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Chapter 78: How Long Do You Plan on Staying Here?

In the end, Gu Yunlan agreed somewhat; what he said isn’t wrong! Throughout the year, she never had the time to wander the streets. It’s hard to come by someone willing to accompany her, yet is also willing to pay for her; a prime opportunity.

Having showered and changed, Gu Yunlan wore all white as she left her room. It was just in time to see Xuanyuan Ying ,also wearing an all white uniform, waiting for her in the courtyard.

“Yi? How rare! You’re wearing white!” Gu Yunlan’s eyes lit up as she went around him a few times, praising, “I find that wearing white makes you seem a lot more handsome! Why wear such drab clothing as often?”

“Maybe I’m afraid of being too handsome, so much that people can’t move their eyes away!” Xuanyuan Ying snatched her hand and walked towards the exit, “Let’s go! We’ll go wander the streets after eating dinner!”

“Tche tche!” Gu Yunlan was led away hurriedly out of the courtyard, “But there’s no need to pull me! I know how to walk, it’ll make people misunderstand!”

Xuanyuan Ying pulled her along, not letting go. So what if they misunderstood, even thinking of her and Yangjin in the previous life and Yangjin’s words this afternoon makes him feel uneasy. He’d always been walking free!

“Hello! Walk slower! I can’t keep up!” Gu Yunlan’s footsteps were a bit disordered. Is his mind messed up again?

Xuanyuan Ying immediately halted his footsteps. In a few moves, he brought her into his embrace. Dipping his head, he asked quietly, “You don’t want others to misunderstand?”

Of course, but for some unknown reason, her words didn’t come out. Her heart thumped unnaturally as she was pulled to him. He wore two thin layers of clothing as always.

Her face touched on his chest. The scalding warmth made her face flush red. She pressed against it with her two hands, wanting to escape from him. Who knew that as she heard the sound of warm breaths against her ear, her body suddenly became void of strength. A pair of strong hands supported her, a warm voice sounded by her ear, “You don’t want a misunderstanding?”

Gu Yunlan stared blankly, then immediately pushed softly against his chest, quietly saying while red in the face, “Let go of me!”

“I won’t let go! You haven’t answered!” His hands tightened.

Gu Yunlan’s heart beat even quicker. She sucked in a big breath, saying softly, “Didn’t you say we’re going out to eat? And I want to stroll around! If you don’t let go, I won’t go!”

“Don’t leave!” A cry of alarm sounded from some underbrush.

Gu Yunlan’s brows lifted and she struggled to push him away even more. But Xuanyuan Ying’s hands were big, making it impossible to even move. A voice suddenly sounded from somewhere in her mind, “Don’t move! There are some people in the underbrush. I’ll let you go if you act out a play with me!”

Gu Yunlan hesitated, so all of that was just an act! A sour feeling bubbled up from the bottom of her heart. She nodded her head after a pause.

“Who was just acting? Those brats only came out now!” Xuanyuan Ying’s voice echoed in her head, must she put on a show for just those few people? He only wanted certainpeople to understand some things. He inhaled deeply, pushing down the urge to beat some people up, and asked out loud, “You haven’t answered yet?”

Gu Yunlan stared at him judgingly, thinking about how little she understood him. Only after a while did she return to consciousness, immediately shaking her head, “Not scared! An unmarried man and an unmarried woman, what misunderstanding!”

“Crack crack!” A branch broke, Gu Yunlan’s sour mood immediately dissipated. She lifted up the corners of her mouth playfully, and thought in her heart, Uncle Xuanyuan! From that sound of a broken branch, can’t you tell this peeping tom is angry now!

“Stop talking nonsense!” Xuanyuan Ying’s voice once again sounded in her mind, sounding a bit irritated. His hand rested on her waist threateningly. His head was dipped low, his voice gentle and earnest, “You really aren’t scared?”

Gu Yunlan, who was stumped for words, lifted her head to look at him. His pupils deepened. How’d she see earnestly in that? She nodded her head woodenly.

Xuanyuan Ying’s eyes were half-closed. His mood could be counted as cheerful. He let go with one hand, and used the other to hold her by the belt as they walked towards the main gates. It’s fine as long as he fulfilled his goal. Two birds with one arrow, no wait! Three birds with one arrow!*

*Same thing as two birds with one stone

“Ai! Big Bro! Wait up!” Xuanyuan Meng’s voice came from behind them.

“Clouds Arrive As Guests!” Gu Yunlan lifted her head to look at the signboard of the restaurant in front of them. This was a company under the Zi Family’s name. Compared to the depression from earlier in the day, the restaurant was bustling with many people. Four qipao-clad girls stood at the entrance.

“Welcome!” Seeing the group arrive, the four girls at the door bowed.

Gu Yunlan lifted the corners of her mouth; Zi Luolan really knows how to do things. Not waiting for her to react, she was promptly tugged inside by Xuanyuan Ying.

“Sir! How many people?” A delicate looking, elegant bodied, and lovable woman swayed as she walked towards them. Seeing Xuanyuan Ying’s white uniform, she bowed slightly.

“Two!” Xuanyuan Ying‘s face was very, very black. Gu Yunlan couldn’t help but cover her mouth and laugh. Just as the two left the mansion, an entire group looking to eat followed them.

“Ten people, prepare a large private room!” Gu Yunlan took out a burning golden card and handed it over.

The woman received the burning gold card and registered it on the counter. This is the owner’s limited edition golden card. Only twenty were given out; if she didn’t guess wrong, the card holder is Gu Yunlan, Gu Family’s eldest miss. The owner had given out a purple gold card too, those who hold it don’t need to pay, but only the owner himself uses it! Too bad it’s their first time eating here, tche tche!

“Wow! Yunlan, you have a burning gold card! Let me borrow it in the future!” Xuanyuan Meng covered her mouth in surprise as she watched Gu Yunlan pass over the discount card. In Xuanyuan Meng’s short time living in Gu City, this restaurant truly has the most delicious food. What pity, despite being so delicious, the food is excessively expensive! The burning gold card could take off twenty percent, wah!

The woman returned and handed the card to Gu Yunlan.

“Sure!” Gu Yunlan nodded her head. After getting the card back from the woman, she put it into Xuanyuan Meng’s hand and said to the woman,”We’ll go up now!’

The woman glanced at Xuanyuan Ying, but seeing his silent expression, she immediately turned around to lead the group upstairs. Evidently, the master of this group is Gu Family’s eldest miss.

The group headed up the stairs majestically. The passageway wasn’t very wide, thus only two people could walk side by side at a time. With the woman leading the way in front, Gu Yunlan and Xuanyuan Ying walked next to each other with Xuanyuan Meng behind them.

“Eldest Miss Gu, is this room alright?” The woman asked as she opened a room on their right.

Gu Yunlan stuck her head in to take a look; wooden walls, wooden tiles, a round table surrounded by about ten stools, a window opened to the streets. A quick glimpse out the window showed it was nighttime. Gu Yunlan nodded her head, “Then this room it is, bring us menus!”

The woman let everyone else trail in before closing the door as she left. After a while, she came back with a folded card, giving one to each person.

“We two don’t need it, give it to them first!” Gu Yunlan waved her hands, signaling the woman to do so.

The woman stared blankly, then finally responded after a bit. She passed the cards around.

“Wah! I want this, and this, this!” Bai Nightspring yelled out excitedly.

As opposed to Bai Nightspring’s racket, everyone else was more civilized.

After taking the orders, the woman backed out.

Xuanyuan Meng was very excited, she cautiously looked over at her big brother, “Big Bro! Are you not happy?”

Xuanyuan Ying aimed a look at her, asking, “It’s almost New Years, you’re not going to go back to visit your grandfather?”

The hand readily positioned to grab food froze, Xuanyuan Meng laughed somewhat awkwardly, “Big Bro! Didn’t you want me to take care of Yunlan? Since you’ve returned, you shouldn’t burn the bridge after crossing!”

Xuanyuan Ying shot her a glare. She quivered before immediately laughing out loud, “Big Bro! I’m only here for some free food, right after eating, I’ll walk around with Zhangyu! The family wants us to cultivate our feelings a bit more outside!”

Gu Yunlan stifled her laughter; this girl is doing everything she can to not go back, cultivate feelings? She felt embarrassed for her. She immediately said, “Oh right, Mengmeng, I’d like to learn some more things from you when there’s time! You don’t need to return for now.”

“No problem!” Xuanyuan Ying looked over at Gu Yunlan gratefully.

Bai Yiran met Xuanyuan Ying’s gaze, and said, “We’ll be going back before New Years, are you guys coming? It’s quite lively back home!”

Gu Yunlan shook her head, “I’ll pass this year. Things are too rushed now, I’ll go after New Years!”

As if knowing Xuanyuan Ying’s next target is himself, Yan Zhikuan rubbed his nose, “Xuanyuan, aren’t you a bit too selfish? Shooing people away, we’re still your guests!”

“What kind of guest lives in for half a month and refuses to go home?” Xuanyuan Ying lifted up the teapot in front of him and tasted a bit, showing no sign of acknowledging any discourteously in his words.

“I-” Yan Zhikuan froze, what he said makes sense, “This place is too far from Shanxi, I won’t be able to go back in time for New Years! You can’t force people to celebrate New Years on the road, right?”

“I don’t see your point!” Xuanyuan Ying was completely indifferent.

Bai Yiran knew they’d angered him this time. Xuanyuan isn’t listening to anyone at this point. He immediately urged, “Second Young Master Yan, why don’t you come back to our home? Our New Years over there is very lively!”

Yan Zhikuan nodded his head in pleasant surprise. He glanced at Bai Nightspring beside him, and seeing her not saying anything, released a breath.

“What about you guys?” Xuanyuan Ying looked over the three brothers and sisters sitting across the table.

“We need to move too?” Zhang Ziyan’s voice was rather sharp,”Why?”

Zhang Qiyang hurriedly covered her mouth, and smiled, “Eldest Brother bought a residence yesterday, we’ll move out tomorrow!”

“Zhang Qiyang! You move if you want to, but why is it that she can live in the Marshal Mansion but I cannot?” Zhang Ziyan said, forcefully pushing aside Zhang Qiyang, she stood up abruptly while pointing at Gu Yunlan. She had enough of everyone’s intimidated appearance, she won’t move! Xuanyuan Meng isn’t moving, there’s nothing she can say against that, for what reason is Gu Yunlan allowed to stay?

“Shut up!” Zhangyu barked coldly. His brows creased, this girl is mad! Must she provoke Xuanyuan Ying?

Gu Yunlan noticed Xuanyuan Ying wrinkling his eyebrows, and immediately pressed his hand under the table. Lifting up her head to look at Zhang Ziyan, she said smilingly, “I forgot to tell everyone, I became the Marshal Mansion’s house manager. Xuanyuan said the decision will be for me to make. The house will not support idlers. It’s not that you can’t stay, but there are no servants to wait, and there’s also the service and meal money. Of course, you could pay money and not eat!”

As she said this, everyone sitting here was surprised. They looked at the pair in astonishment, the inside of the room instantly went silent.

“Creak!” The door creaked as the woman returned. Following behind her were all kinds of beautiful girls carrying their food. She smiled wanly, “Sorry for the wait!”

Gu Yunlan stood up, instructing, “Split up the food!”

“Let’s leave!” Xuanyuan Ying also stood up, taking the initiative to leave.

“Big Bro! You’re not eating here?” Xuanyuan Meng’s mouth gaped open in surprise, no wonder they didn’t order anything!

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