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Chapter 81: So it was Like That


She was startled, there are people in the alley? She was about to take a look out of curiosity when Xuanyuan Ying kept her in place. His voice could be heard in her mind, “It’s Yangjin and An Jiaona!”


Hearing his words, Gu Yunlan became even more curious. Them? But she heard a slap just now, are they fighting then?


Xuanyuan Ying looked down at her curious expression, and waved his hand helplessly. A black fog covered the two of them. With his hand on her waist, they arrived on top of a surrounding wall.


Once Xuanyuan Ying dissipated the black fog, Gu Yunlan stuck out her head carefully to look over.


It was that those two. The atmosphere between the two of them was oppressive. An Jiaona pointed at Yangjin cursing, “Yangjin! You are too shameless!”


Yangjin rubbed his struck face, laughing disdainfully, “Shameless? I’ll just sell you off one night and be done! If I feel like it, I can directly throw you into the brothel, or banish you to the army!”


Gu Yunlan just noticed An Jiaona’s clothing was a bit disheveled, her hair was loose, and there was only one shoe on her heat. Evidently she just ran out.


Tears fell from her eyes, as she shifted her clothes, asking, “Bullying me so much, you’re not afraid of Gu Yunlan finding you for vengeance?”


Yangjin lifted her chin, “Are you dumb or are you an idiot? You provoked her so many times, does she completely despise you? You think she’ll help you?”


An Jiaona forcefully pushed away his hand, “That won’t happen, she tried her hardest to help me recover my reputation that time!”


“Haha!” Yangjin laughed out loud, turning his body to leave the alleyway, “You don’t believe me when I say you’re stupid. If you didn’t have a connection to the Gu Family, why would she help you? If you don’t believe, you can go try it out tomorrow!”


An Jiaona stared blankly, staring unmovingly at his leaving figure. Tears started to flow again, what he said wasn’t wrong; it wasn’t because of her. Gu Yunlan isn’t a pushover, why would she help her. She can only rely on herself, too bad, she’s not even close to being Yangjin’s opponent. Thinking about how frightening Yangjin is, she couldn’t help but shrink back her neck, and follow behind stiffly.


Gu Yulan watched An Jiaona leaving with a surprised expression, no way! Yangjin is so inhumane as to sell of An Jiaona? A virgin’s body can probably sold for quite a lot right? Even now she couldn’t figure it out; why doesn’t Yangjin want An Jiaona?


“He’s a fox spirit, if a female spirit isn’t too bad, he can absorb that person’s energy. A male spirit is different; if they devour the wrong one then the absorption will reverse, death by energy loss!” Xuanyuan Ying’s hand stayed on Gu Yunlan’s waist, a steady flow of warmth was sent into her body.


“Yah!” Gu Yunlan looked him in surprise, “Such a big risk?”


Xuanyuan Ying nodded, then continued, “A fox spirit’s desire is very strong, if they were to share a room even once, then he must []. This is the reason he doesn’t dare touch a woman!”


Gu Yunlan was once again stupefied, “No wonder people use fox spirits to scold disloyal people, or to scold saying ‘filthy fox spirit’! So it was like this?”


Xuanyuan Ying nodded his head, “Female spirits are a bit better. They don’t have that many restrictions, so a lot of those female singers in the major cities are fox spirits!”


“Wow! How do you know so much?” Gu Yunlan looked at him with wide eyes, he’s talking about major cities! The closest is Ten thousand eight thousand miles away!


“Why the need to know?” Xuanyuan Ying clenched his fist, rather helplessly, “Are you going to do anything about An Jiaona’s situation?”


Gu Yunlan lifted her eyebrows, “Of course I’m going to do something, I was just thinking about where to start moving against him! He brought the answer right to my door, humph!”


“Then shall we return now?” Xuanyuan Ying asked her hesitatingly when he saw her looking so enthusiastic.


“Not yet, let’s keep strolling around! We’ve only played with the boat, we haven’t guessed the lantern riddles yet!” Gu Yunlan shook her head. She had a slight premonition that in the upcoming days, she won’t be able to be as leisurely as now.

Tln: 猜灯谜, guessing lantern riddles is a tradition where on New Years people stick riddles on lanterns and have people solve them. A sort of ‘who’s the smartest/wisest’ match of sorts. Source:


Xuanyuan Ying, still holding onto her, jumped up lightly off the wall. He let go of her, and the two walked out of the alleyway one after another.


The lantern activities has not dispersed yet, it was as crowded as before. In order to avoid getting separated, Xuanyuan Ying firmly held onto Gu Yunlan’s hand as they slowly moved forward in the crowd.


“Yi? There’s a riddle over there!” Gu Yunlan tugged on Xuanyuan Ying excitedly as they squeezed through. There were a lot of people, many of whom are yelling and clapping; clearly, the riddle has already been solved.


Only when the two finally squeezed to the front row did they round the two people on the stage were familiar to them -Zi Luolan and Zhang Qiyang! The atmosphere between the two was rather tense. There were no longer guessing the owner’s riddle, rather, they two were giving each other riddles to solve!


“Scarlet rabbit!” Zhang Qiyang wiped off the sweat on his forehead as he lightly spat out those two words.

Tln: scarlet rabbit is a horse. It’s either real life reddish brown horse, or mythically a fire horse. Ponyta! jk


“驰!” Zi Luolan thought for a second before saying that one word confidently.


Gu Yunlan marveled at that, that’s right, scarlet rabbit horse, Lulan reacts really quickly! If it were her, she would’ve been much slower.


Zi Luolan smiled wanly, then said, “A lonely soul waits for the sun to rise! One word!”


“但!” Zhang Qiyang raised his brows, blurted out, “Not even hard at all!”

Tln; dan(但), the left side is a 单人旁 translating literally to lone person while the 日 means sun. 


“Hah!” Gu Yunlan laughed out loud, show-off! She turned her head to say to Xuanyuan Ying, “Let’s go now! No fun, it’s for people with high IQ! My brain isn’t good enough!”


Xuanyuan Ying looked at her smilingly, then tuned the leave. As the two of them left, a gaze looked over at them. Gu Yunlan turned to look and couldn’t figure out who! She was brought out the crowd still bewildered.


“What happened?” Xuanyuan Ying pushed aside the crowd, bringing her to walk forward. He couldn’t understand why humans liked so crowded place so much? Is it fun like that?


“I felt as if someone was watching me just now. The gaze was very strong!” Gu Yunlan wrinkled her brow, then immediately waved it all away, “Forget it! Let’s go back! There’s too many people, I’m guessing you don’t like it!”


Xuanyuan Ying released a breath and immediately nodded. By the time the two squeezed out of the crowd, they were covered in sweat.


“Let’s go take a look at Luolan’s restaurant!” Gu Yunlan giggled in her hands. Who knows when they’d finish eating.


When the two got to the restaurant, they found out from the woman serving them before that they have already left a while ago. No wonder they saw Zhang Qiyang at the lantern activities.


“They all finished eating?” Gu Yunlan asked puzzledly, that quickly?


“Someone there has a big stomach; all the meat and vegetables were practically all eaten by her!” The woman said naturally as she laughed.


Gu Yunlan and Xuanyuan Meng looked at each, big stomach? Could it be Bai Nightspring? She followed up, “Are you still open? I want to bring some food back to eat!”


“Alright! Please hold a moment!” The woman nodded her head, then turned around to fetch the menu.


Gu Yunlan sighed as she took out the purple gold card. After this, she probably can’t eat here for the next year. They can’t let her eat all that for free!


Carrying the take-out foods, the two went to an empty place. Only then did Gu Yunlan put the food into her storage pouch.


Xuanyuan Ying was silent for a while before finally asking, “Yiran said you were captured by Jiangchen. Are you alright?”


Gu Yunlan fixed her clothes, “No such thing, he’s talking about how I entered a secret room and got trapped in it. When he came later we just talked about some miniscule things.”


Xuanyuan Ying creased his brows. He reached out and put his hand on her waist, warming up Gu Yunlan’s body, “You didn’t say you know me right?”


Gu Yunlan lifted at him sideways, “Am I that dumb? Even if I didn’t know you two were rivals back then, I wouldn’t dare talk about you! If it turns out they didn’t know you, saying so would be useless!”


“You talk too much!” Xuanyuan Ying grumpily leaned her backwards.


“However, why does he wear a mask?” Gu Yunlan didn’t really get it, scared that he’s too handsome. But Xuanyuan Ying doesn’t cover his face like that!


“If a jianshi’s strength were to go down, then some parts will return to its original state. How can a flashy person like Jiangchen wear a mask for no reason. So it’s probably because he hasn’t recovered yet, and adding on the trouble you brought, his injuries can’t be light. He won’t come out for the time being. In that time, you need to hurry and get stronger!” Xuanyuan Ying loosened his brows. As long as everything is fine.


“It was largely in thanks to Mengmeng’s talismans! So useful!” Seeing he didn’t blame her, Gu Yunlan smiled.


“Her talismans came from her grandfather. The spirit power contained in there isn’t small, otherwise your own powers could barely scratch him!” Xuanyuan Ying smiled as he nodded, “As for exploding Bai Linlong that time, it probably wiped out Mengmeng’s inventory!”


“Is that the reason why you kept her by my side?” Gu Yunlan faced him gratefully. No matter what the goal was, since he was willing to protect her and not harm her, it was already the best circumstance. She knows now that her physique attracts too much unwanted attention, a small slip could end her life!


“When Zhangyu was sending your father, I had him send Mengmeng’s grandfather a message. By that time, the crafts of that falling family of hers must not have much left. Who knew they’d provoke Jiangchen!” Xuanyuan Ying sighed, luckily he had prepared beforehand.

    听到他的话, 顾云兰连忙低下头,讪笑道,“多亏轩辕叔叔神机妙算!我们才能保住小命!”

Hearing this, Gu Yunlan immediately lowered her head, mocking, “Luckily Uncle Xuanyuan has such divine methods! Only then were our lowly lives saved!”


“You guys!” Xuanyuan Ying helplessly walked alongside her, “The trouble brought this time is big, each one strong characters!”


“So that’s why you sent all of them away tonight?” Gu Yunlan got a little embarrassed. Her trouble-magnet self is too strong.


“If they weren’t sent back, you’d think it’d be better for them to follow my tail daily?” Xuanyuan Ying patted her head, “Enough! We’re almost there.Take a nice shower, and we’ll go to the veranda tomorrow night!”


It was midnight by the time the two returned to the mansion. They split some food for the waiting Xin’er. After the two showered, they sat in the courtyard with warmed wine and started their late-night snack.


“Aiya!” The courtyard door burst open, Xuanyuan Meng walked in with a wronged expression. This courtyard was supposed to be shared between her and Gu Yunlan, and when the eldest brother saunters in, she was directly kicked out. She had no will to live in the same courtyard as that ferocious woman. She must move elsewhere by tomorrow!


“What happened?” Xuanyuan Ying creased slightly as he looked at Xuanyuan Meng, he was rather annoyed.


“Big Brother!” Xuanyuan Meng sounded aggrieved as she sat down in the seat next to Gu Yunlan, “I didn’t get to eat yet and just got back!”


“How come you only just got back?” Gu Yunlan brought back her chopsticks, having just heard what she said.


“You don’t know!” Xuanyuan Meng didn’t say everything. She first picked up a pair of chopsticks and ate a few bites, she started talking after swallowing the food, “Zhangyu and I left the restaurant, wanting to go look for you at first. Who knew that even though we didn’t find you guys, we saw Yangjin and An Jiaona!”


“What about them!” Gu Yunlan’s eyes smiled as she poured her a cup of water.


Xuanyuan Meng suddenly lowered her voice, saying, “That Yangjin is really inhuman. He cheated An Jiaona into the lantern festival and sold her to an old man. He this big of a pile of silver coins!”


Seeing Xuanyuan gesturing about, she asked hesitatingly, “You didn’t eavesdrop on them with Zhangyu did you?”

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