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Chapter 37: Powerless

“That’s fine, but only you can go!” Old Liu considered for a moment, then pointed at the three people and said, “You people can just put up with a night in the village! Ironfour! You take care of them!”

“Yes!” Old Liu brought along Xuanyuan Ying, striding with large steps towards the village.

“Ya! That was Mister Xuanyuan just now!”

“I didn’t think that Mister Xuanyuan would come again! This is great!”

“I’ll go tell Miss Spring!”

“Old Third Li! Wait for me!”

As soon as the three people, including Xuanyuan Ying left, the crowd dispersed. After watching for a while, they all disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“Hey! I don’t understand what you mean?” The guy left behind was really confused. They really were shameless, for them to actually just leave.

“Pfft!” An Jiaona laughed out loud.

“Cough cough!” The young man guarding the entrance raised his gun and coughed twice in embarrassment. “That was unforgivable just now! My name is Liu Ironfour, the son of the village head!”

“No problem! This is a lawful offense! We understand!” Yangjin smiled politely at him and introduced, “My name is Yangjin. She is the little sister of the girl who went in just now, and she’s Mister Xuanyuan’s little sister!”

Liu Ironfour rubbed his head stupidly and smiled, saying, “You’ve been rushing along the road for the past few days. You guys should be tired. Let’s go! Come to my house! Let my mother prepare some food for you!”

He swung his elbow, swinging the rifle onto his shoulder as he turned to reveal pure white teeth(a smile). He shut the village gates and led the three people towards his home, “My mother will take out the fine wine my father has stored in a bit. I will accompany you for a good drink!”

“Bro IronFour! Where’s Mister Xuanyuan!” A figure rushed out from the side. Her figure was really small, yet her speed very quick. She grabbed ahold of Liu Ironfour’s arm. Her voice sounded really pleasant to hear.

The three people looked over at the sound of the voice. Next to the lights, they could see a woman wearing a long qipao with a thin slit on the right. It only had one button, no collar, a short skirt, and was a black that highlighted the red. There were very little decorations that bounded zher hair, and she wore a head scarf with flowery designs. There was also a handkerchief with flower embroideries on top, fitted with a red ribbon, that flowed down her back. Such decorations were not those of a lady from the Miao ethnic group.

“Little Sister Nightspring? It’s you!” Liu Ironfour hesitated at first, then smiled at her stupidly.

“I’m asking you! Where’s Mister Xuanyuan?” Bai Nightspring had on a spoiled expression, asking as she grabbed tightly onto Liu Ironfour’s arm.

“Ah! Mister Xuanyuan? He went behind the mountain with my father!” Just as Liu Ironfour finished speaking, Bai Nightspring’s figure swished as she ran off.

“She is?” Xuanyuan Meng asked curiously.

“Our High Priest’s little sister, Lady Nightspring! Isn’t she beautiful?” Liu Ironfour glanced at the three people behind him, and started along the road delightedly. Nightspring was the village flower; the person was cute and everyone liked her.

“The High Priest’s little sister?” Xuanyuan Meng glanced back, towards the distance, as she caught up with Ironfour’s footsteps.

Yangjin’s pupils flashed, yet he kept silent.

“Big Brother Yang! Let’s go now! They’ve gone far! Let’s go quickly! My feet have probably blistered!” An Jiaona pulled on Yangjin’s sleeves. Seeing such a beautiful lady, she felt indignant.

Yangjin turned back his head and smiled towards her. He grabbed onto her hand and started running in the direction Xuanyuan Meng was. An Jiaona’s face reddened at the same time.

“Boom!” A certain door behind a mountain was kicked open by a person, making a loud sound.

Not waiting for the white clothed man to return to his senses, Xuanyuan Ying carried Gu Yunlan and rushed directly before him, “Old White! Quick! Help me think of something?”

Bai Yiran was startled. Xuanyuan Ying allowed a woman to get so close? And to even take the initiative to carry the woman. He looked over curiously. The lady had a refined appearance with porcelain-like skin and untouched eyebrows. Her eyes were tightly shut.. She had slender and long eyelashes, a prominent and refined nose, and smooth and tense lips. So unreasonably beautiful! Tche tche, no wonder, yi?

He lifted his head in surprise, “Pure Yin Physique!? And poisoned with corpse poison!!”

“I can only suppress it for a few hours, what do I do?” Xuanyuan Ying looked at him nervously.

“You people…” Bai Yiran looked at the two people up and down, and asked hesitantly, “You actually exchanged blood with her? For what reason did you directly take her in?”

“Can’t you f*cking wait before asking? First think of something to solve this!” Xuanyuan Ying exploded. He was anxious to death, yet he still had the presence of mind to ask random questions.

Bai Yiran froze, he had actually exploded? However, seeing his rampaging appearance, he hurried to say, “Alright! It’s only because you are rushing for her sake! This Priest shall allow her to enter the restricted area.”

He simply stood up and turned around towards the bookshelves behind him to grope about inside, “rumble!” The bookshelves split apart from the middle. Bai Yiran smiled towards him sweetly, then stepped in. Xuanyuan Ying followed inside with no hesitation.

Just as the two went in, another “rumble” sound could he heard as the bookshelves once again slammed shut into its original position. At that point in time, a yell sounded out from outside the room.

“Nightspring, you can’t! The High Priest doesn’t allow us to enter his private study room!” Old Liu’s rough voice sounded out from afar.

“Uncle Liu! Don’t stop me. I want to go see Mister Xuanyuan Ying, just one look!” Bai Nightspring struggled free from Old Liu and directly rushed towards the study room, “Eldest Brother!”

The door was open. Bai Nightspring’s face lit up as she bashfully lowered her head, “Mister Xuanyuan came, yet I still didn’t hold back my voice!”

Only when she waited a long time in silence did she lift her head to peek in confusion. Her face turned green. Gone again, this is going too far.

“High Priest! I couldn’t stop Lady Nightspring!’ Before Old Liu himself got there, his voice had already arrived. It’s just that when he ran inside, he found that the space was actually empty of any people. Bai Nightspring stood frozen in front of him.

“Yi? Where’d the people go?” Old Liu peered out his head. He whispered, “Weren’t they there just now?”

“Humph! They’ve gone into the restricted grounds!” Bai Nightspring humphed coldly, looking as if she was about to go into the study room.

“Nightspring!” The color of Old Liu’s face paled immediately. Letting her barge into the study room was bad enough, if she were to barge into the restricted grounds, wouldn’t that just be going after his old life?

“Look how scared you are, Uncle Liu!” Bai Nightspring smiled coyly and walked back, turning to leave, “Let’s go! Uncle Liu, we’ll go visit your guests!”

Hearing her half-finished sentence, Old Liu released a breath. Yet the last of her words made his heart skip a beat. “Oh my! Eldest Miss! Don’t scare me, would you? Wait up!”

“Hehe…” A silver bell-like laughter sounded everywhere, through every corner of the village.

Within an ice-cold cave, Bai Yiran stood next to an ice bed with his eyes shut tight. Likewise, Xuanyuan Ying stood off from a distance away, watching quietly. He visibly waved his hands, chanted from his mouth for a while, and laid his hands flat. His hands hovered slowly towards Gu Yunlan’s head and feet.

He moved very slowly. By the time his two hands were flat out, a streak of black mist rushed forth. But all of a sudden, it one again shrunk back in.

“Pu!” Bai Yiran was jolted back, falling into a sitting position. A mouthful of fresh blood was spat out, and his face looked deathly pale.

“Old Bai! Are you alright?” Xuanyuan Ying immediately came to help him up, what’s going on? He remembers that the first time he had suppressed the corpse poison, it wasn’t this strong!

“It can’t be pushed out; it’s too stubborn. I will help you out in suppressing it first!” Bai Yiran wiped off the blood at the edge of his mouth, then once again stood next to the bed of ice. He took a deep breath then, once again, waved both of his hands. Two fingers from his left hand were placed on his right underarm. His brows creased slightly as he pushed forcefully. When he pushed up to the joints of her arm, the right hand once again made a splitting motion in the air, prodding several times on some of Gu Yunlan’s main acupuncture points.

Only when he finished did he release a breath and wipe off the sweat on his brows.

“How is it?” Xuanyuan Ying stared at Bai Yiran fixedly, as if afraid of letting his expression show.

Bai Yiran glanced at Gu Yunlan who laid on the bed of ice. He thought for a moment before saying, “I also can’t do anything when it comes to corpse poison. The most I can do is help you suppress it. This thing is too abnormal! Only the corpse hexcraft can be used to absorb the poison. It’s just that…”

“Just what?” Xuanyuan Ying blurted out.

“Even if the corpse poison were to be removed, she would still lose her memory. The last of the corpse poison would rush into her brain and wreck her memories!” Bai Yiran turned to walk out of the ice cave.

“How can it be like this?” Xuanyuan Ying glanced at Gu Yunlan who had both eyes tightly shut, then turned to follow him.

“Even if your blood is used to suppress it, as long as she gets frightened, her blood would be triggered into a conflict. The corpse poison is just waiting for the chance to go the wrong way!” Bai Yiran walked out of the ice cave slowly. He asked, “Weren’t you with her? How did it turn out like this?”

“Someone had summoned a dream. That had triggered the girl, scaring her…” Xuanyuan Ying smiled bitterly. The last straw probably was what had happened just now, wasn’t it?! She ran too hurriedly, making the blood heave. It was all my fault for being too careless! “We can only use corpse hexing now?”

TL: The author had put Xuanyuan Meng instead of Xuanyuan Ying but I’m pretty sure that’s wrong cuz she’s nowhere near the convo rn. I think.

“En!” Bai Yiran nodded his head frustratingly, “It just depends on whether or not the Old Devil Dame is willing!”

Old Devil Dame was a grass ghoul within their clan who created hexcrafts for a living. Her temperament was quite eccentric. The people who created hexcrafts in this village were many, but only she could create bizarre hexcrafts…

“We’ll go now to try!” Xuanyuan Ying grasped onto his arm firmly. Their statures were similar, and their appearances were even more good looking. Even in that dragging position, he still looked beautiful.

“Now? Are you crazy?” Bai Yiran halted his steps and looked at him. “Anyway you say this, my power can suppress it for up to ten days to half a month. No matter how much you rush, it can’t be right now, can it?!”

“The nights are long and dreams are many! This is what I’ve always believed. Who knew a situation like this would occur mid trip! If I knew this would happen, I would’ve directly brought only her over in a rush!” Xuanyuan Ying crouched down dispiritedly. Why did  he bring those two people for? He should’ve just waited until they cured her, then brought her back to think up of ways to bully them! It sure is great now, one little careless mistake could lose her life. Can it be that they’d just have to let her be reborn again? Though he thought like that, the thieving Heavens definitely won’t agree!

“Wei! It’s not worth it to go so far for some woman, right? Just go find another one if it reaches the worst-case scenario! All you need is some diligence, then finding a Pure Yin Physique wouldn’t be hard! Let’s go! We’ll go into more details once we’re outside!” Bai Yiran looked at him in puzzlement, then pulled Xuanyuan Ying who was on the ground up.

“Shut up!” Xuanyuan Ying stood up and yelled at him fiercely. Immediately, he blanked out. What is going on with himself, that’s right! One woman, a Pure Yin Physique is easy to find. However, when the time taken to raise a dog becomes long enough, there would still be feelings! Right! She is just a pet raised by me, how could she just die?

“How come you care about her so much? You couldn’t have…” Bai Yiran rubbed his nose, and circled around him left and right. F*ck! She can’t be this youngster’s weakpoint, right? This youngster can’t have been moved could he?”

“So meddlesome!” Xuanyuan Ying coldly spat out a sentence before taking the lead, heading off!

“Hey! Wait for me! If you have something to say, just say it!” Bai Yiran hesitated before hurrying to catch up. He couldn’t have been enraged by humiliation, right?

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