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Chapter 15

This bullshit system was inhumane.

Fang Jingxing did not believe him, as expected as a matter of course.

Before knowing his identity, in order to obfuscate the other, Fang Jingxing called him brother. When asking for the other’s age, he naturally said 18, and then later changed it to 19 because his birthday passed. If it was truly a lie, he did not need to change it once.

And after knowing his identity, he was not willing to hear him call out brother, so he began making him call out uncle. This clearly meant the other still found him displeasing to look at.

He smiled helplessly. “Then how old are you?”

Jiang Chen froze for a moment.

He thought about his current peak attractiveness and slightly resisted using his theoretical age, so he said, “In any case, older than you.”

Fang Jingxing nodded and very cooperatively voiced an “Oh.”

Jiang Chen knew he did not believe but did not say more. After all, he had signed a non-disclosure agreement.

In the morning, the two fought yet wished to continue, but in the afternoon, they did not intend to fight.

Because their low levels definitely set limitations, it was not particularly satisfying to fight. They both wanted to reach max level as quickly as possible and then return to the shore.

Fang Jingxing suddenly recalled something. “Right, in the closed beta, why did you not go online for a while?”

Jiang Chen said, “Had a surgery.”

Fang Jingxing’s footsteps paused. “Are you all right?”

Jiang Chen said, “En.”

Fang Jingxing felt relieved. After seeing they just happened to be near the refresh point by the main palace hall, he said, “Let’s clear the main story quest.”

He explained, “The virtual reality edition added several hidden instances and plots. The rewards are very abundant. In the closed beta, they only found one. It was linked to the main story. The rest were left untouched. Perhaps some are stand-alone plots. Perhaps some more are linked to the main story. In short, there is no harm in clearing it.”

Jiang Chen did not care.

Based on his current luck nowadays, those hidden rewards were simply insulated from him.

Fang Jingxing walked two steps then turned his head back to look at the other. “Going?”

Jiang Chen said, “Go.”

His luck was lacking, but this thing’s luck seemed to still be very good. He could follow along to fight.

Completing quests were time-consuming and required much effort. The two of them ran around all afternoon without being able to clear it fully.

Fang Jingxing saw a certain person speak less and less and knew the other’s patience had been exhausted. He smiled and placated, “In the evening, we can finish clearing it. At that time, we can leave the territory.”

In a normal game, Level 10 players could leave the novice village.

Wandering Dream was different, however. In Wandering Dream, each territory covered a very last area. The five-person small instances and two ten-person instances were also very troublesome, so players must reach Level 35 before they could leave. They were now at Level 32. After completing the main story quest in the evening, they would ascend to Level 35.

Jiang Chen secretly thought, much faster than how he leveled in the closed beta.

Back then, he was not very familiar with the territory. Moreover, his time was more limited. It was also too miserable playing alone, so he had no motivation to play. It had taken many days on a bumpy road to fight to Level 35.

Who would have thought that in the official server, that could be accomplished in just three days?

Thinking like this, he felt at ease.

The two went offline to eat and reassembled in the evening.

When Jiang Chen went online, a flood of message beeps surged forth, bubbling crazily.

On the side, Fang Jingxing also experienced this, but not as much.

He opened them to look. They were from 123 of love. He subconsciously thought they wanted to ask about the Seal Master matter, but he found out in the end, it actually was not this.

—— Quick, look at the forum!

—— My god, brother, you’re on fire!

—— Are you the man attacked by fireworks?

—— What’s going on with you two? Quarrel?

Fang Jingxing raised a brow and opened the forum.

Meanwhile, Jiang Chen found the key point of the chaotic messages and also went to the forum.

He saw a post pinned up high, extremely popular.

The post was by a newcomer who had just entered Wandering Dream. At the time of the incident, he had been shooting a tourist video. Halfway through the journey, he saw two people on an island and could vaguely see fireworks. He shifted the camera lens over. “Aiya, someone’s confessing at first light……”

His words had yet to finish when the direction of the situation rapidly slipped away without any chance of stopping, shocking his entire family.

Although there were not many people in the early morning, due to the explosive sounds of fireworks, several players nearby also saw this scene. One after another, they shot videos and uploaded them. The majority were all fragments of fireworks being used to pitapat someone. The original poster’s video, however, was relatively intact. Viewers could make out that the Seal Master was commanding the best man group.

The post was uploaded in the afternoon and immediately flushed red.

Everyone didn’t expect fireworks could be used like this in the virtual reality edition. They immediately remembered this Seal Master guy —— he thus developed a new business for fireworks based solely on his power.

The post fermented until nightfall, after which people gradually paid attention to the subject itself.

There had never been a lack of love, hatred, passion, and enmity within Wandering Dream. Who would have expected that the server had opened for only three days before the first dog-blood event occurred?

Someone analyzed the video point by point and roughly guessed the matter.

The Seal Master confessed to the Master of Darkness and pointed with his hand: My group of friends and relatives all came to support. If you disagree, I will have them pitapat you.

The group of friends and relatives heckled when pointed out, but the Master of Darkness firmly rejected him, inciting the Seal Master to open vendetta on the spot and kill the other. Afterward, the Seal Master calmed down, and the two walked to the side to continue talking. The Master of Darkness still disagreed and pointed at the fireworks: Today, you can pitapat me to death. I refuse to yield!

The Seal Master thereupon helped him make those words come true, but gave a slap then offered a sweet date. When he walked away, he left two friends and relatives behind to allow the Master of Darkness to vent his anger.

But some people had different perspectives on this.

The Master of Darkness confessed to the Seal Master. The Seal Master pointed out with his hand: I see your people. No matter how many people, they’re all useless.

The group of friends and relatives came out heckling. The Seal Master flew into a rage out of humiliation and opened vendetta, killing the Master of Darkness. The two of them walked to the side to talk, and the Master of Darkness pointed to the fireworks: It’s fine if you disagree. Let me set off fireworks for you, okay?

Seal Master: Okay, you set off.

Thereupon, he had the group of friends and relatives pitapat their family’s brother. After his anger was appeased, the group of friends and relatives split into two; one group accompanied him to play while the other two were left behind to think of methods. It might have been rotten ideas, so the Master of Darkness beat them up.

These two perspectives each had supporters. The more they were discussed, the fiercer it became. In the end, a betting ring was unexpectedly opened.

Later on, one of the eyewitnesses came online and said when the Seal Master climbed ashore, he had carefully taken a glance, ID World Annihilation. Thus, a certain person was on fire.

Jiang Chen: “……”

Fang Jingxing: “……”

Jiang Chen closed the forum and coldly stated, “Fang Jingxing.”

Fang Jingxing very cautiously voiced, “En?”

Jiang Chen asked, “When will I be able to meet something good when with you?”

Fang Jingxing doused his fire. “Ignore them. It’ll be nothing important after today.”

As his voice fell, a message floated up from the channel.

[Loudspeaker] Wooden Tall South: Report——! World Annihilation is online. At his side is the Master of Darkness.

Players immediately flared up.

[World] Makeupless Champion: Was it the Seal Master successfully forcing his way, or the Master of Darkness continuing to lick the dog in front of him?

[World] Mirror Intermediary: Supernatural race territory sends its greetings, boss. Beseeching you to give an answer.

[World] Unmarried Flying Car: All the money on my body has been squeezed; you must be 1 ah [weep]

[World] Names Are Difficult To Choose: My bet’s on 2, is 2, is 2~

Jiang Chen was unwilling to respond and continued to work on the quest.

Although those nearby could see him, this was similar to reality. Generally, no one would be rude and shameless as to directly walk up to him and ask.

The game was forever bustling with noise and excitement. That loudspeaker did not stay up for long before it was brushed down.

[Loudspeaker: Romance Pledge: Burning Sky Gang[1] officially established, welcoming everyone, bosses, cuties, newbies, to join. Gan bosses everywhere, instances, predestined love, bounty wall, arena brotherhood, godly weapons, materials, world boss……there’s everything you could want.

However, people did not care about this at all.

They withdrew to level up in the territory. Honestly too bored, they quickly replaced this loudspeaker.

[Loudspeaker: WD: @World Annihilation, boss, can you see?

Jiang Chen ignored it.

[Loudspeaker: Romance Pledge: Burning Sky Gang officially established, welcoming everyone, bosses, cuties, newbies, to join. Gan bosses everywhere, instances, predestined love, bounty wall, arena brotherhood, godly weapons, materials, world boss……there’s everything you could want.

[Loudspeaker: Little Bamboo Peak: @World Annihilation, boss say something~

[Loudspeaker: Romance Pledge: Burning Sky Gang officially established, welcoming everyone, bosses, cuties, newbies, to join. Gan bosses everywhere, instances, predestined love, bounty wall, arena brotherhood, godly weapons, materials, world boss……there’s everything you could want.

[Loudspeaker: Evening Wind: Boss~ look at us [wriggle]

Burning Sky Gang’s Romantic Pledge ferociously pounded his chest, nearly vomiting blood.

World Annihilation; it was World Annihilation again. How could this son of a bitch attract this level of aggro!

The gang leader asked, “Previously in the Demon race territory when your monsters were snatched, it was by his hand?”

The party of eight simultaneously nodded.

The gang leader pressed, “How’s his strength?”

The party of eight unwillingly said, “Should be very good.”

The gang leader banged the table and said, “You go back to the Demon territory and find him. When he is Level 35, pull him in.”

The people in the party voiced, “……ah?”

The gang leader said, “You heard me.”

Snatching monsters as if brushing an ATM, bombarding people with fireworks, this World Annihilation would certainly be an influential figure in the future. Pulling him in would be a living signboard.

The party of eight was frustrated but obediently went as directed.

Fang Jingxing also brought up this matter.

Because he saw a certain person was not paying him any particular attention, he thus mentioned the topic. “That Burning Sky, it was their monsters you snatched on the first day.”

Jiang Chen thus gave him an eyeroll.

Fang Jingxing said, “After I heard your explanation that day, I found people to ask around.”

In the keyboard edition of Wandering Dream, there were also many servers, with each server having big gangs.

Now, the gangs of these servers were all crammed into ten servers. There would unavoidably be collisions, so naturally, they all strove for relative superiority, Burning Sky included.

According to their pace, those of the first echelon should have reached Level 35 last night, in the wee hours, or earlier this morning. Upon reaching Level 35, gangs could be established and joined. However, there were more people at night, so they had waited up until now to publicize, with the idea of collecting the first wave of passer-by experts who reached Level 35. In the end, they coincidentally ran into a certain person again.

Fang Jingxing smiled and said, “I guess they currently aren’t thinking about pulling you in and are instead thinking about killing you.”

Jiang Chen unperturbedly voiced an “En,” feeling no dread.

Fang Jingxing said, “After reaching Level 35, join my friend’s gang with me, okay?”

Jiang Chen regarded with disdain, “Those things are all in there?”

Fang Jingxing avoided replying. “The Film Emperor is also there.”

Jiang Chen agreed.

The two of them rapidly cleared the quest and finally left the territory, heading to the communal domain.

Before their eyes was a public road that led to a neighboring city. There were horse relay stations nearby, where carriages could be taken. Jiang Chen had not passed by it yet, instead spotting a clear and crystalline reflection of waves in sunlight that gleamed not far away. He could not help but walk over to the riverbank.

Glazed light, broken star, bounty wall.

Among this phrase, “glazed light” was Glazed Light River, which indicated this exact main river that ran through the entire continent. All local rivers within Wandering Dream branched off from this river.

Fang Jingxing followed him and stood beside him at the riverbank, surveying the scene below. With a smile, he asked, “Do you want to fish?”

Jiang Chen recalled those two broken shoes because fishing was mentioned.

He was particularly troubled by the one within the treasure chest. Although the things in the river were all refreshed randomly, he always felt that other players tossed them in after they finished fishing.

He pondered for a moment and then withdrew from his bag the pair of shoes he did not intentionally want. With a bit of exertion, he threw them into the river. “Tomorrow, come here to fish and see if that could be fished up……”

Before his words were fully voiced, he saw a girl jump out of the river and furiously yell, “Who has the cheek to pollute my river?!”

At the same time, players in all the servers saw a gigantic golden announcement: 【 Congratulations Players World Annihilation and Darkness for discovering the hidden plot [Ling Huai]!) 】 

Jiang Chen: “……”

Fang Jingxing: “……”

The two had yet to collect their thoughts before the girl smashed a big move at them, causing the two to lay motionless together.

Jiang Chen: “……”

Fang Jingxing: “……”

Another gigantic golden announcement floated up: 【 Players World Annihilation and Darkness failed the [Ling Huai] quest! 】 

Players of all servers: “???”

You couldn’t hold on for even a second?

Jiang Chen: “……”

Fang Jingxing: “……”

This bullshit system was inhumane. It even sent out an announcement for failure.

But this was not the most wretched thing. What was most wretched was that failing this mission meant losing a level. They fell back to Level 34 and were sent back to the territory.

The two stood by the refresh point near the main palace hall. The shoes they had thrown away were back, each of them holding one. They looked at each other.

Jiang Chen expressionlessly stuffed it into Fang Jingxing’s embrace, turned around, and walked away.

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The author has something to say:

I’m entangled with lunar new year preparations, so I will share with you all an insightful comment I saw yesterday: This project is an annual card and can be comparable. 

Thanking everyone for their overlord tickets and nutrient solutions, muah~


[1] gang, aka guild/sect

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