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Chapter 48: What Kind of Situation is This!

The four people walked down the mountain. Gu Zhengyu packed very simply in preparation to setting out.

Xuanyuan Ying’s car was already parked outside. Zhang Yu sat expressionlessly at the driver’s seat.

“Papa! The sky is getting dark, yet you’re still leaving at this time of the day?” Gu Yunlan tugged on his hand reluctantly, it’s not safe out in the dark!

“Not a problem! Both Uncle Zhong and I know how to drive. With both a car and Zhang Yu, we’ll be completely safe! It’s better to get there sooner!” Gu Zhengyu rubbed her head as he said jokingly.

“I’m not even worried about you not eating enough!” Gu Yunlan pouted.

“Young Miss can be at ease! With Uncle Zhong here, I shall make sure that the Marshal will never go hungry!” Uncle Zhong smiled kindly.

“Since you’re old too you shouldn’t go hungry either!” Xin’er poked out her head from behind the door, grinning slyly.

“Marshal! See how this girl hasn’t suffered for nothing!” Uncle Zhong grinned happily. He was truly glad, it truly wasn’t for nothing!

“Uncle Zhong! Yunlan worries about you too!” Gu Yunlan hurriedly said.

“Look at this! Xin’er! Your Young Miss is jealous! Haha!” Uncle Zhong laughed out loud. It warmed his heart seeing the children all grown up and so intelligent!

The group looked as if they weren’t sad at all by the departure. Gu Zhengyu was especially gratified, as he said to the nearby Xuanyuan Ying, “Younger Brother Xuanyuan! In the future, the Gu Family and Gu Yunlan will rely on you a bit more. You should sell that house of yours! Come move to our home, I’ll be able to feel at ease like that!”

“Alright! Whatever Uncle Gu says!” Xuanyuan Ying pupil’s seemed to smile; he had also planned for it to be like this. Xuanyuan Meng, Yan Zhikuan that group will stay at the Gu Mansion. He was still a bit worried despite that, rather, he’s more worried about whether Yangjin would return. Even if she agreed not to interfere, he still must be on guard!

Gu Zhengyu laughed heartily as he clapped Xuanyuan Ying’s shoulders. This kid, he’s finally willing to stay with the younger generation, truly isn’t easy! “Alright! I shall get into the car, Old Zhong will be going now!”

Uncle Zhong immediately waved to the two girls before opening the car door and sitting down.

“Go back in now! There’s no need to send us off!” Gu Zhengyu opened the front doors of the car and waved towards the three people before bending down to enter.

“Lord!” An Shufen’s voice sounded around from behind, sounding a bit haggard.

Gu Zhengyu was startled, his foot froze before stepping on the car and didn’t look back. Before long, he stooped down and went in.

An Shufen thought that he would have at least turned his head, but didn’t think she’d be completely ignored. She then wailed out mournfully, “Big Brother Yu!”

The car door was shut loudly as Gu Zhengyu sat upon the driver’s seat expressionlessly, “Let’s go!”

Seeing the car slowly moving further and further away, An Shufen sat on the ground in despair. Even he has left her; she mumbled to herself, “Gramps! Big Brother Yu! Just turn back! Shufen begs you!”

Xuanyuan Ying and the group didn’t pay attention to An Shufen who sat on the ground. Xin’er seemed to have suddenly thought of something, as she tapped her own head, “Oh no! Young Miss! I left the soup on the stove!”

After which she swiftly slipped away into the house.

Xuanyuan Ying waved behind him, and a guard hurriedly jogged over, “General!”

“Go sell my house! I haven’t even rested there before!” Xuanyuan Ying said lightly, tossing a key over.

“Yes!” The guard obeyed. He received the keys and jogged away into the streets.

The two people turned around to walk back to the residence. Gu Yunlan asked curiously, “If you didn’t sleep there then where did you sleep?”

Xuanyuan Ying raised his brow, and hooked up the corners of his mouth, “Where do you think?”

Gu Yunlan suddenly had an odd look on her face, he couldn’t have slept in the back mountain’s veranda right?”

“Without you here, only there is suitable for me!” Xuanyuan Ying shrugged his shoulders. Otherwise, why would he bother moving out of the Gu Residence; simply because he didn’t want to attract unnecessary suspicion!

Gu Yunlan was speechless, his words are a bit too ambiguous! The other people would think that there was something between them!

By the time An Shufen snapped back to consciousness, the sky had already completely darkened. She walked unsteadily back to the house, not knowing whether Nana had awakened yet. She looked all around. Before, she had set this mansion as a major goal. But now, Nana was married off, and Lord didn’t want her anymore. She suddenly felt insufferably terrified!

She had finally managed to bring a few trusted aides into the Gu Resident, but they were probably wiped out this afternoon too. She looked at the view all around her. This was the mansion’s orchard. Under the moonlight, the place felt sinister.

She stroked the item in her possession and hooked up the corners of her mouth. She walked unsteadily towards the orchard’s small forest. With Yangjin here, she didn’t have to worry…

Gu Yunlan looked speechless at Xuanyuan Ying. This has gone too far, are none of the courtyards good enough? Wasn’t his courtyard already good enough? To think that he would come to her courtyard, and was even staying in the neighboring room!!

“Sigh sigh!” Xuanyuan Ying sighed a few times, “The courtyard was already occupied, besides, it’s convenient for us to exchange blood! There’s not much risk of people misunderstanding!” He smiled his rare satisfied smile, “I can be more at ease by your side, and can even easily protect you!”

Gu Yunlan was stumped for words, this guy’s smile was too charming; if she wasn’t careful then it’d be too easy to be influenced. ‘Misunderstand’? There’d be even more misunderstandings like this! She shook her head clear, “Everything is has already been prepared, there shouldn’t be anything else required!”

“You wanted to say that I’m going too far?” Xuanyuan Ying, who stood behind her, suddenly leaned his head on her shoulder, saying softly, “It was clearly you who had invited me over! Even the room was fully prepared!”

“Rascal!” Gu Yunlan pushed away his head, this guy is pushing the limits! “Don’t say such nonsense! Saying things with such a vague meaning, the people would misunderstand!”

In reality, their Gu Resident isn’t very big; four courtyards, a guest room in the center, a dining hall, and an orchard. An Shufen and An Jiaona lived in one courtyard, Gu Zhengyu had another, she had another, and now he’s here. The last courtyard was supposed to be for him, but somehow it changed to be that group of four people including Xuanyuan Meng’s place to stay.

“Only perverted people would think like that. In this senior’s many years, you are the only women who could be my neighbor. You should be honored!” His eyelids half-closed as he leaned in again, misunderstand? What he needed was exactly misunderstanding. Only then would other people can’t snatch away his personal blood bank!

“Cough cough cough!” Gu Yunlan choked on some water, before whipping around to glare furiously at Xuanyuan Ying, honored? This is called ‘given an inch, want a mile’!

Xuanyuan Ying looked at her expression-rich face in satisfaction. She’s finally changed from how she was like a year earlier; the current liveliness is so much better.

He suddenly went still, since when did he care so much about other people’s feelings? It seemed as if when her mood was down, his mood would also dampen.

“Young Miss! It’s time to eat!” Xin’er’s voice sounded out from outside the courtyard.

Gu Yunlan patted her chest and glared at him sideways. Damned, she still hasn’t recovered from choking!

“How can you be so careless?” Xuanyuan snapped back to action. He grabbed ahold of her and clawed at the air in front of her chest. She suddenly wasn’t coughing anymore.

Gu Yunlan blanked. She immediately dropped her hands; it’s gone now? She immediately struggled free from his hands, her face reddened as she turned around to walk towards the dining hall.

Xuanyuan Ying stared at his empty hands. A sense of loss arises in his heart before he hurried to follow her.

Two people, one in front and one behind walked to the dining hall. Four people already sat at the dining table. The corners of Gu Yunlan’s lips lifted; how come all of them came over? Don’t they already have exclusive maids? Did all of them made Xin’er labor for them?

“How come all of you are here?” It was Xuanyuan Ying who asked the question. Even he was a bit unhappy to see all these people just as he entered the dining hall. Their residence already has maids, and yet they still all come over here to eat!

“Big Brother!” It was Xin’er who invited us over!” Seeing his big brother and Gu Yunlan appear together, Xuanyuan Meng was very excited. This was her favorite scenery of all!

“Yes! Time to eat!” Xuanyuan Ying said coldly. Not saying anymore, he pulled out the second seat of the table and signaled for Gu Yunlan to sit down. He himself sat down next to her.

Eating silently and wordlessly, the dinner ended under everyone’s strange gaze.

He really didn’t understand his actions, what is this? Was he possessed? He remembered that when he returned a year ago, he had always thought that it was ridiculous. He would sometimes slip into her empty room for no reason at midnight, staying there for the entire night. After she came back, his gaze seemed to like following her even more. He had always felt comfortable by her side…

“Xuanuyan Ying! Why did you follow me here?!” Gu Yunlan asked furiously. Just as Gu Yunlan walked into her room and was about to close her door, who knew, Xuanyuan Ying had fuzzy mindedly followed her in.

Xuanyuan Ying stared blankly, then cleared his mind. He walked past her and sat down beforef the book table, “To exchange blood! We must counteract the blood! We should hurry, otherwise the long night and plentiful dreams…” 

Gu Yunlan promptly shut the door and carried over a stool. She also sat down by the book table, the two of them sat facing one another. She held out her hand, and shut her eyes, “Hurry up then!”

Xuanyuan Ying gently grabbed ahold of her hand, which felt a bit cold. At the moment the two touched, electricity jolted through them. He dipped his head and stroked her finger with his tongue before gently nibbling a bit.

“It tickles!” Gu Yunlan suddenly giggled. She shied her hands away as if wanting to withdraw her hands. Suddenly, she felt pain on her fingertips. Her eyes opened up real wide. This guy bit with no warning!

The corners if Xuanyuan Ying’s eyes smiled as he kept her hand in place. Ice-cold blood slowly dripped into his throat, her constantly blushing face color started to pale. His heart ached; they have to exchange blood a few more times. Once he recovers his strength, he can then help her conceal her Pure Yin Physique. This way, she can be safe!

Gu Yunlan’s sitting body shook a bit. Her face color was frightening as her consciousness felt rather hazy. She looked at him with half-closed eyes. Slowly, blood started to flow back to her. A stream of warmth flowed into her, she felt like her blood was boiling.

Her consciousness became more clear, her shut eyes slowly reacted by looking out towards the courtyard. At ten meters, twenty meters away, Xin’er is sewing under the light, Bai Yiran is reading a book. The guard outside the yard is standing guard; she can see up to one hundred meters!

She opened her eyes in astonishment and looked at him. He already let go of her hands, “Xuanyuan! My spirit power improved a lot, you…”

Her voice suddenly died down; his face color was a bit pale, she hurried over to support him, “Xuanyuan, what happened to you?”

“Nothing!” Xuanyuan Ying shook his head, “I’ll be fine after resting a bit.”

“You’re really alright?” Gu Yunlan looked at him hesitatingly, suddenly she shook, “You couldn’t have transferred your power to me, right?”

Xuanyuan didn’t reply, he changed the topic saying, “How come you didn’t learn hexcraft? Why? Are you scared of getting disfigured?”

Gu Yunlan helped him up, helping him over to the bedside and let him lean upon it, “That’s not it! Master said that raising them is through the blood. I’m afraid that it’ll affect our exchange of blood, so…”

Xuanyuan Ying jolted, and stared dumbly at the women standing before him, she’s so stupid! So stupid, that’s it’s cute!

“Are you feeling alright now?” Gu Yunlan looked at him in concern.

Xuanyuan Ying smiled as he nodded his head, how does that even count as an injury? Although it did waste away a few years worth of spirit power.

“Then go to sleep already! A single man and a single lady in one room, what kind of situation is this?” Gu Yunlan suddenly hollered out loudly.

Xuanyuan Ying rubbed her nose as he stood up; his thought before was wrong, this lady is too fierce!

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