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Chapter 2

Fang Jingxing open-mindedly sought instruction. “Can you explain a bit.”

After being unsealed from being frozen, although his body appeared to be preserved fresh, the actual results were not as great as anticipated.

Jiang Chen could only move his eyes. He could not sense his body’s existence at all. These circumstances persisted for a week, after which he gradually regained control of his body.

He was the first known case to have successfully awakened. The research team treated him cautiously and cautiously, trembling with fear as they observed him for two months before daring to release him from the sterile ward.

Jiang Chen basically spent these two months drowsing. During those few moments of sobriety, he saw his family members —— Older sister Jiang Shilan also took the research route. Older brother Jiang Hui was now the dean of a tertiary hospital. Father Jiang Kangle was now elderly at 80 years old, but he unexpectedly did not retire yet.

Jiang Shilan told him that medical developments have been quick and violent these years. Aging suppressants have been released, increasing the whole nation’s life expectancy from 76 to 112. Jiang Kangle took the age suppressants late. Although he was born at the wrong time and missed the golden period for the injection, he himself studied medicine. He paid attention to taking care of his body and liked to engage in physical exercise. Moreover, the reagent was unceasingly being improved. If there were no illnesses or disasters, he would certainly break through the age of 120.

Jiang Chen recalled the spirit of the old man belonging to his family. His tightly clutched heart was slightly set at ease. His throat let out a hoarse, “En,”[1] before familiar sleepiness surged over him.

Fortunately, he thought.

His family was all still here.

Unable to stay in the sterile ward for long, Jiang Shilan made sure he was covered well and got up to leave.

Jiang Kangle had long transferred out of the research institute. It was now Jiang Shilan who worked here. She had ascended to the position of vice-president four years ago and was currently in charge of other projects. She had just finished her work when Jiang Chen had been transferred to a general ward.

Through these two months of nursing, Jiang Chen at last broke away from his muddled state. His cancer had also been cured. Although he had lost weight, his face no longer radiated the ill aura of nearing death. His spirit had been invigorated greatly, and he began to be more concerned about the members of his family.

Jiang Shilan came to see him in her free time and explained things briefly to him.

His father still did not remarry. She and Jiang Hui both married already. She had a son, while Jiang Hui inherited the Jiang family genes and had dragon and phoenix twins. The three members of the younger generation were all over twenty years of age, thus all older than Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen asked, “What does older sister’s husband do?”

Jiang Shilan said, “He also does research; he’s my senior.”

Jiang Chen asked, “Then does my nephew also study medicine?”

Jiang Shilan smiled and said, “No, he is not interested.”

Jiang Chen nodded. The family at last had someone as uninterested in learning medicine as him. He inquired, “What does he study?”

Jiang Shilan said, “Acting.”

Her smile softened. “He had recently just won the title of Film Emperor.”

Their family unexpectedly produced a Film Emperor. Jiang Chen was curious. “Do you have photos?”

Jiang Shilan opened her phone.

This era’s phones were in the shape of wristwatches and rings. A light tap could summon a transparent screen. She used a wristwatch version. After unlocking it, she opened a small video and handed it over.

In the video, a young man stood on stage while holding a trophy. He was giving a speech for winning the award. His facial features held some resemblance to Jiang Shilan’s. He looked very handsome and must have quite a lot of girlfriend fans.

Jiang Chen asked, “What’s his name?”

Jiang Shilan replied, “Xie Chengyan.”

While they spoke, fragmented noises suddenly rang out from the corridor. A short amount of time passed, but it had yet to quiet down.

Jiang Shilan then hinted for her younger brother to rest before going out to take a look at the situation. She had a little nurse accompany him.

This little nurse was an AI.

Thirty years ago, electronic technology had also developed at flying speed. AIs gradually replaced manpower.

Unlike the rigid ones of the past, the androids of today were very lifelike. Their voices were also the same as ordinary people. Androids could also be divided into different types. For example, this android was classified for medical use. His family’s old man used a nanny android, which was also called a single dog[2] android. It was very well-received among young people.

The little nurse held an apple and inquired, “Do you want the skin peeled?”

Jiang Chen said, “Peeled.”

He asked, “What’s happening outside?”

The little nurse said, “I don’t know.”

Jiang Chen said, “Then what do you know?”

The little nurse replied, “I know you should be eating fruit at this time. Rest for half an hour after eating, and then take two bottles of IV drop. Afterward……”

Jiang Chen said, “It’s okay.”

He understood.

This AI was specially assigned to him and took care of him only according to the procedures given. It would not give him gossip if asked.

He questioned, “If I don’t cooperate, what will you do? Do you have any enforcement methods?

The little nurse said, “I will ying ying ying; no enforcement methods.”

Jiang Chen asked, “Ying ying ying?”

“Command received,” the little nurse said, “Your family members said you eat soft food but refuse hard food.[3] When you do not do what you are told, I will cry until it is done.”

Jiang Chen asked, “……What if crying is useless?”

The little nurse responded, “I’ll yell for someone.”

Jiang Chen took a bite from the offered apple, no problem.

The noise outside had stopped at some unknown time. Jiang Shilan had yet to return from her walk, so Jiang Chen obediently rested for the night. He got an answer when the sky welcomed dawn. —— The cryonics research team saw that he had recovered well, summarized the experience, and applied it to defrost the second person. As a result, the second person was not brought back to life.

The team held a two-day long meeting and then went to defrost the third person, who did not come back to life like before.

This time, they held a week-long meeting, tossing and turning as they examined the video and data of Jiang Chen’s defrosting. They cautiously defrosted the fourth person, but still failed in bringing them back to life.

Jiang Chen: “……”

Jiang Shilan and Jiang Kangle, who found out about these things: “……”

Jiang Kangle hurried to the research institute and saw that his family’s lost but then regained little son was in the middle of taking a nap. He stroked his son’s head, fear still lingering in him.

Up till now, this research had been controversial. The technology back then had been immature. Even though it was classified as a national project, the unknown — how things would play out, and whether it would be made public — put the project under strict importance on being kept low-key. Therefore, Jiang Chen, with his countless fans, was completely unsuitable as a volunteer. It was Jiang Kangle who fought this and fixed an agreement. In regards to the defrosting, Jiang Chen would come out first. If he lived, he lived. If he didn’t live, it would serve as a reference for future operations.

The research institute had many juniors that he had guided. The leader of the cryonics team was even his student. Originally, they had wanted to move Jiang Chen to the back of the line, but Jiang Kangle had always been upright and persisted with having his son come out first. No one knew he had been standing outside at that time, his hands trembling.

But looking at it now, who knew if it varied from person to person, or if there were minute differences between operations. Fortunately, his son had come out first.

Jiang Chen had just fallen asleep, so he opened his eyes dazedly. “……Dad?”

Jiang Kangle once again stroked his son’s head. “Nothing, I just came to see you…… I have a meeting in the afternoon and will leave immediately. Go back to sleep, okay?”

Jiang Chen gave an “En” in response and was quickly flooded with sleepiness.

His nap lasted for an hour. After he woke up, he was pushed forward to do a series of examinations. He then rested for a short period before the little nurse took him to the garden for a walk. Two people also followed closely behind.

Altogether, there were ten volunteers. Of the four defrosted, three died. For the time being, no one dared to touch those remaining.

The research team encircled this sole survivor, wishing but hating their inability to stare at him 24/7. They feared he would breathe his last with just a tap.

The project stalled, and there was also no conclusion. Jiang Chen did not know whether they dared to defrost the remaining volunteers, but he knew that he should not even think of leaving in this short term. Fortunately, they did not shut him inside. Apart from a smaller range of movement, other things were all still permissible.

Jiang Shilan was afraid he would be bored. If she had the time, she would come to accompany him.

Today, she had sent her younger brother back to the ward. Just as she was about to go downstairs, she received a video call from her son, saying that he was going to join the group and would not return home. She asked, “Didn’t you say you were coming back to stay for several days?”

Xie Chengyan felt helpless. “I ran into Jingxing while abroad and played with him for several days. Halfway through, I did a favor and picked up an empty slot in a variety show. I have no time. Right, do I have an express delivery?”

Jiang Shilan said, “Yes, it came a month ago.”

Xie Chengyan said, “Help me send it to the crew……no, forget it, I probably won’t have any free time to play.”

Jiang Shilan asked, “What is it?”

“Equipment for Wandering Dream’s virtual reality.” Xie Chengyan felt depressed. “I got a closed beta number with great difficulty through a trusted source. I originally thought I could return home and play for several days.”

Jiang Shilan was startled. “Wandering Dream?”

Xie Chengyan said, “That game Jingxing plays. It’s now virtual reality.”

Jiang Shilan was silent for several seconds. “I have a……friend. He also likes Wandering Dream. If you aren’t playing, can I give it to him first? When you come back, I will return it to you.”

Xie Chengyan agreed straightforwardly.

Because this was simply a closed beta, nothing more, and there were quite a lot of bugs in the closed beta. He got an account purely because he was haunted with curiosity. After he finished filming, Wandering Dream should be officially opening the servers, so he could fully play in the official version.

When Jiang Shilan finished work and went home, she opened up the express delivery. The next day, she gave it to her younger brother.

After Jiang Chen woke up, he had already looked up information on Wandering Dream. His first reaction was: Thirty years have passed, yet this game had not grown cold despite everything.

He also knew about Wandering Dream’s Virtual Reality edition closed beta, but all the invitations for the closed beta had gone to elite players and anchors. The number of slots was extremely limited. He didn’t expect that his older sister would actually be able to secure an account.

Jiang Shilan said, “This is your nephew’s. He is shooting a movie and has no time to play.”

She paused before reminding him, “Your circumstances now are special, you know.”

Jiang Chen said, “En, I signed a non-disclosure agreement.”

Jiang Shilan felt reassured and no longer disturbed him.

Jiang Chen swept through the manual, ten lines at a glance. He put on the eyeglasses, laid down on the bed, and went into Wandering Dream.

Thoroughly unfamiliar background music, with hints of familiarity, assaulted his senses. His breath tightened slightly. He felt as if his blood throughout his body was heating up, but then he immediately thought of his current situation. He did not know whether he could return to the field in the future. He then fell into a slightly bad mood.

Thereupon, the bad-tempered Jiang Chen gazed at the blank space for the ID and casually wrote in a string of inharmonious Martian language. The character voice was also similarly a system default. After this, he arrived at the novice village.

Wandering Dream’s continent was divided into three territories: Human race, Demon race, Supernatural[4] race.

Back when Jiang Chen played, there were only the two races of human and demon. Now, the Supernatural race was added, along with several professions he did not recognize.

He continued to use the Seal Master profession as he had done before but chose to walk around in the Demon race territory. He felt it was quite novel.

Playing separated by a screen was one thing; experiencing it for himself was another. He felt that even the wind blowing at his face was very real.

The closed beta had been open for nearly a month. The advanced army had long arrived at the main city. Apart from the NPCs in the territory, he was the only living person. It was completely peaceful. He initiated dialogue with the NPCs and completed simple missions to level up twice before stopping. He would rather explore his surroundings.

The scenery of the Demon race territory leaned toward dark colors. Much of it was black, deep purple, and muted blue.

He strolled toward the plaza at a pace neither hurried nor slow, only for his footsteps to suddenly stop.

Right in front of him stood a statue of a Seal Master, whose garments and adornments were extremely familiar.

Written on the pedestal below was: Shining Dawn Cheerful Orchid (Jiang Chen 1999-2017) Season 2 MVP of Wandering Dream Professional League Tournament.

The statue had no color; it was a towering pure black piece, standing solemn and serene.

He also did not know how long it had been standing in Wandering Dream, waiting for its operator to come and see it this day.

Jiang Chen’s mood instantly became complicated. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see in the distance several more statues. He went to go take a look and very quickly found a pattern.

These were the MVPs of every year. Otherwise, if all the members of the championship teams were made into statues — taking into account the 32 years the league operated — he was afraid it would become the Terracotta Army. Moreover, these statues were divided by race. All these statues were, without exception, of the Demon race. From this knowledge, the territories of the Human race and the Supernatural race most likely had similar crowned statues of their races.

He finally stopped in front of a statue.

For no other reason than this person winning too many MVP awards, even world-class ones.


After Fang Jingxing had retired, he went on a tour abroad to play before returning to his home country.

The virtual reality edition was different from the closed betas of other games, which only required an account; it also needed the corresponding equipment. His equipment had been sent to his home, so he had also just started playing.

He originally thought he would be the only living person in the novice village. Who would have thought he would actually see someone else.

He walked around and saw this Seal Master standing motionless in front of his own statue. He asked, “You are Captain Fang’s fan?”

Jiang Chen glanced at him, recalled the non-disclosure agreement, and then replied with an “En.”

Fang Jingxing did not expect to run into a fan even when entering a month late. He questioned, “What do you like about him?”

Jiang Chen said, “Awesome.”

Fang Jingxing smiled, declining to comment on it. “Oh, in addition?”

Jiang Chen did not know why he was asking so many questions about this and slightly regretted claiming to be a fan. He bluntly stated the truth, “Healthy.”

He looked at this statue of an unfamiliar profession, unfamiliar person, and the pile of honors beneath. He sincerely added an evaluation, “Hard life.”[5]

Fang Jingxing had merely asked without thinking the matter through. After he asked, he had planned to leave, but hearing this, he withdrew his plans and open-mindedly sought instruction. “Can you explain a bit.”

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The author has something to say:

Thanking everyone for their overlord tickets and nutrient solutions, muah~


[1] 嗯 (En): An interjection indicating approval, appreciation, or agreement. A nonverbal grunt that can also mean, “Ok, yeah,” or “What?”

[2] single dog (slang): person who is neither married nor in a relationship (used self-deprecatingly)

[3] 嘤嘤嘤 (ying ying ying): crying sfx that sounds like bird calling| eat soft food but refuse hard food: idiom meaning amendable to coaxing but not coercion

[4] 妖 yāo | lit. translation “goblin / witch / devil / bewitching / enchanting / monster / phantom / demon”
Essentially, the monster race comprised of spirits, sprites, elves, fairies, beasts, etc. []
I chose to use the translation ‘Supernatural’ in this case so it would not get confused with in-game monsters/mobs and because ‘Supernatural’ covers the type of race better
Another example of what this race would entail would be ‘youkai’ or ‘fae’ but the former is a Japanese term and the latter is often narrowed down to just the Celtic fae.

[5] superstitious phrase; in this case, fate is very bad, things often go wrong, always half-alive and half-dead, encountering ups and downs, but always overcoming it and never dying. [tldr; strong lifeforce]

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