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Chapter 25: Contracted with Corpse Poison

Gu Yunlan opened her eyes slightly, she smiled weakly, “Pa, I’m fine, I’m okay after sleeping.”

“You foolish girl! It’s good that you’re fine. Don’t go around blindly saving people from danger later on, got it?” Because Xuanyuan Ying is acting like a barrier by the bedside, Gu Zhengyu could only sit back down again. What’s with this youngster? He still hasn’t left his maiden daughter’s chambers, it can’t be…

“But, she’s Aunt An’s daughter and my little sister, Yun’er can’t just watch helplessly…” Seeing Gu Zhengyu furrowing his brows again, her voice trailed off.

“Are you more important, or is she more important? If you can’t even protect yourself, why care about other people? Papa has nearly been angered to death by you!” Gu Zhengyu was suddenly so angry, his face turned red. Once he thought of his daughter who was lying motionlessly on the bed, his heart clenched.

“But didn’t Papa say that she is my little sister…..”

“Humph!” Gu Zhengyu interrupted his daughter’s weak retort again, grunting coldly, “She’s your little sister, but you are Papa’s favorite daughter!”

Seeing that Gu Yunlan still wanted to retort, he waved his sleeves and angrily stood up, “Sleep well! Papa hopes to see you looking lively tomorrow!”

“Alright Papa! Yunlan will obey!” Gu Yunlan smiled with half lidded eyes. Her eyes glanced outside the window as she promptly laid down, smiling even happier.

Gu Zhengyu stood up, planning to leave, when he suddenly halted his footsteps and looked at Xuanyuan Ying in confusion, “Brother Xuanyuan, you haven’t slept for half the night, why do you still stay in my maiden daughter’s chambers?  ”

Obviously, he had forgotten that his daughter’s safe return was entirely dependant on this man in front of him.

“Papa, why don’t you go to sleep first!” Gu Yunlan sat up hurriedly, stopping him, “I haven’t thanked him yet, you just go to sleep with your heart at ease!”

“Alright…” Gu Zhengyu nodded unhappily. Although his daughter is at the age where she can marry, even if he had the notion of doing so, this youngster can’t always stay in Yunlan’s room so late at night!

It’s too unsafe. It’s just that when he saw his daughter’s expectant expression, he could only stare intensely at Xuanyuan Ying and demand, “Don’t chat for too long!”

“En!” Gu Yunlan looked helplessly at her Papa who looked unwilling to leave, she teased, “Xuanyuan, did you offend my Papa?”

“He’s just being paranoid!” Xuanyuan Ying shrugged his shoulders and looked at her with a bored expression, “Does it still hurt?”

“It hurts!” Gu Yunlan’s complexion was actually still quite pale, even whiter than just a moment ago. She hadn’t felt the pain before it was mentioned. However, as soon as it was mentioned, she could feel the heart-wrenching, bone-piercing pain!

“Turn around, let me take a look!” Xuanyuan Ying looked at her with a solemn expression on his face.

“But…” Gu Yunlan was a bit hesitant. The treatment just now was merely a change of clothes done by Xin’er, who didn’t even know her back was injured. Furthermore, she knew that she’d been pretending to be unconscious, and didn’t even look. It’s just that it was painfully unbearable now.

“Hurry up!” Xuanyuan Ying was somewhat annoyed. He set his gaze in front of her, and said with a face full of disdain, “Be at ease! This senior has no interest towards little girls!”

Since it had been said like this, Gu Yunlan could only turn around, and taking of her clothes on her upper body with clenched teeth, she exposed her pure white skin.

Xuanyuan Ying gasped in surprise as he saw this, and silently grabbed onto her arm to keep her from moving.

“What happened?” Gu Yunlan felt somewhat odd, why isn’t he talking?

“That thing had Corpse Qi poison, it has already entered your muscle veins!” Xuanyuan Ying slowly released his hands, and quickly tapping a few points on her back, he then moved his hands in front of her to lightly tap on her belly button, “Put on your clothes first! I have already sealed your seven tendons and eight blood vessels!”

With a red face, Gu Yunlan frantically put on her clothes. Only when she had turned around to look at Xuanyuan Ying, did she find the other person in the middle of contemplation. She asked quietly, “Is there a cure?”

“Very difficult!” Xuanyuan Ying snapped back to reality, shaking his head lightly.

“Then will I die?” Gu Yunlan lowered her eyes to look at her fingers.

“Are you afraid of dying?” He asked softly.

“I’m not afraid!” She’s just afraid that if she died, she wouldn’t have taken vengeance yet, and that the Gu Family would be extinguished.

“Isn’t that it!” Xuanyuan Ying’s voice was certain, “As long as you’re not afraid of death, there’s always a way!”

“Aren’t you also a type of Jiangshi? Could it be you can’t take in the Corpse Qi?” Gu Yunlan looked at him in confusion. Having her seven tendons and eight blood vessels sealed, she felt really dim-witted. But the pain on her back really is gone.

“I am a Drought Demon! Yang energy attributed!” Xuanyuan Ying looked at her unhappily. Seeing her blank face, he explained helplessly, “Corpse Qi is the same as Death Qi, it’s different from Ying Qi. Plus, the one in my body is only Ying Qi. I have sealed your tendons and blood vessels, unfortunately, it is merely a temporary suppression against the Corpse Qi, unless…”

“Unless what?” Gu Yunlan looked at him fixedly.

“Hexcraft!” Xuanyuan Ying looked at her solemnly, “Using the poison of the corpse/corpse hexcraft, poison will fight with poison. After the corpse qi is removed, I will once again exchange and merge blood with you…”

“Then where would we find poison of the corpse/corpse hexcraft?” Gu Yunlan looked at him blankly, hexcraft? That is a subject she had never touched before, even more so, one she had never even heard of.

“Miao Territory…” Xuanyuan Ying spouted a sentence quietly, then immediately stood up, instructing, “Rest well, about going to Miao Territory, leave it to me to tell the Marshal!”

“Then, from where do you know all this?” After Gu Yunlan asked out loud, she lowered her head. Everyone has heard of the mystery of Miao Territory before. It’s just that this way…

“The more you know about this will not benefit you!” Xuanyuan Ying suddenly came close to her ear and whispered softly, then abruptly stood up again to explain, “I know it from the ancient times, he he…”

Hearing his quiet laugh, Gu Yunlan shivered. His laugh sounds as if he’d climbed up from the eighteenth floor of hell during the ancient times…

By the time she raised her head, the empty room was devoid of anyone, so she stared blankly and foolishly into space.

“Peng!” The room door abruptly closed, scaring her so badly that she hid under her blanket. White bones appeared everywhere when she closed her eyes. She could not fall asleep the entire night.

Only when the sky slightly lightened, did she finally fall into an uneasy sleep. It wasn’t until the afternoon that she opened her eyes…

“Big Sister! You’re awake?” An Jiaona called out excitedly when saw Gu Yunlan blurrily open her eyes.

Seeing her Miss’s questioning gaze, Xin’er hurriedly explained, “Miss, Xin’er couldn’t stop her, she keeps on saying it’s her fault, that she wants to take care of you, so as expected… She’s here…”

“I’m hungry!” Gu Yunlan suddenly spouted a frivolous sentence.

“Hungry?” An Jiaona paused at first, then immediately stood up and said to Xin’er, “Xin’er, you take care of Big Sister, I’ll go tell the kitchen workers to bring some food up!”

After she finished talking, she ran out in a flash, not even leaving behind a shadow.

“Is she sick?” Gu Yunlan asked with an uncomprehending expression. When someone is being particularly kind, there must be some kind of hidden intention.

“Suffered enough, I guess. Miss, this morning I heard that General Xuanyuan Ying went to find the Marshal, saying he wants to bring you to Miao Territory!” Xin’er leaned close to Gu Yunlan and said quietly, “Then afterwards, Miss An said that she also wants to go. What’s odd is that General Xuanyuan Ying agreed, and even asked to bring Yangjin too!”

Gu Yunlan stared blankly, he really is fast, but why bring An Jiaona and Yangjin too? She promptly asked, “Did the Marshal agree?”

“He didn’t agree at first, but later he agreed for some reason!” Xin’er pouted, she pulled on Gu Yunlan’s arm, “Miss, he had actually refused to let me go! Xin’er wants to go protect the Miss!”

“Don’t mess around! That place is dangerous and extremely strange. You don’t know any martial arts, so you won’t be able to protect me even if you go! Perhaps someone else will get distracted trying to protect you, be obedient! Now help me dress and prepare! After eating, I want to go and take away that thing on the street!” Gu Yunlan sat up, wanting to get out of bed.

“Miss! Slow down, Xin’er is coming!” Xin’er hurriedly ran over to support Gu Yunlan as she put on her shoes, continuing in a whisper, “Xin’er won’t go, Xin’er won’t oppose this, but why does An Jiaona have to go too?”

“Xin’er!” Gu Yunlan waved her hands, pushing Xin’er aside. Her tone was a bit heavy, yet her voice was quiet, “Remember! No matter when, you must not let anyone know!”

“Xin’er was wrong!” Xin’er stood to one side with a lowered head. She was too beside herself with joy, so she had actually called out Miss An’s name. Since she could walk in the room at any given moment, it’s especially a big mistake!

“That’s enough! I didn’t even blame you!” Gu Yunlan reached out her hand, gesturing for Xin’er change her into it.

Xin’er complied, immediately closing the room’s door. The Miss isn’t angry at her, that’s great.

When she finished changing her clothes, Xin’er opened the door. She saw An Jiaona carrying a bowl of food in the distance, a few people following behind her.

“Miss! She came back!” Xin’er turned her head and said to Gu Yunlan quietly.

“You go lead her to a neighboring room, I don’t like strangers in my room!” Gu Yunlan sat by the dressing table, combing her long waist-length hair.

“Yes!” Xin’er nodded her head, and easily led An Jiaona to neighboring room’s door.

Gu Yunlan massaged her forehead. It’s all that chatterbox Xin’er’s fault, how could that be said out loud? It made that woman follow along, so annoying! Seeing those two arguing in front of her, she was so triggered that she wanted to hold each of them in one hand, strangling them!

There are more and more people on the streets, so Gu Yunlan slowed down her footsteps, gradually distancing herself from the two arguing people. In the blink of an eye and a pause in her footsteps, she walked towards the side. Before she could even stand firmly, a pair of hands pulled her into an alleyway.

“Ah…!” Gu Yunlan’s heartbeat sped up. She hadn’t even had the time to yell out in surprise when her mouth was covered. A familiar voice sounded next to her ears, “Hush! Be quieter, don’t you want to get away from them?”

Gu Yunlan paused, that’s right! It’s just that… she swatted at the hand covering her mouth, hinting for the other person to let her go.

Xuanyuan Ying released her, then pulled her by the hand instead, leading her deeper into the alleyway.

Gu Yunlan stumbled as she was pulled along. She looked back at the entrance to the alley that got further and further away, hesitating, “If I don’t say anything, won’t Xin’er get worried?”

“I had a guard go follow them, no problem!” Xuanyuan Ying sounded somewhat gloomy.

“Then… what are we doing?” He was walking too fast, so Gu Yunlan couldn’t really keep up with his steps, and could only jog along, “Slow down!”

Hearing her gasping voice, Xuanyuan Ying slowed down his footsteps, “Buying some necessary supplies.”

The alley is so spaciously deep and devoid of anyone as they walked along, the two then turning a corner. Gu Yunlan asked, “You’ve never come out before, so how would you know the things being sold here? Just like how you could be a General?”

“You still decided to ask?” Xuanyuan Ying’s voice was extremely soft, yet so serene, “Didn’t I say, the more you know, the harder it is to back out of this…”

“Eh, then it’s better for me to not ask!” Gu Yunlan waved her hands hurriedly; curiosity kills the cat.

“It’s too late!”

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