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Chapter 5: A Fairy-Like Miss

When you sleep early, then you will also rise early. Just as the sky brightened, Gu Yunlan woke up. She has so many things she wants to do. This time, aside from vengeance, she really wants to help Papa. Even though she had only gone back five years, a lot of changes had occurred in that time. She wanted to write down the things that will happen in the future, and act upon them.

For his sake, she had once relied on her retentive memory to diligently study Western medicine and culture. At that time, she had fantasized that one day, when the chaotic times ended, she and him could start up a hospital together…

She laughed mockingly at herself. During chaotic times, having a gun is only logical. Especially the more sophisticated type of guns. In her previous life, she had received a gun when she had crossed paths with Zi Luolan. Due to curiosity, she had disassembled it. It looked different from the guns she had seen before; it had a higher accuracy, and the structure inside was bewildering to look at.

Relying on her memory, she lifted her pencil and started writing on a piece of paper. Everything here was brought over from Western lands by Papa. For her, it could be said that her Papa is invaluable support.

After half an hour of writing, she abruptly put down her brush; Zi Luolan, that’s right! How did she get such a good gun? That isn’t something that would appear at this time, it’s hard to find even in the next ten years. Unless she…

She shook off her goosebumps. It doesn’t matter who she is. In her previous life, Zi Luolan saved her. If it’s not for paying back the favor, then because of the weapon she held, she would still want to come to good terms with Zi Luolan.

Thinking of this, she turned around to go into her bedroom. After changing her clothes, she headed to the gardens.

Since the sky is barely light, looking for Zi Luolan now isn’t urgent. She needed to think carefully about the next five years’ predicament. She recalled that in five years, a war between warlords will start, compelling all of Papa’s troops to be sent out. It left the base unguarded; robbed empty because of Yangjin…

There’s no lack of heroines during chaotic times. To survive, she must protect her Papa’s territory. She wanted to use her feeble might to change the chaotic times ahead.

Gu Yunlan took a deep breath. No matter what happens, she wants to try it all out. Experiencing that feeling of powerlessness once was enough.

She halted her footsteps and stood beside the lake. The early autumn morning sunlight shined upon her, radiating a brilliant golden light. It was so beautiful to the point of being suffocating, like a fairy that had fallen into the dust, bearing a pressuring aura.

“Miss! To not even wear a coat when going outside, do you really take yourself to be as strong as iron?” Xin’er panted as she ran over while holding onto a coat. She was at first stunned by her Miss’s beauty, then looked anxiously at her Miss while saying, “It’s Xin’er’s fault for oversleeping; I didn’t even notice when Miss woke up!”

“Enough!” Gu Yunlan stared at her briefly, then went back to looking towards the lake. She said softly, “Xin’er, do you think that I’ve changed?”

“What?” Xin’er looked at her distractedly. She stood behind Gu Yunlan, busily draping the coat over her and didn’t even hear what she said.

“Nevermind!” Gu Yunlan slightly lifted the corners of her mouth. She was once lively and carefree, being the way she is now isn’t something bad. Being naive once was good enough, “Let’s go to the Zi Family!”

“Miss! You still want to drink wine with Zi Family’s Miss?” Xin’er wore a face of disapproval. She absolutely does not agree to Gu Yunlan drinking wine. Getting drunk would really make a botch of things!

“Stop there, you worry too much! How is there so much thinking in your little head?” Gu Yunlan poked her forehead then headed towards the gates, “Unless you really plan on becoming a housekeeper? I have business with Luolan!”

“Miss! Wait for me!” Xin’er reacted, hastily chasing after saying, “I’ll have a servant prepare the carriage!”

“The day’s still early! It’s not even far, let’s walk there!” The Gu Family residence and the Zi Family residence are separated by two luxurious streets, it only takes half an hour to get there.  If she remembers correctly, she had also gone sightseeing on this day in the previous life. The carriage had run into him, or maybe it was him who had run into it… Hehe, today she wants to see, how will they act out their show?

“Alright!” Xin’er nodded instantly.

In the morning, the streets are desolate. Other than the few breakfast shops, it’s hard to find any pedestrians. Walking upon the streets from five years ago, Gu Yunlan had a strange feeling, as if she’s just a passing traveler, nothing more than a returning visitor.

Xin’er walked in the back, watching her Miss intently. Although her Miss’s clothing was simple, even simpler than her own clothes, she still had the feeling that Miss was immortal; so detached that it’s like her Miss could just leave.

Feeling worried, she came forward to hold onto Gu Yunlan’s arm, as if doing so could make her Miss stay.

The Zi Family residence hadn’t changed from before. As the two people, mistress and servant, entered the Zi Family residence, the entrance gates slammed shut. A delicate head popped up from beside the wall, then immediately popped back down again.

Perhaps because the Zi Family was too enthusiastic, or maybe because Gu Yunlan’s situation is too complex, but it wasn’t until late in the evening that they unhurriedly left, stepping into a horse carriage pre-prepared outside the Zi Family residence.

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