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Chapter 4: A Housekeeper’s Fate

“You’re an undead[1]!” Gu Yunlan covered her mouth in alarm. Damn it! Why is she still unable to change her outspoken shortcomings from her past life? He is actually her savior! There was this phrase that went something like; One who was capable of saving somebody is equally capable of killing them…

“Undead?” Xuanyuan Ying was shocked at first, then laughed at her amusing reaction, “How could it be? How can a senior such as myself be such a lowborn creature?”

“Then…” Gu Yunlan still couldn’t suppress the curiosity in her heart. She wanted to ask more questions.

“Are you sure you want to continue this conversation?” Xuanyuan Ying raised his head and looked pointedly at the sky.

“Oh no! I bet Xin’er will panic if she can’t find me later. ” Gu Yunlan stood up abruptly. She had already repaid her gratitude; Staying any longer would be pranking that wretched man to death, “What about you?”

“This senior will heal himself first then find you once it’s done. I will clear your doubts for you at that time…” Xuanyuan Ying said softly as he leaned closer to her. He found it amusing that she would shrink back. With a flash of his pupils, his figure turned into black mist and disappeared into the well.

Only now did Gu Yunlan breathe out a sigh of relief. Except for the first glance at his good looks that stupefied her, she hadn’t dared to look anymore. A drought demon, that’s a creature found in legends. She didn’t expect that her courage has grown to such an extent after reincarnating…

“Miss! Miss!” At the household’s door, a girl wearing a silk dress and dressed up as a maid was currently peering around anxiously. Suddenly, she noticed a certain woman draped in a fur coat walking unhurriedly towards her. Her heart lifted in happiness as she rushed towards her.

“What happened?” Gu Yunlan smiled towards her, looking a bit feeble, “Has Papa come back?”

“No, it will take the Marshal about five days to return!” Seeing the somewhat exhausted complexion on her Young Miss, she hurriedly supported her Miss with her hands and said in a scolding tone, “Miss, your face looks terrible. You went outside again?”

“No worries, I’ll be fine after a rest. Something dropped here while I was offering sacrifices to the ancestors yesterday, I just went over to take a look!” Gu Yunlan said, lifting the corners of her mouth like she’d been doing before. She remembers now; After she had come of age, Papa had gone north to discuss an alliance between warlords. It was also during these few days that she met that duo of a man and a woman…

“Is there really a need for Miss to personally go when there are so many servants around?” Xin’er supported her into the residence, and immediately instructed the servants near the doorway, “Quickly ready some hot water, as well as the soup that had been brewed for the Miss this afternoon!”

“You’re resembling a nanny more and more!” Gu Yunlan looked at her amusingly. Xin’er had a mild temper and liked to act coquettishly, but she was also very loyal. She remembered that in her previous reincarnation, the one Xin’er had married was… That’s right! It was the relative of that scûm! But in this life… hmph!

“Miss…” Xin’er didn’t act shy nor spoiled like she usually did. She lowered her head and supported Gu Yunlan while saying, “Miss, Xin’er is willing to play the nanny and I’m willing to spend my entire life to stand by Miss’s side to protect her. Nobody would even think about bullying Miss!”

Gu Yunlan was startled and looked towards Xin’er. How could this girl have such a thought? Didn’t she only know how to be either bashful or angry?

Xin’er noticed Gu Yunlan gazing at her. Her heart skipped a beat, she suddenly put on a lovable smile saying, “Miss! Xin’er is not the least bit interested in being a nanny! Xin’er merely wants to become the Majordomo in Missus’ household! Just like what the Zi Family Miss’s Chief Steward is doing, I want to protect Miss like that as well!”

“Yesterday, who was the person who said that the Zi Family’s Miss was no good?” Gu Yunlan smiled, drawing back her gaze. Because of the effect from receiving Xuan Yuanying’s blood, she could actually clearly feel the grief and anger Xin’er felt in her heart, this is Xin’er…

“Miss!” Xin’er complained, dragging out her voice.

“Look! Tch, tch!” Gu Yunlan massaged her forehead. She was so full of spirit originally, however she suddenly felt somewhat exhausted, “Let’s go inside!”

“Miss! Rinse yourself in the pool, eat a proper meal, then sleep soundly! Tomorrow you’ll be lively again!” Xin’er helped her into the room.

“You’re getting more and more fussy…” Gu Yunlan patted her, then left her behind to run towards the dining hall, “This Miss here is dying of hunger!”

“Miss! You’re bullying Xin’er again!” Xin’er stamped her foot and chased after her.

Indeed, it was like what Xin’er had said. After eating her fill, and taking a satisfying bath, the sleep she experienced was also peaceful. Tonight was the soundest sleep she had had since her escape in her previous life half a month ago.

Within her dreams, she saw her Papa smiling and saying, “Yun’er, wait obediently for Papa to come home.”


[1] Literally zombie, and vampire makes more sense but Boss likes undead better. It could also be referring to the Chinese zombie

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