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Chapter 64: Like a Mouse Who Met a Cat

When Gu Yunlan opened her eyes, dark blue skies entered her vision. The space wasn’t  very large, only about bowl sized. She could even see two sparrows flying by.

She blinked her eyes. Sky? Did the roof break? She sat up abruptly, and found herself in a very narrow space with rather dim lighting. Although the area was only about two meters across, it was rotating with blue-green colors. What is the wall made of? It was very soft, very warm.

Where is this place? Her heart started to beat wildly. With a physique like hers, she couldn’t have gotten captured while she was unconscious. Right? Only as the light brightened did she find that Xuanyuan Meng also lay there,  not too far from her.

She shifted her numb body helplessly, and could only call out softly, “Mengmeng! Mengmeng! Wake up!”

Xuanyuan Meng slept too deeply. In response to Gu Yunlan, she only turned over and continued to sleep.

Unable to do anything, Gu Yunlan could only shut her eyes and slowly reach out her spirit power upwards toward the skies. Only when she reached her spirit power to the utmost limit did she realize she was at her own home’s ancestral grounds. This place is Xuanyuan Ying’s old nest, Gu Family’s courtyard. She immediately retrieved her spirit power.

Yi? When she retrieved her spirit power, she found that a wall in the yard was actually empty! She creased her brows before letting out her spirit power again, slowly extending it towards the empty wall.

It was completely empty, yet Gu Yunlan could feel it was very deep, so deep it was as if there was no ground. The curiosity in her heart was piqued, but after extending ten meters more, a pressure pressed down on her. Gu Yunlan couldn’t do anything to her as her spirit power was suddenly shot back.

“Bump!” Her forehead hit heavily on the wall. She rubbed her forehead. Ouch! Exactly what is that thing for it to actually manage to fling spirit power back at her!?

“What’s wrong?” Xuanyuan Meng was jolted awake by the sound. Seeing that Gu Yunlan is awake, she said excitedly, “Yunlan! You’re finally awake! I was scared that if I slept too long, my brother would flay my skin when he gets back!”

“Nothing’s wrong! I just woke up and hit my head on the wall by accident!” Gu Yunlan shook her head. She thought about telling her about the wall, but ended up keeping quiet! This girl is too curious and would definitely try to go investigate.  Besides, she felt filthy enough. This place is Xuanyuan Ying’s territory. If she were to mess up his territory, then…

Xuanyuan Meng seemed to have noticed Gu Yunlan acting a bit weird. She brushed off the dust and stretched, “That nap felt so nice!”

Gu Yunlan stood up. Xuanyuan Meng wasn’t wrong; she felt so much lighter,her head so much clearer!

Xuanyuan Meng didn’t say anything and instead, pulled Gu Yunlan’s hands to directly fly out from above. When the two reached the ground, she released Gu Yunlan, complaining, “Yunlan! You can clearly fly, so why am I always pulling people around?”

“Your brother wants me to hide my strength! To keep my power hidden!” Gu Yunlan said before heading outside.

“Wait for me! But this place is secluded, nobody can see you! There’s no need to hide!” Xuanyuan Meng immediately caught up to her.

“We still have to be careful; the walls have ears!” Gu Yunlan smiled slightly through her eyes. The Pure Yin physique is cultivated on her own, so her cultivation was rather different. As long as she doesn’t use any small techniques, nobody would figure out her secret.

They both returned to the household amidst Xin’er’s frantic flurry. After each took a bath and changed into clean clothes, Li Yiteng was already waiting for them in the drawing room.

“Uncle Li!” Gu Yunlan strode over and directly sat in the master seat, hinting at Li Yiteng to also sit down and talk.

“Yunlan! The situation with sending the missing girls home has pretty much been concluded! Now all that’s left are those still missing!” Li Yiteng sighed lightly, yi! It was baffling.

“Uncle Li mustn’t blame himself, it isn’t your fault. The blame is solely on our people for being too strong!” Seeing his self-blaming look, Gu Yunlan immediately consoled, “As for those we can’t find, forget it! No need to keep looking, give the families double the compensation! If they ask for an explanation, just say the search is impossible in these warring times!”

“Yes!” Li Yiteng nodded his head, not asking questions at all. Gu Yunlan wants this to be done, he can’t do anything, yi!

“Also, increase the guards within the city. Order all families and households not to go out after sunset. As for those girls, don’t meet with strangers!” Gu Yunlan thought for a moment before instructing.

“Yes!” Li Yiteng nodded his head; it is better to do as Yunlan instructs. Plan ahead for the future, “Then I shall retire now!”

Just before  he exited, he suddenly turned around again, “That’s right! Zhuting is returning today, she’ll probably come visit you!”

“No worries Uncle Li, I will be home the entire day!” Gu Yunlan smiled slightly. Was he worried that she’d be out, leaving  his daughter to visit an empty home?

Only then did Li Yiteng leave satisfied. When he’d gonet, Gu Yunlan headed over to the dining room to eat breakfast. It’s good that her cultivation is excellent, allowing her to suppress hunger. She hadn’t eaten anything since yesterday, and if it had been her past self, she would have been starving.

She walked around the orchard aimlessly when suddenly, she found herself in an extremely senseless situation! Xuanyuan Meng was helping with rooting out the traitor, An Jioana was still laying on her bed, while Xin’er was busy taking care of household matters. That’s right! Where did Bai Yiran, Bai Nightspring, and Yan Zhikuan go?

Yi! Where’d the people go? After all the comotion, everything suddenly calmed down. She actually felt as if there was nothing much to do. Gu Yunlan rolled her shoulders, and continued to walk about carelessly.

“Young Miss! Zhangyu has returned!” Xin’er ran over, gasping. Behind her, a stoic looking man followed.

“Yi? Zhanyu? You’ve returned?” Gu Yunlan halted and looked pleasantly surprised, “Did my father arrive at the Miao territory safely? Did Master allow him to stay?”

“She allowed him, he is safe!” Zhangyu simply said only six words.

“Young Miss! Xin’er hasn’t finished working! I shall leave first!” Seeing the conversation between them, Xin’er left those words behind before hurrying away.

Gu Yunlan jolted, looking at the two, surprised. What’s going on?

“Where’s Xuanyuan Meng? I’m looking for her!” Zhangyu had looked around and, failing to find her, asked a rare question.

Gu Yunlan refocused and nodded towards him, “I’ll take you to find her!”

The two were silent the whole way. Only when they arrived at a courtyard and found Xuanyuan Meng did they stop.

Seeing their arrival, Xuanyuan Meng fiercely glared a warning at the group before her then turned to walk towards the two of them.

She only realized the person behind Gu Yunlan was Zhangyu when she got closer. She immediately pulled Gu Yunlan to the side, “Yunlan! Why did you bring him here?”

Gu Yunlan glanced at the curious servants, then at Xuanyuan Meng, who looked like a mouse meeting a cat. She said to the two, “Let’s go to that pavilion!”

As they sat in the pavilion, Xuanyuan Meng sat across from Zhangyu rather uncomfortably, “You’ve returned? My brother isn’t back yet, go find my brother instead!”

“Your brother wants me to protect Young Mistress Gu!” Zhangyue explained expressionlessly, sitting upright.

“Pei! You, protect her? Then what about me? Am I such a pushover? Go back and tell my brother! With me here, you’re not needed!” This time, Xuanyuan Meng didn’t fear him. She spat on the ground, waving her hands at him, telling him he can leave!

Zhangyu didn’t pay any attention to her and set his gaze on Gu Yunlan. This is the master, no need to bother with the other one.

Gu Yunlan stared blankly. Xuanyuan Ying asked him to protect her? Mengmeng is enough! Nevertheless, when she heads to the Zi Residence in a few days, bringing an extra helping hand would be safer! She pondered a moment, “Why don’t you stay! I’ll have Xin’er assign you a living quarters in just a bit!”

Zhangyu’s face was devoid of any emotion as he nodded, and turned around to look at Xuanyuan Meng.

“No way! Yunlan! How can you let this giant block of ice stay behind? How can you do this to me?” Xuanyuan Meng looked at Gu Yunlan in astonishishment. How could she just agree like that?

“We will be going to the Zi Residence in a few days, so bringing more people along will be safer!” Gu Yunlan smiled wanly, how come this girl is opposed to Zhangyu so much? Could they have some kind of strife?

Seeing Gu Yunlan’s curious glance, Xuanyuan Meng shifted her gaze away poutily.

“On the road back, I bumped into an old monk.” Zhangyu slowly took out a pouch from the pockets of his military jacket, twirling it around his fingers agilely, “Child’s face with white hair, aura of an immortal, and a horsetail whisk in hand!”

Xuanyuan Meng perked up her ears to listen. Hearing about the horsetail whisk in hand, her body trembled, and immediately turned around to grab hold of Zhangyu while demanding, “Does that old man have a birthmark between his eyebrows?”

Zhangyu didn’t reply, instead lowering his head to look at their touching hands. Xuanyuan Meng jolted, letting go of his hand while saying, “Continue talking!”

The corners of Zhangyu’s mouth started to curve up slightly, “He said there was a traitor within his home who stole several years worth of his savings. This unfilial child would definitely be locked up when captured!” 

“Pfft!” Gu Yunlan let out a giggle. So Xuanyuan Meng stole quite a lot of things from her grandpa!

“I…” Xuanyuan Meng looked uncomfortable, “That unfilial child really has gone too far…”

“He said: ‘If you see her, capture her for me!’” Zhangyu’s pupils flashed as he tossed the pouch onto the table.

“Ya!” Xuanyuan Meng caught the pouch in surprise, “He wanted me to have this?? I knew that old man missed me!”

Gu Yunlan looked at her with a smile. Hearing Zhangyu’s teasing, she took it as real, but this side of Zhangyu really was interesting. Towards her, he was cold and to the point, but towards Xuanyuan Meng, he would joke around!

Xuanyuan Meng happily lifted the pouch towards Gu Yunlan, “Yunlan! This is a storage pouch, my grandpa and those other old monks’ portable treasury. In a bit, I’ll take some things out and share with you!”

“You idiot!” Gu Yunlan shot a glance at her, “You really are confident. If you give it to me, what will you use?”

“I have things! This is too small!” Xuanyuan Meng looked at the pouch disdainfully. She dumped the contents out, carelessly tossing the storage pouch into Gu Yunlan’s hands. “Like this, you can put your things too. Otherwise, if everything is kept here with me, isn’t that inconvenient?”

Gu Yunlan received the storage pouch. Although she didn’t refuse it; this thing is still very rare, perhaps only those immortal cultivators have them! Though she still had need of this as well.

Seemingly feeling as if there were people nearby, Xuanyuan Meng turned her head to look at Zhangyu in surprise, “You’re still here? Go away quickly and find my brother!”

“That old man said if he were to find his granddaughter again, I must tell her there’s a reward.” Zhangyu slowly stood and began to walk out of the pavilion.

“Wait up!” Xuanyuan Meng immediately yelled out. She put away the things on the table in a flash and stood up to chase after him, “Big Brother Zhangyu! That’s not what I meant!, I meant you must be tired from your travels, so let me bring you to your room to rest. Yunlan still needs you around too!”

Seeing the two of them leave, along  with Xuanyuan Meng’s kissing up, Gu Yunlan laughed out loud. Now there’s another one around to keep Xuanyuan Meng in check.

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