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Chapter 13: Illegitimate Daughter?

“Miss!” Xin’er scurried behind Gu Yunlan, is Miss angry? But, she was being defensive for Miss! That girl is too good at pretending!

Gu Yunlan stopped walking and looked at her solemnly, “Xin’er! I don’t need you to stand up for me. She doesn’t dare to do anything when I offend her, but she would dare to deal with you. If you really are worried about me, don’t put yourself in any danger; do you know who that so-called little sister of mine is?

Gu Yunlan turned around and walked in the back garden’s direction. Xin’er hurried to catch up.

“She’s definitely Yangjin’s younger female cousin in the previous life, that greedy wolf…” Gu Yunlan said softly.

“But, she’s completely different to her?” Xin’er was speechless. She really can’t see it; one of them has a mild temper, the other is as shrewish as the one just now.

Walking to the room’s door, Gu Yunlan suddenly stopped her footsteps sharply, “In short, I wish for you to not endanger yourself by going against her head-on. Just me will be fine!”

“Miss!” Xin’er said softly as she almost bumped into her, promptly halting her steps.

“That’s enough! Go to sleep! I don’t need you to guard me tonight!” Gu Yunlan pushed open the door and promptly walked in. She didn’t even look back as she spat out those words.

“Yes! Xin’er will remember it!” Xin’er, who saw that her Miss looked a little vexed, could only pause her steps, gently close the room’s door, and return to her room. Miss really is very angry, she is afraid that Xin’er will put herself in danger. But since it’s only death, she’s willing!

“Saying such things to the girl, aren’t you afraid of hurting her?” A man’s voice came from within the room.

Gu Yunlan immediately stepped inside. It was Xuanyuan Ying, sitting by the table in the middle of the room, he was lazily drinking tea.

“She won’t!” Gu Yunlan directly sat across from him. She poured herself a cup of water, minding her own business.

“You’re actually not afraid of me?” Xuanyuan Ying looked at her in astonishment, then stretched out his hand all of a sudden, saying, “But this senior bites!”

Gu Yunlan looked coldly at his hand. It slowly darkened from pure white, turning into a skeleton at the end. Her heart trembled as she asked, “Why is she different from the previous life?”

With a flick of his hand, Xuanyuan Ying’s hand turned back to normal. He withdrew his hand and caressed it softly, “That is her real appearance.”

He suddenly leaned his pearly white teeth in, saying softly, “Those two mother and daughter really do have a relationship with your father.”

Gu Yunlan was startled at first, then she paused in surprise. Is that true?  She blurted out a retort, “How can that be? Ever since I can remember, Father has never been out of my sight! How can he have another wife?”

“But she and your father are childhood friends…” Xuanyuan Ying straightened his posture.

“How do you know this so clearly?” Gu Yunlan looked doubtfully at him, could it be that it’s true?

“Don’t forget who I am, the night before your parents’ wedding night, she and your father slept together.” Xuanyuan Ying sneered. Human love really was laughable; they were clearly in love with one, yet slept with another….

“Then that An Jiaona should be my sister…” Her voice suddenly stopped. She had been a premature and difficult birth. Mother had passed away while giving birth to her. Could it be that it was true?

She lifted her eyes and looked at him, his eyes held a look of ridicule. Everything is true, Father betrayed Mother before the wedding. She lowered her head silently.

“However, he truly did love you. In the previous life, he really did know that An Jiaona was his daughter, but thought it was just asking for trouble…” Xunyuan Ying explained and looked at her silently lowered head, he felt bitter after all was said.

A soon as he finished talking, Gu Yunlan suddenly threw herself on the table, crying bitterly.

Xuanyuan Ying paused in surprise and looked at her helplessly. Are all the females these days this frail?

The Gu Yunlan now is crying for real. The previous life’s grievances, the hesitation towards rebirth, this life’s hatred, and the devastation after learning the truth; she just wants to cry it all out.

In the previous life, she lived more than twenty simple years. After the rebirth, she’s always thinking that in this life, other than vengeance, she will protect the people who love her. However, now she thinks that the entire truth is unnecessary.

Father loves her? If he loves her, why would he bring someone back home? She would have never known! But she doesn’t hate him, the one she hates is that man and woman. They ruined her carefree previous life.

For a long while, Gu Yunlan stayed crying like that before she sat up with red eyes and asked him, “How can she change her appearance?”

Xuanyuan Ying froze in surprise and stared at her in bewilderment, should he not have told her that? Seeing her red-eyed solemn face, he hurriedly said, “There should be someone helping her, their bodies have the foul smell of a fox…”

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