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Chapter 29: A Noob is Driving the Car, Have Courage

Gu Yunlan who had made up for some sleep on the car suddenly awoke. She took a look at the scenery outside the window. It was almost noon when they had left the city, and now the scenery outside the car was unfamiliar. If she looked outside, Gu City was already getting further and further away. He actually hasn’t called her yet, didn’t they agree to switch seats?

She looked at the two people behind her sleeping soundly. She suddenly shifted her eyes to suggest softly, “Didn’t we say that I could drive? For me to try it out?”

Are you sure? Xuanyuan Ying hinted at her with his eyes. He had clearly understood Gu Yunlan’s intention. Seeing her nod her head, he drove the car to the side of the road and gently pulled over, not waking up the two people sleeping in the back.

Gu Yunlan and Xuanyuan Ying switched seats inside the car quickly and softly.

Gu Yunlan looked satisfyingly at herself sitting in the driver’s seat, feeling pretty good. Switching gears with the gearshift, she lightly stepped upon the accelerator pedal, driving the car drove slowly and steadily.

The car was very slow, and the road very rough. In the time that she was trying out the car, the two people sleeping shook left and right, not even knowing that the driver had changed.

By the time Gu Yunlan had gotten used to this, there were no more pedestrians on the streets. She stepped onto the accelerator pedal, and the car sped up. What was once an already bumpy ride, became even more shaky due to the increase in speed!

“Ah!” An Jiaona was shook awake, her shriek startling Yangjin awake. The two looked around blankly, frightened.

Seeing the two waking up, Gu Yunlan’s pupils deepened. Her hands trembled, causing the car to suddenly twist and turn.

An Jiaona grabbed onto the back seat in alarm, blaming, “Sister, do you know how to drive or not! It’s so frightening, it’s better to let the General drive!”

The two sitting in the back seats were waved this way and that. The two looked at Gu Yunlan in fear. She doesn’t know how to drive, who let her sit there?

“Apologies! A noob is driving, just let me try it out! Just having Xuanyuan Ying drive is tiring for him! How about you guys try too?” Gu Yunlan turned to look at the two people in apology. Her sincere expression made the two people feel embarrassed for blaming her. Who let them not know how to drive either!

“If you don’t speed up! We will have to sleep outside tonight!” Xuanyuan Ying’s eyes which were closed, suddenly opened to look at the distracted Gu Yunlan as he spoke.

“Careful!” An Jiaona shrieked out loud again, and she shut her eyes in fear. Yangjin lifted his eyes to look towards her, his expression changing drastically at once.

Seeing something wrong with the two people’s expression, she immediately turned her head. The car drove along crookedly, almost as if it were about to drive off the road, driving directly towards the forest by the roadside. In a calm and unhurried manner, she turned the steering wheel, swerving the car the other way…

The car finally stopped. The doors of the backseat fiercely swung open, and the two people ran off with pale faces.

Gu Yunlan sat at the driver’s seat as she looked on in satisfaction at the vomiting pair outside. Shaking them up would probably make those two sitting in the backseats carsick!

Xuanyuan Ying opened his eyes slowly, and said coldly, “Because of your shaking delay, we will probably have to sleep outside tonight!”

“Ya! This means I’ve got to speed up even more!” Gu Yunlan looked remorseful, “It’s all my fault for not knowing how to drive! This time, I will definitely do my best to drive properly!”

When the two who have just come into the car from vomiting heard this, the hands that just closed the car doors froze. No way? It’s still her who’s going to be driving, what about the General?

“You guys don’t like that I’m not good at driving?” Gu Yunlan turned to look at the two. Seeing that the two of them didn’t say anything, she drooped her eyebrows and said in a low voice, “Brother Xuanyuan said that there are still three or four more days until we arrive, surely we can’t have him driving all that time? It’s tiring. Although I’m not good at driving, but it also means that he can rest, or would you like to try?”

Them? The two sitting in the back seats hurriedly shook their heads, seems that they wouldn’t dare try out anything ever again!

“Let’s go! We’re going to eat at the next city!” Xuanyuan Ying glanced at Gu Yunlan, then shut his eyes once again.

Gu Yunlan started the car, the movements this time very skilled, and the car moved slowly onto the road. The two sitting on the back seats let out a breath. Although it’s shaky, but at least it isn’t frightening.

“Turn left!” At a fork in the road, Xuanyuan Ying suddenly said out loud. Gu Yunlan moved the steering wheel, turning the car over there. The two people in the back seats were swung around. The ill feeling that was just suppressed came rushing back up again, the two of them hurriedly covering their mouths!

“If you dare to throw up in my car, you will be kicked off immediately!” Xuanyuan Ying’s ice-cold voice made the two people stiffen motionlessly, as if something had gotten stuck in their stomachs.

The car didn’t rush around wildly when Gu Yunlan drove again. Although they stayed on the road, but their speed is really slow.

By the time the car stopped again, the two people sitting in the back seats were already worn out. Their faces were frighteningly pale. Seeing Gu Yunlan switching seats, An Jiaona let out a sigh of relief.

Gu Yunlan took out a canteen of water in front, then simply took out a cup. She poured out a cup and drank it down. She’s could get tired from tormenting them!

“Sigh sigh, that is my cup!” Xuanyuan Ying reminded without even turning his head. The car started up slowly. He turned the car around, the car speeding directly towards the gates.

Gu Yunlan held the cup and canteen embarrassedly. Why didn’t he say so earlier? She then turned towards him, smiling dryly while saying, “I was pouring water for you! I was afraid that you’d be thirsty!”

Saying so, she even put on an act by pouring out a cup of water for him to see. Who knew that Xuanyuan Ying would free a hand to grab the cup in her hand and drink down the water.

Gu Yunlan stared blankly at the cup that was pushed back into her hands. Only a certain phrase appeared in her mind; She drank from his cup, he then drank from the cup she drank from…

“We’re almost at the city!” Xuanyuan Ying could see the vague form of city walls before his eyes, “We will get out of the car here, and walk to the city to buy some supplies and rations!”

Seeing Xuanyuan Ying stopping the car, Gu Yunlan quickly picked up the purse Marshal Gu had given her, and pushed it into his hands, “It’s better if you hold onto the money, I’ll be following you anyway!”

Saying this, she took the pistol and placed it in her leather boots.

Xuanyuan Ying’s eyes flashed, directly taking the purse into his arms, not rejecting it at all.

Yangjin, who saw the two’s exchange from the back seat, kept quiet. The two of them put the bag in the car directly, also only bringing the money, and exited the car upon Xuanyuan Ying’s prompting.

Three people exited the car one by one. Xuanyuan Ying started up the car and drove it away. He came back from far away after a short while with his hands in his pockets.

“Let’s go!” Those words from Xuanyuan Ying was to her. Gu Yunlan hurriedly nodded her head and followed behind him.

The remaining two glanced at each other, then also hurried to follow.

“Peng City?” Gu Yunlan lifted her eyes to look at the sign on the gates of the city. This is an ancient city, with ancient walls, restrictive gates, gray colored, moldy brick tiles…

The people coming and going in this city weren’t many, while the attire worn were also not as good as the ones from Gu City. A huge wave of refugees suddenly came from behind them, continuously and disorderly, “Let me into the city quick!”

Xuanyuan Ying furrowed his brows and quickly barred Gu Yunlan to the side. The two people behind them rushed to move out of the way.

“How come there’s so many refugees?” Gu Yunlan looked at the disorderly crowd before her. She could vaguely hear the crowd call out for help, “Open the door quickly! The Northwest started fighting!” “Open up! Let me in!”

“The Northwest is amidst the chaos of war!” Xuanyuan Ying furrowed his brows as he sunk into deep contemplation.

The Northwest is amidst the chaos of war? Isn’t that a problem that occurs two years later? She looked towards Xuanyuan Ying, could this be the consequences of her being reborn?

Xuanyuan Ying shook his head, “That’s not right! We have a difference of about a hundred thousand years, there is absolutely no way that just you can effect the general situation!”

“Sister! How can we get into the city now?” The two people including An Jiaona came closer, and seeing the position where Xuanyuan Ying is holding onto Gu Yunlan, their eyes flashed.

Gu Yunlan’s gaze looked towards Xuanyuan Ying. Xuanyuan Ying muttered to himself for a bit, then left a phrase while taking Gu Yunlan with him as he turned to go, “Let’s continue on the road!”

An Jiaona immediately followed on. Yangjin remained, his eyes darkening as if he was thinking of something. Only when An Jiaona called out for him did he snap back to reality and hurry on.

Xuanyuan Ying drove as they hit the road again. The car was so much more steady, the car speed also much quicker.

Gu Yunlan opened up Uncle Zhong’s crunchy chili chicken pieces, and sniffed at it lightly, such a nice smell. Taking out a piece with a slight smile, she shoved it at Xuanyuan Ying, “Xuanyuan has worked so hard, this is your payment for the hard work!”

Xuanyuan Ying opened up his mouth and bit down gently. Delicious, yet very spicy. He once thought that his tastebuds had faded away, and didn’t think that he could ever taste such spiciness or fragrance again.

He was fed a few pieces consecutively. Gu Yunlan turned her head with a smile on her face, and said to the two sitting in the back seats, “There’s not much left. Uncle Zhong said to save some for myself and to eat slowly, so I won’t be sharing any with you guys. Aunt An must have prepared food for you guys, right?”

The hand Xuanyuan Ying placed on the steering wheel froze, his eyes pulsed, not sharing? Then do the ones that he ate count?

In that time he was in a daze, so it became too late to dodge a rock in front of him. The car bounced so high, the people inside immediately bounced up with it, then dropped down heavily again.

An Jiaona stared distractedly, then looked blamelingly at Xuanyuan Ying. It’s all his fault, it’s because they only brought a small bag. Inside the small bag was only some silver yuan and a set of clothes to change into. It’s been far past the time for meals, and her stomach was so hungry that it growled out loud.

Yangjin closed his eyes to rest as soon as he got in the car. His each and every move towards the other people seemed as if he had no idea, he didn’t even wake up when the car shook so violently.

“You guys don’t have anything to eat?” Gu Yunlan looked at the two people in astonishment. She looked at the chicken piece in her hand, revealing an expression of unwillingness to give it up.

“After two hours, we can stay in one place to rest for a night!” Xuanyuan Ying said coldly.

“Isn’t that great!” Gu Yunlan immediately nodded her head and said to An Jiaona, “Little Sister, you’ll be fine after a nap. Be like Mister Yang, be obedient!”

Seeing Gu Yunlan’s sincere expression, An Jiaona leaned back resignedly, it’s better to just take a nap! She woke up too early this morning, so she’s still very sleepy.

Seeing her shut her eyes, Gu Yunlan immediately turned to sit properly. She snatched up a piece of chicken and stuffed it in her mouth, delicious! It’s the flavor that she likes best.

“Big Brother Xuanyuan! You must be tired from driving, here comes another piece!”

“Big Brother Xuanyuan, here! Drink some water!”


Xuanyuan Ying opened up his mouth once again, and a piece of chicken was stuffed into his mouth. He looked at Gu Yunlan through slanted eyes, didn’t she say that she wasn’t going to share anymore? What was that for?

Gu Yunlan raised her brows, and poured a cup of water which she drank down again. That is your reward for your work. What’s more, the Miss’s things, she can move them around as she wishes.

“You just used that cup to pour me water…” Xuanyuan Ying smiled as he reminded her with good intentions.

“You take me for cheap!” Gu Yunlan said in a low voice, hurriedly setting the cup down and looking at him fiercely.

“How can you talk like that? I have been driving the car all along, the things were given by you, the water was poured by you! Wanting to take me for cheap is it!” Xuanyuan Ying’s smiling tone appeared in her mind, “Just talk in your mind, I can hear you…”

“Eh?” Gu Yunlan looked at him in surprise, then immediately said in her mind, “Do you hear this?”

“What do you think?” “How fun! Let me try it out!”

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