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Chapter 6: The Forewarned ‘Smashed Porcelain’

In the carriage, they were just about to leave when Gu Yunlan turned around, and said to the coachman, “Big Brother’s driving skills must be great, otherwise, Luolan wouldn’t have let Big Brother send me…”

“Hehe… You’re too kind! Miss flatters me!” Big Brother Carriage Driver clutched his short hair, his swarthy faced flushed red as he smiled frivolously.

“So if somebody were to be hit, don’t stop the carriage and just run them over!” Gu Yunlan suddenly smiled wickedly at him, then turned to enter the carriage.

“Eh?!” Big Brother Carriage Driver halted in surprise, this…

“What do you mean ‘eh’? This is what my Miss said, hurry up and drive! Don’t you see that it’s almost night? If we wait any longer, it’ll become too dark to see the road!” Xin’er climbed in too, piping in when she saw Big Brother Carriage Driver’s face full of puzzlement.

“Yes!” Big Brother Carriage Driver hurriedly agreed, and even suddenly smiled widely. Just now, that was the great Marshal’s precious daughter talking to him. He yelled happily, “Giddyup!”

The carriage leisurely left the Zi Family’s residence gates, heading towards the bustling streets.

Gu Yunlan leaned lazily inside the carriage, and took out a book. Zi Luolan was very attentive, purposely fixing up the carriage to be this comfortable. The groom had been bribed by other people, but in this life, ha! She looked forward to seeing how this will play out.

“Miss…”  Xin’er sat to the side, considering for a long time. Thinking now, it’s better to save her breath.

“What is it?” Gu Yunlan raised her eyes to glance at her, how come this little girl stammers so much?

“You… You really plan on collaborating with Zi Luolan?” Xin’er said in one breath, then shrinked back after looking at her Miss.

“Of course!” Gu Yunlan nodded her head while still looking at the book, this book is pretty good, “What Zi Luolan said is right; I’ve never been one to be ambitious, a chaotic world doesn’t suit me.”

“But… You also didn’t have to agree with her…” Xin’er looked at her in confusion.

“It’s still early! Who knows what’ll happen in the future?” Gu Yunlan closed her eyes, the Gu Family… While she was talking with Zi Luolan just now, she suddenly remembered something from her past life. While Yangjin was seizing power, Zi Luolan’s troops had already spread around the Yancheng Prefecture. So she changed her motive for collaboration with Zi Luolan to protect Papa and Uncle Zhong’s wellbeing.

“But, Xin’er…” Xin’er was a bit worried, and immediately asked, “Miss! You believe her?”

Gu Yunlan didn’t open her eyes. If she said she believes, would she believe? Even she doesn’t know. In terms of power and wealth, she doesn’t dare to guarantee whether Zi Luolan has an ulterior motive. But, what Zi Luolan had said really is reasonable.

Xin’er looked at her Miss who’s eyes were still closed. Gu Yunlan did not answer, she promptly went silent. If Miss had similar doubts, then what Xin’er could do is protect Miss.

It was quiet inside the carriage for a while, so Xin’er fell asleep in her chair. Suddenly, a commotion started outside the carriage. Gu Yunlan slowly opened her eyes and vaguely smiled.

“Thump!” There was a sound of collision, as if something had hit the carriage and rebounded off, followed by the sound of continuous crying and cursing. The moving carriage could only come to a halt.

The sleeping Xin’er was thrown forward by the jolt and scared awake, “Cripes! Miss! What happened?”

“Nothing’s wrong!” Gu Yunlan listened for the familiar voice outside. The corners of her mouth curved up a little. They really are impatient…

“I’ll go take a look!” Xin’er had already pulled open the curtain while she was talking.

“What’s wrong?” Xin’er maliciously asked the groom outside the curtains.

“That man appeared from who-knows-where and collided with the carriage. I don’t even know how to report this.” The groom’s voice is loud and straightforward. Then, he whispered loudly, “There was obviously no collision! How come they’re laying on the ground? Could this be what Miss had said, the forewarned smashed porcelain?”[1]

Smashed porcelain? Such a unique word choice really is fitting of Zi Luolan’s peculiar taste. Thinking of this, Gu Yunlan pushed aside a corner of the curtain and peered outside.

Not far from the carriage sat two men. It’s them? Gu Yunlan lifted the corners of her mouth. She remembered that that year, these two men had robbed a woman, then that person had come to heroically save the damsel. How come it has been changed now?

Xin’er leapt forward, and jumped right off the carriage. Pointing at the two men, she glowered at them snapping, “You’re courting death, are you alive or dead? If you’re dead, you’ll get money to bury your body. If you’re alive, let our carriage run you over again!”

“Pft!” Gu Yunlan chuckled, this is her first time seeing Xin’er getting angry. This girl has changed a lot since waking up; often sticking close to her, acting more crude, this…


[1]Smashed porcelain is an idiom that refers to when something, or in this case, someone, is harmed on purpose in order to extort money.

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