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Chapter 18

You two……are heroes of Wandering Dream Continent?

This morning, the breeze was very still, as much as the waves were quiet.

The majority of the players were leveling up in the territory. They occasionally chatted, called out for people to form parties, or answered questions from newcomers. They lived very harmoniously until this loudspeaker appeared.

People read it inquisitively, wanting to know what was going on.

Immediately after, they saw bubbles for the first time from the boss who had stirred up all ten servers and left it chaotic last night.

[Loudspeaker] World Annihilation: Exposing and sharing sunbathing, ok? [screenshot][screenshot][screenshot]

Fang Jingxing and Jiang Chen were both not slow-witted. They reflected on the cause and effects of the scene they saw.

Their own integrity-less selves thought crooked, yet they still blamed them for lacking virtue. This was a bit shameless.

Jiang Chen was in a bad mood at the moment, so he immediately called them out.

Fang Jingxing lagged behind half a beat, but upon seeing this, he smiled. He did not use a loudspeaker to push his message to the top, instead, he switched channels and became the first person to cheer him on.

[World] Darkness: [Clap] Very interesting [screenshot][screenshot][screenshot]

Players clicked them open one after another, going wild.

[World] Mendeleev: WTF!

[World] Tree Shadow: WTF save me, I’m blind!

[World] The Strong Are Unrivaled: So many people doing exercise in broad daylight?

[World] Demonic Little Clever Child: As it turned out, the sunshine outside the Demon territory is so good; newcomer asking where this is?

[World] Clean Fat: Glazed Light River, but can’t see where specifically.

[World] Mammon: To recount……the bosses should be looking for the hidden plot, right?

[World] Evening Wind Brushing: The reason I understand completely……

[World] Seeking The Soul Of God: But why strip till only the underpants remain ah?!

[World] Escape Empath: Hahahaha I need to go see, @Darkness where is this?

[World] Darkness: Demon territory’s exit on this side.

Glazed Light Riverside — When the Seal Master’s words emerged, he pulled an entire map full of aggro, too ridiculing.

It was more than just ridiculing; he even dragged them out on display. They had no face ah!

They quickly put on their clothes — hu la — and surrounded the duo.

But surrounding was one thing; they all knew the blame did not fall on the others’ heads.

Those furthest in the front said, “Boss, can you give us the truth?”

Jiang Chen asked, “What do you want to hear?”

That person said, “Does the hidden plot have something to do with streaking?”

Jiang Chen replied, “Nothing.”

Everyone: “Then how come you two had completely stripped earlier?!”

Jiang Chen said, “Naked-P.”

Everyone: “……Do you also think this reason is proper?”

Jiang Chen voiced an “Oh” and unperturbedly changed his tune. “We were hitting the hidden plot.”

Everyone: “……You just said it had no relation!”

Jiang Chen gave them encouragement. “Believe in yourself; you can do it.”

Everyone choked. For a split second, they actually could not tell if he was mocking them.

Contrarily, someone cleverly understood what he meant —— to speak the truth, you all do not believe and insist on listening to what you love. I’ll help you all accomplish your aims.

They thought over how they were previously tossed around as well as their fucked dog appearance and resolved to forget about this black history. They turned around and left.

Those remaining looked left and right before skeptically following the crowd. The riverside gradually cleared up.

The forum had already become an exploding pot at this time.

Because there were a lot of players from the Demon territory who had reached Level 35 this morning, they could see in the distance fleshy bodies when leaving the territory, verily shocking them all. They had taken screenshots to upload to the forum.

Someone collected it all and discovered that the bosses of all ten servers were unexpectedly streaking.

Soon, those who knew the facts helped piece together this matter, explaining simply that two people had triggered a hidden plot. Those two, for some unknown reason, had stripped naked earlier that morning by the river bank. The bosses thought it might have something to do with the plot, so they also stripped. In the end, the other party said they were actually having a naked-P.

The players immediately burst into laughter, and the post quickly heated up.

The latest topic of Wandering Dream VR, “Bosses Collectively Streaking,” heated up, absolutely became today’s hot search.

They profoundly felt this was very awesome.

Just two people could turn the painting style of all ten servers crooked. They were afraid this could be selected as one of the top ten biggest news of the year for Wandering Dream.

Those people who had yet to enter the game thus ran to Dawnstar Reflecting Fate.

Players in the other servers also opened a trumpet in Dawnstar Reflecting Fate. They wanted to go take a look, admire those two bosses, and to take a photo with them and such.

Only the newcomers were relatively confused. They did not understand how come the bosses would stake it all for results to open the hidden plot.

Veteran players gave them the rundown.

According to the official website information, the hidden plot and instances were a lot more trouble than normal and difficult to discover.

Because of this, its rewards were extremely generous and will certainly give uncommon material. Moreover, the rewards for the first clearance were doubled. Dawnstar Reflecting Fate triggered the first hidden plot, and since the bosses of the other servers knew this, they could not sit and wait for death while others discovered it. They definitely wanted to fight for their server’s first kill.

Newcomers suddenly saw the light and understood.

Veteran players said, “Reportedly, they also triggered a hidden plot during the closed beta, but the location is in a wild area, surrounded entirely by max level monsters. This led to no one currently daring to go. I heard that until the end of the closed beta, they had also never finished it completely. This newly discovered plot has barely any information revealed, with unknown level requirements for the later stage as well. When looking at it, although those two are the first to discover it, they will not necessarily be the first to clear it.”

Newcomers nodded. After reflecting for a moment, they also could not help going to Dawnstar Reflecting Fate.

As for the two people at the focal point, they were in the middle of a stare-off with a player.

The player was a Divine Warrior of the Supernatural Race, ID called King Flying Bird. On his head were furry, plump tiger ears. He looked a bit silly.

Jiang Chen said, “Do you have a problem?”

King Flying Bird said, “No, our deputy leader is coming over and is having me wait here.”

Fang Jingxing understood clearly. “A person of As One Wishes?”

King Flying Bird said, “Correct.”

He realized something after speaking and adjusted the ID on his chest.

When he had been streaking earlier, he disdained losing face, so he hid his gang affiliation.

Jiang Chen saw two new words, “Scholar Escape,” appear above his head, understanding that this was the gang he was about to join. He sized the other up and said, “You come over.”

King Flying Bird stepped forward, puzzled. “Why?”

Jiang Chen pinched his ear and then withdrew his hand, unperturbed. “It’s nothing.”

The past few days, King Flying Bird had become used to being groped. He then groped them himself, showing off. “Doesn’t it feel furry?”

Jiang Chen nodded and groped it again.

Fang Jingxing: “……”

So, as it turned out, you like this?

While they chatted, he saw a carriage stop at the nearby horse relay station. Someone came down from inside.

He wore a mage robe in alternating colors of white and blue. He had a handsome appearance and a confident, at ease air — looking extremely sunny — and trained as the Human race exclusive profession, Exorcist.

As the distance between the two parties narrowed, Jiang Chen could clearly see his ID: Escape Empath.

“Tch, scattering clear so quickly……”

Escape Empath was a bit regretful. He walked over unhurriedly. “You also did not help me by delaying them.”

Fang Jingxing smiled and said, “You can send a loudspeaker saying I am naked again and hid here. Wait a while and watch it happen.”

Escape Empath said, “Then I will need to use a trumpet[1] to send it.”

Fang Jingxing knew he was joking around. He introduced the Seal Master to him, and they were added to the gang in passing.

Instantly, the channel for gang use brightened.

There were not many members of As One Wishes online, but the channel bubbled, welcome messages appearing one after another for the two bosses.

Escape Empath came on this trip to watch a play on one hand and, on the other hand, to personally pull them into the gang.

Now after adding them, he then said, “Okay, you two continue having fun. If you have time, you can come back to our gang and take a look. We’re based in the main city.”

He glanced at the Seal Master standing to the side, knowing this person was not an accommodating expert. Moreover, there was also Fang Jingxing guarding him, making it even more impossible to take an L.[2] However, as a deputy gang leader, he still gave instruction. “Later, if someone bullies you, tell the gang; our gang’s people will not be mistreated.”

Jiang Chen nodded.

Escape Empath then waved and took King Flying Bird back on his carriage.

The two left behind discussed for a moment before beginning to walk toward the river bank near the city.

Each map within Wandering Dream had at least one teleportation formation, but there were three areas that were an exception. 

Those three areas were precisely the roads that led to the nearby small town. The game probably wanted to allow players to deeply experience the moment of a newcomer becoming a qualifier. Also, they might have wanted to make it a ceremony, so this road could not be cut down by teleportation. Players could only walk personally down the road, either by foot or by sitting on a carriage from the horse relay station.

The two of them knew the hidden plot was lacking a condition, so they gave up on the carriage and chose to walk along the river bank.

Unfortunately, they walked the entire trip without coming across a single clue. Soon, the river curved into a bend, and they had no choice but to go up and return to the main road.

Afterward, they walked for around five more minutes before finally arriving at the neighboring town. An old man stood by the town gate. Seeing them come for the first time, a procedure was automatically triggered. He began telling them that after this was the battlefield of heroes, and they must choose a system.

The two of them both played an attack system and quickly made their choices.

Visibly, black flowers bloomed on the golden crystal chain of the Seal Master. The dark lines originally on the shirt disappeared completely, ending up a clean white and making him appear harmless despite actually concealing murderous desire.

The Master of Darkness walked an icily arrogant style and did not conceal strength, so the mage robe and vein lines on the forehead both became more pronounced, spreading out a fair bit.

The old man was pleased and said, “Enter, this continent will later become you youngsters’ realm to rule.”

The two of them stayed motionless and instead examined the other’s changes. At nearly the same time, they spoke. “Say, do you……”

They both shut up simultaneously, knowing they were thinking the same thing.

Fang Jingxing asked with a smile, “Go back and look?”

Jiang Chen said, “This time, if it doesn’t work, we’ll go level.”

Fang Jingxing naturally had no objections.

The two then returned to the river bank. Jiang Chen fished out that pair of unlucky broken shoes and threw them in.

The girl immediately showed up and angrily shouted, “Who has the cheek to pollute my river?!”

She dashed over. When she clearly saw them, she stared blankly before asking, “You two……are heroes of Wandering Dream Continent?”

Jiang Chen: “……”

Fang Jingxing: “……”

Sure enough, this was the missing condition!

All it required was thrown shoes. Not choosing a system made one a bastard. Choosing a system made one a hero — truly a double standard.

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The author has something to say:

Thanking everyone for their overlord tickets and nutrient solutions, muah~!


[1] trumpet: small account – aka smurf account

[2] take an L: slang for take a loss

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