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Chapter 16

A deathly stillness suffocated the riverside for a spell.

Three days after the servers launched, one of the hidden plots was actually activated.

What dog-blood, what who chased who, what betting ring; all of this was totally not important!

[World] Park Garden: Hidden plotline aaahhh!

[World] Isatis Root: Who saw them, where?

[World] Autumn Light On The Way Back: The first report came in. Near the main palace hall in the Demon territory!

[World] Thirty Thirty Black Jade: So theoretically, the hidden plot could also be activated near the main palace hall of our Supernatural race?

[World] White Weasel: Not necessarily, what if only the Demon territory has it?

[World] Lacking Overflow: So after reaching Level 35, the Human race and Supernatural race can go to the Demon territory and activate it?

[World] Hands On Waist: Aaahhh why didn’t I choose the Demon race?!

[World] Roadwest: What does the hidden plot look like?

[World] Glorious Dark: Breeze is still, waves are quiet. Completely could not see the hidden plot appearance.

[World] Defending Wind Moves South: Perhaps it’s because they failed too fast?

Burning Sky Gang’s voice channel was also discussing this matter.

The gang leader asked, “Were you on the scene at that time?”

The party of eight said, “Not present.”

The gang leader asked, “Didn’t I have you go find him?”

The party felt powerless. “Did not find ah.”

Although the world channel became crazier than before, the two of them were together, so the players grasped a certain degree of intensity. They only clamored idly and did not send coordinates out to stand and watch.

They asked in the channel, but no one told them. Perhaps because those two received too many messages, they closed the stranger chat and add friend functions. If they wanted to find the other party, they could only stroll around everywhere.

Within the territory were one main palace hall and three small towns. All four areas were surrounded completely by wild areas, not to mention the mountains, lakes, rivers, and so on. The territory was honestly too big.

Since it was unclear when World Annihilation would reach Level 35, they left two people behind at the horse relay station, while the remaining six people separated to find them. The gang members actually helped offer clues, but they were too unlucky. Just as the member sent them the message, they had to look on helplessly as those two entered the small town’s teleportation formation. After that, they lost the trail.

They also called out to the other party on the loudspeaker, but those people paid no heed.

The gang leader said, “Didn’t you see the world channel? They’re near the main palace hall.”

The party was somewhat hesitant. “Gang leader, because we are looking for him at the moment, won’t he think we are pulling him in to rush toward the hidden plot?”

The gang leader said, “Didn’t you send a loudspeaker? Hand over the screenshots and show it to him, proof we previously wanted to pull him in.”

His judgment was indeed correct.

During these three days, World Annihilation’s movements were larger than the last. Looking at this behavior style, he was afraid that later, this would most likely not dwindle. This player would absolutely become an influential figure within the server.

He said, “You all pay special attention. Right now, it is not only us. I reckon those other gangs are also staring at him……like this, if you find him first, don’t talk with him. Stare at him closely; I will personally speak with him.”

Because of the monster snatching business, the party felt a bit awkward about looking for World Annihilation.

Now that they did not need to talk to him, they were instantly happy and headed to the main palace hall with joy and diligence.

Meanwhile, this matter was posted on the forum, and the rest of the nine servers were shaken.

Thereupon, this evening, the Demon territory in all nine servers, without exception, overflowed — hu-la-la [1]with bosses from the first echelon, including some from Supernaturals. Newcomers in the territory did not understand why they suddenly saw other races. They almost thought they wanted to join hands to attack the Demon race.

Dawnstar Reflecting Fate’s players, on the other hand, knew the reason.

However, they had turned the area by the main palace hall upside-down but could not find any clues relating to the hidden plot.

People climbed the huge rattan tree, crossed the lake to the isle within, harassed the NPCs, and even groped the statues within the plaza one by one, all the way through……suddenly, they realized the persons involved were nowhere to be found.

[Loudspeaker] Weak Dog Good At Barking: Who’s seen World Annihilation?

[Loudspeaker] Grief Transformed Crane: Who was the one that said they were at the main palace hall, was it a liar?

[Loudspeaker] Autumn Light On The Way Back: It’s me. At that time, many people saw; if you don’t believe, you can ask ah.

[Loudspeaker] For Islet: Did they enter the plot again?

[Loudspeaker] Weak Dog Good At Barking: @World Annihilation, boss, where are you guys?

Burning Sky’s gang leader had long known they were not at the main palace hall; his subordinates had followed World Annihilation all the way to the teleportation formation before losing track of them.

He really did not understand. “He’s not hitting the hidden plot? What is he doing, running off elsewhere?”

The party remained silent, even more uncomprehending.

At this time, the persons involved were hitting an instance.

They had fallen back to Level 34, so they could only level up again.

In order to get a lot of experience, they hit a ten-person instance.

The two of them found a field team. The party leader was a veteran player, who was gesturing and telling the newcomers what to do. When he suddenly saw these two come over, he was stunned instantly. Hearing they wanted to hit an instance, his hand shook as he added them to the party.

Fang Jingxing glanced through the list of members. With a smile, he asked, “We want to hit it fast; I’ll take command, okay?” 

The party leader considerately sold them face[2] and said with delight, “Okay.”

Fang Jingxing said, “Let’s go.”

The party leader said, “There are only seven people.”

Fang Jingxing said, “Enough.”

The group of people headed to the instance.

The party leader knew how large their reputation was, but doubt about their strength still existed. As a result, when they entered, they saw the two’s firepower push forward through all the mobs, shocking them instantly. The several newcomers were even more affected by the atmosphere and did not dare to breathe, obediently listening to all orders.

Just as they killed the first boss, the channel was brushed, and everyone was calling out for them.

The two bosses paid them no mind and continued to fight monsters. A moment later, a loudspeaker rose up.

[Loudspeaker] Love To Eat Hotpot: Reliable news, they’re hitting an instance.

[World] Isatis Root: ???

[World] Makeupless Daoist Immortal: ???

[World] Weak Dog Good At Barking: Hitting an instance?

[World] Haha Machine: What kind of operation is hitting an instance?

They were practically gnawing on the turf outside the main palace hall, but these two were actually hitting an instance?

Was the hidden plot not appetizing?!

Inside the instance, the party leader also exploded. “Who sent the information to outsiders?”

The newcomers shook their heads one after another, all saying it was not them.

Jiang Chen said, “It doesn’t matter, hit fast.”

In response, the party leader did not argue again and rapidly pushed down the boss under the Master of Darkness’ command.

After they obtained their share of the items, they left the instance. Jiang Chen had long been urged by the AIs, so he simply called out to Fang Jingxing and went offline on the spot.

Party Leader: “……”

Newcomers: “……”

Immediately going offline, so this really was just to hit the instance?

A minute later, those people who were just making explosive allegations appeared again.

[Loudspeaker] Love To Eat Hotpot: Latest news, World Annihilation went offline to sleep.

[World] Two One: ……

[World] Talk With A Gentle Smile: ……

[World] Attending To The Brilliancy of Songs: ……

[World] Weak Dog Good At Barking: ……fuck!

[World] Isatis Root: I searched; he really is not online.

[World] Uncle Is Here: Is a Wolf Annihilator[3] [smoke]

The bosses within the other nine servers were all waiting for news.

They turned over the entire main palace hall within the Demon territory but discovered nothing. Some bosses brought up the fact that the main palace hall had a refresh point, so maybe the hidden plot’s location was not here. As it turned out, they were simply thrown away.

Not long after these words were spoken, they found out those two were hitting an instance. They guessed things that exploded within the instance might have some use in the hidden plot, so after a round of discussion, they waited for new movement after the two came out. And then……they heard one of those two went to sleep.

Bosses of the nine servers: “……”

That’s a hidden plot ah, but you just hit an instance and then went to sleep?

Was this still a motherfucking person?

They hastily asked, “What about the other one?”

Players of Dawnstar Reflecting Fate said, “Also……also went to hit an instance.”

Bosses: “……”

Fuck, what pot matched what lid!

At this moment, Fang Jingxing stood within the instance, encircled by a group of his friends and relatives.

Tonight, the group of friends and relatives had all scattered in advance to find him and inquire about the situation.

Fang Jingxing said with a smile, “It was him who triggered it; I need to ask for his opinion.”

The group of friends and relatives: “Give a hint.”

Fang Jingxing reflected for two seconds. “First, luck cannot be too good.”

He mulled over a certain person’s motive for throwing the shoes and laughed, saying, “For example, when fishing up a treasure chest, opening it reveals a broken shoe within.”

The group of friends and relatives: “……”

This was called not too good?

This was definitely at the level of a black hand,[4] okay?!

Fang Jingxing said, “Secondly, you have to suspect that this is not your fault.”

The group of friends and relatives: “……Then whose fault could it be?”

Fang Jingxing laughed. “God knows who.”

The group of friends and relatives were well acquainted with his urinary nature.[5] Hearing nothing that would be useful, they decided to wait for news first.

Fang Jingxing did not play until midnight tonight and went offline early. He happily went to sleep. After waking up and eating breakfast, he went online and met up with the Seal Master.

The two of them left the Demon territory and arrived at Glazed Light River.

Fang Jingxing handed over the shoes from yesterday to him. Jiang Chen received the pair and tossed them down.

They saw the surface of the river churn and a familiar-looking girl emerge once again.

The two of them turned around and ran. Immediately after, a huge explosive wave returned them to the main palace hall once more.

One good thing was that this time, regardless of whether they triggered it or failed it, there was no announcement.

They speculated that it might only be for the first time, but they guarded against the unexpected. It was still Jiang Chen who threw the shoe. After all, last time his name was first. If it was suddenly switched to Fang Jingxing, this bastard system might unexpectedly send out another round of death announcements.

The two of them trained back up to Level 35 and then went to toss the shoe again. Again, they were sent back to the Demon territory.

On the third trip, they at last fully understood the girl’s attack range.

The two men stood on the shore, staring at the girl.

The girl snorted coldly and tossed the shoe on the ground before leaving.

Fang Jingxing saw that she had not said anything else and knew that avoiding the attack did not trigger the plot. Smiling exasperatedly, he said, “She can’t hit us from this distance, but we also cannot hit her.”

Jiang Chen said, “An archer can.”

Fang Jingxing replied, “But since she cannot reach us, she might immediately leave.”

Jiang Chen voiced an “En.”

Fang Jingxing stroked his chin. “Maybe we threw the wrong thing?”

Jiang Chen thought it over and fished out a copper coin. He threw it into the river, but nothing happened.

He opened up his bag and tossed in some weapons and equipment. Nothing happened still. He remained silent for two seconds before taking off his shirt.

Because he had just thrown away all the equipment for other professions, apart from a pair of unnecessary shoes for a Seal Master, he had nothing extra and could only toss what he wore.

He wanted to test whether it had to be something from a specific profession that could make the girl appear.

He watched the shirt sink into the water. Sure enough, the girl appeared once again.

She rushed over to the shirt and tossed it back at him. Discovering she could not hit them, she turned away and left.

Their eyes brightened. This time, she did not say the line “polluting the river water!”

Jiang Chen once again changed out of his pants, stretched out his hand, and tossed it down. 

A moment later, the girl appeared once again. She raised the pair of pants. “Who’s such a bastard?!”

She jumped out of the water and saw the Seal Master standing on the shore, wearing a shirt on top but being bare on the lower half. Covering her face and screaming, “Ya!,” she hastily jumped back into the water.

The pants were not returned to him.

Jiang Chen: “……”

Fang Jingxing: “……”

A deathly stillness suffocated the riverside for a spell.

Fang Jingxing looked at the person next to him, coughed, and did his utmost to suppress his laughter. “Do you have more in reserve?”

Jiang Chen said, a cold breeze brushing against him, “What do you think?”

As long as he had another item in reserve, he would not have taken that article off his body.

Fang Jingxing immediately broke, laughter bubbling out.

Jiang Chen kicked him out of the party with a chilly face and opened vendetta.

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The author has something to say:

Thanking everyone for their overlord tickets and nutrient solutions, muah~


[1] hu-la-la: sfx, flapping sound

[2] face: a cultural concept that represents a mixture of respect, reputation, dignity, and honor.

[3] (狼灭) slang that is an upgraded version of (是个狼人 | is a wolf person), but still means a ruthless person

[4] black hand: extremely unlucky, murphy’s law loves you (origins are racist so not going to explain this slang)

[5] urinary nature: Northeastern dialect slang (尿性 | niào·xing; suī·xing); describes a person with a distinct personality/character/temper. Could be stretched to mean “awesome,” but it is often derogatory in a joking tone

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