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Chapter 16: Apologies, Little Sister!

This, I don’t want it!” Gu Yunlan said as she blocked Xin’er’s hand.

“But Miss! These are only pearls!” Xin’er had a face of exasperation, if even earrings are refused, then that would be too plain.

“Just earrings are fine, and tie up the hair as you want, but don’t put in too many ornaments…” Gu Yunlan stretched out her hands towards the dressing table to rummage through her jewelry box. She randomly chose a pair of earrings, and promptly wore them on her ears. After wearing them properly, she peered into the mirror, “This looks pretty good. Natural and poised, pleasing to the eye!”

“Alright! Miss can really talk so well!” Xin’er shrugged her shoulders helplessly and started to help her coil her hair, thinking that this way is good even when nothing else can be done. White porcelain-styled qipao matched with glittery earrings, really does look good; the person is beautiful, and looks beautiful no matter how they’re adorned!

Only after she finished coiling her hair did Gu Yunlan unhurriedly stand up. Stooping down, she lightly switched out her flat-bottomed leather shoes, “It’s still flat-bottomed shoes that are the most comfortable, and so what about other people? One must not wrong one’s self to please the gaze of others.”

“Obviously!” Xin’er cleaned up the things on the table, continuing to say, “Miss’s height is tall and won’t seem short even if not wearing high-heels. It’s great this way!”

“Glib tongue! The time is still early, I’ll go to the study room to tell Papa. You should dress yourself up too, don’t lessen our Gu Family’s grandeur. Go wait for me at the door in a bit!” Gu Yunlan stood up, glanced at Xin’er dressed in her plain clothes, and wrinkled her brows, instructing with no room for discussion.

“Miss! Xin’er really is fine this way!” Xin’er raised her hand, hurriedly explaining.

“I wouldn’t care! If you’re still like this later, I wouldn’t want you following me anymore!” Gu Yunlan tossed out those words and left the room.

Xin’er looked at herself helplessly. Ever since Miss rebirthed, she’s become very overbearing!

By the time Gu Yunlan got to the doorway, Xin’er was already waiting there.

“Miss! That…” Xin’er talked haltingly, she faced outside and mumbled continuously.

Gu Yunlan followed the moonlight with her gaze, just to see a Ford car parked outside the gates. Yi? She looked at Xin’er in astonishment, how come this plaything came out ahead of time? She had only remembered yesterday, that it comes out today.

“Miss! It’s General Xuanyuan who drove it here, he’s waiting for you inside the car!” Xin’er whispered in her ear.

Gu Yunlan nodded her head. How can she say this, that person is fast at getting things done!

“Then Miss… Xin’er won’t go then, I am slightly afraid of him….” Xin’er requested quietly.

“En! You may go back! Go practice marksmanship when you have time, this Miss still hopes you can protect her!” Gu Yunlan instructed, nodding her head.

“Yes!” Xin’er brightened and hurriedly turned to run away.

Gu Yunlan shook her head helplessly, how can Xin’er fear Xuanyuan Ying like that?

“Still not hurrying?” Xuanyuan Ying asked as he watched her out of the open car window.

Gu Yunlan shrugged her shoulders and walked over; this person is really impatient. She moved around the car and opened the door, wanting to directly sit on the left side, next to the driver seat. (Cars during the Republic of China have their driver seat on the right side.)

“Sister! Can this Little Sister ride in your carriage?” An Jiaona’s figure appeared at the doorway, panting heavily. Upon seeing her whole body so luxuriously decorated, one could only use the word ‘luxurious’ to describe it, sigh she was basically an ornament.

“Still not coming?” Xuanyuan Ying said to Gu Yunlan coldly. He had already closed the windows by the time An Jiaona appeared.

“Apologies! Little Sister… Go ahead and ride the horse carriage or the rickshaw!” Gu Yunlan helplessly shrugged in An Jiaona’s direction, then dipped her head to sit inside.

“Squeal!” With a hoot, the car immediately rolled forward, leaving abruptly…

An Jiaona could only pant in rage as she watched the car leave. She clenched her fist, Gu Yunlan!

“Young Miss! Where’s the Eldest Miss?” A servant girl asked as she followed after An Jiaona breathlessly, having not have seen a trace of the car.

“Go away! Wait until this Miss returns to take care of you!” An Jiaona flared angrily, bástãrd! She turned around and slapped the servant girl! She walked down the stairs in rage, then randomly picked out a rickshaw, and sat inside without even turning her head.

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