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Chapter 77: Marry Her

“Pfft!” The tea Gu Yunlan was sipping sprayed out of her mouth, did she hear wrong? Marry her? This guy’s brain didn’t become rusty, did it?

“Why? Big Brother Yang?” An Jiaona raised her head in astonishment, face full of shock as she looked at Yangjin.

“You want to marry her?” Sitting on the high seat, Xuanyuan Ying’s pupils deepened. Nobody could tell exactly what he was thinking, His voice and smile were ice-cold, “You want two sisters to marry you?”

“Xuanyuan!” Gu Yunlan immediately interrupted. She understood from Xuanyuan Ying’s cold smile that he has been angered. How laughable, what is this man thinking? She gently put down the cup, asking, “No rush, first say why you wish to divorce; you want to marry me? Then there’s nothing more to think about. Dreams are only meant to be dreamt, alright?”

Xuanyuan Ying looked at her somewhat helplessly. He poured himself a cup of tea and started drinking it slowly. If she wanted to play around, let it be as she wishes!

“I’ve never really fell for her!” Yangjin took a large breath, and sat down, “If it were before, when her reputation was still intact, I’d tolerate her staying at my Yang Family. However, with the state her reputation is in, how can I still want her?”

“No! This can’t be!” An Jiaona looked at Yangjin with a face full of shock and some unwillingness. Was their oath back then false? He said he’d bring her to share in the glory, why is he going back on his word? Was it because of her? She set her gaze on Gu Yunlan to find her face also filled with an incredulous expression, no! She can’t blame her, it was Gu Yunlan who stepped out to help when she was at her lowest. But, it was all because of her that Big Brother Yang no longer wanted her!

“Is that so? You don’t like her, but rather it’s the Gu Family’s influence you fell for? Now that our Gu Family no longer has that influence, you want to pat your butt and leave?” Gu Yunlan smiled coldly, scummy male nature, “You must not forget, you are not a marshal, you are only a small, secondary general! You think if you say you want to marry me, I’d agree?”

“Doesn’t matter how you say it, today the marriage is definitely canceled! I, Yangjin, no longer want An Jiaona!” Yangjin stood up resentfully.

“Canceled? Is it because of her?” An Jiaona asked as she suddenly stood up and pointed to Gu Yunlan. Then she pointed to herself and snarled, “Or is it because of my reputation? Or is it as Big Sister said: it was all for the Gu Family’s influence from the start! Now that the Gu Family is at its lowest point, you can’t get it in your sights. No wonder you were so impatient to go back yesterday, so it was because you saw the fall of our Gu Family? So you’re afraid you’d have to bother with the Gu Family!”

“Doesn’t matter what you say!” Yangjin’s pupils glinted coldly, as if he was impatient.

An Jiaona took a deep breath and wiped away her tears with her sleeves, divorce? Then won’t she, An Jiaona, become the entire city’s laughingstock? He’s void of emotions, no wonder he’s so faithless! “Fine! I agree with the divorce. However my dowry plus the money you leeched off me this year must be entirely returned!”

Gu Yunlan looked at An Jiaona in surprise. If it were the previous life, perhaps An Jiaona knew to reject, would she have begged to be married to Yangjin? What happened here? The dog bites the dog? She looked over at Xuanyuan Ying, who shook his head.

Yangjin’s face color really drained at that, return the dowry? His family back then had used An Jiaona’s dowry to keep itself up, unless…

“Hehe… Can’t bear to return it?” An Jiaona said as she laughed coldly. She slowly walked next to him, squatted down slowly, and rested her head on his feet. With a gentle expression, she said, “Big Brother Yang! Stop fooling around! Let’s go back alright? Don’t let Big Sis and them see this and laugh!”

Gu Yunlan was once again flabbergasted. She suddenly felt like her thoughts just stopped working. This story’s plot changes a bit too much, the plans can’t keep up with all the changes anymore.

After a pause, Yangjin seemed to suck in a breath before slowly pushing her aside, standing up and, saying woodenly, “I am a bit tired, I’ll head back first. You pack up first before returning.”

Afterwards the two bowed, then turned to leave.

Not waiting for Gu Yunlan to regain her wits, An Jioana crawled up, and with a bashful face, looked at Gu Yunlan and Xuanyuan Ying apologetically, “General Xuanyuan, Big Sis! Apologies! I’ve let you see a joke, Big Brother Yang was probably irritated from something in the army and isn’t thinking straight. I’ll go pack a bit. I won’t come later to say goodbye, otherwise you’d laugh again!”

After saying this, she retreated from the room shyly.

Gu Yunlan had her mouth wide open, her wits not returned even after a long while. Who could tell her what situation this is, feeling like the two were here to tease her?

“Nice as it is, why beat up your own mind?” Xuanyuan Ying moved from the main seat to sit beside Gu Yunlan.

“Xuanyuan! In your opinion, that bout just now wasn’t an illusion, right?” Gu Yunlan immediately turned around to look at him, her face looking at a loss.

“It’s not! Those two fighting, I suppose we can watch dogs fighting dogs in the future!” Xuanyuan Ying pinched his nose bridge laughingly. How is a person who is normally so shrewd always acting so muddled in front of him?

Gu Yunlan slapped away his bothersome hands, “Stop stirring things up! Let’s talk about some serious matters, isn’t Yangjin a fox spirit? How’d he get threatened by An Jioana? Could even a fox spirit be so poor? However, I know that you have quite a bit of money, could he have eaten the wrong medicine? How can you change his attitude so quickly in a blink of an eye?”

“Idiot!” Xuanyuan Ying gently tapped on the top of her head, “You think every other race has money? Of the inhuman species, some have blended in with humans long ago, some are cultivating in the mountains; all species have a clan. Although they can conjure some gold and silver, an illusion is an illusion. The objects cannot keep the change forever, the appearance will change back eventually! In addition, if we walk to walk among the mortal world, then being rich is a must. They are looking for an opportunity in these troubled times, looking for wealth, looking for glory. Then they must fight!”

“Then this was the reason as to why Yangjin was angered to the point his face turned green? Greener than a cuckold! Haha!” Gu Yunlan, suddenly understanding the saying, laughed out loud, “So in the previous life, Yangjin needed my Gu Family’s riches to survive in the mortal world?”

“Maybe getting close to An Jiaona is just a way to get Gu Family’s treasures. Then I can’t help but be curious, does your Gu Family really have treasures?” Xuanyuan Ying rubbed his chin, looking at Gu Yunlan curiously.

“I don’t know either!” Gu Yunlan shrugged her shoulder, “At least I’ve never heard Father talk about it. If I didn’t hear about them talking about it back then, then I wouldn’t have known about this matter. I’ll go ask Father when there’s time!”

“Forget it! No need to think about it anymore! Your small brain can’t contain that many things!” Xuanyuan Ying rubbed her head. He suddenly discovered that he likes touching her more and more. He shook his head saying, “I didn’t touch anything in the mansion, other than having people change the sign to “Marshal Mansion.” There’s half a month until New Years, what’s your plan for the celebration?”

“My plan? Don’t you have a housekeeper? No! I am a guest here!” Gu Yunlan reached her hands to wave away the hand on the top of her head. She looked at him in disbelief, did he get it wrong? She’s planning it? Won’t this make people misunderstand? Even if his looks are alright, the two are in a cooperative relationship. If she were to handle the house affairs, wouldn’t this make jumping into the Yellow River not even be able to wash it clean?[1]

“However, other than the few soldiers I brought along, I didn’t bring anyone else here!” As their two hands touched, an electrified feeling left the two staring blankly. Xuanyuan Ying snapped back to consciousness. He pulled on Gu Yunlan’s hands with an innocent expression,”Yunlan, Yunlan! Just help me out!”

Gu Yunlan looked at him dumbly, not accustomed to such matters. She must be dreaming today, everything that happened was just too odd. It must be a dream.Thinking of this, she grabbed Xuanyuan Ying’s hand and bit down fiercely on it.

“Why’d you bite me?” Xuanyuan Ying stared at his bitten hand, where the hand had clear bite marks. He creased his brow, did this girl’s mind get flipped upside down? It was all normal so why bite him? However, he rather liked it when she bit him, uh, this is abuse right? He reached out his hand to feel her forehead, “You’re not sick!”

“You’re sick! You’re all acting weird today!” Gu Yunlan batted away his hand.

“Then how about? Are you willing to help? We’re partners! Plus, this is beneficial for both of us; you help me with things within the mansion, I’ll supply you two master and servant with food! How about it?” Xuanyuan Ying caught her hand with a flip of the wrist, smiling as he asked.

“You’re dreaming!” Gu Yunlan attempted to pull her hand back, but his grip was too tight. She glared at him fiercely, “Your mansion accepts this many freeloaders! Yet we two are the only ones not accounted for! I’m moving out!”

Xuanyuan Ying easily pressed the leaving Gu Yunlan down in place, hurriedly saying, “No! I absolutely do not care for useless people. Those people, you can deal with them as you like, what do you think?”

Gu Yunlan held laughter in her eyes, “So even chasing out everyone in your mansion is okay!”

“Of course! You are in charge of the house, you’re the lord!” He nodded his head somewhat helplessly, even willing to kick out everyone. He won’t care for any useless people!

“Good!” Gu Yunlan nodded her head spiritedly, “However, all the random junk will be given to Xin’er to take care of. As for those idlers, I’ll deal with that!”

“You’re letting Xin’er be the housekeeper?” Xuanyuan Ying held her hand tightly, looking at her in surprise, “You won’t be making her manage everything in here the whole month, right?”

“Humph! Looking down on women? It hurts! Release your hand!” Gu Yunlan harrumphed coldly. Forget about this man’s misogyny, but he’s actually waiting for the chance to take advantage of her. To grip so tight! Thinking of this, she quietly extended her foot, and ruthlessly tossed him down!

Xuanyuan Ying slitted his eyes, yet still didn’t pull back his hand. This woman really is fierce, to use that much strength. However, did she forget he can’t feel pain?

“You still don’t let go! I don’t care, I’m moving out, Jiang Chen can come get me if he wants!” Gu Yunlan inhaled deeply. This man has gone mental recently, always getting so touchy!

Just as she finished speaking, Xuanyuan Ying immediately let go, trying to compromise, “Alright then! Whatever you want!”

“That’s more like it!” Gu Yunlan nodded her head in satisfaction.

“Want to go eat something?” Xuanyuan Ying looked at her laughingly.

“I’m not hungry though!” Gu Yunlan stood up. She patted her clothing, which was a bit dirty. She had unexpectedly accompanied him here for so long. No way, it’s better to go back and take a bath!

“But you haven’t eaten in so long, aren’t you afraid people will suspect you?” Xuanyuan Ying leaned backwards lazily, glancing towards her.

Gu Yunlan sat down, looking at him with a serious face, “Don’t you also not eat? Does your family not suspect you?”

“They all know I’m unique! Plus, there are plenty of odd people in the Xuanyuan family!” Xuanyuan Ying looked at her laughingly, as if waiting for her to agree.


[1]跳进黄河洗不清 is literally “can’t be washed clean even by jumping into the Yellow River,” basically an unclearable trouble or matter

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