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Chapter 24: Placing Blame

Xin’er stood waiting anxiously by the doorsteps. She stamped her feet at times, yelling out, “Miss! How come you haven’t come back yet? Something must have happened!”


As Xin’er paced around, a black car pulled up in front of the Marshal’s household.

Xuanyuan Ying opened the car door and walked out. He walked over the left side of the car to pull open the door, supporting Gu Yunlan out.

Xin’er froze at first when she saw Xuanyuan Ying, then seeing her Miss, she steps forward in concern to ask cautiously, “Miss, what happened?”

“All’s fine!” Gu Yunlan leaned against Xuanyuan Ying, shaking her head with a pale complexion.

“Peng!” Xuanyuan Ying swung the door shut with a push, dropping the keys into Xin’er’s hands, instructing, “Go tell the guards to go properly park the car!”

“Yes!” Xin’er hurriedly ran inside the household. She handed over the keys to guards at the entrance, explaining in a low voice.

Xuanyuan Ying kept silent. He directly carried Gu Yunlan, striding into the household.

“Ya!” Gu Yunlan yelped softly, hurriedly grabbing onto the collar of her clothes, saying softly, “Let me walk in by myself! I can’t explain myself if we walk in like this!”

Her thoughts became more and more fuzzy. It’s as if after a short nap, she knew something had happened at home because there was only Xin’er waiting there anxiously at the gate,

“Shut up!” Xuanyuan Ying shot a cold glance at her, directly walking through the front gate. He said to Xin’er who was following behind them, “You go find a doctor, it’s best for everyone in the household to know!”

Xin’er nodded her head hurriedly, turning to leave.

Only when he arrived at the hall, did Xuanyuan Ying put her down. He supported her carefully as they walked in. They didn’t even enter the room when they heard the sounds of wailing.

“Marshal! Lord! Why does it have to end like this? As soon as Nana and the Eldest Daughter go out together, Nana actually sustains an injury. There has been no response from the Eldest Daughter either. This, you can’t just not do anything! Wu wu…”

“Alright! Don’t cry anymore!” Gu Zhengyu’s voice was somewhat impatient. They could only hear him say once more, “Nana’s injury was only a bruise. On the contrary, when she saved that youngster, he was seriously wounded!”

“But, but Elder Sister and Nana went out together, how come they’re not back yet? I’m worried!” An Shefen said.

Xuanyuan Ying lifted the corners of his mouth, and looking at the person by his side, he smiled coldly while saying, “Take a look, your benevolence has actually brought other people to trample endlessly on you!”

“I…” Gu Yunlan’s eyes sunk, not saying anything. Xuanyuan Ying led her, walking in with heavy footsteps.

“Shut up!” Gu Zhengyu was infuriated by her endless wailing. He paced around, what exactly happened with Yun’er? Nana had only come back with a mere bruise, stammering incomprehensibly. She only said how Gu Yunlan was with General Xuanyuan Ying, and didn’t bring her. Really! Not even seeing who General Xuanyuan Ying is!

“Papa! Cough cough” Gu Yunlan’s figure appeared in the hall supported by Xuanyuan Ying as she called out softly. She smiled weakly at the two with a pale face.

“Yun’er! How come you’ve only just come back?” Gu Zhengyu turned his head asking. His tone was rather heavy, but when he saw her weak complexion, his eyes flashed.

“Papa! I’m fine, Little Sister should be home?” Gu Yunlan asked with a smile. Her heart ached, and she lowered her head guiltily. Papa rarely ever talks to her with that kind of tone, Papa really did have a change of heart…

“She returned, and with an injury! Seeing her like this, your Auntie feels heartbroken. I wasn’t careful enough!” An Shufen took out a handkerchief and stood up, insincerely wiping her non-existent tears. Only then did she discover that something was wrong with Gu Yunlan, and she asked in astonishment, “What’s wrong with Eldest Daughter? How come the General is still holding you up?”

“It’s good that nothing’s wrong….” Gu Yunlan smiled weakly at the two. Just as she finished speaking, she fell head first into Xuanyuan Ying’s embrace.

“Yun’er!” Seeing his daughter fall unconscious, Gu Zhengyu already felt no anger. He pushed aside An Shufen, yelling out anxiously.

An Shufen footsteps were unsteady as she tumbled to the ground. Tears of pain started flowing at the same time, and she looked at Gu Zhengyu in disbelief.

Xuanyuan Ying held Gu Yunlan like a princess, and yelled towards outside the room, “Xin’er, has the doctor come yet? Hurry!”

When he finished talking, he directly carried her into her chambers without even looking back!

“Coming!” Xin’er’s voice came from afar, “Doctor, hurry! Our Miss’s injury isn’t light!”

Hearing Xin’er’s panicked voice, Gu Zhengyu felt even more anxious at heart. Seeing Xuanyuan Ying carrying Gu Yunlan away, he hurriedly followed along.

“Lord! Brother Yu!” An Shufen’s heart thumped, she looked up like pear blossoms in the rain[1], trying to explain something.

Gu Zhengyu halted his steps, then turned to ferociously say, “Wait a bit, I’ll talk with you later!”

When he finished speaking, he chased on without looking back. How could Yun’er get such a grave injury. It’s all Papa’s fault for not being good enough, berating you so severely was wrong!

The doctor stood up as Xuanyuan Ying directly sat at the bedside; he didn’t leave, nor did he make space for other people. He watched Gu Yunlan quietly just like that, simply ignoring Gu Zhengyu who wanted to see his daughter.

“How is it? Doctor?” Gu Zhengyu looked at the doctor nervously, and asked anxiously, “How come Yun’er hasn’t woken up yet?”

“No problem! Just relax! She’ll be fine after a good rest” The doctor used a towel by his side to wipe his hands as he answered, “Marshal! It’s not that I’m scolding you, but take a look at the Miss’s back, it’s full of bruises. I don’t know whether she was clawed at or she blocked something, but this girl, she has always been too kind-hearted since she was young!”

“Little girl Yun is also very lucky, it’s fortunate that Young Master Xuanyuan Ying sent her home, otherwise the consequences would be unthinkable!”

When the Doctor finished speaking, his eyes glanced at the two who had just entered. Meaningfully, he walked to medicine box and started to organize and pack up.

An Shufen who was holding onto An Jiaona’s hand halted, nearly letting go of the hand. Her eyes blinked as tears started flowing unceasingly. She took out a handkerchief to cover her mouth, crying out bitterly, “Eldest Miss, what happened to you? It’s all this Auntie’s fault for not being good enough, for not properly taking care of you!”

“Shut up for me! You would cry over an incident even when Yun’er is fine!” Gu Zhengyu furrowed his brows, berating softly.

“Marshal, since Little Girl Yun isn’t in danger, this servant will take his leave!” The doctor finished packing his medicine box, and faced Gu Zhengyu with a cupped fist salute.

“There’s really no problem?” Gu Zhengyu still asked again anxiously. Only when he saw the doctor nod his head did he feel relieved. He said to Xin’er, “Go ahead and send the Mister out! On the way, go to the accounts office to pay the doctor ten silver coins.”

“Great thanks to the Marshal! Farewell!”

“Doctor is welcomed!” Xin’er glanced at her Miss, then turned to follow the doctor out the door.

“Marshal, I, I want to let Nana also take a look at the Eldest Miss. Really! This girl really cares a lot about that Mister Yang, and totally forgot to clearly explain the circûmstances…” An Shufen used a handkerchief to dry a tear, while blaming An Jiaona.

“I’m sorry, Papa!” An Jiaona also bowed apologetically.

Seeing that his elder daughter is fine, and his younger daughter is both lovable and sensible, Gu Zhengyu’s complexion improved a lot.

“The Marshal doesn’t want to know what happened?” Xuanyuan Ying raised his brows asking. Humph! The situation hasn’t been settled yet!

Gu Zhengyu froze, there’s a cause? He turned to sit on the chair by the bed, and looked fixedly at Xuanyuan Ying.

“In the morning, this general had just left when I coincidentally met the eldest daughter coming out. Because I took pity upon the beautiful lady, this general just sent her over. Who knew that Miss An had coincidentally come out at the same time, so the opportunity was missed!” Xuanyuan Ying shrugged his shoulders innocently.

An Jiaona’s heart thumped, this man had clearly been facing Gu Yunlan! She must clearly explain herself, so she hurriedly yelled out anxiously, “No! It wasn’t like this!”

“Shut up, Nana!” An Shufen chided softly, this girl, she’s too impatient!

“What’s not like that?” Xuanyuan Ying raised his brows, and said coldly, “This general really hates it when strangers try to get close to this general!”

How does Gu Zhengyu not know what Xuanyuan Ying means. He couldn’t call her out, so she was merely ignored.

Gu Yunlan’s long eyelashes flicked. Xuanyuan Ying stretched out his hand to cover her up with a blanket. He then sat down again, and what he said was very clear, it’s just that he didn’t want to carry her!

“I…” An Jiaona looked wronged.

“Talk quieter! Don’t wake up Yun’er!” Gu Zhengyu was extremely unhappy. This girl, humph!

“When this general went to pick up Yunlan, just then…I saw her blocking a blow from a hoodlum for Miss An. There’s was even someone laying on the floor at that time…” Xuanyuan Ying looked at An Jiaona coldly, his eyes fathomless. Every word was said slowly, especially the ‘just then’ part.

“No!” An Jiaona yelled out once more, just when she saw the deepness in Xuanyuan Ying’s eyes, she had actually shivered. She leaned feebly against An Shufen. She couldn’t explain her situation, that it was her who had pulled Li Yuting over. That weird situation, who would believe it if it was said out loud!”

She had actually crouched down to cover her face while crying bitterly. The truth was clearly not this, she tried retort helplessly. Yet with just one glance, she saw death within Xuanyuan Ying’s eyes. She abruptly lifted her head to sob, “Papa, it’s all Nana’s fault for not explaining clearly! Almost harming Big Sister, fortunately, General Xuanyuan was there!”

“Do you still want this general to continue?” Xuanyuan Ying was moved, and he looked at Gu Zhengyu as he inquired.

“Let me continue from here!” An Jiaona feared that he would say even more exaggerated things, so she stood up saying, “After Big Sister saved us, I saw General Xuanyuan coming over. He let me go back first to get reinforcements, I… I was so scared that I totally forgot!”

Seeing An Jiaona with a lowered face full of regrets, Gu Zhengyu couldn’t blame her easily. He could only watch Gu Yunlan worriedly, how come she hasn’t awoken yet? He actually asked, “Didn’t you guys go to the Zi Family to attend a banquet? How can there be hoodlums? What going on at the Zi Family?”

An Jiaona’s heart thumped. Oh no, what they came across at the Zi Household must not be mentioned. That thing had looked for her first, so she hurriedly explained, “Papa, we met them on our way back!”

“When was the city of Gu ever so unsafe?” Gu Zhengyu wrinkled his brows, murmuring to himself, “Seems like the guards to step it up!”

He glanced at the two people in front of him, then said, “You should head down now! It’s midnight, you must go take a look at the young man’s condition too!”

“Yes, Marshal!” An Jiaona still wanted to say more, yet was forcefully pulled away by An Shufen.

Seeing the two leave, Gu Zhengyu looked at Xuanyuan Ying with a faceful of smiles, “Brother Xuanyuan, it’s very late, you should also go rest! As for taking care of this girl Yun’er…”

Gu Zhengyu hadn’t even finished speaking, when the person on the bed moved. He immediately stood up, looking concernedly at Gu Yunlan, “Yun’er you’re awake?”


[1]Pear blossoms in the rain is an idiom for something like a ‘weeping beauty’. Think it as a beautiful lady crying.

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