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Chapter 5

Fang Jingxing thought of everything he could think of.



“What is this?”

“Is it the person himself? Not a hacked account?”

“five of love? Rubbish?”

“What’s up with you, husband?”

“Husband, I want you aaahhh [kiss][kiss][kiss]”

A flood of question marks mixed together with all kinds of misgivings and puzzlements. Soon, someone made an analysis.

“I stroked it;[1] the meaning is meeting someone, hitting it off very well, and later a contradiction occurred. The other person did not go online, so male god, separated, is idly clamoring for the other person to go online.”

“Who can’t see this? The main point is that this painting style is not so right……”


Fang Jingxing, as the second young master of the Fang family, has an upbringing that simply could not be nitpicked. He was a gentleman as well as a graceful, noble son. Moreover, his appearance was especially enchanting. Those radiant and beautiful facial features, if it appeared on other people, would make them look “sharp” and “amorous,” but on Fang Jingxing, it was simply suppressed by his own temperament — not even slightly chilling or frivolous at all.

An attractiveness that defied the heavens, brimming with talent, cultured and refined, a sexy voice that always seemed to have traces of a smile —— he successfully bewitched fans one after another.

In the past, the majority of his status updates had something to do with work.

A small minority involved life matters, but they all gave off the same feeling.

And it did not at all resemble today’s style, which was entangled with a trace of disharmony.

If it must be described, it would be similar to a noble young master suddenly bleached and dyed his hair, poured a bottle of baijiu,[2] and — full of the spirit of loyalty and self-sacrifice seen in Jianghu[3] — rolled up his sleeves and went to Liangshan to hit people……something like this probably.

“I am so fucking flustered, you look at that as if separated by three autumns, and then look at that heart again. If a person does something he wouldn’t normally do, then it is very possible he is dating ah!”

“Fuck off!”

“Husband is mine, no rebuttals accepted!”

“No no no I refuse to accept a person like male god belonging to someone else. What on earth is love rubbish?”

“So up until now, have I been the only one paying attention to the word ‘online?’ Wandering Dream’s Virtual Reality edition has already entered closed beta. Captain Fang must have received an invitation. Is this someone he met in the closed beta?”

“Maybe, maybe not……”

Although uneager, fans still went to dig into everyone who joined the closed beta.

Another small portion still did not believe that this was sent by the male god himself at all and waited for clarification. What a pity that five minutes later, they were struck dumb.

They saw the captain of every Wandering Dream Alliance team, several popular captains from other projects, and even amazing anchors from the gaming circle all forward this status update, followed by the phrase: help forward.

This look was described as being hit after calling out.

They immediately gave up and covered their beaten faces, also going to dig this person up.

Compared to the confused fans and outside world, who were making all kinds of conjectures, the captains of the Wandering Dream Alliance were all very tranquil —— after all, they had played with Fang Jingxing for several years.

This Alliance male god appeared to have a good temperament and appeared to be human, but he actually had a bellyful of evil tricks and bred troublesome operations like flies.[4] Whoever made a careless mistake while in his way would really suffer all kinds of unimaginable tastes.

As a result, when he suddenly posted such a message of strung things, they did not think the painting style was skewed and instructed their family’s newcomers in the closed beta to pay attention to the ID and low leveled accounts to find out what was going on.

TQ’s captain knew a bit more because the Divine Warrior and Swordsman were both his family’s.

Although Fang Jingxing had intentionally requested them to keep the private chat confidential, to their family’s captain, the two newcomers in the training camp naturally told the truth.

The captain asked, “Not called five? Then what is he called?”

The two newcomers found it somewhat hard to explain in a few words. “……don’t, don’t remember.”

The captain said, “Can’t even remember an ID?

The two newcomers found it even harder to explain in a few words.

If it was you, you also couldn’t remember. Look, Captain Fang seems to also be unable to remember.

The Divine Warrior weakly said, “It was a combination of symbols and letters…… Oh, and also some Japanese.”

The captain imagined it for a moment and remained silent.

He skipped over this small problem and did not interrupt them again. After listening to the affair, he asked, “Fang Jingxing took you to fight an instance, and then skated the boss to bite you?

The Swordsman nodded.

The captain asked, “That five, what profession?”

The two replied in unison, “Seal Master.”

The captain stroked his chin, contemplating.

Fang Jingxing, that thing,[5] was no fool. After just meeting, this person could cause him to rush to find them. That Seal Master did not pour Fang Jingxing some waters of oblivion;[6] that person must have a natural gift for games, a talented person.

He stated, “While you’re exploring the territory; if you run into him again, call me immediately.”

The two newcomers simultaneously agreed and then went back into the closed beta.

The captain returned to the training room and saw the members of his team all looking at the group chat. He immediately went to take a quick look and discovered Fang Jingxing could no longer withstand others’ inquiries and at last gave an explanation.

Fang Jingxing’s gentle and soft voice held a touch of apology and helplessness. With a laugh, he said, “In the closed beta, I ran into a kid, who said he was my fan. I originally wanted to tease him, but it seemed like I was too tyrannical and ruthless. He hasn’t been online. He doesn’t know it was me, of course, so I first wanted to find some way to coax him back and not stop playing because of me.”

This was a large group with all of the team captains inside. Among which were some face-cons, and those who saw Fang Jingxing as a goal to reach and as an idol.

When they heard this phrase “coax him back,” they kept sensing a sort of pampering flavor. At once, half went soft at the knees, and a few were envious, wanting Captain Fang to also pamper them. One after another, bubbles popped up to comfort him.

Only those few captains well-acquainted with his foul nature were beating question marks in their hearts, feeling suspicious about this.

And Xie Chengyan had the same suspicions as them.

Xie Chengyan had recently been with the crew, shooting a movie. During his break, he just happened to see this status update.

The Xie family and Fang family were long-time friends. He and Fang Jingxing played together all throughout childhood and into adulthood; the sentiment between them was extremely high.

He naturally understood Fang Jingxing’s character. Seeing his close friend’s unscrupulous, skewed painting style, he always felt that the matter was not so simple. He then asked, “What are the actual circumstances?”

Fang Jingxing did not hide anything from him and spoke the truth.

Xie Chengyan responded, “If you’re doing it like this, won’t those team captains take note of him too?”

Fang Jingxing said, “Since that moment I asked them to make some inquiries, they definitely started paying attention. It makes no difference whether I posted the status update or not. This kind of high-profile search instead dispelled any misgivings they could have.”

Besides, they did not know that boy’s ID and profession yet. With such little information at present, it would be difficult to find someone.

TQ’s captain might actually know, but he definitely would not spread it outside. Fang Jingxing was not worried about this at all. He only wanted to get in contact with that Seal Master as quickly as possible.

Xie Chengyan said, “This is before he’s Level 10; what if he is not actually as tremendous as you imagined?”

Fang Jingxing said, “Then I also won’t suffer damage.”

Xie Chengyan thought to himself that this was actually true; it was more efficient than guarding a tree-stump, waiting for rabbits. 

He once again looked at his close friend’s status. “You can’t say such kind words ah, how did you send these two sentences?”

Fang Jingxing said with a laugh, “I was thinking about his temper when sending it.”

Xie Chengyan had nothing to say.

Fang Jingxing saw that he was shooting a movie over there and said, “You’re busy, right? I’m going to go squat in the game.”

He ended the call after he finished speaking and then connected to the internet.

The fans of those men who helped forward the status exceeded at least a million. Fans joined in the fun and also helped forward. “five of love” directly soared to the top of the hot search.

Fang Jingxing was very satisfied with this.

Although he only knew this boy for a day, he had been able to get a feel for this Seal Master’s temper.

Taking symbols as his ID, not agreeing to suffer losses, if calculated again, he would absolutely take revenge. Summing this up, the probability that he was a youth was very large.

A youthful temperament that was cold, but not feigned callousness. Willing to compromise when fighting the boss, (probably) the type to eat soft food and refuse hard food, able to hear kind words……so, his message was to eliminate the debt of gratitude, coupled with a duty to avenge. After all, when he had been stuck in the bug, he was in a disadvantageous situation, but the boy had not taken advantage of it. The Seal Master would probably not care anymore.

To guard against the unexpected, he still left a bit of gossip saying he oppressed the other party. In light of the Seal Master’s character, he probably would not be able to tolerate it.

That Seal Master had strength, as well as an interest in Wandering Dream. He directly exploded his vest and told the other party that he was NXK’s boss. Plus, NXK was a powerful veteran team. As long as the Seal Master had the aspiration to play professionally, he would be emotionally affected.

Now that the status ascended to the hot search, so long as the Seal Master opened social media, he would definitely see it.

Fang Jingxing thought of everything he could think of, but after waiting for a week straight, waiting until the heat died completely, he could not even see the other party’s shadow. He began to doubt whether that boy was not connected to the internet, or had an accident.

Jiang Chen was hit by both assumptions.

After he finished eating lunch that day, the little nurse accompanied him to go out and take a walk to aid digestion. He went to be reexamined after his lunch break and found out he was suffering a relapse.

He had previously been informed that the probability of relapse was high, so he was not even slightly surprised about this point. He asked, “What’s to be done?”

The attending doctor said, “Just another operation.”

At this age, a cancer relapse was not something major, at most, it would cost a few months of treatment.

But Jiang Chen originally was not raised in this age, and to suffer under the knife again was perhaps even more hard to take. The research group was nervous about him recently. Hearing how he spent all afternoon playing a game and nearly not eating, they consequently figured out a method: invite him back to stay in the sterile ward.

Afraid he would be bored, they gave him another AI.

They also saw the hot search but did not think the internet-addicted young man playing Fight the Landlord with the two AIs was actually “five of love” —— it truly did not resemble Captain Jiang’s style —— as a result, they did not pay it any mind.

Jiang Chen was completely ignorant of the world outside, so he naturally was even more unconcerned.

He sat cross-legged on the bed, the two AIs pasting a slip of paper on his forehead, and deeply felt that it was not a good idea to play Fight the Landlord with two AIs who could count cards. He declared, “Change, draw magnitude.”

The two AIs were very obedient. “Okay.”

They drew a 4 and a 6 and saw Captain Jiang acting extremely at ease.

He secretly chanted — finally, I could wash away the past shame — and extended a hand to draw, drawing a 3 of hearts.

Jiang Chen: “……”

The little nurses giggled with laughter and picked up a slip of paper, pasting it to his forehead.

Jiang Chen: “……”

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The author has something to say:

Thank you everyone for their overlord tickets and nutrient solutions, muah~


[1] stroked it: to think it over and rearrange ideas/thoughts

[2] A Chinese clear, colorless liquor with about 35-65% alcohol by volume

[3] “The Jianghu is a shared world and an alternate universe. It consists of several martial artists and pugilists gathered in the Wulin (武林), who are usually congregated in sects, clans, disciplines and various schools of martial arts. It is also inhabited by others such as “Youxia” (wandering heroes), nobles, thieves, beggars, priests, healers, merchants and craftsmen. The best Wuxia writers draw a vivid picture of the intricate themes of honour, loyalty, love and hatred between the individuals and communities within this milieu.
A common aspect of the Jianghu is the tacit suggestion that the courts of law are dysfunctional. All disputes and differences can only be resolved by use of force, as such, predicating the need for the Code of Xia and acts of chivalry. Law and order within the Jianghu is maintained by the various “orthodox” and “righteous” sects and heroes. Sometimes, these sects may gather to form an alliance against all evils within the Jianghu.” (LINK)

[4] 骚操作 – troublesome operations, could also be translated as coquettish/flirty operations
an example of such an operation/maneuver would be deciding to fight a group while having residual blood (1v5) and then winning
bred like flies = more and more emerging endlessly

[5] 那货 = insult, that goods, that thing
implies he is not a person, simply a thing

[6] potion that makes the soul forget its previous life
(fig.) honeyed words

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