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Chapter 76: Are You Scared of Me?

“Xuanyuan!” Gu Yunlan screamed as she felt her body dropping down quickly. Even if Xuanyuan Ying was hugging her tightly, she could still feel a large force pulling on her body. She immediately hugged onto Xuanyuan Ying’s torso tightly. Yet she felt something wet and sticky on his back. She was surprised, “You’re bleeding?”

The two’s bodies had dropped down a meter when Xuanyuan Ying brought them back up. It was deeper than one could see, and what could be seen was a large patch of pitch black, followed by a hint of eeriness.

“It’s fine. Just a small scratch. We can’t go down further, so let’s exit this cave first.” He glanced around, eyebrows creasing; it’s gravitational force is so strong! Here, even spirit power suffered from restriction. Continuing down is not an option, thus they must avoid this unnatural thing.

“En! It’s so dark here, this bottomless abyss is like Jiang Chen’s big mouth. It’s better to go!” Gu Yunlan buried her head into his embrace. It wouldn’t have been noticed if it was brought up, but she could smell a really strong fishy scent!

Xuanyuan Ying observed his surroundings, but his spirit power was still restricted, there was no way to look too far. After searching for a bit, he finally found the broken entrance they came from.

He brought her with him as they floated towards the hole. When they got out, the two unanimously decided to never go in again. He brought her to the veranda in an instant. As for the danger, he has always had a good intuition, and just now when they dropped into that hole, he could feel his heart racing! Things that could make him feel fear are very few, it’s better to return first before doing anything.

Before they arrived at the veranda wall they had gone through, Xuanyuan Ying halted his steps and pulled Gu Yunlan behind him. He waved his two hands, making a blanket of black fog cover the two of them.

With the sound of another swarm of flapping, an inky black blob really did fly towards the two people.

Gu Yunlan clutched onto Xuanyuan Ying’s clothing even tighter out of surprise as they were enveloped by the black fog. She couldn’t release her spirit power, there was only a patch of blackness. They could only stand there listening to the movements.

The fluttering went right by their ears, as if they were deflected away as they hit the black fog.

Her hands were gently lifted up. With the black fog enveloping her, she wasn’t clear about the situation and could only allow the man in front of her to guide her.

In one’s lifetime, there’d always be a person like this; willing to hold your hands, stand in front of you to protect you from anything, bring you to walk on an unfamiliar road. No matter what the path is like ahead, you’d always be willing to follow his footsteps forward.

The pair’s steps were very slow. Like before, bats would bump into them every now and then. Having to jump for cover again, Gu Yunlan could only feel her heart throbbing. With her hand being held tightly, she once again entered into that truly mysterious feeling.

Xuanyuan Ying brought her to a stop. There were no bats nearby. With a soft push of his hands, a black mist quickly merged into the restrictions. Xuanyuan Ying pulled her out of the cave in one move.

He turned around and with an upward motion of his hands, the bricks on the ground immediately flew up. Using his spirit energy to push, the bricks clattered as they flew neatly into their original place.

Xuanyuan Ying released a breath as he only then turned back around, just to find Gu Yunlan still standing there staring at nothing. He lowered his head to ask softly, “What’s wrong?”

Seeing her still standing there with no reaction, he didn’t continue calling out to her, nor did he move her. Instead he quietly sat down nearby, setting his gaze on her unwaveringly. He understood a little in his heart; this is that immersion those old Daoist monks talked about? He heard, it is a hard opportunity to come by.

Gu Yunlan came back to consciousness a while later. She looked over at Xuanyuan Ying sitting over by the side. She could feel in her heart an increase in familiarity towards him. Busily squatting down, she asked, “Xuanyuan! Is your back alright?”

Xuanyuan Ying shook his head smilingly. Seeing Gu Yunlan’s doubtful gaze on him, he immediately turned around, about to pull up his clothing.

Gu Yunlan didn’t think too much about it, as if the two of them being like this is nothing inappropriate. She directly pulled up his clothes. He wasn’t wearing much, just an undergarment and a long-sleeved gown. The bronze skin was free of any wounds or harm. She said in bewilderment, “This is odd?! I clearly felt some blood!”

Xuanyuan Ying readjusted his clothing and looked at her, “You forgot about my physique. The regeneration ability is very strong, something as small as this is unimportant! You went into immersion just now?”

Since it was brought up, she immediately nodded her head, “En! I can feel the range of my spirit power widening!”

Xuanyuan Ying nodded his head in satisfaction, “Let’s seal this place for now.  Our strength isn’t enough, We’ll come back later, for now let’s return. Our delay this time will probably make them worry,”

“En!” Gu Yunlan reached out for Xuanyuan Ying’s hands to stand up, void of any thoughts of inappropriateness.

Xuanyuan Ying’s pupils flashed. He took her into his arms, before gracefully flying into the air.

On the way back, the two walked very slowly together, side by side. After a long while, Gu Yunlan finally asked, “Is that Zhang Ziyan, Zhang Yu’s little sister?”

“En! With words lined with thorns, just ignore her.” Xuanyan Ying said coldly. He thought a bit before continuing, “Zhang Yu is Mengmeng’s fiancé.”

“I had guessed this already, Mengmeng unexpectedly has someone she would be scared of. That person could only be her fiancé!” Gu Yunlan covered her mouth and laughed.

“Then are you scared of me?” Xuanyuan Ying suddenly changed the topic, asking this question abruptly.

Gu Yunlan was caught off guard. She lifted her head to look at his delicate profile, scared of him? She couldn’t say it clearly; once upon a time she really did fear him, probably because of the blood exchange business. When the blood melded together, she stopped being scared of him and started depending on him. As for some of the other reasons, even she didn’t know…

Seeing her stay silent for a prolonged time, Xuanyuan Ying’s pupils darkened. Yet he said smilingly, “Enough! I was joking around, go back now!”

Gu Yunlan nodded her head. The two once again fell into silence. Up until they arrived at the gateway and could see Xin’er there stamping her feet, Gu Yunlan could tell something happened. She rubbed her forehead. 

“Young miss! Big problem!” Xin’er immediately ran over and said as soon as she saw the two’s figure flying over.

“Is it the matter of the disappearing young women? Or…” Gu Yunlan sucked in a big breath and asked.

“None of it!” Xin’er cut off Gu Yunlan’s sentence. With a bit of irritation and a bit of schadenfreude, she said quietly, “Yangjin came this afternoon to go back on the marriage! He says he wants to divorce Miss An!”

Gu Yunlan was startled, she and Xuanyuan Ying glanced at each other. What drama was this? Xuanyuan Ying shook his head, then heard Xin’er continue whispering,” How odd! Weren’t the two stuck together no matter life or death! Why the sudden back on marriage?”                                                                                     

Gu Yunlan hooked up the corners of her mouth -she knew that the staying together no matter life or death was of the previous life, humph! Lowly men will always be low, don’t think changing a player would change anything!

“Go in then!” Xuanyuan Ying lifted his feet and headed into the house first. Gu Household wasn’t changed, other than the sign board. Of course, he’d changed the bedroom’s location to be next to Gu Yunlan’s. As to the reason why, he himself couldn’t explain it clearly.

They didn’t even get to the drawing room, before hearing the sobbing sounds which from time to time would change into wails.

Gu Yunlan creased her brows, yet still followed behind Xuanyuan Ying in. If possible, she had no will to intervene between the two of them, they should continue fighting! Fight so that you die and I live, how good is that!

“General Xuanyuan!” Seeing the two enter, Yangjin immediately stood up to greet them.

Xuanyuan Ying nodded his head coldly, signalling for him to sit down, before sitting down at the first seat.

“Big Sis! You finally came back! Wuwu!” The one crying was An Jiaona. She was holding onto a handkerchief and sobbing the entire time. Seeing Gu Yunlan come in, she directly leaned onto the table crying bitterly.

Gu Yunlan halted her footsteps, yet then continued walking to an adjacent chair before sitting down. With a concerned look she said, “Nana, what’s wrong? What’s this? Why are you crying so pitifully?”

As if just noticing the black-faced Yangjin sitting across the table, she opened her mouth, “Yi? Brother-in-Law is here? You’re here to pick up Little Sis? Of course! Little Sister lived in the parents’ home for so long, it is time to go. You newlyweds should be living the life of newyweds!”

Gu Yunlan’s words sounded like that of a concerned older sister, her brows creased, “Yi! Father has resigned from his marshal position. If said like this, we shouldn’t be staying here anyway!”

“Big Sis! Wuwu!” An Jiaona sobbed out once again as if so aggrieved, only one sentence could not convey it.

“Yes?” Gu Yunlan looked at her uncomprehendingly, then looked over at Yangjin.

“He wants to divorce me!” An Jiaona lifted her head angrily, using her finger to point at Yangjin.

“Why divorce?” Xuanyuan Ying suddenly spouted this sentence.

Yangjin ,who did everything by the book, stayed silent. The room was filled by An Jiaona’s sobbing sounds for a while. After a long time, he finally replied, “Let’s divorce!”

“No! You should give a proper reason as to why!” Gu Yunlan’s face color changed, she said coldly, ”You think marrying a girl from our Gu Family wrongs your Yang Family? You ask for divorce just as my father resigns! You think of our Gu Family as pushovers now?”

Yangjin’s face color really did change, he stood up at once, “Eldest Miss Gu, wasn’t it our Yang family who is powerless and without title? The little sister goes to seduce another as I’m out on the battlefield! Why do you not say this?”

Big Brother Yang! I didn’t!” An Jiaona wailed bitterly again. She ran to Yangjin’s side, pulling on his elbow, “I didn’t! I didn’t! I was wrongly accused! Framed! Wuwu!”

“Is that so?” Yangjin pushed An Jiaona aside expressionlessly, saying coldly, “How come what I’ve heard was different. Some people say you are afraid of death, so you climbed into their bed!” 

“No! I’m not like that, Big Sis can prove it! I didn’t do those things!” An Jiaona was pushed onto the ground, crying with a sore throat. Her mouth mumbled continuously, “I didn’t, I didn’t!”

“Let’s divorce!” Yangjin’s mannerism was clear. He was unyielding, he only wants to divorce!

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Gu Yunlan raised her brows as she looked coldly at his sitting figure, “Our Gu Family wedded Nana to you, all because she wanted to be with you no matter life or death! Now you go out for a bit, and get promoted? Got rich? Now you want to toss away your wife? I do not agree!”

“Is that so? Some rotten goods, you guys want to push it onto me?” Yangjin lifted up the corners of his mouth in disdain. He squatted down in front of An Jioana, gently lifting up her chin, “Look at this little face. I don’t know how many people it has confused; how many green hats it has put on my head!”[1]

“It’s not like that! Big Brother Yang! Big Brother Yang!” An Jioana clutched at his hand, flustered, yet was pushed away by him expressionlessly to the ground once again.

Gu Yunlan’s pupils flashed, was this tossing out the chess piece that is An Jiaona? Or is this another plot?

“You’re saying this divorce is a must?” Xuanyuan Ying talked again, he was also curious as to what cards this man is playing.

“Right! No divorce is also alright!” Yangjin nodded his head. He stood very straight, and looked right at Gu Yunlan to say, “Have her become my Madam Yang!”


[1]Wearing a green hat means that person is being cheated on by his/her spouse.

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