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Chapter 61: Trouble Has Come to the Door!!!

“Ah! Big Sister!” An Jiaona screeched. She held her head, saying bitterly, “That man was so ugly and wasn’t wearing a single piece of clothing. And… and he even, he held me down… wuwu…”

“Shut it! Do you want me to help or not?” Gu Yunlan knitted her brows and snapped, “Answer me properly!”

An Jiaona was so frightened by Gu Yunlan’s snapping that she stuttered, “Body hurts! Aches! The bed was clean!”

“Then what about your clothing? Were you completely naked?” Gu Yunlan immediately asked.

An Jiaona obediently nodded her head, her eyes very red.

“What about the bed? Was there blood? Did your lower body hurt?”

An Jiaona promptly shook her head.

From this, how could Gu Yunlan not know it- this girl didn’t lose her virginity! The two had only been struck dizzy, stripped of their clothes, and forced together. This isn’t right! Since the girl is still a virgin, Gu Yunlan must find a way to resolve this issue! 

“Then, did you get to see who kidnapped you?” Gu Yunlan asked again.

She shook her head again.

Gu Yunlan nodded and said, “Now, you must remember every word I say!”

Seeing An Jiaona nod obediently, she thought for a moment about how to word it, then said, “When the Zhao Family comes, you must stay in a room. When you hear us opening the courtyard gates, start hanging yourself!”

“Hang myself?” An Jiaona looked at her with fright; she still has to die?

“Let me finish! There’s not much time!” Gu Yunlan glanced at her darkly, then continued, “You will already have hung yourself when we enter the room, and we will rescue you. You’ll have to cover your face and cry bitterly, saying that you don’t want to live anymore! Understand?”

An Jioana immediately nodded. This she can do. As long as she doesn’t actually die, she can guarantee to make it look even more convincing than if it were real.

“Afterwards, you’ll lean on me and wail. If someone were to ask, if the situation calls for it, say that you were kidnapped by the Zhao Family to become a concubine. When you refused, they beat you, riddling your back with scars. Then take off clothes and show them your back!” The corners of Gu Yunlan’s mouth hooked up slightly.

“But… My back doesn’t have any scars!” An Jiaona was completely confused.

“Come in!” Gu Yunlan shouted outside the room. The door was gently pushed open before being closed again.

An Jiaona immediately turned her head to look, and ended up gaping in surprise. She saw Xuanyuan Meng carrying a pan in with her. Inside the pan, several inky bugs were twisting and turning.

Xuanyuan Meng smiled evilly at An Jiaona. “Take off your clothes!”

“No!” An Jiaona stood up and retreated, her red eyes watching Gu Yunlan. She’s actually going to hurt her with those things? She immediately shrieked in terror, “Big Sister, no!”

Gu Yunlan smiled gently. “Be obedient! If you have no scars, then your only choice is to wait for death!”

While An Jioana was hesitating, Xuanyuan Meng easily grabbed her and ripped off her clothing, skillfully guiding her to a chair. With the other hand, she dumped the pan of bugs on her clean back.

An Jiaona’s sudden screams pierced the heavens . 

Gu Yunlan was very satisfied. Only after Xuanyuan Meng helped An Jiaona get dressed as she lay weakly on the desk chair did she say, “The injuries are in place and your pathetic look right now is very fitting. Keep crying. Say that when you refused, they stripped you of your clothing, beat you dizzy, and dumped you onto that old man’s bed. By the time you woke up, you found yourself wrapped in a cotton blanket and being brought back to your maiden home. As for the rest, you should know how it goes, right?”

An Jioana nodded weakly and asked softly, “Big Sister! WIll this really work?”

Gu Yunlan dipped her head and yelled out, “Come in! Help the young miss settle down back in her courtyard!”

Just as she spoke, two sturdy men carrying a stretcher walked in. Xuanyuan Meng carefully laid her down on the stretcher.

As soon as An Jiaona was carried away, Xuanyuan Meng burst out laughing, “Yunlan! You’re so cruel! Seeing her cry so bitterly, my heart overflowed with joy, haha!”

“Enough! Did you have a good rope prepared?” Gu Yunlan glanced over at her. This girl…

“Don’t worry! Everything is prepared; now we just have to wait for her to hang herself!” Xuanyuan Meng picked a bug off the floor, and delicately placed it in the jar. “Look at these precious things! They got to enjoy such a good meal too, so cute!”

“You think those things are cute?!” Gu Yunlan looked at her in astonishment. “Not disgusting?!”

“They’re not disgusting!” Xuanyuan Meng put away the jar and stood up. Just as she sat down, they heard a ruckus at the front gates.

“Didn’t you say your household’s Young Miss is back? Have her come out! Give us an explanation for why that married girl was so dissatisfied and lonely that she resorted to stealing from another’s family!” The lady’s voice boomed from outside.

Gu Yunlan creased her brows slightly. This soon? She hasn’t even been home for six hours. Looks like the mansion has a rat problem! She stood up and walked towards the entrance.

Creak! The group of people making a racket turned to look as soon as the door opened. In wrinkled clothing, a girl slowly emerged from the study room, followed by another person. Both of their outfits were somewhat messy, as if they had rushed back just moments prior.

Even though the two looked to be in a bit of a sorry state, their poor attire was not at all reflected in their delicate facial features. Is that the Gu Family’s Young Miss? The crowd stood staring in a daze.

“What’s going on? This young miss was not here for mere days, yet came back to find the house in such a mess? You think you can enter just because you want to? You think anyone can do as they please! Where are the guards?” Gu Yunlan walked out expressionlessly. She took the initiative to shout over them. These people really think the Marshal’s household is so easy to devour?

Just as her voice fell, a pair of loyal guards rounded up the rioting crowds, pointing guns straight at them.

The crowd shook, every one of them turning their heads to the Mistress.

Amongst the crowd, a woman aged thirty or older was at the head, the rest of the people stood  sweating profusely. She could guess they were definitely here to make trouble!

Gu Yunlan took a glance; Uncle Zu stood to the side silently, and Xin’er signaled with her hands from behind the crowd. Yunlan dipped her head in approval.

“Mistress Zhao! You only said we had to watch. You didn’t say going to the Marshal’s household would be so dangerous!” A man with a sharp mouth and monkey cheeks shrieked out, clearly frightened by the situation.

“Everything’s alright! We’ll just hold our ground!” That Mistress Zhao quickly calmed the crowds before turning to look at Gu Yunlan. She remembered the Gu Family’s Young Miss’ personality, although pampered, was also rather naive. With that in mind, she said, “You are the Gu Family’s Young Miss? Your family’s little sister wasn’t even married a week before committing adultery, and it was my family’s husband! Shouldn’t you give us an explanation?”

Gu Yunlan’s eyes skipped over her, directly to outside the door. The entrance was completely surrounded by locals. She couldn’t help but hook up the corners of her mouth. Not bad, their public relations are not bad! Since they found so many people to bear witness, she’ll have them all regret coming to the mansion. Do they really think she’s so easy to push around?

She retracted her gaze and looked down upon them, saying coldly, “What explanation?”

“Your Marshal household cannot abuse your position to bully the weak! You must sentence that criminal to death!” That Mistress shrieked as she pointed at her.

Suddenly a figure flashed into their sights. With the sound of a “crack!” Zhao Mistress’ screams echoed.

Gu Yunlan did not move as she coldly looked at the crowd, “This Young Miss hates disrespectful people the most. Next time someone dares to point their finger at me, it will be their neck that‘s broken!”

“Crack!” Xuanyuan Meng forcefully twisted her elbow again, and Zhao Mistress once again screamed miserably. The crowd nearby immediately started sweating, internally celebrating that they did not say anything. To think the Eldest Miss would be so fierce!

Xuanyuan Meng leaned in close to Zhao Mistress’s ear and said quietly, “Bullying the weak? Now this is truly called bullying the weak!”

Xin’er slowly walked up from behind the crowd and said, “Our Young Miss is benevolent. If those two truly committed adultery, she will definitely give everyone an explanation. But if they didn’t…”

Xin’er looked around at everyone and continued, “If they didn’t, you all will have to pay up. My family’s Young Miss only just arrived home and barely managed to rest before being disturbed by you lot. Her temperament isn’t very good right now, so if you push her, I can only pray you can withstand her fury!”

Hearing Xin’er’s words, the surrounding crowd, even those outside, shrank. What Gu Yunlan just did caused everyone’s hearts to tremble.

“There’s no need to be afraid! There are limits on how much the Gu Family can flex their power and twist their words, right? Her younger sister broke the law. With someone like that, the Gu Family still…” That Zhao Mistress’ crowd flinched, immediately turning to shut their eyes. With that one slip of her tongue, Xuanyuan Meng slipped her hand around her neck. She immediately choked on her words.

“Right! The Gu Family’s younger miss married not too long ago, yet still slept with someone else’s husband… in their bed! Has she no sense of shame?!” Little Si, who stood to the side, received a glare from the mistress and immediately stuttered.

“Oh? You say that our Family’s Young Miss slept with your family’s husband? How can that be?” Gu Yunlan slightly creased her brows as if it was the first she heard of this. She directed the question towards Xin’er.

Xin’er instantly came to her side and said loud enough so everyone could hear, “Young Miss! This servant also doesn’t know what’s going on. Yesterday, this group of people was making a racket outside the household, saying that the Second Miss committed adultery. Since the Young Miss wasn’t home, I didn’t dare make a rash decision. Only after seeing the Second Miss wrapped up was I forced to let them send the younger miss in. Who knew that they would dare tear open the blankets, letting the Second Miss’ precious body be fully exposed in a public area, while yapping that the Second Miss committed adultery? Perhaps they noticed that the Lord and Uncle aren’t here and came to bully you two sisters. Even dared to kidnap the Second Miss for that purpose…”

Xin’er’s words stunned the crowd below. What she said wasn’t wrong; they really did do that yesterday. However, something about this was strange.

“Oh?” Gu Yunlan was satisfied by Xin’er’s performance. She raised her brows. “So basically, you’re saying my little sister did commit adultery? Where’s the evidence?”

“Evidence? My family’s husband is the evidence!” Zhao Mistress stuck out her neck. “Our lord said she was the one who seduced him! That whore dared commit adultery. So shameless!

Xuanyuan Meng’s voice rose by her ear, saying coldly, “If you have the courage, say it again! Who’s the whore?”

Not daring to continue, Zhao Mistress shrunk back her neck shrunk. She could only pleadingly look at the old man standing silently to the side.

The old man looked helpless, softly sighing twice before stepping forward. “Yunlan! Our Zhao Family has truly acted unreasonably by intruding on the Marshal’s household. We only seek confirmation. Your Gu Family’s sisters still have some reputation to uphold. So let us look upon Elder Zu and allow us to confront you! If we are mistaken, then we shall face our punishment?”

“Uncle Zu!” Gu Yunlan called out respectfully, “Father is not home and fellow countrymen shouldn’t bully us sisters. I will comply with your pleas. For our Gu Family’s reputation, we can allow the confrontation. However, if it’s not as you say, don’t forget that the marshal laws are ruthless! If you turn back now, this Young Miss can grant you amnesty!”

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