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Chapter 66: Seven Colors Immortal Fish

“Hahah. So it’s little Yunlan. Uncle Zi thanks you for your blessing. How come Marshal Gu didn’t come?” Zi Meiguang laughed heartily, this little girl has grown up.

“Uncle Zi. My father’s health is poor, and he has gone to the family’s home for recuperation. He’ll probably return in a year.” Gu Yunlan answered smilingly.

They had originally told others that Father had left to fight in the war. Who knew that after concluding that situation with An Jiaona, rumors of Father’s injuries would spread.

Although, she does admire how quickly that person spreads the news.

“Alright, then we should have a reunion in a year.” Zi Meiguang kept his wide smile, then seeing the two behind Gu Yunlan, “And these two are…?”

“This is general Xuanyuan’s little sister Xuanyuan Meng.” Gu Yunlan smiled before explaining, “And this person is her fiance, Zhangyu.”

Just as Gu Yunlan spoke, she felt a sharp pain at her waist. She didn’t change her expression and just kept smiling, “It is better for everyone to call him Commander Zhang. This little girl is quite shy.”

Gu Yunlan’s words made the girls on top of the steps cover their mouths and giggle.

“So, General Xuanyuan’s little sister and brother-in-law, nice to meet you.” Zi Meiguang cupped his fists toward the two, his face filled with a friendly smile.

“I wish the Zi Family’s lord a long life and a long lasting youth.” Xuanyuan Meng bowed with a smile on her face. Seeing how Zhangyu stood upstraight as ever, she pulled Zhangyu’s hands, directly pulling him into a bow.

“Goog good good. Luolan. Quickly bring your friend in then.” Zi Meiguang laughed out loud, instructing Zi Luolan to the side.

Gu Yunlan hinted for Zhangyu to place the gift boxes before the accountant who was receiving the gifts. She smiled towards Zi Liangguang, “Uncle Zi, just a token of respect, I pray for Uncle Zi’s happiness.”

“This child, must others be regarded as outsiders?” Zi Meiguang smiled so much his eyes formed slits. This girl is pretty good, much better than her father. That old man would never have been like this, it really is a wonder how he became the Marshal.

“Regard others as outsiders? Didn’t we agree for you to come empty handed?” Zi Luolan shot a glance at Gu Yunlan, then immediately brightened up, “Yunlan, let’s  go inside to talk.”

“Hold on.” Gu Yunlan walked to the side, introducing the other three behind her, “Uncle Zi, this is Commander Yan Xishan’s second son, Yan Zhikuan and his friend.”

Zi Meiguang’s smiling didn’t waver as he heard the three words ‘Yan Xishan.” He immediately walked down the steps, “So it’s the Second Young Master Yan. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you.”

Yan Zhikuan smiled wanly, “The Zi Family really is modest. This young master is here to wish the Zi Family’s lord a fortunate and long life.”

“My appreciation for your words.” Zi Meiguang’s smile widened even more. He immediately said, “Second Young Master, allow my daughter to accompany you inside to have a seat.”

Zi Luolan smiled slightly, and nodded towards the group of them. Then she pulled on Gu Yunlan’s elbow and headed inside the house, “Let’s go. Yunlan. I want to show you the new toy I figured out.”

Zi Meiguang smiled somewhat embarrassedly; this girl is showing  less and less care for him, “My apologiesSecond Young Master, this little girl…”

“No problem. We’ll be fine following Yunlan.” Yan Zhikuan waved his hands, then led Bai Yiran and Bai Nightspring towards the mansion.

Compared to the Gu mansion, this place was far more extravagant: wide, big, beautiful. However, it didn’t have as much personal touch as the Gu Household. The entire courtyard was covered entirely by roses, lilies, and flowers of the four seasons. Although it was almost winter, the colors gave people the feeling of spring.

“These non-seasonal flowers were all grown in the greenhouse. All of them were made from technology imported from outside the country.” Zi Luolan led everyone around, talking while explaining.

“Tche tche. Beautiful. What a generous spend.” Xuanyuan Meng praised, “Quite a lot of money must have been spent on this, I suppose? The waterfall alone is enough to scare someone to death, your father really is magnanimous.”

Compared to the last masquerade, this one was very extravagant. The entire courtyard was precious and filled everyone’s eyes with colour. 

“I paid for it, so of course it was magnanimous.” Zi Luolan smiled slightly, seemingly spiteing  her father a bit. 

“Sister, wait for us.” A coquettish voice came from behind them. The group stopped to see a few young girls bounding towards them.”

“These are my little sisters.” Zi Luolan explained shortly. She smiled wanly, “They stay home and have never seen the real world.” To her sisters, she said, “You’ve been rude, why don’t you quickly apologize to them already?”

No matter how unpleasant Zi Luolan’s words were, the young girls didn’t dare refuse, and immediately bowed. 

“Having me accompanying them is enough, you guys go accompany other guests. Don’t neglect them.” She clearly knew her little sisters were here for Yan Zhikuan. But as for Zi Luolan, she blatantly disagrees with this. She specializes in dealing with her many aunts and sisters since birth.

The group of girls immediately nodded their heads, and smiled at the group in apology before turning to leave.

“Nice.” Xuanyuan Meng praised sincerely. Regarding the many sisters, this harshness made the other side have no choice but to swallow it down. Of course, the prerequisite is her grasp over the other sides’ financial power.

“I’m nothing like Yunlan, with her kind and compassionate touch.” As Zi Luolan said this straightforwardly, she paid absolutely no attention to any surrounding people. as if she was just as carefree as she looks.

Gu Yunlan smiled weakly and said, “I don’t have any other choice, though. Father went off to cultivate, while Auntie died on the second day. If my little sister were to die too, I’d fear Father’s grief. Even worse is that everything was her fault in the first place.

“No way?” Zi Luolan was rather astonished. She wanted to continue asking, when suddenly she noticed five people listening nearby. With no intention of letting others eavesdrop, she immediately turned around and changed the topic, “I’ll bring you guys to the carp pond then. Many new breeds were added there.”

Hearing her bring up the carp pond, Gu Yunlan couldn’t help but want to laugh. That was where she pushed Yangjin into the water.

“Really?” Xuanyuan Meng immediately pulled on Zi Luolan, and asked excitedly, “Is it pretty? Yunlan’s lotus pond is so small it’s pitiful.”

“That’s right. I want to go see too.” Bai Nightspring hinted from behind Bai Yiran. She grabbed hold of Zi Luolan’s other elbow. The three buzzed and they headed away.

“What kind of person do you think Luolan is?” As Gu Yunlan and the other three walked in a row, she asked casually.

“Carefree, insists on defending justice, not afraid to say anything.” Yan Zhikuan blurted out. This is what he sees from appearance alone.

“Able to spread their business all around the seas, someone who can grasp the huge wealth of the Zi Family. Not a drop of scheming, who believes that?” Bai Yiran curled his lips and refrained from saying too much.

“I don’t believe it’s her since the beginning, unless she personally tells me.” Gu Yunlan said lightly.

Saying this, everyone understood. For example Gu Yunlan, how could she not know how big Zi Luolan’s heart is. In the previous life, while she was dying, Zi Luolan already stabilized control over the entire Gu City. Yet still Zi Luolan chose to help her, and let her know the truth.

Even so, Gu Yunlan never believed that Zi Luolan would scheme against her. A saying goes: One will not stop until they reach the Yellow River. That is, unless Zi Luolan tells her personally.

Bai Yiran shook his head helplessly. Even if he thinks any more, the culprit could easily be someone else.

The carp pond wasn’t far, only a few minutes of walking. They could hear the girls laughing from a ways away.

“Yi? There was something like this?” Xuanyuan Meng covered her mouth as she laughed.

“Right. Yunlan had fallen asleep, and thought Little Cui was calling her. So she waved her hands and accidently pushed Yangjin into the river. Yangjin was frozen so badly he trembled nonstop…” Zi Luolan said laughingly. Lifting her head, she saw Gu Yunlan and the group walk close. She immediately called, “Yunlan. You guys are so slow.”

Not waiting for Yunlan’s reply, Yan Zhikuan happily approached the pavilion and sat down on an empty chair, “Why laugh? Is it that funny?”

Bai Nightspring covered her mouth saying, “We’re talking about Yunlan. She fell asleep, and pushed someone who was trying to help her into the pond. I suspect it was on purpose.”

“Me too.” Zi Luolan smiled happily, “You guys didn’t know, but I suspected too at that time. That’s how we work together so seamlessly.”

The three including Gu Yunlan also stopped by to sit down. She coughed twice softly, “Don’t talk so randomly. I’m definitely a good and honest person.”

As she said this, other than Zhangyu, everyone else laughed out loud.

Zhangyu was confused; he really did think Gu Yunlan is good and honest. If it were Xuanyuan, then he would probably directly kill An Jiaona. Why waste so much energy? Just like this time, to go towards a mountain when you know there are tigers there. Rather dumb…

“Yi? There really are fish, so pretty.” Bai Nightspring pointed into the waters excitedly. They could see a twenty centimeter long fish swimming over. In the sunlight, the lumminecent stripes all along the body flashed gorgously. 

Zi Luolan stuck out her head in astonishment, and muttered, “Seven Colors Immortal Fish.”

“There’s a fish like this?” Xuanyuan Meng looked at the fish swimming in the water’s depths curiously.

Zi Luolan sat there, face full of joy, “This kind of fish is hard to raise. I accidently acquired ten or so of these from a foreign country. Who knew that their living requirements would be so strict, causing me to kill a few. They could only be kept in the pond, where they unexpectedly lived quite well.

“What conditions?” Gu Yunlan didn’t quite understand. It was quite popular to raise fish these days, a lot of people would spend money to buy colored glass tanks for the fish. Put in some water grasses, add some stones, and regularly changing the water is enough.

“I only knew later that this kind of fish has more detailed needs. The water quality has to be very good, the food must be fine, and the water temperature can’t be too low.” Zi Luolan counted on her fingers.

“Such strict conditions, yet these small things can live in this pond?” Yan Zhikuan was surprised, “I’ve raised these things before; they’re hard to keep alive, however, if they are raised well, continue breeding, and are trained, there will be more and more different species. Such as the Wild Seven Colors, Royal Green Seven Colors, etc; really beautiful.

“You’ve raised them successfully before?” Xuanyuan Meng looked at him in astonishment. .

Yan Zhikuan shook his head, “No. It’s too cold where I live. The water temperature is too hard to control, I’d be able to if the temperature were easier to control.”

As the group chatted, Gu Yunlan lifted her head to look towards the middle of the pond. Hot steam rose from that empty space, could there be a hot spring there? Nevertheless, it was too far, so she didn’t dare stretch out her spirit power to investigate. She shifted her gaze to Bai Yiran. He shook his head, clearly having discovered that too.

The two of them stayed quiet, yet secretly planning on checking it out when there’s time.

“Yi? What kind of fish is there?” Bai Nightspring’s voice held a thread of surprise.

“Butterfly fish.” Yan Zhikuan sat next to her, and told her one by one. In a short amount of time the two got along very well.

Xuanyuan Meng looked at the two’s interactions, and smiled. This girl finally switched her target, she won’t chase after big brother, calling him Mister Xuanyuan anymore.

At this time, a girl wearing bright red ran out. She bowed lightly  towards Zi Luolan and the group, “Young Miss. The banquet has begun, the Lord wants you to bring them over.”

“Let’s go.” Zi Luolan stood up and immediately grabbed a hold of Gu Yunlan, “Let’s go get a taste of the Zi Family’s delicacies.”

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