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Chapter 25

Congratulations, Players, on a perfect clearance!

Ling Huai’s face was blank, her eyes darkening like the deep sea.

She stared unblinkingly at the players, muttering softly, “You’re right.”

King Flying Bird: “Hey, hey, hey!”

Xie Chengyan: “So carelessly chosen?”

Careless Magnificence: “This is forcing us to lower our heads a bit.”

Squeezing Purple: “Like Dou E, we haven’t wronged. I would rather you say I’m a scumbag to you.”

Most Beautiful Royal We: “In order to raise the plot difficulty, is logic needed?”

Escape Empath: “If I complain, would you all believe?”

Jiang Chen was silent for a moment. He felt he could not let the little girl push a pot onto his head and said, “She’s right. At that time, I chose to not help.”

The riverside fell into a strange, deathly stillness in an instant. Immediately after, they uniformly turned to look at him. “——what?”  

No, this was a hidden plot though, yet there could still be players who would choose “don’t help”?

What scheme? No matter how rebellious, you couldn’t be like this too! Moreover, despite choosing “don’t help,” why could they still progress to this point? Could it be that after they began straying from the road, they could only reach this mountain pass?

Xie Chengyan asked very sincerely, “Little brother, what were you thinking?”

Within Glazed Light River, after Ling Huai had finished saying that sentence, the curse laughed in satisfaction and scattered into a black mist once again. It slowly enveloped her body.

At such a critical juncture, Jiang Chen also did not forget his identity as an uncle and said, “Swallow back that ‘brother’.”

He paused and then considered the image problem within his nephew’s eyes. He spoke a fair word in his favor, “I think this cannot be solely my pot.”

If a certain person by his side had said a few convincing words instead of helping a tyrant in his oppressive reign, it would have been unlikely for them to walk as far down this route of no return.

Fang Jinxing smiled and said, “En, I also committed the mistake.”

Escape Empath remained silent. “In the end, what were you two thinking?”

Fang Jingxing replied, “Just wanted to give it a try.”

King Flying Bird: “……”

What was motherfucking there to try?

You two were truly not worried about failing the mission!

However, it was useless to worry about this now.

The curse and Ling Huai finished fusing. A countdown then appeared before their eyes.

Meanwhile, a new mission was refreshed: Ling Huai blackened due to the curse’s influence. They needed to withstand Ling Huai’s attack of resentment for a full minute.

A minute later, Ling Huai would return to normal.

If they could not withstand the attack, the plot would freeze for three days, as punishment for being young, inexperienced, indifferent, and heartless. Three days later, the players could continue hitting the plot.

Countdown ——  3, 2, 1!

Ling Huai instantly dashed toward Jiang Chen, her hand raised to slap.


Jiang Chen’s entire body froze.

Jiang Chen: “……”

Fang Jingxing: “……”

Everyone else: “……”

During the countdown, Fang Jingxing and Jiang Chen had led the others to withdraw to the safe zone they had identified, but at present, they could still be hit. This meant after being blackened, her attack range increased.

Fang Jingxing turned and ran without saying anything further. As a witness of “don’t help,” he was second only to Jiang Chen on Ling Huai’s current aggro list. After Ling Huai finished freezing Jiang Chen, the next person she would charge at would be him.

Fang Jingxing naturally was not as fast as her and was also frozen.

King Flying Bird and co: “……”

Finished, the two thighs died at the start.

Looking at this attitude, it was basically a slap per little friend. They were afraid it would take less than ten seconds to freeze them all. Persisting for a minute was simply a fantasy.

The group dispersed in a “whoosh” and struggled on their deathbeds. Ling Huai overtook them one after another, freezing each player. In a brief three seconds, she froze two players. King Flying Bird saw her dash his way and closed his eyes, resigned to his fate and waited to be frozen.

At this moment, Jiang Chen and Fang Jingxing finally recovered from their misfortune and near-simultaneously thought of the same thing, shouting, “Undress!”

King Flying Bird had been accustomed to listening to their commands these past few days and subconsciously stripped off the equipment on his body.

Ling Huai had raised her hand to slap only to suddenly face his large underpants and shining white body. “Ya!” She covered her face, turned around, and dove into the river.

King Flying Bird: “……”

Everyone else: “……”

Motherfucker……this was also possible?!

Jiang Chen and Fang Jingxing felt relieved.

They had suddenly recalled Ling Huai having such a setting, but they didn’t know whether it would work for players who had already chosen a system. Then, they needed to give medicine to a dead horse[1] and hadn’t expected this setting to unexpectedly still exist.

Two seconds later, Ling Huai had slowly recovered her spirit. Spitting in anger, she emerged.

Those that could still move did not need the bosses to open their mouths and swiftly stripped off their equipment as well.

“Ya!” Ling Huai once again covered her face and dove back into the river.

The gurgling sound of the river combined with the gentle breeze, backed by the soundtrack and the slight chill of the four frozen icicles and tied together by the several pairs of large floral underpants.

Film Emperor Xie, quite heavily burdened with having to maintain his celebrity image, stood on the shore, his expression extremely subtle. “It had not occurred to me that I would one day unexpectedly be able to act immoral with a little girl.”

Careless Magnificence: “Me too……”

King Flying Bird: “I……I had previously streaked on the riverbank……”

Squeezing Purple: “On the other hand, I don’t care……hey, sis, we meet again.”

Ling Huai, who had just appeared, turned her head and ran away again.

After several trips like this, tens of seconds passed, and the countdown finished. They had successfully survived the crisis, and those frozen also thawed one after another.

King Flying Bird and the others momentarily did not know what they should say.

The two were worthy of being called bosses, being actually able to still pass when reaching such a step.

Although……they still did not understand why they insisted on choosing “don’t help”!

They stared at the two bosses and thought, forget about it, as long as the bosses were happy.

Xie Chengyan said, “I’m telling you, I forget what happened today and can’t tell outsiders.”

Careless Magnificence, “Right, even when making a strategy in the future, this cannot be told to others either.”

It was too lacking in integrity.

On the other side, the black fog clinging to Ling Huai’s body dispersed. Her cute, kindhearted appearance was restored, while the immoral acts from before were completely forgotten.

Jiali cared even less.

He probably only focused on Ling Huai prevailing over the curse. Gratified, he stroked her head and led the heroes back to the small tribe near Forest of Despair. At last, he brought up the little sister of the gate-watching uncle, An Yan.

As it turned out, when they were here back then, tribespeople snatched An Yan, with her losing her memory shortly after and becoming the tribe’s saintess. He heard there was an antidote in the forest, so he had gone looking for it. Who would have thought that just as he entered, he would be cursed and no longer be able to leave.

When he had heard the news about Ling Huai, he originally wanted to look for Ling Huai first and then save An Yan alongside Ling Huai. He didn’t expect Ling Huai to be in that situation, so he could only save An Yan first. He would then bring An Yan along to save Ling Huai.

He said, “As for the method to save An Yan……”

The party of eight immediately began listening earnestly, afraid they would miss important information.

Jiali stated, “I still haven’t thought of it yet.”

Party of eight: “……”

Still haven’t thought of it?

Jiali said, “In short, we should first kidnap her before discussing again. Troubling all of you heroes.”

Mission refreshed: Kidnap An Yan.

Not bad, just after being immoral, this had them become kidnappers.

As they reached the tribe area, they discovered that due to the loss of the holy stone, the tribe’s atmosphere was tense, with twice as many people present as before.

The mission stated that kidnapping An Yan must be accomplished.

The group, under Fang Jingxing’s command, sneaked inside. Unfortunately, it was easy to get confused with so many people. They tried three times and failed every time.

Fang Jingxing said, “It won’t work like this. I’ll go draw them away. You lead the team.”

Jiang Chen nodded.

Fang Jingxing took along Most Beautiful Royal We — who was acting as the Milk Mommy — with the thought of having the Milk Mommy add a mouthful of blood when necessary.

Jiang Chen and the others waited in place. After spectating the upheaval over there, he led the others straight for the saintess’ tent and hid behind the screen, continuing to keep watch.

Half a minute later, An Yan returned.

She wore atop her head the crown of the saintess. Matched with a fiery fishtail dress, she looked incomparably gorgeous.

Jiang Chen and the others were about to take action, but just then, they saw the curtain be lifted and several married women come in, weeping endlessly. They kneeled in front of the saintess, hands put together in prayer, and devoutly said, “Saintess, bless my clan. I wish for the warriors to quickly be able to retrieve the holy stone.”

An Yan sat in her throne and appeased with a warm voice, “Rest assured, they will.”

The married women cried for a long time before leaving, deeply worried and sick at heart.

Jiang Chen just thought about setting forth, only to see, once again, two married women — both crying and praying.

An Yan pasted on a happy smile and after advising them, benevolently watched them leave.

Immediately after, more people came in, kneeling while crying — as if the sky had collapsed.

Jiang Chen and co: “……”

Careless Magnificence whispered, “Is there no end?”

Xie Chengyan replied, “I doubt there is.”

King Flying Bird said, “I am also……”

As they spoke, a third wave of people entered.

An Yan’s expression changed. She got up and kicked the chair. She paced back and forth within the tent. “Shit, isn’t it just a broken stone? If it’s lost, it’s lost. Crying, crying, crying, each and every one of them should fucking die!”

Jiang Chen and co: “……”

They had yet to recollect their thoughts when they saw the curtain lift open, a child entering.

An Yan instantly changed face and gently asked, “What’s the matter?”

The child was holding a book. “Can’t do the questions teacher gave.”

An Yan smiled and said, “Let me see. Four plus six, count on your fingers.”

The child obediently counted and said, “It’s ten.”

An Yan praised, “Really clever, then next is two plus four; can you do this?”

The child looked stupefied. “Can’t.”

“……” An Yan smiled. “It’s fine. I’ll teach you.”

A familiar voice rang out from the party channel.

Fang Jingxing smilingly asked, “Still no good?”

Jiang Chen looked at adult and child counting with their fingers and said, “Wait a minute.”

This was the first of three waves of children.

An Yan once again gave the chair a kick, angrily ranting, “Two plus five equals seven! Three plus eight equals eleven! Fingers not enough? Fuck that, don’t you also have toes? Ignore your parents and insist on coming to ask me. Not done even after asking, do you suspect I won’t die fast enough?!”

Behind the curtain, they watched silently, finding it hard to articulate their thoughts.

Careless Magnificence said, “I’m telling you, her being anointed saintess after just losing her memory — at first, I thought it was a conspiracy, with the idea that this situation was entirely her doing.”

Escape Empath and the others did not reply, having also harbored such thoughts in their heads.

The conclusion did not match their expectations. The saintess was the tribe’s nanny as well as their koi fish. If there were any problems, they sought her out — how miserable.

Jiang Chen said, “Pay attention.”

The others immediately roused their spirits.

Jiang Chen eyed An Yan.

She had neared the curtain last time, and he did not know whether it would be the same next time as well.

He waited, and when he saw her indeed walk closer again, he rushed out quickly and covered her mouth. Stuffing her into a sack, he carried her behind the curtain.

A second later, the curtain lifted, and someone once again came in to find the saintess.

The person looked around before leaving, puzzled. Outside, they could hear his voice. “Saintess is not there, let’s go.”

Those behind the curtain walked out of the doorway and peered out, discovering it was quiet. They then carried their target back down the route they came, without seeing a single patrol the entire way. This unavoidably prodded their curiosity.

Xie Chengyan asked in the party channel, “What did you do?”

Fang Jingxing said with a laugh, “I stole the holy stone, and it’s still on me.”

Most Beautiful Royal We, who had been keeping watch from a distance, explained in detail. “He found a foothold on the altar, climbed up, and showed off the holy stone. At present, the tribe are all surrounding him.”

Careless Magnificence: “Awesome.”

Squeezing Purple: “Boss is still so 6.”

King Flying Bird: “Then how do you plan to leave?”

Fang Jingxing said, “I’ll toss the holy stone away. That interval should be enough for me to run away, so there is no need to worry.”

Jiang Chen said, “We’ll leave then, withdraw.”

Fang Jingxing smiled and voiced an “En.”

Two minutes later, they gathered outside of the tribe and presented An Yan to Jiali.

The originally thought the next mission was to help restore An Yan’s memory. Who would have thought that the two NPCs had yet to open their mouths when their waist pendants began to shine.

At the same time, the two pendants belonging to Ling Huai and Jiali, hanging on Jiang Chen’s person, also shone.

The four pendants flew into the air and formed a circle, spinning lightly. Light spilled out of a stunning light blue halo.

The party of eight stared at it simultaneously, but their focus was not on the wonder being witnessed.

Squeezing Purple: “I discovered an issue. Jiali’s pendant was given by our gate-watching uncle, so the pendant on Jiali’s body should be gate-watching uncle’s, right?”

Most Beautiful Royal We: “Yeah, exchanged tokens!”

King Flying Bird: “Don’t tell me the one gate-watching uncle had an affair with was not the Diviner, but rather Jiali?”

Careless Magnificence: “So uncle crying upon hearing Jiali’s name was because he thought his lover and younger sister eloped?”

Fang Jingxing’s heart skipped slightly. “No, their identities might have been swapped.”

They suddenly turned to look at him. “……ah?”

Jiang Chen also gave him a look.

Fang Jingxing said, “A guess.”

He elaborated, “I remembered how back when the siblings acknowledged each other, and Ling Huai called out brother, Jiali’s expression was not very appropriate. He took a moment to respond.”

As he spoke, the blue light intensified more and more, illuminating Jiali and An Yan’s bodies.

The two people were startled. Shortly after, An Yan pressed a hand to her mouth, a sob escaping her. Jiali moved to embrace her, his eyes reddening as well. He choked out, “I….I swapped back……”

Swapped back!

Holy shit, the waters were a bit deep.

After a long time, it turned out Jiali and the gate-watching uncle’s souls had been swapped.

Then the gate-watching uncle they had been interacting with all along was actually Jiali?

The halo dispersed entirely, and the two separated, explaining the course of events to them.

An Yan said, “The very same year Ling Huai disappeared, my brother and Jiali’s souls were swapped. In addition, there was no way they could mention this to outsiders. I also saw their pendants be switched, and after performing charades for quite a while, I reached this guess.”

The party thought: so it turned out to be like this.

An Yan said, “We researched the curse and originally wanted to find a solution together. Who would have thought my brother’s body was completely incapable of leaving the main city. Moreover, according to the rules, he had to stay behind to guard the city. Jiali had no choice but to replace my brother and stay behind. Meanwhile, my brother and I went to find a way to dispel Ling Huai’s curse, finding this tribe at the end.”

She continued, “We had discovered that the curse afflicting Jiali and my brother was cast by the previous patriarch of the tribe, Jiu Shi.”

But there was nothing that could be done. Jiu Shi was not within the tribe at all.

Immediately after, she was snatched, and the rest of the events were already known to them.

King Flying Bird had always liked hitting plots and was quite deeply invested emotionally. He exclaimed, “Too tragic!”

These thoughts did not dwell in An Yan and her companion’s minds. With the pendants, already dulled, in their grips instead, she said, “These were made with common materials, but they could undo our curse. Could it be the medium that Jiu Shi’s curse was cast through?”

The party of eight reacted a moment later, their spirits roused.

Ling Huai’s pendant had also shone.

Therefore, could these also save Ling Huai?

Then would they be able to soon clear the hidden plot?

The group hastily headed back to Ling Huai.

This time, they did not need to shout. Ling Huai had long been standing atop the surface of the river.

The three people began weeping again. Ling Huai, after her emotions stabilized, stuck out her tongue. “Sorry, I’m already dead.”

Everyone was stunned.

But after carefully thinking it over, it was also somewhat reasonable. Glazed Light River was so long, yet she could be summoned to any part of the river — she clearly had a spiritual form.

Ling Huai said, “I finally remembered. I had been snatched by the man called Jiu Shi. He said my birthday was the same as his. The more suffering I endured, the more energy I could offer him. He tore my soul out of my body and said he would use the pain you all suffered to seal me. After casting the curse, he returned the pendant to me, probably because he thought it would make me suffer pain every time I saw it. This was the sole material object on my body.”

She looked at Jiang Chen as she spoke. “Oh, right. The summoning token I gave you was also a material object. That was something I figured out how to make later.”

Jiang Chen was silent.

An Yan said, “My brother and Jiali’s souls were also not in their bodies. Although your situations are different, but……but maybe when we find your body, you can also go back?”

Ling Huai was very optimistic. “I also thought of this!”

She then became very distressed. “But I don’t know where my body is.”

Jiang Chen and Fang Jingxing spoke in unison, “In the main city.”

King Flying Bird voiced, “Ah?”

Fang Jingxing explained, “She said she could go everywhere connected by the river, except she could not enter the main city.”

King Flying Bird and the others all felt nauseated.

This kindhearted and easily embarrassed young lass had been wandering Glazed Light River for the past decade. Of the three people closest to her: one had been forced to lose her memories, turning into a short-tempered, irascible saintess; one was trapped in the forest and could not leave; and one was stuck defending the main city, whose soul was actually that of her dearest big brother.

He patrolled the city for ten years, every day walking over the bridge and never knowing his dear younger sister’s body was in the river right beneath his feet.

Their suffering was the sole source of the energy trapping her.

They suffered because of her, and she was sealed because of them.

King Flying Bird: “Holy shit, so malicious!”

Most Beautiful Royal We: “Such an attractive young lass, that son of a bitch actually could use such a ruthless hand!”

Squeezing Purple: “That’s wrong. Scum also adheres to a bottom line.”

Careless Magnificence: “Kill him!”

Xie Chengyan: “The screenwriter is a bit ruthless.”

They waited for the trio to finish chatting and then received the refreshed mission: Look for Ling Huai’s body.

Without saying anything further, they made a beeline for Broken Star City, traveling along Glazed Light River.

When they walked to the sixth bridge, they saw the four pendants once again fly up and spin in midair. Immediately after,  a light blue coffin of ice surfaced from the river, hovering slightly.

Right now, all servers were at a particular phase in leveling. The Forest of Despair was too remote a location, so basically no one was willing to visit. Therefore, they had an extremely peaceful trip.

The main city was different.

Located at the heart of Wandering Dream Continent, the main city always had someone every single day at any time.

When they had entered the city, players had noted the presence of two NPCs in their party and inferred that this was probably a hidden plot. The players had all sneakily followed, wanting to see what was happening. Seeing this scene at present, they immediately became excited.

[Loudspeaker] Fame-Seeking Waste: WTF, quick, come to the main city, look at the coffin over here! It’s a hidden plot aaahhh [screenshot][screenshot][screenshot]

All the servers stirred.

Instantly, players in the main city all began heading over, while those in other regions started arriving after receiving the news too.

Players in the other three domains could not come and could only clamor idly in the world channel.

[World] Just Pull To Stop: Immediately withdrew from instance, wait for me!

[World] Love Farewell: Me too, wait for me!

[World] Anti-Inflammatory Medicine: Why fucking now? I just reached Level 34 aaahhh!

[World] Awake and Intoxicated: I’m also not Level 35, looking for live broadcast aaahhh!

[World] Strongest Puppet Master: Live broadcast +1

[World] Mirror Intermediary: Can you stop the boss for a while, I have a bit farther to go.

The bosses were unlikely to acknowledge them. 

When the ice coffin surfaced, the gate-watching uncle — whose soul had returned to its true body — rushed over from the gang’s base, meeting up with Jiali and the others.

They watched as the ice coffin ascended according to the pendant’s pull, slowly settling onto the bridge. The chains atop the surface shattered.

The seal was at last broken.

A moment later, a familiar shadow leapt out of the water and floated over to the ice coffin.

The players nearby immediately began exclaiming, “Oh oh oh!”

“Holy shit, a person came out of the water!”

“They look identical to the person in the coffin.”

“Aiya, this girl looks pretty!”

The party of eight did not pay attention to them, focused on lifting the coffin lid together.

Jiali and his two companions rushed over to the coffin. They saw Ling Huai with her eyes tightly shut as well as completely silent. Her soul floated above without the intention of entering either. All of them bowed their heads, shoulders trembling.

Ling Huai stuck out her tongue. “Ay, knew it was like this.”

She gazed at Jiang Chen and the others, tears falling even as she flashed them a smile. “Thank you, all of you, for saving us.”

King Flying Bird watched her figure gradually shift as she spoke and refused to accept this ending. “Don’t!”

Careless Magnificence: “Completing the missions was already tiring enough, yet they’re still making us eat knives!”

Most Beautiful Royal We: “Right, we’ve been playing for a long time, and we’ve been given a BE!”[2]

Squeezing Purple: “Beauty, for such a short time, I cannot forget you.”

Jiang Chen glanced down at the person in the ice coffin and then at the three grieving friends and relatives. He was not very happy.

This made him recall himself and those other subjects that had not been resuscitated. He began to suspect that he had chosen the wrong route. He began to earnestly go over the plot once again and then suddenly recalled a line.

——This is good medicine. I heard it can even raise the dead. 

He cut through the crowd, turned around, and ran.

Fang Jingxing was astounded before hastily following him. He saw the other run in the direction of the teleportation formation. His mind began racing. Rapidly, he called to mind the key points.

And at this moment, they saw a familiar figure appear twenty meters ahead of them. Jiang Chen immediately grabbed him, discovering that the action was possible.

The plastic Diviner wailed. “Ow! Whaddya doing? I came to treat an illness, no divination today!”

Jiang Chen ignored him and dragged him along as he ran, charging through the crowd. He pushed the Diviner against the ice coffin.

The plot automatically triggered. The Diviner stared blankly for a moment before quickly fishing out a medicine bottle. He poured the remaining medicine into Ling Huai’s mouth.

King Flying Bird and the others stopped howling, too nervous now to even breathe.

The players nearby watched curiously, casually recording this scene as well.

A second later, Ling Huai’s figure thoroughly dissipated. The eyelashes of the ice coffin’s occupant fluttered lightly, her eyes opening.

Jiali and the others immediately reached out toward her at the same time, sobbing, “Ling Huai, welcome back.”

“Wah—” Ling Huai cried, embracing them.

The five of them cried and smiled together, even the plastic NPC seemed extremely cute.

A golden announcement instantly spread throughout all the servers: 【 Congratulations Player World Annihilation, Darkness, King Flying Bird, Careless Magnificence, Squeezing Purple, Escape Empath, Most Beautiful Royal We, and Halite for achieving the first clear of the [Ling Huai] plot! Reaching a perfect clearance achievement! 】 

Everyone on the bridge applauded. “Bosses, awesome!”

The world channel also exploded with noise and excitement.

[World] Life-Death Hoary Head: Awesome, unexpectedly clearing the hidden plot in just a couple days.

[World] Open A Window: It hadn’t even been a week?

[World] Cloud Watching: Look closer at the announcement, it was even a perfect clear!

[World] Sorrows Of Mine: The lives of those awesome players can, sure enough, only be admired!

[World] Rainbow Bean: This was also extremely tremendous!

[World] Waiting To Soar: I heard that in the closed beta, a hidden plot was hit for over twenty days but hadn’t been cleared.

[World] My Eldest Lady: Kneeling [worship]

Ling Huai and the others laughed and chattered for a while before turning to leave.

The ice coffin faded away. On the ground, a treasure chest appeared.

The eyes of the players on the bridge lit up.

Hidden plot reward!

First clear! As well as a perfect plot clearance! How many things would there be?!

Jiang Chen carried the chest and got up to leave, saying, “Return to the gang base to open.”

Everyone said, “……Don’t be like this, boss. Let us see.”

Jiang Chen commented, “Don’t like noise.”

Everyone exclaimed, “We promise to not talk!”

Fang Jingxing said, “Yi, this could give a divine weapon.”

Everyone shouted, “Holy shit!”

Fang Jingxing smiled and said, “Your promises don’t seem to be of any use.”

Everyone: “……”

Too fucking devious, to still be fishing!

The party of eight did not pay attention to their urges to stay, turned around, and headed to the gang base.

Just as they entered through the gate, they confronted a familiar gate-watching uncle.

King Flying Bird’s mood was still not alleviated. He embraced the uncle and sobbed, “Brother, I know you are suffering in your heart. I understand everything, understand everything!”

Escape Empath said, “We finished hitting the plot. His dialogue should be different with us compared to others’.”

King Flying Bird was stumped for words. He then tried to chat with the gate-watching uncle.

The guard really did have his original soul back. Laughing, he said Ling Huai and the others were helping the Diviner look for a method to cure his illness and that they would soon be back.

The party of eight were all silent.

King Flying Bird hugged him again, crying, “It’s over. That plastic man won’t stop from courting death. Your sister and the others won’t come back!”

The others did not know whether to laugh or cry. They dragged him into the base.

Within the courtyard, everyone sat on the ground in a circle and stared at the treasure chest in the middle.

Jiang Chen said, “You come open it.”

Fang Jingxing already knew the answer, but asked anyway. He adopted a puzzled look, his acting on-point. “En? Why?”

Jiang Chen glanced at him. “What do you think?”

Fang Jingxing smiled and then reached his hand out to open the treasure chest.

⬖ ⬩F⬩L⬩Y⬩ ⬗

The author has something to say:

I! Wrote the plot in one breath!

Proudly sticking out my chest, must boast!

Thanking everyone for their overlord tickets and nutrient solutions, muah~


[1] give medicine to a dead horse: fig. to keep trying everything in a desperate situation

[2] BE is shorthand for “bad ending”

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