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Chapter 63: Is she a virgin?

“I…I…” Mistress Zhao stepped back again. How can she say that somebody else told her about the second young miss still being a virgin even after the wedding night? They probably wouldn’t believe her even if she said so!

“Or could it be on the wedding day, your family’s lord saw how beautiful my family’s little sister is and decided to directly kidnap her? Or maybe your family’s lord had already fallen for her before, and bribed the servants. Otherwise, how could you have known…” Gu Yunlan approached step by step, coldly snorting, “Humph! Check? You think you can check just by saying you want to? You really think my Gu Family is so easy?”

“Then… your Gu Family can’t be so oppressing! Why don’t you dare check? Is it because you feel guilty? Who in Gu City doesn’t know that your Gu Family’s second daughter didn’t share a bedroom with Yang Jin after the big wedding?” Mistress Zhao’s voice was really loud, but with a bit of a stutter. It was as if she was secretly afraid of Gu Yunlan’s imposing manner.

Gu Yunlan jolted, there was something going around like this? Gu Yunlan looked directly at the arrogant Mistress Zhao. She shifted her gaze towards Xin’er who nodded her head in confirmation. She whispered in her ear, “The rumor appeared yesterday. Just as they dumped Miss An here, the rumour was spread!”

Gu Yunlan creased her brows. Seems like this was thought out carefully beforehand. How unfortunate, even though the fact that the Zhao Family’s lord drunkenly  slept with An Jiaona had spread, nothing actually happened between the two.

“The Gu Family oppresses others? Did you get something wrong? Exactly who is the one bullying the two sisters? The bullying even crossed into the lady’s bedroom. If the marshal was here, would you have dared to do this?” A sharp voice sounded from among the surrounding witnesses.

“The Eldest Miss is still the kindest! If she’d simply shut the gates, troublemakers wouldn’t even have the chance to enter!” A middle aged man exclaimed.

“Mistress Zhao is too malicious, having led so many people to burst in. The Eldest Miss can’t stop them even if she wanted to!” An old lady to the side said mockingly.

“That’s enough Zhao Family! Don’t bully others! Don’t forget who granted you the current peace! Without the Gu Family, how could your Zhao Family hold any power at all?” Gu Family’s Uncle Zu berated, finally down to the last straw.

“Who gave it? We did it ourselves! Our Zhao Family didn’t use any of the Gu Family’s resources! Who asked them to protect the Zhao Family?” Mistress Zhao lifted her chin, looking down her nose disdainfully.

Gu Family’s Uncle Zu wanted to say more, but Gu Yunlan stopped him. She held Uncle Zu back, saying with a smile, “I can agree with you checking her virginity. Except, we need to set a few things straight; if the Family’s little sister is pure, your Zhao Family must leave Gu City! Since you have shown disdain for our Gu Family’s protection, I shall let you leave!”

“And if she’s not a virgin?” Mistress Zhao immediately asked resignedly.

Gu Yunlan hooked up the corners of her mouth, and smiled slightly at her. She said, “Since the Zhao Family doesn’t need our Gu Family’s protection, we shall leave Gu City!”

As she said this, the crowd was shocked. The surrounding witnesses paled instantly. If the Gu Family was to leave, then who would protect them in this war-riddled world? Who didn’t know that the hard-to-come-by good people of the Gu Marshal would never levied taxes on them?

”How can this be okay? It’s better if the Zhao Family leaves the city!” An old lady’s eyes reddened, the Gu Family’s Eldest Miss is such a good person. For the past few years, she’d even sent money to her.

“That’s right! The little Zhao Family actually dared to bully under the Gu Marshal’s nose, they really are tired of living!” 

“I heard the Zhao Family used connections to climb the ranks!”

“Pah! Didn’t they just send a daughter to be the nineteenth mistress of some army officer? What’s there to show off?”

“That’s right! She wasn’t even the one to give birth to the daughter!”

Hearing this, Mistress Zhao was very unhappy. This crowd is just waiting to see who wins. There will always be a day when she will be Madam Zhao!

“Big sis! I’m not worth that…” Hearing the crowd’s comments, An Jiaona’s eyes reddened. She really couldn’t understand; she kept on going against Gu Yunlan, so for what reason would Gu Yunlan be so willing to help her. She was even willing to let go of the Gu Family’s power to restore her reputation…

Gu Yunlan didn’t understand why the person on the bed behind her reached out her hand and tapped her twice. An old granny slowly walked out from behind the crowd of people. Gu Yunlan called out respectfully, “Granny Su!”

“Who’s that? How could she be reliable when she’s so old? Don’t you dare help the Gu Family!” Seeing the crown of white hair, Mistress Zhao flicked her head disregardingly.

“Humph! So disrespectful towards this old granny! You really deserve a beating!” Granny Su held up the walking stick in her hands and walked directly towards Mistress Zhao.

With no time to defend she was instantly left with a red mark. She angrily signaled for her servants to grab Granny Su, lifting her hand, wanting to hit back.

“Enough! Release her!” Gu Yunlan snarled furiously, immediately taking out the pistol by her waist. The pistol’s gunpoint locked dead onto Mistress Zhao. She said coldly, “You dare make a move! Do you believe this young miss won’t shoot you dead?”

“How dare you!?” Mistress Zhao raised her voice as her body trembled.

Gu Yunlan brought the gun closer, “Try it!. If a shot went off by accident, you really can’t blame me! Killing some random person, who would dare criticize me? Don’t forget where you are standing!”

“You! Don’t be so arrogant!” Mistress Zhao pulled back her neck, but fear flashed through her pupils.

Following immediately after, Gu Yunlan nodded towards Granny Su, “Granny Su, please!”

Granny Su turned around and left. Xuanyuan Meng and Xin’er supported the weak An Jiaona, leading her towards the neighboring room.

Only when the three were out of sight did Gu Yunlan put away her pistol. She hooked up the corners of her mouth and said, “Mistress Zhao, do you know exactly who that old granny was?”

“She didn’t have any children so how would we know?” A Miss from among the crowd said as she giggled into her sleeve.

Mistress Zhao fiercely glared at her, then said in a hushed tone, “Who would know some poor old woman?”

“You don’t even know Old Midwife Su? So she really doesn’t plan on having children in the future! Haha!” A man laughed mockingly.

“She even dared to offend Granny Su. Who in Gu City doesn’t know the best midwives in the city are all Granny Su’s students?” A young lady laughed.

“Shut up!” Mistress Zhao immediately choked back, face turning red. Despite what everyone around her says, she doesn’t believe that all the midwives in the city are that old granny’s people!

“Young Miss!” Xin’er walked out from behind the people, and respectfully bowed towards Gu Yunlan and Uncle Zu, “Granny Su says she is still virgin!”

“Where’s Granny Su?” Gu Family’s Uncle Zu asked immediately after breathing a sigh of relief.

“She said that the Zhao Family’s power is too great, Granny Su dares not provoke them, yet cannot hide from them either. So from here on out, the disciples under her will not take any more requests from the Zhao Family!” Xin’er immediately said, bowing respectfully.

Hearing what Xin’er said, Mistress Zhao dropped down on the ground, how can this be? She already made the lord and An Jiaona lay next to each other naked, how could she still be virgin? How can it be possible? Could that person have tricked her?

Gu Yunlan looked at her coldly, and said softly, “Mistress Zhao, we must uphold our promises.”

“You… You dare mess with us! Everyone is watching!” Mistress Zhao, still on the ground, kept on inching backwards.

“Humph! I’ve already told you earlier, the Gu household isn’t something you can randomly play with!” Gu Yunlan had a frosty look as she continued, “Guards! Capture these people! Intrusion on the mansion, ridicule of military power, slandering the Young Miss, kidnapping of the Marshal’s young daughter, and staining the reputation of the Marshal’s youngest daughter! Lock them in prison to await their execution! The rest of the Zhao Family are to be chased out of Gu City! Our Gu Family will not tolerate them!”

Hearing her words, the crowd of witnesses immediately backed out. A squadron of guards swiftly rushed inside and surrounded Mistress Zhao and her people.

Mistress Zhao stared at the dark muzzle of the gun. The offending group’s face color immediately paled as they collapsed on the floor. The ten-some people who didn’t go in yelled angrily. Clearly, the ones who were left outside had already been restrained. With this, her face color paled even more.

How could she not understand that at this moment, she has been clearly marked as the leader. She doesn’t even know how she’d die.

Gu Yunlan waved her hands. Guards standing to the side immediately came out and dragged Mistress Zhao up off the ground, and marched her away…

“Many thanks to Uncle Zu!” Gu Yunlan respectfully acknowledged the Gu Family’s Uncle Zu standing at the side.

“Yunlan! You have been wronged!” Gu Family’s Uncle Zu sighed. He lightly patted her shoulders saying, “No matter how it’s said, Uncle Zu has been standing by your side since the beginning. Look at those dark circles, you must rest after your return. Rest well. Since your father is not home, Gu City is in your hands.”

“En!” Gu Yunlan pursed her lips and nodded. She watched Uncle Zu leave before slowly sitting down. Saying that she isn’t tired would be false. Letting her mind wander, she sat on the ground quietly. Only when footsteps sounded from outside appeared did she snap back to consciousness.

“Yunlan! Are you ok?” Xuanyuan Meng walked in and seeing her absent-minded gazing, she spoke with a worried tone.

Gu Yunlan shook her head, “How is An Jiaona?”

“She’s asleep.” Xuanyuan Meng sat across from her, “Due to the devilish aura in her body, the wounds on her back look even more frightening.”

She looked at Gu Yunlan cautiously “Yunlan! Why do you look so exhausted? Why don’t you head back to shower and rest, just let me take care of the problems.”

Gu Yunlan nodded her head, standing up slowly. Suddenly it felt as if the heaven and earth was spinning, as she collapsed back onto the ground.

“Yunlan!” Xuanyuan Meng stood up with alarm. With a flick of her body, she appeared next to Gu Yunlan. Holding her up, she found Gu Yunlan’s face was deathly pale. Xuanyuan Meng’s pupils flashed worriedly, what’s going on?

Moving very swiftly, she immediately rushed outside. In a few breaths, she had exited the Gu household. She remembered what her big brother had told her; if Yunlan faints, bring her to the small courtyard between the Gu Family’s Ancestral building and let her stay a night. Then she’ll be fine.

She put Gu Yunlan down once she got to the yard. After catching her breath, she let out a sigh of relief. If something were to happen, then big bro would probably tear Xuanyuan Meng apart.

Though the sky gradually darkened, Gu Yunlan did not wake up. In the meantime, Xuanyuan Meng fell into deep sleep , eyes half lidded. At midnight, she felt a little change. She opened her eyes to find something before her that was astonishing.

Moonlight! A beam of moonlight shined on Gu Yunlan’s body. The moonlight held a bit of starlight, which looked like fireflies fluttering all around her body, scattering about her delicate face. The scene was like that of a sleeping goddess. Suddenly, the starlight started to rotate, becoming faster and faster. In the end, it went through her head and through her seven apertures into her body.

Xuanyuan Meng watched, amazed, her mouth gaping wide open. This was her first time seeing someone directly absorb moonlight like this. Those firefly-like yellow spots must be the essence of the moon, right? Seeing her cheeks blushing red, it was no wonder big brother instructed her to take Yunlan here, it really is a great place!

Unwittingly, the moonlight even shrouded her own body. Feeling the warmth and comfort, she drifted off to sleep.

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