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Chapter 27: Never Would Be Given an Inch, Want a Mile!

Xuanyuan Ying set her down gently when they exited the alleyway. He then tapped lightly on the back of her neck. Gu Yunlan woke up slowly, and pressed on her temples while asking softly, “Why did you make me fall unconscious?”

“I was afraid you would get dizzy!” Xuanyuan Ying supported the unsteady Gu Yunlan, and led her towards the market. He switched topics by saying, “We’re going shopping for clothes now!”

“We’re going to buy more clothes?” She looked at him in confusion.

“Do you want to wear a dress while climbing a mountain?” Xuanyuan Ying thought it was laughable.

That’s true, Gu Yunlan nodded, and allowed him to pull her forward. She turned her her head to look at the alleyway they had just come from. As expected, there was no alleyway, there was only a wall.

She shook her head. Ever since she was reborn, so many strange things had happened, this world was definitely not something she would have touched in her past life.

“Miss!” “Sister!”

The two had only walked two steps forward, when they suddenly heard pleasantly surprised voices from the crowd of people in front of them.

Xuanyuan Ying halted his footsteps, his forehead creased. When he saw Gu Yunlan’s consciousness wavering as she lowered her sight, he grabbed onto her. Before the two could get close, they disappeared into the crowd of people.

“Yi? Strange, I clearly saw Miss just now!” Xin’er pushed her way through breathlessly, looking around wonderingly.

“Where’s Sis?” An Jiaona pushed through the crowd with a head full of sweat. She angrily watched Xin’er, how did this girl get things done? She had actually lost the person she was following.

“Don’t know! I didn’t see Miss An, I’ll head back first!” Xin’er shrugged, then turned around towards the Marshal’s huge residence. It’s all her fault for talking too much and making Miss so angry that she directly walked away. The Miss isn’t safe at all! However, she seemed to have just seen the Miss and Xuanyuan Ying together. She can be relieved now!

“You!” An Jiaona was so angry her face flushed red. She could only watch as she disappeared from her sight.

“What is this place?” Gu Yunlan looked blankly at the storefront before her. A tailor store? Her clothing had always been custom-made by special tailors who had come directly to her doorstep.

“Let’s go get some clothes directly tailored!” Xuanyuan Ying thought for a moment, then pulled her along.

The fluttering jade-like colors from varied types of cloth inside the store filled the eyes, there was also a lot of different types of ready-made clothing. A woman sat in front of the store counter, her head lowered over calculations on an abacus.

As if she sensed someone coming over, the lady boss who was dressed in a pink qipao lifted her head. She smiled happily upon seeing the two of them and asked, “Welcome, Mister and Miss. Is it tailored clothing you want?”

“No, we’re not…” Gu Yunlan hurried to explain. Mister and Miss? They don’t look like that at all!

“Alright alright! If the lady says it’s not, then it’s not!” The lady boss reacted quickly and corrected herself. This pair entered hand-in-hand; if they aren’t now, then it should be soon? Yet still she says they’re not?

Seeing the lady boss’s gaze fixed on the two’s hands, Gu Yunlan hurriedly broke free from Xuanyuan Ying and stated, “We would like to order custom-made clothing!”

“What kind of custom-made clothes would the two of you like? Is it wedding clothing? We have all sorts of clothing material!” The lady boss sized up the two of them happily, tsk tsk tsk! Such an ideal couple!

“We’d like to order four sets of black clothes per person. This afternoon is good, can it be finished by then? The price will be doubled!” Xuanyuan Ying interrupted the lady boss’s gossiping and asked directly.

“Eight in total? No problem!” The lady boss said certainly. Seeing the two nod their heads, she hurriedly yelled inside a side room, “Master Zhao! Come out to take measurements first, put down the work in your hands, this one is urgent!”

“Coming!” A husky woman’s voice came from within the room. A farmer’s wife appeared in the blink of an eye, rolling up the curtains as she walked out.

“Hurry and get the measurements of the two guests! They’re in a hurry!” The lady boss urged.

“Alright!” The married women responded easily. Plucking a measuring tape from a basket, she started to measure the two of them.

When the measurements were done, the boss lady asked, “Would the two of you like to wait here, or have it sent to your residence?”

“We’re just going to wait here!” Xuanyuan Ying nodded his head.

“Alright!” The lady boss smiled happily towards the side room and yelled out,”Little Li, go take the two guests into the side room next door. Ready some tea and refreshments!”

An energetic youngster ran out from within the room and led the two to the neighboring room. Only after he had brought in tea and refreshments did he leave the room, closing the door behind himself.

Just as he left, Xuanyuan Ying waved his hand. An invisible screen appearing on the four walls of the room.

“What’s this?” Gu Yunlan sat on the sofa and looked at him in confusion.

“Protection!” Xuanyuan Ying poured a cup of tea and took a light sip.

“Why put up protection?”

“Your health is in trouble! I must quickly think about what to do!” Xuanyuan Ying furrowed his brows deeply and sat next to her.

“Ah? How come I don’t feel it?” Gu Yunlan hurriedly searched all around, even as far as wanting to look at her back.

“Your breathing has slowed a lot. If only you weren’t a mortal, then your physique wouldn’t already be known!” Xuanyuan Ying’s fingers drummed on the table. The journey in Miao Territory will definitely not go smoothly. Unacceptable, he must think of a way to suppress her physique, otherwise it will attract unneeded trouble.

“Pure Ying Physique? Exactly what type of physique is this?” She really didn’t understand why so many people knew of her physique, and how she became so popular? How come she was so safe and sound?

“As long as you cultivate, your physique become more noticeable. If it isn’t suppressed, then I’m afraid that even mosquitoes would know of your physique!” Xuanyuan Ying glanced her. Seeing that she was astonished to the point of being speechless, he continued to say, “Pure Yin Physique, is the daughter offspring of when there are Yin sun, moon, and month, a virgin maiden. The first one to harvest her will have their power multiplied by fold!”

“Harvest?” Gu Yunlan’s face suddenly flushed red. Pooh pooh! Hold on a minute, she looked at Xuanyuan Ying in surprise. He isn’t planning on ‘harvesting’ her too, right?

“Don’t think this senior to be that despicable!” Xuanyuan Ying shot her down unhappily, “If this senior really were to think like that, then you have been taken advantage of on our first meeting. Would there have been the need to painstakingly exchange blood, just to save you?”

That’s right, what he said was right. He is Pure Yang Physique, while she is Pure Yin Physique. If he were to suck her dry, it would be very simple and easy!

“Let’s exchange blood again right now! In this exchange of blood now, use my blood to suppress your blood to avoid any mishaps during the trip to Miao Territory!” Xuanyuan Ying looked at her fixedly.

This is the first time he had ever asked for someone else’s opinion. He had always decided everything himself, never letting anyone question him. Did he give her so many exceptions because of the reason they exchange blood, or is it because he was moved by her death by persecution?

Hearing what he said, Gu Yunlan stretched out her hand without a word and shut her eyes, “Come on! Bite a bit gentler!”

Xuanyuan Ying’s pupils flashed. He took her hand and nipped gently on her middle finger. A cold sensation flowed into his mouth, travelling down his throat, and leading into his tendons and blood vessels.

The one who was injured and invaded by corpse poison, Gu Yunlan, had her face turn a frightening white color from the loss of blood! Just when she started to feel dizzy, something warm flowed in through her fingertip. She could only feel warmth everywhere in her body.

After a long while, when Gu Yunlan felt him finally let go of her hand, did she dare to slowly open her eyes. It’s just that when she opened her eyes, it was to see his face a frightening white color. She immediately supported him as she rushed to ask, “Xuanyuan! What happened to you?”

“It’s all right!” Xuanyuan Ying’s pale lips moved, and he sat cross-legged, “I forgot that you’re infected with corpse poison…”

“This…” Gu Yunlan suddenly felt entirely helpless, what should she do? She suddenly felt so useless, that’s not right! She’s been depending too much on him!

“Let’s see after two hours of rest. Go to sleep first, when you wake up, I’ll be fine!” Xuanyuan fixedly stared at her, watching her helpless look. He couldn’t bear it in the end, and reached out his hand to wave in a wiping motion towards her eyes. Gu Yunlan collapsed into his embrace.

He grimaced wanly and let her sleep on the bed, placed blankets on her, and only then did he sit down in a lotus position.

He could only suppress the corpse poison that was sucked in, otherwise there would have been no reason at all to go to the Miao Territory. He would have directly helped her get rid of the corpse poison. Since when was he so benevolent? When she died, couldn’t he have just found another Pure Yin Physique? He should keep on suppressing the corpse poison for now. Seeing the situation, they must set off early!

By the time the two of them came out of the building, the sky was already night time. Neither of them said anything, but walked forth silently.

After a while Gu Yunlan finally asked, “Are you alright?”

“Let’s consider after suppressing it. My resources aren’t enough, we can only go to Miao Territory to use corpse hexcraft!” Xuanyuan Ying sighed.

“En!” Gu Yunlan was silent for a short while, then she spoke out, “Thank you!”

Xuanyuan Ying looked at her in astonishment. Thank him? He suddenly spoke out a sentence, “You think a simple ‘thank you’ will send me away?”

“What else do you want?” Gu Yunlan raised her brows and asked, “I’ve already offered boundless amounts of my blood to you! Don’t get an inch, want a foot!”[1]

“Alright? This general has never been given an inch, wanted a mile…” Xuanyuan Ying leaned close to her ear and said softly.

“Eh, that tickles!” Gu Yunlan pushed his head away abruptly, then chuckled out loud, her pupils suddenly seemed to match up to his pupils…

After a while, she snapped back to consciousness. The two of them looked away one after the other, then slipped into silence again.

“Let’s go! If we delay for too long, the Marshal will get worried!” Xuanyuan Ying glanced at her as he reminded her.

Gu Yunlan jolted, oh no! The sky is almost dark, Papa must be very worried. Thinking of this, she strided towards the marshal residence.

“Miss! General!” Two servants who stood by the doors watched as the two of them came back, calling out respectfully.

Gu Yunlan dipped her head. Two people, one in front and one in back, entered the doors. Gu Yunlan didn’t even look back as she went directly to her own chambers.

“We will set out on the journey at five o’clock in the morning!” Xuanyuan Ying’s voice sounded behind her.

“Alright!” Gu Yunlan paused her footsteps, and nodded her head. Then she quickly sped up her steps and left swiftly.

Xuanyuan Ying blankly watched her leaving figure, what was with him just now? He had actually blanked out, how laughable.


Xuanyuan Ying didn’t even turn his head as he instructed to the people behind him, “Tell those two people to to wait here at four o’clock in the morning tomorrow.”

“Yes!” The guard behind him watched him leave respectfully.

“Miss! You’re back? Have you eaten?” Xin’er stood in the courtyard, peering all around. She hurriedly ran towards Gu Yunlan as soon as she saw her walking in.

“Nevermind eating! Help me prepare my belongings! I will be setting off tomorrow morning!” Gu Yunlan shook her head, and walked directly into the room.

“Miss! You’re setting off tomorrow? You really don’t need Xin’er to come?” Xin’er helped her undress while asking in confirmation.

“No need!” Gu Yunlan coldly instructed straightforwardly, “I will leave tomorrow morning. If you do not which to make me angry, you should go prepare right now!”

“Yes…” Xin’er helplessly set down the clothing in her hands, then hurried out of the room, closing the door behind herself.

Seeing Xin’er leave, she collapsed glumly on the bed. The things that had happened in these two days were too many and too dangerous, she felt as if her mind were about to explode. How come this world is so different? Why?

How she fell asleep, she didn’t know. All she knew was that she was very tired, so she slept very soundly.


[1]The idiom is translated literally. Basically someone who greeds after more after given a little bit. For example, I am given one cookie. I loved the cookie, so I asked for the entire jar of cookies. I was ‘given as inch, wanted a foot’. Cookies are yummy.

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