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Chapter 18: Resting in the Gardens

The Zi residence is truly worthy of being called the richest enterprise within the city of Gu. From the courtyard between the gates and the lobby, even merely the courtyard decor, all were very luxurious; with a hill and a gazebo, a stream and jetty. Even though she had seen it a few times before, Gu Yunlan couldn’t help but still compliment it.

The Zi Family buildings had already not been old fashioned for a long time now; it’s a villa with three floors. Remembering that it was about last year when they remodeled, she had heard that it was Zi Luolan who had personally designed it.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Zi Luolan shook her shoulder; how come Gu Yunlan is giving her a goose-bump raising feeling?

“I still don’t understand what is going on in your little head. This kind of design, even if you went to study abroad, it’s still hard to imagine. Without you, it would probably take a few years for it to appear, tch tch…” Gu Yunlan couldn’t help but praise, her heart was inevitably moved; Zi Luolan is really amazing.

“If you worship me as a teacher, I’ll tell you how I thought this up.” Zi Luolan led the way, striding into the living room. Her eyes flashed as she turned to look at Gu Yunlan with a wicked grin covering her face.

“Dream on! You are younger than me, don’t you take me to be so cheap!” Gu Yunlan glared at her momentarily, then examined the room’s interior decor. It’s simple yet beautiful, “Where will the banquet be held?”

“It’s only less than half a year difference. The banquet is in the rear court garden, let’s go! Let’s go take a look!” Zi Luolan cheerfully pulled her by her hand. They passed through the lobby and the reception pavilion, heading directly towards the rear court. She said happily, “You were in a hurry the last visit, I didn’t get a chance to stroll around with you. I used a large amount of money to obtain every flower here!”

“You successful women, are you flaunting these to me?” Gu Yunlan admired enthusiastically. The visit to the Zi Residence in the previous life had also been hurried, she can at last look at them properly this life. She teased, “Your wealth may attract enemies. Merely this one scarlet kafir lily must have cost many silver yuan? Placing it here, you’re not even afraid of servants ruining it!”

“Whoever would dare to ruin this Miss’s belongings, this Miss will cripple their hands and dismiss them. Of course, you’re an exception!” Zi Luolan said viciously, raising her brows. Then her tone abruptly changed as she looked smilingly at Gu Yunlan.

“No need! If I were to ruin it, I must pay up!” Gu Yunlan’s heart skipped a beat. This girl’s tone is so gentle as to be frightening.

“Hehe! Just look how you got scared!” Zi Luolan laughed out loud, “Let’s go! There’s still a carp pond over there!”

As the two people chatted as they enjoyed the scenery, guests started to continuously arrive. Hearing what Zi Luolan said, she had invited a lot of people. The banquet will be held at noon, a talent show in the afternoon, and a masquerade at night.

“What’s the point of holding a talent show?” Gu Yunlan waved a fan taken from a plate held by a servant. Even if it’s autumn, it’s going to be hot at noon, “What is this thing called a masquerade?”

“You will know when you see it, you ignorant and inexperienced girl!” Zi Luolan indicated for the servant to hand a fan over, she then brought Gu Yunlan into a pavilion next to the carp pond, “You just dress up as your favorite appearance and attend the banquet, even dressing as a fairy is fine!”

“Wow!” Gu Yunlan opened her mouth in surprise as she followed Zi Luolan in, she had heard of this once, “This doesn’t seem to be a social custom from here!”

“En! This is a foreigner’s festival!” Zi Luolan promptly sat on the ledge next to the water, and reaching her hand out to grab a handful of fish feed from a full bowl, she sprinkled it down towards the water.

Gu Yunlan sat to the other side of the bowl and casually sprinkled some down too, watching the fish contend for the feed. There’s a lot of lichen in the water, and below their chairs, the water is covered in it, though the chairs themselves are clean. She spoke without thinking, “It’s safe on this side of the carp pond. Have you prepared any safety measures? Look at all this lichen and water, one could just slip into the water if there are no preventatives!”

“Then you can be at ease, all these lichens are fake and are slip resistant. Unless someone was pushed into the water by another person, how could someone slip down?” Zi Luolan leaned on the railings as she watched the fish in the middle of the water. She muttered, “It’s not fun at all here…”

“What?” Gu Yunlan was a bit absent-minded. She lifted her eyes to look at Zi Luolan, what is not fun?

“Nothing! The banquet is about to begin, let’s go over there!” Zi Luolan stood up, offering her hand to Gu Yunlan.

“Didn’t say what?” Gu Yunlan stretched out her hand, looking at her in confusion. Nevermind that. She came to the Zi Family for another matter, but she’ll have to wait until the banquet is over.

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