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Chapter 17

This was wanting to put on a play without a lower limit?

Fang Jingxing couldn’t help chuckling.

Excluding his desire to sign this person, he discovered a unique joy in playing the game with this boy.

He dodged to the side and warned, “I am the only one who can help you get pants.”

“No need for you.” Jiang Chen said, “I can buy fashion costumes.”

There were a lot of costumes within the mall.

Once a fashion costume was worn, it would cover up the original clothes. Also, no one would know that he was not wearing pants.

Fang Jingxing was hit by a move, but he quickly recovered. Free and unconstrained, he avoided the next round of attacks and said, “You’re less one equipment piece and cannot defeat me.”

Jiang Chen said, “Do you dare to naked-P?”

Fang Jingxing knew he was depressed because of the hidden plot and smiled, saying, “Come.”

This so-called naked-P was giving up on the advantage of equipment and relying solely on skill to PK.

Jiang Chen turned off vendetta and stripped out of his shirt and shoes.

Fang Jingxing  stripped down as well. He was just about to send a PK invite when he suddenly heard noisy footsteps approach closer. Immediately after, a group of people rushed onto the riverbank.

There were fewer players in the morning, but that was also only relatively speaking.

At present, seven gangs wanted to recruit them. Each were existences that called the wind and summoned the rain in previous servers. They all had a fixed member base. Also, the “Seal Master + Master of Darkness” combo was extremely noticeable nowadays. Many people saw them leave the territory.

Several large gangs had people staying at the horse relay station. Who would have thought that not even a shadow was seen despite waiting and waiting?

They surmised those two players had most likely not walked in the direction of the horse relay station. Recalling what the bosses had said last night about the hidden plot’s location, it was probably not at the main palace hall. They then began gathering members to search for the two, quickly finding themselves at Glazed Light River. Someone said there appeared to be shadowy figures on the riverbank, so they hastily came over.

As a result, they saw the two take off their clothes, until only the initial default underpants remained, and stood face to face.

Jiang Chen: “……”

Fang Jingxing: “……”

The crowd of players: “……”

A deathly stillness again suffocated the riverside for a spell.

The crowd of players sincerely said, “Sorry for disturbing you.”

Stripping naked because they wanted to swim? That wasn’t necessary.

Everyone thought, so they should be together, right?

In the full light of day, clear skies, this was wanting to put on a play without a lower limit?

Was it possible that they wanted to record a small outdoor video of love?

Yeah……could play, could play.

Everyone uniformly turned around and walked back, taking a few steps. The seven gangs’ backbones really did not want to miss such an opportunity, however, and turned around again to come back, asking, “We have something we want to discuss with you about; when will it be convenient for the two of you?”

Implication: when will the two of you finish this sort of play?

Jiang Chen’s mood was poor, so he did not want to speak.

Fang Jingxing thought about putting the mage robe on, but he thought better of it — if he wore it, the mood of a certain unclothed person would perhaps be even worse. Choosing between “be surrounded and watched” and “Seal Master,” he chose the latter and said, “If you want to pull us in, there’s no use discussing. We will join a gang soon.”

The members of the seven gangs were shocked simultaneously.

Who started so early! Could it be those people they had hit an instance with yesterday?

Someone couldn’t help asking, “May I ask which gang?”

Fang Jingxing said, “Scholar Escape (儒逸 rúyì).”

Everyone was silent.

Unexpectedly, it was As One Wishes (如意 rúyì).

If it were any other gang, they would have still used gang benefits to fight, but it was precisely As One Wishes.

Scholar Escape was established by a pair of brothers; “Scholar (儒 rú)” and “Escape (逸 yì)” were derived from parts of each of their names.

This pair of brothers came from a rich second generation background and had plenty of money. The benefits of their gang were exceptionally good. Moreover, their network was vast. The majority of the popular anchors in Dawnstar Reflecting Fate were all in Scholar Escape. And since the gang’s name was homophonic with “As One Wishes,” they were generally called “As One Wishes (如意 rúyì).”

This gang, As One Wishes, was not like theirs. It was a gang established for those of the first echelon to play with their lives and level or recruited experts from all walks of life. Even entering As One Wishes was a bit difficult. After all, there were several anchors that joined; if people were accepted at random, then the gang would explode with fans squeezing in within minutes.

Thus, the gang As One Wishes was not as large as the seven big gangs, and the contributions of the gang members were also not as rigidly required. It basically embodied its gang manifesto: Joining our gang, do as one wishes.

But if someone wanted to say As One Wishes had no ambition, that was also inaccurate.

Even if those anchors were excluded, their gang also had experts who were currently also within the first echelon, experts who once blew through each ranking list with foul wind and bloody rain[1] left in their wake — those brilliant, famous masters.

In short, although the gang As One Wishes appeared like a sheet of loose sand[2] and full of salted fish,[3] they were actually an existence that could not be provoked rashly. Whoever touched them had bad luck.

The Burning Sky gang leader was woken up by a call from his subordinate and had personally come.

He was still somewhat unresigned and said, “If you join As One Wishes, when you hit a 50-person large instance, you probably won’t be able to call up enough people.”

The members of the other gangs heard what was said and saw a point to cut into. One after another, they echoed in agreement.

“People of their gang are all very individualistic. Many experts do not like hitting instances.”

“Don’t look at the several anchors they have, but those anchors all have to live broadcast. It is very unlikely they will take you to play.”

“Our gangs also have anchors, and they like carrying people.”

“Come to our gang; when you hit instances, hit the arena, or the bounty wall, you can call for people at any time.”

Fang Jingxing smiled and said, “Your good intentions have been received, but we have already decided.”

The members of those big gangs did not force it.

They did not know these two’s strengths. For the most part, they wanted to recruit these two because of the hidden plot, but the bosses would sooner or later dig up the hidden plot. Hitting it earlier or later was the same, so they were also not too regretful.

Only the Burning Sky gang leader was quite begrudging and said, “Add as friends; if your plans change later on, or if you become uncomfortable in As One Wishes, you are welcome to contact me at any time.”

The members of the other gangs also said, “Right, right, right, add as friends.”

Fang Jingxing opened up the friends interface and accepted their applications.

Jiang Chen processed their impromptu comedic opera performance; a breath of air passed, and he added them as well.

Everyone said, “Then we will disturb you no longer. Talk to you later.”

After they said this, they hastily ran away, to avoid being too slow and seeing something they should not see.

The remaining two people looked at each other. Fang Jingxing smiled and said, “Still PK?”

Jiang Chen said, “Forget about it.”

He perused the mall and chose the simplest fashion set.

He still wore a white shirt on his upper body, and a pair of military pants was paired with it. With military boots and gold-framed eyeglasses, the originally refined look instantly became penetrated with wild nature.

Fang Jingxing sized him up and felt the set was very harmonious. He praised, “Very beautiful.”

Jiang Chen said, “Let’s go.”

The two of them returned to the Devil territory and headed straight for the small town’s shop. After buying an assortment of things and profession-related equipment pieces, they left the town once more.

Midway, they found people shadowing them, so they first walked to a distant place until they completely shook off the tail. They found a secluded area. This place had a slight concave arc, and the riverside vegetation just happened to obstruct them.

The people tracking them looked for a long time but ended up empty-handed.

“What’s the situation, no one saw them enter the woods?”

“Did they swim to the opposite bank?”

“Maybe they entered the plot?”

“En, possibly!”

They sent the news back to the gang, and the people who had seen a certain scene were silent for a moment, feeling shocked.

Could it be that what those two were doing just now was not erotic, but rather a hidden task?

This matter was instantly posted on the forum by them.

Bosses of each server were all waiting for the latest progress; having heard what was said, fierce discussions unfolded.

“It makes sense; they are lovers. Yesterday, they probably wanted to play without a lower limit and accidentally triggered a hidden plot!”

“Right, because it was too sudden, they failed and were sent back to the main palace hall’s refresh point.”

“This mission’s failure should have dropped them a level, so they went to hit an instance yesterday not because they wanted to hit the hidden plot, but because their level was not enough ah!”

“Right, makes sense!”

“Boss 666!”

Thereupon, the players who surpassed Level 35 in the ten servers made a beeline for Glazed Light River. They quickly stripped their clothes off and began trying to find the hidden plot.

The criminal leaders, the main offenders, were currently in the middle of testing and had tried it all once through, arriving at a few conclusions.

Players could only throw in their own profession-related equipment, causing the girl to come out.

Throwing in shoes and an upper garment would have her throw it back. The difference was whether she said the line “polluting the river water.”

Throwing in pants, or if Fang Jingxing threw in his mage robe — if there were still clothes on their bodies — would have her throw it back; if there weren’t, she would bashfully dive back into the river, without there being time to throw the pants or mage robe back to them.

And to narrow down these possibilities, the other things are thrown in, resulting in no activity.

The two of them sat together and fished. They wanted to test if the things they threw in could be fished back, chatting in the meantime.

Generally, with the main story, all players needed to do was chat with NPCs and receive the mission after.

Hidden plots also had a storyline and complied with the same rules, but they could not establish an effective dialogue with the girl.

Fang Jingxing said, “We’re definitely missing a condition.”

Jiang Chen voiced an “En” and raised his fishing rod, taking the initiative to fish up a treasure chest.

Jiang Chen: “……”

Fang Jingxing: “……”

Fang Jingxing immediately looked over, wanting to know what he would open up this time.

Captain Jiang’s face was expressionless, thinking to himself that he could not get broken shoes every time. He then reached out to open it, discovering a pair of patched up, ragged pants. The color was still black, and it was more or less what a Seal Master ordinarily wore.

Jiang Chen: “……”

Who were you mocking?

He saw a certain thing smirk once again and tossed the pants at the other’s face. He got up and walked away. He no longer wanted to fish. In any case, they were missing a condition, so continuing to stay was also useless.

Fang Jingxing laughed and caught up to him, accompanying him back in the direction of the main road. After winding back over there, a raise of his head allowed him to see shining white flesh by the riverside. There were even some using the system’s dance actions — an extremely spicy vision.

Jiang Chen: “……”

Fang Jingxing: “……”

A moment later, a message topped the channel.

[Loudspeaker] Lost: Those two motherfuckers indulging in virtueless acts have finally shown themselves aaahhh!

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The author has something to say:

Thanking everyone for their overlord tickets and nutrient solutions, muah~


[1] foul wind and bloody rain: carnage, describes a reign of terror

[2] a sheet of loose sand: unable to cooperate

[3] salted fish: 咸鱼 (xiányú), or “salted fish.” In Cantonese, a salted fish is a metaphor for a corpse, but can now mean people who have no intention of doing anything.

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