supported her waist. A warm breath spoke next to her ear: “Hold on tight to Yunlan. You take a rest, I’ll go!”

Xuanyuan Meng was startled. Who? Bai Yiran? Thinking of this, she panted tiredly, “You knew how to fly and still had me to do all the work?”

“Shh!” Bai Yiran whispered next to her ear, “I never said I knew how to fly! As a high priest, how could I not have some little skill like this? It was you who wanted to drag us! If you don’t trust me, ask Yunlan!”

Seeing the two people arguing in hushed voices, Gu Yunlan coughed twice softly. Suddenly, her pupils shrank as she hissed, “Watch out! A bend in the road!”

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