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Chapter 9

This time, I will definitely not let you run away again!


“Fuck, shocked my entire family!”

“Daring to take a cute newbie to this instance, he really has the ability! [kneel]”

“I am an uncultured, don’t make an ass of me. Seal Masters can also be so fearsome?”

“Righto, didn’t Seal Masters always worship Buddha?”

“You guys, look at the boss……”

“Don’t talk, pitiful death, I want to wipe his face for him [sob]”

The vast majority of Wandering Dream’s professions were shared by the three races.

Like Divine Warrior, Swordsman, Hitman, Milk Mommy, and so on and so forth. Any of the three races could train as these, but because there were some racial differences, discrepancies arose.

For example, the Demon race Divine Warrior’s attack was higher. The Supernatural race Divine Warrior’s blood bar was thicker. Each race had advantages and disadvantages.

Apart from the universal professions, the three races also had two exclusive professions. Players of the other races could not train in these.

The Demon race’s exclusive professions are Master of Darkness and Seal Master; of these, Seal Master existed since the first version, whereas Master of Darkness was added in a newer edition.

For all these professions, each one had two systems.

After so many years of practice, people had long found out the optimal combination.

In regards to Seal Master, the most popular and simplest playstyle was to choose the auxiliary system. Nowadays, each team’s Seal Master was an auxiliary.

As for the Seal Master’s attack system, that was the neglected branch among neglected branches; very few people played it.


Fans eyed the blood unceasingly flowing down the boss’ face and suddenly felt that this Seal Master might actually be walking the attack system —— really was too violent. He absolutely did not look like he was willing to lay down the butcher’s knife and become a Buddha.

They watched him wind around the inner palace chamber’s obelisk, refined and graceful, yet each wave of his hand drew blood.

Single-target attacks and basic attacks switched back and forth repeatedly. There was roughly a second pause due to the inflicted cooldown time, but this could also be considered a move. And besides, all the moves were aimed at the head.

The results were really good.

Attacks at vital parts could gain a critical hit bonus. With critical hits added to the combos, the blood on the boss’ face had not dried at all, flowing down his neck and staining his clothes.

“Too miserable, I really don’t have the heart to look.:

“Fuck, just a moment ago, I thought the boss would hit him! Despicable, he unexpectedly dodged!”

“Fuck, back to the main point, isn’t he still at full blood?”

“Right ah, really awesome.”

They could not help discussing the possibility of him being a professional player.

But while they were discussing, someone mentioned a crucial point.

He was carrying like this the entire time; husband had no chance to show off ah!

If husband switched in, he could oppress a full-blooded boss, but this Seal Master would not be shocked at all.

If husband truly got involved, according to what this Seal Master had previously declared, he would instead beat husband to death.



“I @#¥%”

Fans wanted to see their husband slapping him in the face, but now that collapsed spectacularly. It was better to watch this Seal Master slap their faces.

Yet, they soon had their hopes raised; the boss was at red blood.

The first boss was only difficult when at red blood. He could release a fan-shaped wave of curse energy horizontally. Hiding behind the obelisk was useless because the curse energy could pass through the obelisk to curse living things.

If you wanted to survive, you needed to immediately leave his attack range.

This fan-shaped area was barbarically large, and in red blood mode, the boss could incessantly chase people and release the skill. At this mountain pass, players would lose blood.

Everyone rallied up their spirits and waited in expectation for this Seal Master to be chased to the point of wailing and howling. Afterward, male god could drop from the sky and wave a hand to save him.

As a result, he simply did not run.

Jiang Chen walked out from behind the obelisk and directly faced the boss.

The boss, face bloody, glared at him hatefully. His arm ferociously swept out, releasing a wave of curse energy.

Jiang Chen moved forward step by step.

The curse energy skill’s lights and shadows scattered, nearly fusing with him.

A moment later, he “threw himself with arms opened wide” and tightly clung to the boss. Meanwhile, the black-curse energy congealed into a fan-shape behind him; making a “swoosh” sound, it smashed into the air behind his back. 

In Fang Jingxing’s mind, he went oh-hoh. With a smile, he called out, “Boss 666!”

Fans immediately all knelt. “……Daddy!”

There was a gap between the boss and curse energy. Many players knew about this thing. But firstly, the boss’ skill release speed was too fast. Secondly, the walking space was too small; wanting to grasp this opportunity was too difficult. Thus, it was circulated around as a god-level method.

They had seen Fang Jingxing fight before, but if Fang Jingxing’s strength had been displayed there, they would not have been surprised at all.

Now to suddenly see a stranger play like this, they were absolutely shocked. A portion did not dare to believe, always thinking he would be stunned. Who would have thought he would immediately retreat a step and leave the boss’ embrace.

The boss caught sight of him and bellowed, arms sweeping out once again.

He took a step forward and stopped in front of the boss, at the gap just beyond the skill range, once again avoiding the curse energy. The attitude needed for this was to be unperturbed when needing to be unperturbed, taunting when needing to be taunting.

Fans overtook male god’s pace: “Boss 666!”

Fang Jingxing felt that this should be because the boy did not run away.

Earlier when winding around the pillar to avoid the boss, his footwork was minimal. What he did just now was not something that could casually be accomplished. 

He made a prompt decision. Turning off his voice, he snapped his fingers.

To the side, a person as well as the machine simultaneously looked over at him.

This place was Fang Jingxing’s house.

The virtual reality game did not need a computer, so Fang Jingxing and Xie Chengyan were on the recreation area’s sofa while they played. Xie Chengyan played for a day, and when he saw that Fang Jingxing wanted to live broadcast, he intended to rest for half an hour and eat some fruit.

While he ate, he heard this sound.

He asked, “What does he mean?”

The single-dog android said, “Calling for me.”

Fang Jingxing waited, reckoning the AI heard him and was coming over.

He observed the battle progress and knew it was fine if he left at this moment. He then turned his voice back on and took off his eyeglasses.

After the eyeglasses were taken off, the connection between the live broadcast software and game audio was immediately severed.

The game audio was gone, but the live broadcast was still open.

Fang Jingxing flashed the AI a countersign.

The AI understood instantly.

Thereupon, the fans heard the dialogue on that side.

Fang Jingxing: “En? What happened?”

AI: “Master, there is a guest.”

Fang Jingxing was astonished. “So late?”

AI: “He looked very worried.”

Fang Jingxing: “Really.”

He counted silently for five seconds and then apologized to the live broadcast through the microphone. “I apologize; there is a guest on my side, so today will end here. Next live broadcast, I will make it up to you all by showing my face. Everyone, go to sleep early, good night.”

He ended the broadcast after he finished speaking. After the live broadcast was completely shut off, he then put the eyeglasses back on and entered the game.

Xie Chengyan kept his fork in the same position while he watched this operation from start to end. He asked, “What kind of situation is he usually in when he does this?

The AI’s scope of authority was opened to him, so the AI replied, “When Master did not want to continue live broadcasting or did not want to deal with a phone call, he would have me come to save him. He has used this for phone calls multiple times because it was different from having a person sitting across from him. They could not see if there was a problem. This is the first time he used this for a live broadcast because he said he has a large fan base, and if he used it too many times, they could find out it was fake.”

Xie Chenyan was convinced.

But Fang Jingxing went back into the game after ending the broadcast. This showed that something inconvenient happened that he did not want to let the fans see.

He hastily set the plate of fruit down and followed him back into the game, sending him a message to ask about where he was and what the situation was.

Fang Jingxing responded: I met that Seal Master.

Xie Chengyan knew about the matter between him and the Seal Master and was astonished: Being able to meet again, this is fate bringing people together ah.

Fang Jingxing also had similar thoughts.

Quite magical.

The first time, he had looked for so long and finally stumbled upon the correct ID by accident. The second time, he thought he could succeed, but the other party blacklisted him; the third time, he saw the other party had a new ID and did not want to look for that person again — who would have thought it was actually him.

It seemed like every time he was about to give up, he would once again meet this Seal Master.

Captain Fang thought that if this boy signed and joined the club, the heavens would not stand it anymore.

He watched a certain person kill the boss, his mouth calling out 6 while he thought in his heart: This time, I will definitely not let you run away again!

Jiang Chen touched the corpse.

He then watched the corpse disappear, leaving money, common material, and Master of Darkness equipment on the ground. He gave the equipment to his teammate.

Fang Jingxing said, “I don’t want it. Boss, you can sell it for money ah!”

Jiang Chen said, “Take it; I said I will carry you.”

Fang Jingxing said, “You’re carrying me; I am already very happy. How can I take your equipment?”

Jiang Chen replied, “I don’t like talking nonsense.”

Fang Jingxing obeyed, but he took it a bit timidly.

If this boy knew it was him, he was afraid he would be killed.

He followed the other party and continued walking forward, opening the communication software.

The thinking of Wandering Dream’s officials was comprehensive. In the virtual reality edition, you could embed many livelihood software, allowing players in the game world to also deal with things in real life. The communication software was included among these.

As he walked, he sent a message to the assistants, making them deal with the video just now.

—— Captain Fang’s Live Broadcast “Newbie Acting Cute,” Car Overturned.

—— God pretends to be a rookie to tease a stranger, who would have thought the other party was also a god?

—— In his live broadcast, Captain Fang unexpectedly gave a fierce stranger a call?

It was frightening to think that titles like this possibly could appear

Last time, this boy most likely harbored suspicions about his identity; the boy might be fully aware he was Fang Jingxing, yet still added him to his blacklist. He would do the same thing in the official servers too. If, in a fury, the boy switched servers to play, would he be able to meet the other party again?

Jiang Chen did not know about his teammate’s entanglement. He took his teammate to subdue the second boss, and once again obtained a Master of Darkness equipment, which he handed over as well.

The two pushed down the third boss and received two pretty good pieces of equipment — one for a Master of Darkness, one for a Divine Warrior. There was nothing for a Seal Master. Moreover, no uncommon material dropped either.

Jiang Chen: “……”

Fang Jingxing: “……”

Fang Jingxing said, “Boss, these are final boss drops. Although I can’t make sense of what I’m seeing, I think they should be very valuable. You can sell them for money, right?”

He really did not want to accept it anymore.

These items would all be paid back later.

Jiang Chen said, “Take it.”

After his voice dropped, he sensed his arm being poked and thought his luck was not so bad. At the very least, he could successfully finish this instance.

He then withdrew from the instance, saying, “I’m going offline, see you tomorrow.”

Fang Jingxing questioned closely, “Boss, what time are you going online tomorrow?”

Jiang Chen said, “Half-past eight in the morning.”

Fang Jingxing watched his figure disappear and sought out Xie Chengyan.

Xie Chengyan looked behind him. “Where is the Seal Master?”

Fang Jingxing said, “Offline.”

Xie Chengyan said, “This early……hoh……”

Fang Jingxing said, “What’s up?”

Xie Chengyan said, “You haven’t opened the channel?”

Fang Jingxing opened the channel and instantly saw a message at the top.

[Speaker] One Orange Tree: Big news, big news, Fang Jingxing is in our server——!!!

Fang Jingxing: “……”

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