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Chapter 28: The Last One to Arrive

Gu Yunlan slept very deeply, by the time she woke up it was already morning. Slightly opening her eyes, and with the sunlight glaring at her, she suddenly sat up, uh oh! What time is it? Did she oversleep?


“Miss, what happened?” Xin’er, hearing Gu Yunlan’s yell, replied. Quickly pushing open the door, she rushed in and immediately started tidying the room.

“What time is it now? Why didn’t anyone wake me?” Gu Yunlan hurriedly got off the bed and dressed. The clothes had been delivered that night by Xuanyuan Ying, and were completely black. She hurriedly tied her hair into a simple ponytail, and along with some black jewelry, she looked full of youth.

“Uh, right now it’s six o’clock.” Xin’er was folding the bed sheets and her hand paused for a second, before she then continued.

“Six? Shoot!” Gu Yunlan immediately stood up, grabbing the backpack on the table and putting it on. The items in the backpack were essential. Turning around, she asked, “Where’s Xuanyuan Ying?”

“He’s waiting at the front yard. Miss, are you not going to eat breakfast?” Xin’er put down the blanket in her hand, and turned around to look at her.

“Not eating breakfast! I’m already late by 1 hour.” Gu Yunlan threw down the comb in her hand and went outside. Six! She was late by 1 hour, how had she slept in? She turned her head and asked, “Right! Is my stuff prepared?”

“Last night Xuanyuan Ying sent people to take it.” Xin’er immediately nodded her head.

“That’s good! I’m going now!” Gu Yunlan waved her hand, she couldn’t wait anymore,  she believed that she would be the last one there.

“Miss! You haven’t taken a bath yet!” Xin’er followed her out, but General Xuanyuan had said that she shouldn’t bug Miss!

“Not washing! No time!” Gu Yunlan walked out of the room and headed towards the yard.

“I told Xin’er not to yell at you.” Xuanyuan Ying, completely dressed in black, appeared at the doorway of the yard. He leaned against the door with a tranquil expression as he watched her. He had clearly heard the two people in the room’s discussion, “First wash your face and rinse your mouth! No need to hurry!”

No need to hurry? Gu Yunlan halted her steps and turned to say to Xin’er who stood at the door, “Just directly turn on the water!”

“That’ll be so cold! That won’t do…” Xin’er saw her Young Miss’s expression turn black. She immediately shut her mouth and obediently walk towards the well in the courtyard, resignedly fetching water.

After washing her face, she followed behind Xuanyuan Ying to the front courtyard while lugging a knapsack on her back.

Xuanyuan Ying seemed to hear some gasping for breath behind him. He turned around and stretched out his hand, directly taking her bag. With a shake of his hands, it disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Gu Yunlan stared dumbly at him, yet he turned around to walk away without even turning his head. Last time it was taking an object from thin air, this time was a Cosmic Sleeve[1]? She immediately caught up by jogging, “Big Brother Xuanyuan, Master Xuanyuan! How about teaching that to me?”

“Teaching what?” Xuanyuan Ying glanced at Gu Yunlan who was jogging at his side. Her spirit isn’t bad! She actually wants to learn something!

“Smaller techniques!!” Gu Yunlan looked at him expectantly.

“I don’t know how!” Xuanyuan Ying shrugged his shoulders, then said, “That is something that old Daoists know, I wouldn’t know!”

“Ah?” Gu Yunlan immediately pulled on his sleeves, “You don’t know? Then what was that just now? It’s not Cosmic Sleeve?”

“Who told you it’s Cosmic Sleeve?” Xuanyuan Ying raised his brows. Seeing Gu Yunlan’s eyes full of disappointment, he continued, “That wasn’t techniques. If you want to learn techniques, wait until we have time. Then we can go find an old Daoist to teach you!”

“You definitely can’t forget!” Gu Yunlan urged as she followed in his steps.

The two people, one behind another, passed through the courtyard gate into the front courtyard. Two people laid lazily on the stone seats and tables in the courtyard. Seeing two people coming over, An Jiaona jumped up, “How come you came only now? Didn’t you say to arrive here at four o’clock? That leads us to wait for two entire hours!”

Four o’clock? Gu Yunlan who was followed behind raised her brows. Four o’clock? This guy had actually told Xi’er to let her sleep in until she naturally woke up! Then had her slowly dawdle as she washed her face and rinsed her mouth…inwardly cruel!

“Go or not? Not go, you guys can choose not to go! This senior allowed you guys to follow!” Xuanyuan Ying coldly tossed off these words, directly walking toward outside.

An Jiaona was inwardly stifled by his words to the point where she became agitated in her heart. Just as she wanted to say a few words, Yangjin pulled on her sleeve. She could only helplessly carry her bag as she followed.

Xuanyuan Ying’s Ford was parked by the doorsteps. Who knew that when Xuanyuan Ying saw some large bags next to the car, his brows would crease as he asked, “We are not going for tourism, why bring so many things? If you don’t want to go, then you can stay here!”

“General Xuanyuan! This is what I had prepared for Nana, she has never traveled for such long distances before. I am concerned!” An Shufen hurriedly explained as she walked out holding onto Gu Zhenyu’s arm, just happening to see that the other person was rejective of the pile of belongings.

“Then she can stay here! This Senior will declare, that only one small bag is allowed to be brought! Your Eldest Miss is even going empty-handed! Unless your daughter is more precious than her?” Xuanyuan Ying said oh-so formally.

Gu Yunlan who stood to the side listening couldn’t hold it back anymore. This is her first time discovering Xuanyuan Ying’s sharp tongue. So evil, so hilarious, such a cheat! She knew that she brought quite a lot! Xin’er seemed to have said it was taken away him, ha ha…

“That’s enough, if Brother Xuanyuan doesn’t allow it to be brought then let’s not bring it. Don’t embarrass other people. That big of a place, just bringing some money will work.” Gu Zhenyu clapped his hand on An Shufen’s shoulder as he chided her. He then immediately turned to look towards Xuanyuan Ying with a smile, “Brother Xuanyuan, I shall speak a few words to Yun’er.”

Xuanyuan Ying nodded his head, then glanced at Gu Yunlan’s impatient look behind him and said solemnly, “Say goodbye to the Marshal first!”

Gu Yunlan sighed softly twice, then turned to walk towards Gu Zhenyu, she yelled out softly, “Pa!”

“Take care of yourself when you’re away from home! Be very careful! Don’t make your Papa worry!” Gu Zhenyu’s eyes were a bit red as he took out a bag of something, and a gun from his pouch. He instructed, “Don’t get hungry, there are a hundred pieces of silver yuan in here. Leave this gun for protecting yourself. I’ve also given Brother Xuanyuan a thousand pieces of silver yuan, and a few rounds of bullets with a gun. When you use up yours ask him for more!”

“En! Papa, you should also take care of yourself! You must eat at the right time. Don’t go on the battlefield when we’re not home! You know now? Wait for me to come back!” Gu Yunlan sniffed, her eyes starting to turn red. Although she hated Papa for betraying Mother before their wedding, the love he has towards her isn’t false at all!

“Good! Papa will be obedient! I won’t be going anywhere and just wait for my daughter to return home safely!” Gu Zhenyu nodded his head happily.

Hearing what he said, how could she not know that Father already knew about her situation. He just didn’t know how bad it is. She hurriedly nodded her head, “En! Yun’er will come home safely!”

Gu Zhenyu suddenly leaned close to her and whispered, “Don’t share it with Nana, your Aunt An has left money for her, do you know?”

“En!” Gu Yunlan held back her tears as she nodded her head. Papa’s love towards her isn’t ordinary. Papa, wait for Yun’er’s return. Yun’er will definitely not let the Gu Family get into a family-exterminating crisis.

“Miss!” Uncle Zhong ran out from the mansion, dropping a bag of something into her hands.

“Uncle Zhong! What is this?” Gu Yunlan clasped the things in her hand and looked at Uncle Zhong with reddening eyes.

“This is the little girl’s favorite chili salt crispy chicken pieces. Uncle Zhong made many, go ahead and eat it on the road!” Uncle Zhong wiped the drying tears at the corner of his eyes. It was once him and the Marshal who would leave by the distant gate, this is little girl Yun’s first time leaving. It’s so sad to see it happen!

“Go and leave quickly! If you delay for too long, then you would have to camp out in the mountain forest!” Gu Zhenyu waved his hand towards her, signaling for her to get in the car.

“En! Take care of yourselves, Papa and Uncle Zhong! Remember to help me out by taking good care of Xin’er!” Gu Yunlan glanced at Xuanyuan Ying who was leaning on the car. She hurriedly nodded towards the two people.

“Don’t worry! Miss, with Uncle Zhong here, who would dare act against Xin’er. Uncle Zhong will protect her with his life!” Uncle Zhong guaranteed while patting his chest. That girl Xin’er is obedient and clever. If someone doesn’t know what’s good for them, he will guarantee he won’t beat him to death, but rather, he would beat him into a cripple.

“Miss! You must come back earlier!” Xin’er ran out from beside the door. She had been peeking from the side all along, afraid that she wouldn’t be able to hold back her tears. Bringing those two cheapskates along, she’s afraid that the Young Miss may get manipulated.

“En, take care of yourself. I must go now, there must be no more delays!” Gu Yunlan patted her hand and turned to walk towards the car.

An Shufen halted her discussion with her daughter when she saw Gu Yunlan walking over. She smiled wanly towards Gu Yunlan, then immediately turned her head to instruct An Jiaona, saying, “Nana! When you leave, take care of your Older Sister!”

“Great thanks, Aunt An! I will also take care of Little Sister.” Gu Yunlan coldly watched the two of them, then abruptly exposed a set of snow-white teeth, smiling too wide. She walked to the driver’s seat on the left and said to Xuanyuan Ying who was next to the car, “I’m fine now, can we go?”

Xuanyuan Ying nodded his head, then opened the car door and sat inside. Seeing that the three people had been seated inside, he expressionlessly started up the car to leave.

Gu Yunlan rolled down the car window, watching her large home getting further and further away. She waved her hand at them all the way up until she couldn’t even see their shadow. Her tears couldn’t be held back anymore and they dripped down her cheeks.

This is her first time leaving home. They were going deep into the mountains because of the corpse poison in her body. If it weren’t for saving Zhuting, she wouldn’t go. But she didn’t regret it…

“Go ahead and wipe up!” A clean handkerchief was handed over to her from the back seats. Gu Yunlan turned her head to look distractedly at the people sitting in the back seat. Yangjin, he actually knows to comfort a lady. If it were the previous life, she would probably be moved into a muddled state, but too bad…

“Alright! Stop crying so much! It’s not even a leave concerning life or death! Close the window!” Xuanyuan Ying’s voice is still as cold as before, and he directly stuffed a handkerchief into her hand.

Sure enough, right on time! She definitely wouldn’t want to use a stranger’s handkerchief. Gu Yunlan smiled bashfully toward Yangjin, not accepting his handkerchief. She then immediately turned around to sit properly, and used the second handkerchief to wipe clean her tears. Rolling up the window, it’s still her own things that work best.

Yangjin could only take his hand back in embarrassment.

Suddenly, Gu Yunlan though of something. She still doesn’t know Yangjin’s name at this point in this life. Besides the time she pushed him into the water during the banquet, he later stopped her from entering the house to save Zhuting. It seemed they hadn’t been in contact since then. Thinking of this, she turned back her head, asking, “What is Mister’s surname? I’m so sorry about yesterday, such a mistake actually made you…”

“No problem!” Yangjin shook his head, and smiled at her with a cupped-fist salute saying, “My name is Yangjin! I pay my respects!”

“Mister Yang! It’s an honor to meet you!” Gu Yunlan copied him and chose her words carefully.

“That’s enough! It’s enough to just know his name!” Xuanyuan Ying’s voice always sounded when Gu Yunlan needed it, “Sleep more now that there’s time, switch with me to drive later!”

Gu Yunlan smiled apologetically at Yangjin, and immediately sat up straight.

“Big Sister actually knows how to drive this new thing?” An Jiaona finally piped up.

“My memory is good! I’ll know just after seeing it a few times!” Knowing that Xuanyuan Ying would ignore the two people, Gu Yunlan answered. A year later in the previous life, Father had bought her a car, how can she say that she doesn’t know how?

As if they felt Xuanyuan Ying holding back words, she immediately shut her mouth, and shut her eyes to rest up!

Gu Yunlan who sat in the front suddenly knew the reason Xuanyuan Ying brought these two along. It’s to bully them!


[1]It comes from a Qing Dynasty book of tales, it’s actually been mentioned in many famous series, Journey to the West, Demigods and Semi-Devils, except I don’t know what they translated it as.

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