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Chapter 7

Boss, it’s my first time playing. Can you take me along?

Wandering Dream’s full name was Wandering Dream Continent, which tells the story of what happened on a mysterious fantasy[1] continent

After Jiang Chen woke up, he sighed deeply. It had operated for over thirty years without getting cold.

In fact, there had been a few years where it was more dead than alive, but after changing the plot team, the game rose from the dead and cut through life like splitting bamboo until it reached its present state.

Within thirty years, it had long opened over a hundred servers.

The number of players who had tossed their heads, spilled hot blood, and grew animosity of the love-hate type within was even more innumerable.

The virtual reality mode came out. Originally, players could only watch the scenes while being separated by a screen. This change allowed players to personally tour the sceneries, and no Wandering Dream player could resist this kind of lure.

As the first Virtual Reality game in the world, it brought its own type of “want to go in to look” charm. Even die-hard fans of other games found it impossible to be completely indifferent to this.

Tens of years of old players as well as those new players who switched projects to come, and the curious passersby — it was obvious there would be a lot of people, not to mention the day was on the weekend.

The game company evidently had done their research and made forecasts; as a result, they opened in one breath ten domestic servers. But even so, on the day of the server launch, it was still crowded.

When it hit nine o’clock, ten servers all exploded in an instant.

With the progression of science and technology, this era had long ceased having a “server queue” circumstance.

A scene of several thousand upon thousands of people readily lining up in advance was something current kids found inconceivable. Now they, at last, experienced this circumstance for themselves. However, it was still not like what it used to be. At present, they would queue up for a minute at most before entering.

The plot team this time took inspiration from celestial bodies for the names.

For example, Mercury could also be called 辰星 (chénxīng | early morning star). Mars was also known as 荧惑 (yínghuò | to bewilder) — with this as the base, and after some editing, the produced names were: “Dawnstar Reflecting Fate” and “Dream Foretold Bewilderment.”  In addition to the sun and the moon, all eight large plants were pulled in to greet the guests — ten servers total, all together.

The servers existed in the form of “gates”, lined up according to planetary order.

Jiang Chen stood in the air and quickly swept his eyes over them all, his gaze falling on “Dawnstar Reflecting Fate.”

Due to the non-disclosure agreement, he could still play a Seal Master but had to stay far away from his previous ID. This “dawn”[2] just happened to make up for that subtle trace of disharmony.

He thereupon walked forward and pushed open this gate.

Behind the gate was a room; players first needed to set up their character.

This included profession, ID, height, appearance, apparel, as well as voice and such things.

Jiang Chen had played casually during the closed beta; apart from the profession and the ID that required manual input, the others were the default settings.

Now that he was playing the official version, he could not be so casual; otherwise, it would require spending money to change it in the future.

He set it up according to his preferences and then pushed open another gateway within the room.

Brilliant stars nearby flew past him at rapid speed. He stayed in a pitch-black tunnel for half a minute, only to feel the scene before his eyes brightening — at last arriving at the Demon race territory.

Noise immediately slapped him in the face.

Captain Jiang, who had spent a lonely, desolate month in the closed beta, stood there at the refresh point, dazzled.

The desolate and uninhabited area he saw previously, a territory where not a sound could be heard, was now a place buzzing with activity, in full swing. All at once, it switched from a street in the early hours of three to four o’clock to the most popular vacation spot on National Day.

Those originally solitary-and-impoverished-of-people-to-talk-to NPCs were also submerged by a sea of people, their shadows unable to be seen.

The world channel was brushing past at lightning speed as well.

[World] Large Era: Awesome, really can feel the wind blowing in your face!

[World] Tree Shadow: Aaaahhhh shit, the large wisteria tree in the demon territory is so explosively beautiful [screenshot]

[World] Broken Kite String: Too many fucking people, I can’t find the road.

[World] Disobedient Fox: Tch, look at our Supernatural territory’s cherry blossoms [screenshot][screenshot]

[World] Spare Your Life: I am a man, elite player, 8.5 attractiveness index, looking for a little sister to act as a companion. I will take you to level up fighting monsters, arena, bounty wall is all a stretch of a hand to grab it.

[World] The Strong Are Unrivaled: Report——!!! Supernatural race’s eras that we could only look at can now be touched! Has a furry tactile sensation!

[World] Lacking One Rice: You’re bragging, right? Would you still be lacking leg pendants if you are an elite player?

[World] Uncle Is Here: It’s nice to be young.

[World] I Am A Killer: WTF!

[World] Tomato Egg: WTF!!!

[World] Demonic Guardian: WTF ears, I can! Looking for a Supernatural race companion!

[World] Spare Your Life: I also can! Supernatural race beauties, take a look at me!

The channel was chaotically swiping up due to the Supernatural race’s ears.

It was possible to imagine that in the future, the Supernatural race would all become hot commodities.

For the time being, Jiang Chen ignored the various kinds of information being dropped and walked forward. He knew there would certainly be more people than monsters in the nearby field areas. Thus, he forced his way through the crowd with difficulty and relied on running missions to level up to Level 5. After learning the first single-target attack, he then headed straight for the lakeside.

The monsters here were all Level 8.

A 3 level difference was not considered difficult, and the experience gained was much more; plus, it was quiet and empty.

All the experts were thinking more or less the same.

When he arrived, the lakeside already had a dozen or so people.

Although this field area was very small, there was still enough space for him to tread. He thus chose a mob and began fighting.

The damage from a Seal Master’s first single-target attack was not high, very unfavorable compared to a Divine Warrior or Swordsman, so it took longer to fight.

Jiang Chen relied on his footwork to slowly grind the mob until it was near death. The Divine Warrior to the side released a skill and killed his mob.

He asked: “What do you mean?”

The Divine Warrior did not reply. He gripped his weapon tightly and continued fighting another monster. Clearly, he was in a hurry to level up.

Jiang Chen knew the servers had just opened, so fighting over monsters was an unavoidable matter. He decided to forgive him this time and chose a new monster.

As a result, when the mob was near death this time, a nearby assassin suddenly struck, neatly collecting his monster in two hits.

He raised a brow.

The lakeside field area was divided into two by a grove. One tract of land was larger than the other.

He glanced at the large area that contained eight people, and then at the small area crowded with six people. He thought for a moment and then fought a monster. He discovered that it was snatched by someone once again. He inwardly thought, sure enough, it was like this.

These eight people were in a party, quite likely knowing each other beforehand.

They wanted to occupy this field area and not allow others to fight, but they did not want to directly say this and appear too unreasonable. As a result, they used this silent manner of stealing monsters to force people to leave.

Since they did not want to argue noisily, this was easy to deal with.

Jiang Chen no longer fought monsters and unhurriedly strolled around the lakeside.

He had an extremely accurate grasp of the blood capacity, and his angles were also tricky. With one move, he slew a residual blood mob.

A loop later, he had snatched six of their monsters, rising two levels.

Captain Jiang profoundly felt that their fighting speed was faster than his, so he continued to do as he wished and went to commit another round of robbery.

The eight-person party: “……”

Jiang Chen said, “What are you all doing being distracted? Continue fighting.”

The eight people stood in silence for several seconds before collectively moving toward him.

Jiang Chen did not say anything further, turning around to run away.

A moment later, the eight-person party started a vendetta together and charged toward him.

Nearby players: “……”

Xie Chengyan had just arrived at the lakeside and could see in the distance this scene happening.

He saw seven to eight people aggressively charging and entering the grove.

They blocked that figure at the forefront. From Xie Chengyan’s viewpoint, he could only see a melon head. He roughly guessed that the group was chasing to kill him.

The corners of his mouth twitched. “What happened; the servers have just opened, and everyone is preoccupied with leveling. This person can unexpectedly pull a steady wave of aggro; did they dig the other person’s ancestral tomb?”

Fang Jingxing smiled, saying, “Snatch other people’s monsters, probably.”

The night the closed beta ended, he and a group of people gathered together and talked about which server they were joining.

At that time, he was still somewhat depressed about that Seal Master. The “fate” in “Dawnstar Reflecting Fate” ineffably jabbed at him, so he then decided to come to this server.

Xie Chengyan had just finished his movie and came back recently, so he sought him out, wanting to take him leveling. They had joined when the servers launched, but the Film Emperor’s requirements for his appearance was quite high. The person spent half a day in the character set up, making his selections, until he was satisfied.

Xie Chengyan glanced over there again and clicked his tongue, saying, “If he can rob monsters from so many people in one breath, he also has enough ability to do so.”

“Enough ability” Captain Jiang effortlessly got rid of the people in the back. Seeing that his level had already soared to Level 9, he switched to an even higher leveled field area and officially began leveling.

He fought continuously until half-past eleven. He went offline to take a walk and then waited to eat lunch.

After the meal, he went to take an afternoon nap like usual. He then could play the game and set his heart on leveling. He fought intermittently and successfully reached Level 15 by nightfall.

Fang Jingxing dragged along an oil bottle;[3] at this time, they also just reached Level 15.

Level 15 was considered to be within the upper echelon. Moreover, they were also qualified to enter the Demon territory’s small town. He did not have to worry about fans surrounding him. He then went to debug his equipment before opening a live broadcast.

Fans instantly went wild.



“Husband, you came!”

“I was really about to miss you to death!!!”

“Husband, you finally started broadcasting!”

“Show your face! I want to see your face!”

“I also want to see your face!”

The bullet screen could directly be embedded in the game. To the right of Fang Jingxing was a transparent screen rapidly being brushed full with “show your face.”

He laughed and said, “What show my face? What about the eyeglasses I’m wearing.”

The fans did not care and successively said they could also see him wearing eyeglasses and then denounced him for disappearing for a long time.

Fang Jingxing said, “I’m busy.”

His fans definitely did not believe his reason but still wanted to see his face, brushing gifts to pack the screen entirely.

Fang Jingxing chuckled. “Like this, the old rules; let’s play a game. If I land on ‘show my face,’ then I will show you.”

He said this while opening a drawing lot function. Inside, there were all sorts of small tasks, all of them relatively easy to complete and not too immoral.

He lightly clicked and saw the three words: newbie acting cute.

Fans immediately began weeping and rolling about, making an unreasonable scene.

Fang Jingxing said with laughter, “Don’t play foul. It’s this one.”

To cooperate a little, he also changed his voice. The original setting was exchanged for the voice of a young teen. He raised his head and looked around for a full circle. All of a sudden, he caught sight of a Seal Master. He thought of a certain bastard and subconsciously walked over.

Jiang Chen, at this time, was just about to do an instance, only to have his way blocked by someone.

He looked at this familiar-looking profession and thought to himself, it was too inopportune to be that thing, right? But he thought about how he had changed his ID and became calm and collected.

A moment later, he heard a youthful voice.

“Boss, it’s my first time playing. Can you take me along?”

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The author has something to say:

The day has arrived where I need to think of many IDs; the names of those hounded to death were discarded……

Thank you everyone for your overlord tickets and nutrient solutions, muah~


[1] 玄幻 Xuanhuan – A broad genre of fictional stories which remixes Chinese folklore/mythology with foreign elements & settings. (Taken from Immortal Mountain WordPress)

[2] 辰 (chén) the same Chen in his name as well as in Shining Dawn Cheerful Orchid (晨辉兰乐)

[3] oil bottle: this usually means a child from a previous marriage, but in this case…. XCY is an actual dead weight pfft

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