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Chapter 54: The Captured Physique

Gu Yunlan narrowed her eyes as she pushed Xuanyuan Meng towards the exit with much effort. There’s no time for her to escape;  she had to be captured by the black cloaked.

The black cloak looked towards the group. A thin green light floated out from his hat. The light halted its advance, then fully enveloped Gu Yunlan’s body before dragging her back into the cave.

“No! Yunlan!” Xuanyuan Meng never thought that Gu Yunlan would push her through the exit first. She’s so dumb, does she not know that she’ll only die faster with her type of physique?

“You cannot go by yourself!” Bai Yiran held Xuanyuan Meng back. If Xuanyuan lost his sister too, his fury would be devastating.  “If you go, I’m going too, just wait!”

“It’s all my fault, why didn’t I pay more attention behind me?” Xuanyuan Meng’s face twisted in self-blame. She felt like a failure to her brother.

“No point in bashing yourself!” Bai Yiran was also worried, he patted Xuanyuan Meng’s shoulder; what do we do now? He thought for a while, then said to the sullen group behind him, “That thing is afraid of light, you guys should go back and get cannons and bombs. Wait for me to rescue Yunlan. As we run out, you guys bombard it!”

Bai Nightspring and Yan Zhikuan nodded their heads before immediately turning around to run towards the bamboo forest.

Seeing the two of them leaving he promptly took out all the gadgets he had and instructed, “Yunlan has been captured, she definitely would leave behind clues. Only, this time, the defense would be much stronger. As soon as we get Yunlan, we run. I’ll get them off our trail. With her physique, it makes things harder.”

“No! We must leave together!” Xuanyuan Meng immediately argued back. She didn’t fear death, but throwing away any companion was absolutely intolerable.

“Idiot!” Bai Yiran put down the gadgets in his hands and smacked her, “I worry about you guys. Your brother will skin me alive! Search yourself; do you have anything useful on you?”

“I only have talismans– explosive ones from grandpa!” Xuanyuan Meng immediately took out a handful of talismans.

“That’s good!” Bai Yiran pushed away her hands, “Keep them safe. Let’s go now.”

Xuanyuan Meng instantly put away the talismans. The two of them entered the cave again, hand in hand, to find any clues Gu Yunlan left behind.

Gu Yunlan could only feel her bones being crushed as the black cloaked creature captured her in its hands. The pain was excruciating; she couldn’t help but curse out loud. This accursed physique– people are trying to capture her left and right, only Xuanyuan Ying is good to her!

Gu Yunlan jolted. No, she won’t be a sitting duck, Mengmeng and that idiot will definitely come to save her. She must leave some kind of clue. She glanced at the almost-empty medicine bag; this’ll do.

“Hey! This hurts like hell. Loosen up.” She struggled and tried to claw open the bag. A small hole ripped and bits of powder fell out into the pitch black caves. Who knows if they’ll even find the clues?

She had thought the cloaked creature wouldn’t notice.It slowed down. The firm grasped relaxed a bit. Gu Yunlan twisted her legs free as she retorted, “This is my first time being carried like this, and by a non-human too…”

The black cloaked then halt its footsteps. So it can understand human language… She lifted her head up and yelled, “What are you? Let go of me!”

The black cloaked sped up instead. It swiftly turned a bend. As for how much he traveled, even if she had extraordinary memory, Gu Yunlan still would become dizzy from all the twists and turns.

When her world stopped spinning, they had already arrived at an unknown location. It was different from the cave where Bai Nightspring was trapped. This place is actually an isolated cell?!

Gu Yunlan jumped up, and immediately surveyed her surroundings. There were no windows, no sunlight; was she still underground?

The hidden cell was completely empty. Was she sitting on the ground then? She ran around the cell a few times, and yelled, “Mistreatment of captives! Really? You didn’t even provide a chair. At least prepare some things to eat!”

Rumble. The left wall of the cell lifted upwards and the black cloaked creature walked in.

Gu Yunlan immediately whipped her body around. So that was a door. Her pupils flashed as she pointed at the black cloaked and said angrily, “What kind of creature are you? You dare to capture me? My father is the Grand Marshal, you know!”

The creature’s footsteps paused before slowly walking towards her. Gu Yunlan’s heart beat furiously. She couldn’t help but back up a few steps. He won’t come over right? She had taunted the creature  just to irritate it, to make him think that she was a brainless mistress who flaunts her father’s wealth and power.

That black cloak squatted down in front of Gu Yunlan. Even squatting, it was two meters tall and taller than Gu Yunlan.

Gu Yunlan once again backed up a few steps. The creature’s hood was fastened tightly; even when that close to her, she still couldn’t make out its appearance.

It seemed to already know what Gu Yunlan was thinking. It stood up and walked out the door. It stopped for a moment at the entrance and took off the black cloak unhurriedly, dropping the cloak onto the ground.

A head of raven black hair, a tall, slim body. With the black cloak removed, it shrunk to around 175 or 178 centimeters. It wore an entirely grey robe.

Gu Yunlan covered her mouth in surprise. It-, no, was the person a she or a he?

The person turned around slowly. They wore a silver mask that covered the face from the nose up, only exposing the nose, thin lips, and skin so flawless, it would make girls jealous. The eyes exposed by the mask were a patch of pitch black. Oddly, the pair of eyes gave her a familiar feeling.

“Who are you?” Gu Yunlan blurted out and backed up even more. She wanted  to ask more: What kind of creature are you? What now? Even if it’s human, living under extreme Yin condition would turn it nonhuman in the end. If it were human but rather a ghoul, then it’s cultivation must be unfortunately high to be able to acquire a human shape

“Pure Yin Physique, how sweet! If I were to take a bite, how would that feel?” He slowly walked towards Gu Yunlan, it’s voice was very pleasant to the ears, but it was difficult to tell the gender.

“Are you male or female, human or demon?!” Gu Yunlan shrunk back, and asked overly curious on purpose.

“You were  talking about this king? What do you think?” His pupils contracted, then he once again cast his gaze on her, “Jiang Chen!”

Gu Yunlan looked over again; the creature felt similar to Xuanyuan Ying. However, she feared him, while she didn’t fear Xuanyuan, unless he is…

Wait, did he just say his name was Jiang Chen? Gu Yunlan was struck dumb; wasn’t that the ancient jiang shi from the legends? Could her physique draw jiang shi? That’s not right, Xuanyuan is the jiang shi!

“You are scared of this king?” Jiang Chen gazed at her with interest. For the first time, it actually held some interest towards her. He felt as if he shouldn’t eat her, that he’ll end up regretting…

Gu Yunlan immediately shook her head.  She was scared. He definitely is not Xuanyuan; Xuanyuan wouldn’t be like this to her. However, Xuanyuan and he definitely has some kind of connection. Thinking of this, she asked with a confused expression, “Why… why did you capture me?”

“You’re asking me why?” Jiang Chen laughed out loud. A bright red tongue licked his lips, “You stole my food. If I didn’t capture you, wouldn’t that make this king look useless? More importantly, you have the Pure Yin Physique!”

“That’s my friend, if I don’t save her then I wouldn’t be worthy of my position as a Young Miss. Let me home now! I will have my father give a lifetime supply of money!” Gu Yunlan adopted the air of an arrogant and wealthy girl. Doing so was like driving a chariot on a familiar road; in her previous life, those were her favorites phrases. Later, Zi Luolan would depsisingly say that all of that was just for show…

“This king is in no need of money! This king is only interested in you!” Jiang Chen looked at her with a smile that said: using money to sway me?

“Then what do you want? As long as you let me go, I can agree with anything. Anything!” Gu Yunlan said high and mightily. She suddenly realized something. Her brows wrinkled as she asked, “What is Pure Yin Physique?”

Jiang Chen glanced at her sideways, she really doesn’t know? Or… he carefully examined her expression, she didn’t seem to be faking it…

“You…” Gu Yunlan stepped back a step. It can’t be, he won’t even explain this. She thought a bit before asking, “Then what place is this?”

Jiang Chen smiled evilly, the corners of his mouth hooked up as he squatted down in front of her, “This king’s tomb!”

Gu Yunlan was speechless at first, then astonished. Tomb. It seemed as if she just snapped back to consciousness. Her face paled in fear, “No! Let me out! Let me out! I’ll send human sacrifices here daily!”

“Aren’t you supposed to be fair and just?” Jiang Chen’s pitch black pupils started to turn into a vortex, as if Gu Yunlan said something wrong that made him want to eat her.

Gu Yunlan cowered in a corner, bunched up into a ball. She grabbed her head and cried out pitfully, “If I knew what kind of place this was, I wouldn’t have come even if you beat me to death!”

“Master, delivery rat reports!” A hoarse, downcast voice sounded from outside the cell.

Jiang Chen looked satisfied as he looked at Gu Yunlan’s crying face.. However, hearing the voice from outside, his face dropped as he said coldly, “Talk!”

“Madam Bai requests a visit with you!”

An unhappy look flashed across Jiang Chen’s face. He glanced down at the woman crying pitifully against the wall. He pondered a few moments before exiting the cell.

Rumble rumble The sounds of the heavy footsteps steadily faded off into the distance. Only then did Gu Yunlan lift her head. Her eyes were red and her pupils looked even colder.

While she was crying on the ground just now, she felt some discomfort from him. As he left, he didn’t even notice that she had sent out some spirit power. As he did the steps to activate the mechanism, she memorized them all. Only, there was no one to help her, so it was all in vain. If only she could use her spirit power to form a solid substance.

“Yunlan? Yunlan! Where are you?” A voice called out softly from outside the hidden cell.

Gu Yunlan recognized the voice– Mengmeng. She immediately went to the door. “Mengmeng! Is that you?”

“Yiran and I have come!” Xuanyuan Meng’s voice was a tiny bit louder now. She sounded like she feared attracting unwanted attention.

“Go to the right side, take out the stone slabs and try your best to move that lever!” Gu Yunlan said hurriedly. She didn’t answer any questions; who knew when that person would come back. If she had any question, it was how to get out alive.

Rumble. The cell door opens halfway, allowing Gu Yunlan to squeeze out. She indicated for Xuanyuan Meng to close it. After the cell door closed, the two of them quickly fled away, before meeting up with Bai Yiran midway.

Bai Yiran’s face was rather pale. He grabbed onto the two of them and flew up with great effort.

“Whats wrong?’ Xuanyuan Meng immediately asked.

“They caught up! Quick, throw down your talismans! Throw them down at every cave entrance!” Bai Yiran’s breathing was erratic.

Xuanyuan Meng took action, immediately throwing down a talisman behind her, Boom! The tunnel collapsed.

Gu Yunlan sucked in a breath. As they escaped, she could hear the sound of a furious scream.

Every cave entrance they encountered was blown up. They probably blew up more than half of the tunnels in the cave to stop pursuers.

They finally arrived at the exit. Xuanyuan Meng threw the rest of the talismans into the cave and completely sealed the entrance.

By the time they crawled out from the cave, the sun had already set in the west. The three people stood there panting and sighed in relief. 

The sound of the furious screaming came closer and closer.

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