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Chapter 26

World Annihilation: Come on.

Hidden plot clearance, all the servers boiled. The salted fishes of As One Wishes were unlikely to be unaware of such liveliness.

Even those that had never been interested in the plot mission also went back to take a look. Escape Empath and the others did not hide and instead sat in the courtyard, sharing their gains and moving forward to exploit the opportunity.

First Kill, Perfect Clearance.

With these two items placed together, the base reward would absolutely not be lacking in any way. Black hands could also open uncommon materials and outfits. Whether it would be suitable for their own profession, that was difficult to say. The very self-aware Captain Jiang did not reach his hand out. 

Fang Jingxing opened the lid. The treasure chest disappeared beneath brilliant rays of light, replaced with a pile of prizes.

A long list of items appeared before everyone. What entered their eyes first were the two divine weapons — both for the Mage Profession. One was a bracelet suited for Seal Masters and Puppet Masters. The other was a magic staff suitable for Masters of Darkness and Milk Mommies.

Their party did not have a Puppet Master, so this bracelet went directly to Jiang Chen.

Instantly, an announcement brushed up.

[System] Congratulations Player World Annihilation for obtaining the divine weapon Shadowed Magnitude. 

All of the players who had been spectating their movements instantly exploded.

Fuck, a divine weapon!

The first divine weapon since the server opened!

In Wandering Dream, divine weapons were extremely difficult to obtain. Hitting instance bosses or even world bosses couldn’t guarantee exploding one.

There were previously two methods. One way was to rank high on the bounty wall or arena and use the points to exchange for a divine weapon. The second way was to spend money to find an advanced blacksmith to make, but perfecting the skill to become an advanced blacksmith was also very difficult. Moreover, there wasn’t a 100% certainty either, because it was quite dependent on luck.

No one expected that the hidden plots added to the virtual reality edition would actually bestow divine weapons as rewards.

This meant those ordinary players lacking in strength and funds had a new way to obtain divine weapons — by hitting the plot.

[World] Rainbow Bean: I am willing to trade my belly flesh for the hidden plot’s basic standard reward.

[World] Sky Welcoming Snow At Evening: You’re thinking too much; there must be a divine weapon because it’s a first kill.

[World] Liking Summer: I didn’t hear I didn’t hear I didn’t hear [sob]

[World] Half-Cooked: Then if we try to find them and ask for a strategy, before immediately changing servers, would we be able to grab the first kill?

[World] Everflow Cup: Fuck, that makes sense!

The people at the eye of the storm paid no attention at all to the messages on the channel and instead looked at the bracelet’s attributes.

The bracelet was entirely black in color with intricate designs on top. At first glance, the bracelet appeared as harmless as its master when clasped upon his wrist. Upon entering attack mode, however, it could quickly unleash chains that wrap around its master’s fingers. All of those incisive seal talismans would be channeled through it.

This divine weapon coincidentally was for attack system players; apart from the base attributes, there were additional bonuses for critical hits and spellcasting range.

In particular, the spellcasting range was increased by three meters, which was practically against the heavens. However, this was a max-leveled weapon. Players had to level up fully before using it.

Fang Jingxing asked, “How is it? Satisfied?”

Jiang Chen nodded, somewhat envious of this thing’s luck.

Then came the other divine weapon.

Melee professions, such as Divine Warrior, Swordsman, etc., all could not participate, so there were only a few interested.

Most Beautiful Royal We, as a Milk Mommy, could naturally use this, but found it a bit embarrassing.

Usually, she would team up to farm for equipment, especially since Milk Mommy’s were always an indispensable existence to any team. This time, she had basically followed these two men and laid down, basically making no effort. Snatching this would cause a guilty conscience, so she poked the deputy leader.

Escape Empath understood his family members very well.

He was an Exorcist and could also use this magic staff, so he took the initiative and said to his close friend, “You put in a lot of effort, so you too can just take it directly.”

Fang Jingxing replied, “No need, do it like usual.”

Escape Empath was very straightforward and did not say another superfluous line.

Of those who lacked divine weapons, Fang Jingxing was not included. If he was not distributed one this time, he was completely able to forcefully obtain one from the bounty wall or arena in the future. They did not need to worry.

He stated, “Then let’s roll.”

This so-called “roll” was where interested players would take turns to roll a die; the item would go to whoever rolled the highest.

In virtual reality mode, the roll was not a die; instead, something like a slot machine — as tall as one and a half men — would appear, and players would pull at a lever. At the top, numbers would roll in response.

Fang Jingxing went first, pulling lightly. A ding rang: 98 points.

Jiang Chen: “……”

Everyone else: “……”

Okay, there was no suspense.

Out of 100 points, a certain person rolled a 98. Escape Empath and the others had to roll a 99 or 100 to beat him.

None of them had this fate. After everyone rolled, the system judged the results, and the magic staff ended up in Fang Jingxing’s hands.

[System] Congratulations Player Darkness for obtaining the divine weapon Flowing Omniscience.

The buzzing world channel froze for two seconds before everyone went crazy.

One divine weapon was enough to make a person jealous; no one expected there to be another one. This reward was too much! Too drool-worthy!

In addition to the two drool-inducing divine weapons, there were two divine-level outfit sets.

Fang Jingxing’s luck this time was pretty good. The items that came out were especially partial toward Mage professions. Of the two sets, one was for the Melee profession, while the other was for the Mage profession.

Jiang Chen and Fang Jingxing had just obtained divine weapons, so they gave up on competing for the sets.

After all, if the strength was there, they could later use points to exchange for what they want. There was no need to fight over the sets with their fellow teammates.

The party did not pretend to be modest with them. After two rounds of rolls, the sets were distributed.

Next were the uncommon materials, of which there were four. King Flying Bird was at an extreme loss for words as he looked at them. “This…this is making me anxious.”

Fang Jingxing speculated, “The clearance time might be a judging criteria.”

They had avoided many pits, too.

The first was Escape Empath changing fate with krypton gold, by hiring the NPC gate-watching uncle. The second was a certain Seal Master losing patience while listening to the uncle’s sobbing and — shockingly — kicking the man off the roof. The third was ganging up on the Diviner and beating him up, avoiding the troubles of searching for the items on the other lists. The fourth was the summoning token, allowing them to kill the Lion King.

If it were anyone else, these four points alone would cost a tremendous amount of effort.

This does not include having to find Gary and kidnapping the saintess either; in particular regard to kidnapping the saintess, if those players could not successfully lure the patrol away, they would probably fail several times.

King Flying Bird and co nodded profusely.

This time, they had really laid down. If these two bosses were not there, they might still be looking for medicinal ingredients to give to the little gremlin.

No, they wouldn’t even be able to open the hidden plot.

Careless Magnificence said, “Come, Bosses can roll first.”

Fang Jingxing looked at the man by his side. “You first, or me?”

Jiang Chen stepped forward and pulled the lever.


2 points.

He expressionlessly sat back down, consoling himself as he spectated.

Fang Jingxing hummed lightly and then followed after, rolling 78 points.

The party members, for the time being, were still unaware of a certain Seal Master’s attribute and treated it as a random occurrence, so they went to roll as well. The first material went into Squeezing Purple’s pocket.

The distribution for the second uncommon material began.

Jiang Chen did not go first. After nearly everyone rolled, he gathered close.


5 points.

Jiang Chen: “……”


King Flying Bird laughed. “Boss’ luck today is no good.”

Escape Empath and Careless Magnificence’s brains were quicker than his and associated the earlier event of the Boss having the Master of Darkness open the chest. They then became aware of a certain matter.

But they did not want to reach too early of a conclusion, so they waited for this round’s material to end up in Xie Chengyan’s hand. They then started the third round.

The Seal Master gently raised a hand to pull. Ding. 8 points.

Fang Jingxing: “……”

Party members: “……”

Spectating salted fish: “……”

The surroundings fell into a deathly stillness. Jiang Chen suppressed the urge to blow up at the slot machine. He apathetically asked, “What are you all looking at me for?”

Fang Jingxing was finding it extremely difficult to restrain himself and did not speak.

The others shook their heads simultaneously. “Nothing.”

Expressing thanks to Boss’ hand for being merciful and not opening the chest earlier.

After the third material was also distributed, only one was left.

Fang Jingxing patted the Seal Master’s shoulder and hinted for him to go first. Jiang Chen had long wanted this to be over with and pulled the lever.


13 points.


At last, a two digit number.

Captain Jiang turned back around with a cold face.

Messages rapidly brushed up in the party channel.

[System] Darkness gave up the roll.

[System] Escape Empath gave up the roll.

[System] Halite gave up the roll.

[System] Careless Magnificence gave up the roll.

[System] Squeezing Purple gave up the roll.

[System] Most Beautiful Royal We gave up the roll.

[System] King Flying Bird gave up the roll.

[System] World Annihilation obtained the uncommon material Stellaris Silk.

Jiang Chen glanced at them.

Escape Empath and co were afraid he was unhappy and wanted to say something, but then they heard him calmly say, “Oh, thanks.”

Brilliant and gracious!

The party members suddenly liked him a bit more.

Fang Jingxing understood him deeply and knew he most likely did not feel embarrassed. He said, “Come and see what’s left.”

Jiang Chen hummed and sat back beside him.

After the four uncommon materials were distributed — among which two could only be obtained from the world boss, as well as being newly added to the game especially for the hidden plot and extremely difficult to obtain — a system announcement was also sent out to all the servers.

The world channel once again went crazy.

Players brushed messages repeatedly.

Two divine weapons, two divine-level outfit sets, two uncommon materials……this was also only what was announced to all the servers. There was perhaps more that was not announced.

[World] Promise You A Lifetime: Fuck, I’m sour.

[World] Lacking One Rice: Who wouldn’t be sour?

[World] Together In Life Or Death: I am illiterate; when has Wandering Dream become so righteous?

[World] Magpie Not Sparrow: There must absolutely be a time element. The officials signed off on the difficulty of hidden plots. Didn’t you see them spending several days hitting it?

[World] Mirror Intermediary: Gang leader, depending on you.

[World] Blessed By Heaven: En.

[World] Peace: What? You guys are also here?

[World] Distant Mountain: Idiots, are they thinking of buying the strategy?

[World] Singles Quickly Fall: Eh? The strategy can’t be shared?

[World] Isatis Root: What generosity are you thinking of? If you had this strategy, would you share it?

[World] Hamster Ball: Hasn’t it been done before? Weren’t the bosses’ strategy shared? Why would they hide it now?

[World] Liquid Annoyance: Can it be the same? The other servers have yet to hit it. Two divine weapons, two outfit sets, two materials; would you share it free of charge?

However, there were too many greedy but cheap people in the world.

People soon began yelling at each other over the loudspeakers, looking for the bosses to reveal how to open the hidden plot since the first kill on this server was already claimed.

Those interested in buying the strategy did not wish to acknowledge them and directly arrived at the gate of the As One Wishes gang, hoping to meet the two bosses face-to-face.

The gate-watching uncle conscientiously went to the courtyard.

At the moment, King Flying Bird felt discomfort when seeing him. He got up and embraced the uncle. The gate-watching uncle acted as if he did not see the person hanging onto his body and said to Escape Empath, “There are visitors outside.”

Escape Empath swept a glance at the messages in the channel. He asked the Seal Master, “They must be looking for you, right?”

Fang Jingxing spoke for him, “No.”

He looked at the person beside him. “Listen to me, wait two days.”

Jiang Chen knew what he meant and nodded softly.

Escape Empath gave the guard an order , telling him to reject those people.

The gate-watching uncle responded in affirmation and turned to leave.

King Flying Bird was dragged along for two paces before hastily letting go. After retrieving his share of the money, he curiously asked, “Right,  how come that Jiu Shi didn’t appear?”

Careless Magnificence said, “We got a perfect clearance, so in this plot, he should be a background character.”

Squeezing Purple speculated, “According to Wandering Dream’s unscrupulous nature, I feel that he might become a world boss in the future.”

Most Beautiful Royal We declared, “Then I must hit him, for daring to bully my little girl!”

King Flying Bird said, “I will too, for daring to bully our gate-watching uncle!”

Escape Empath stretched his body. “Okay, it’s all distributed. What should we do next?”

Fang Jingxing looked at the Seal Master. “Where do you want to go?”

Jiang Chen then looked over at his nephew. “Where do you want to go?”

Xie Chengyan felt a bit pampered and sidestepped the question. “I want you to call me brother.”

Jiang Chen said, “One.”[1]

Xie Chengyan bribed him, “Is there anything you like at the mall? I’ll get it for you.”

Jiang Chen said, “Nothing.”

Xie Chengyan asked, “Then what do you want?”

Jiang Chen replied, “Want this thought of yours to die.”

Xie Chengyan conscientiously examined his soul.

From his perspective, this child and his mother knew each other; and because he was younger than Xie Chengyan, Xie Chengyan wanted to recognize him as a younger brother. But from the other’s perspective, why should a superstar recognize a rookie as an older brother?

He said, “I understand.”

The feelings between them were still not deep enough.

When they move on to meeting in the real world, perhaps it would be okay.

Fang Jingxing had been ignored and tossed to the side, causing his mentality to subtly go off-kilter. He asked again, “Where to?”

Xie Chengyan said, “Listen to you guys.”

Jiang Chen said, “I’ll follow your wishes.”

Fang Jingxing looked at the time — nearing 9 o’clock — and said, “We still have time to hit an instance, is that okay?”

King Flying Bird and co had yet to leave. Hearing what was said, they wanted to go as well.

The nearby salted fishes also wanted to go with the newly arrived male duo and hastily crowded close, trying to secure a spot. At this time, five people came into the courtyard, all of which were popular anchors.

Those anchors opened broadcasts every day, so they had not participated in hitting the hidden plot.

But because today’s noisy activities were too great and fans knew they belonged to As One Wishes, they were loudly reproached by fans to go back and see the loot unboxing. Last time, they had to pitapat their brother, so they did not dare to touch a certain boss’ bad luck. Now that they have survived, they looked for a pretense to broadcast in advance and returned to spectate.

Jiang Chen swept his gaze over them.

The five anchors recoiled back half a step in silence. Fuck.

“I just heard you all talking about wanting to hit an instance?”

“We’re already finished broadcasting and want to hit it, too. Let’s go together?”

“Our techniques are really good. Boss can strategize as you wish.”

“Darkness, what do you say?”

Fang Jingxing said, “I’m not the leader.”

The five anchors: “……”

Where is the motherfucking brotherhood?

You have no bottom line in regards to the Seal Master!

Spill, did you fall for him?

“Go by yourselves,” the gang’s Passion Deepening Eternally said. “Don’t you understand first come, first serve?”

Squeezing Purple was very much in favor. “Right, what you said is right. You must also go to the back of the line.”

Passion Deepening Eternally clenched his fist. “Scum, I will sleep with you tonight, no need to take responsibility.”

Squeezing Purple immediately looked at the Seal Master and proposed, “Boss, he is very strong. I think we can take him along.”

Old Wutong Germinating could not stand their dirty deal, slapped the table, and stood up. “Be upright!”

Escape Empath suggested, “How about we draw sticks? This week’s 20-player instance hasn’t been hit yet, right? Let’s challenge this one.”

At his words, the salted fishes all shut up.

Escape Empath then looked at Jiang Chen and Fang Jingxing, asking for their opinions. Finding out they had none, he then led them out of the gang headquarters.

The gate had long been guarded by numerous players.

The seven gangs’ backbones had all added the Seal Master and Master of Darkness as friends, but to no avail, the two bosses did not reply to their messages. They could only come in person.

When so many people left As One Wishes’ headquarters, they analyzed the group’s inconspicuous style. Their first reaction was: No, seeing them block the gate, are they opening a group attack?

But immediately after, they saw Escape Empath, causing this thought to be disregarded.

With Escape Empath on the scene, the salted fishes probably wouldn’t do such a thing. Whoosh— circling around, they saw a seemingly talkative Master of Darkness. “Boss, let’s chat?”

Fang Jingxing said, “Not free today, find another day”

Everyone said, “Don’t, it won’t take much time.”

Fang Jingxing politely stated, “Chatting another day is still doable. If you absolutely must block us today, then no chatting at all.”

Everyone froze before uniformly giving them a clear path. Some suspected the duo wanted to lead the gang members to open the hidden plot and stealthily followed. In the end, they lost the trail at the teleportation formation. Five minutes later, they learned the group had gone to hit an instance.

Unresigned players guarded the entrance to the instance.

They did not believe these people were not going to hit the hidden plot. If their patience was being tested, they would wait.

Unfortunately, although their thinking was good…a short moment later, the duo led the group out and went offline on the spot.

Jiang Chen ran out of time, and Fang Jingxing had received a message from the broadcasting platform. After recalling his week-long pigeon, he went to deal with it.

Escape Empath glanced around at the nearby people and used a loudspeaker.

[Loudspeaker] Escape Empath: Only the two bosses know how to open the plot, and they both went offline to sleep. Disperse for today.

Crowd of players: “……”

Pah! We absolutely don’t believe it. You definitely want to send us away!

Escape Empath had absolutely no responsibility over their actions anyway. After these kind words, he led the group to hit another instance.

The players continued to follow them, privately opening many chats. Their positions were reported consistently, as the crowd strived to not let a single clue slip by. 

While Dawnstar Reflecting Fate was embroiled in chaos, the forum was equally disturbed.

In particular, those bosses who hit that closed beta hidden plot were howling on several forum posts.

They were nowhere close to opening that plot. Originally, they had been making plans to buy information. Tonight, they heard from others that it had been cleared and the contents of the first kill reward, sending them into an instant frenzy.

Wandering Dream did not lack rich tyrants.

In regards to the rich tyrants of each server who were trying to buy the strategy and successfully obtain the first kill, they must certainly be dumbstruck. That was two divine weapons!

Therefore, they began trying to obtain an account for Dawnstar Reflecting Fate. It didn’t matter if they had to stay up all night leveling the trumpet, in order to speak business with those bosses.

This was being discussed on social media platforms as well.

The query “Lion King First Kill” had yet to drop. The query “Ling Huai Clearance” was at the top.

In addition to the original topics about the beautiful scenery and the ears of the Supernatural race, the hot search topics about Wandering Dream Virtual Reality were all related to Dawnstar Reflecting Fate in some way. Even passers-by who did not play the game could see that Dawnstar Reflecting Fate had birthed monsters.

As soon as Jiang Chen finished eating breakfast the next day, the research team came over.

Several people asked, “That World Annihilation, is it you?”

Jiang Chen asked, “What’s going on?”

The staff saw this reaction and knew it was him. They said, “Nothing, just asking.”

Jiang Chen saw that they wanted to say something but were hesitating, so he calmly stated, “I have not said anything that should not be said. No one will guess that it’s me.”

After thinking it over, they were placated.

Who would think that the illustrious Shining Dawn Cheerful Orchid from back then was alive?

They said a few simple words and then left.

At that moment, Jiang Shilan was outside in the corridor. When they came out of her younger brother’s room, she asked, “Is something wrong?”

They said, “Nothing, just a trivial matter.”

Jiang Shilan didn’t ask them much and entered Jiang Chen’s room. She said, “I just spoke with the dean. Mother’s death anniversary is coming up in a couple of days. I can take you out.”

Jiang Chen was stunned. He said, “Alright.”

Thus, he entered the game in a good mood, only to soon be blocked by a crowd of people all asking about buying the strategy.

He was trailed the entire day. The next day, people from the other nine servers all arrived.

Divine weapons, outfit sets, and materials — how much money these were worth, was how much his strategy could sell for.

The bids started high, and then directly began doubling. With the money from the other nine servers added to his account, he would not be short of money within the game for a while. He could even obtain a significant amount of money if he exchanged the in-game currency for cash.

He gave Fang Jingxing a share and then gave the party members red envelopes. After patiently waiting for a day, he directly announced the conditions for opening the hidden plot.

This was the agreement he had made earlier with the nine servers.

Because they had his strategy, they were certain that no one could surpass them. Just to be safe, he gave them a one-day head start before publicly announcing it on his own server.

[Loudspeaker] World Annihilation: Outside the main city, find a random spot by the Glazed Light River and throw a pair of shoes into it.

The entire server was shocked.

For the past few days, the seven big gangs had been trying to buy the strategy. They had heard the other servers had all bought it. They still thought they would have a chance. Who would have thought that he would unexpectedly publish it free of charge.

[World] Liquid Annoyance: WTF bosses are awesome!

[World] Liking Summer: Worthy of being bosses!

[World] Little Bunny Squeak: I declare that you are my male gods from now on. [kiss][kiss][kiss]

[World] True Love Jingxing: Bosses, thank you, immediately going to hit!

[World] Mirror Intermediary: I don’t understand, why are you making it public?

[World] Secret: Bosses are brilliant and gracious~

[World] Together In Life Or Death: I also don’t understand why. I heard you didn’t sell it to several gangs, why?

According to the bosses’ style, they were originally certain that they would be ignored.

Against their expectations, he actually replied.

[Loudspeaker] World Annihilation: I want to know how many times you keep hitting it.

[World] Isatis Root: Keep hitting it?

[World] Promise You A Lifetime: Is there something unusual?

[World] Mirror Intermediary: Shit, I have a hunch that there are many pits. Gang leader, save us!

[World] Blessed By Heaven: He didn’t sell.

[World] Sky Welcoming Snow At Evening: You, quickly find him!

[World] Blessed By Heaven: ……

Fang Jingxing saw this and pondered.

He knew this was a small part of the reason. The main reason was that a certain person wanted to know what the “help” route was. He asked, “I’m about to broadcast. Will you watch?”

Jiang Chen asked, “On this server?”

Fang Jingxing said, “No, I have someone leveling an account on another server.”

He paused and then added, “I’ll be opening the “help” plot.”

Jiang Chen said, “What day will you broadcast?”

Fang Jingxing replied, “Starting the day after tomorrow, at noon.”

Jiang Chen answered, “Okay.”

After he said this, he looked at the messages in the channel. He added two more words.

[Loudspeaker] World Annihilation: Come on.

Players throughout all the servers: “……”

Fuck, the ominous premonition became stronger!

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The author has something to say:

Countdown to Film Emperor calling Uncle, start.

Expressing thanks to everyone for their overlord tickets and nutrient solutions, muah


[1] Play on words: 哥 = brother, pronounced gē | 一个 = one, pronounced yī gè

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