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Chapter 15 — Do you want to sleep with me?

After knowing Quilt was a real person, Ye Nuan did not dare to sleep with him again.

But, when lying down on the very hard bed, really, how could she lie down with how uncomfortable it was.

Of course, drowsiness could not be felt in game. Her body had also already died and no longer needed to sleep to replenish its energy.

Ye Nuan thought it over and felt that she should go fight in the arena instead ba.

In the end, before she could crawl out of bed, she heard small Quilt’s voice echo beside her ear, asking her something. “Do you want to sleep with me?

Ye Nuan: “……”

Once Wen Xiao finished talking, he realized how ambiguous his words were. He promptly coughed and changed his tune. “No, my idea was……isn’t lying directly on the bed uncomfortable? Do you want me to grow bigger?” He paused. “Don’t misunderstand ah, I don’t have any intention to offend you, I just feel, anyway, I have already slept with you many times like that, so it’s habitual. If you feel that sleeping on my body is more comfortable, then you can continue sleeping like that.”

Ye Nuan: “……”

Wen Xiao saw that Ye Nuan still had not responded and tried to review his words just now. He felt that his words had a lot of mistakes; the more he spoke, the more ambiguous it sounded orz

He raised a small corner and helplessly covered his eyes. “Forget about it, my brains have a hole. You just ignore me……”

However, his voice had yet to fade when he saw Ye Nuan roll over, turning her body to face him. She blinked her eyes at him. “I feel that your words have some justification. We have slept together before, does it matter how many times we’ve slept together?”

Wen Xiao’s body turned crooked. He thought he misheard.

He still had not reacted when Ye Nuan spoke up again. “Quilt, grow bigger.”

Realizing that Ye Nuan had not misunderstood, Wen Xiao sighed in relief. He very obediently made himself bigger.

Just as he grew, more weight pressed down on his body.

Ye Nuan cautiously and solemnly laid down on Quilt; it felt as soft and comfortable as before, but the feeling in her heart was completely different.

Because Ye Nuan now clearly knew that she was pressing down on a person, moreover a man she had never met.

Ye Nuan did not dare to roll over and tried to relax her body. Afterward, she asked Quilt, “Wen Xiao……right ba? How old are you?”

Wen Xiao responded obediently, “28.”

Oh, younger than Ye Nuan thought.

For a scientist, this age was absolutely considered young.

Ye Nuan: “Have a girlfriend?”

Wen Xiao: “No……why?”

Besides, how could a person engrossed in scientific research have time to date?

Ye Nuan laughed helplessly. “It’s nothing, just asked without thinking.”

After she finished talking, she felt that there was nothing else to talk about. She then quietly laid down on Wen Xiao’s body for a while, waiting for his mana to more or less be depleted. At that point, she reluctantly parted from the soft quilt and sat up, allowing Wen Xiao to turn back into a small quilt. She fed him a blue potion.

Thinking how she was not in the mood to sleep anyway, she might as well go level.

Ye Nuan then took Quilt to leave the inn and headed to a Level 30~ training map to level.

In fact, compared to training, she wanted to go fight in the arena even more, but thinking of how little apprentice brother had surpassed her in level, she just felt……forget about it, she should first go level ba.

As senior apprentice sister, how could she be surpassed by her junior apprentice brother ne?!

Hence, when Four Seas Fragrance came online at four in the morning the next day, he discovered that Ye Nuan was already Level 36!

Ascended 6 levels in one night! Surpassing the Level 35 Uninhibited, straightforwardly closing in on him at Level 40!

“WTF!” Four Seas Fragrance became shaken on the spot. “Did you, this person, not go to bed?!”

Ye Nuan felt very wronged. She had slept for a good while, otherwise she would have been Level 40 by now.

Four Seas Fragrance did not wait for her to respond before continuing, “Girl, going to sleep so late is not good! Don’t learn from Uninhibited and stay up all night!”

Ye Nuan turned over her memories for a moment. Last night, Uninhibited said he would go offline to rest for an hour, but in the end, he had not come back online —— therefore not staying up all night.

What could have possibly happened ba?

Four Seas Fragrance: “Don’t tell me you directly played through the night and survived till morning! Fancy that, I thought you were an early riser like me; you bastard, deceiving my affection!”

Ye Nuan: “……”

Who deceived your affection! If I can leave the game, I guarantee, you will not see me in the evening or the morning!

—— Prior to dying and entering the game, Ye Nuan’s work-rest balance was very good!

Ultimately, with no way to explain, Ye Nuan stiffly changed topics. “Train?”

She did not expect Four Seas Fragrance to be unwilling to forgive her. “Damn training! Go offline to sleep! Right this moment!”

Ye Nuan raised a brow, having not expected her family’s second apprentice brother to be as domineering as a handsome CEO.

There was nothing to be done. She could only try to find an excuse. “Sleep, what sleep?[1] I had just woken up. Earlier, I had hired someone to help me level up all night. After all, I had been fighting in the arena during the day.”

“Oh, so it’s like this.” Four Seas Fragrance believed her immediately. “Say this first ah; say, how come you woke up so early? Sleep quality not so good ah?”

Ye Nuan did not know whether to laugh or cry —— I say, you believe. Are you really that foolish ba……

She suddenly felt, second apprentice brother probably was the type of person who people scam money out of.

Too easy to dupe……

“Mn, recently, my sleep quality has indeed been poor.” Ye Nuan could only concede. “But I did not go to sleep that late yesterday, so it doesn’t matter.”

“Well ba, pay more attention,” Four Seas Fragrance said, finally ending this topic. “Train ba, Level 40 training map, I’ll send you the coordinates. You come over yourself.”

Ye Nuan’s face had black lines running down.

Ai, this second apprentice brother was indeed underperforming after being praised. She had just believed him to be a very considerate person ne, only for him to, all of a sudden, pull a straight-guy operation.[2] 

Will you die if you pick her up?

However, it also did not matter. She was now Level 36. Plus, there were fewer people in the morning, so if she went by herself, it was unlikely for her to run into danger.

Hurrying on her unicorn, Ye Nuan suddenly recalled something. She asked Quilt, “That transformation skill of yours, what can you transform into?”

Wen Xiao was startled for a moment before replying, “Should be anything ba, besides changing color.”

Ye Nuan: “Can you transform into an animal?”

Wen Xiao: “Such as?”

Ye Nuan: “Horse……and such. If you’re like this, you can move around yourself.”

Wen Xiao hesitated. “I can transform into a stool and use legs to crawl around.”

Ye Nuan: “……”

The image is too beautiful; I do not dare imagine it.

Wen Xiao: “But it would certainly not be as fast as you riding a unicorn.”

Ye Nuan: “Then forget about it.”

Wen Xiao: “If I crawl faster than your unicorn, will you ride me?”

Ye Nuan facepalmed. “……Don’t say the word crawl.”

It really felt too scenic, heavens na……

Quickly, Ye Nuan hurried over to the Level 40~ training map. In the end, she found her family’s second apprentice brother picking something in the nearby underbrush instead of training.

Ye Nuan curiously drew closer and asked, “Second apprentice brother, what are you doing?”

“Doing a mission.” Four Seas Fragrance spoke as he picked. “Once I finish this mission, I can fly!”

Ye Nuan momentarily could not react — what did he mean by ‘fly’ — and blurted out, “As in achieving a meteoric success in your career?”

Four Seas Fragrance: “……I wish. Doesn’t mean that la, it means I can have a flying mount; when that happens, I can take you to fly ah!”

Oh, almost forgot —— players could use flying mounts upon reaching Level 40.

Realizing this matter, Ye Nuan recalled the feeling of soaring the skies, sitting behind Hundred Miles Uncrystallized. She felt a bit restless.

She eyed her level and then said to Four Seas Fragrance, “No need, I’m also fast. Soon, I can have my own mount.”

Four Seas Fragrance: “……”

Second apprentice brother received a blow; second apprentice brother constrained himself. All aspects of second apprentice brother were no good.


[1] 睡毛线 — slang that doesn’t translate well into English >~< basically means sleeping is impossible/not in the mood to sleep

[2] Straight-guy operation — to be specific, a guy with low EQ

哪 (na) — emphatic sentence-final particle, used instead of (ah) after a word ending in “n” (which 天 heavens (tian) does)

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