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Chapter 28 — Want to French kiss?

Wen Xiao hesitated slightly.

He and Ye Nuan had been getting along well during this time, without even quarreling once. In every aspect, they meshed well together.

Although his mouth stayed silent, in his heart, he had actually agreed to date Ye Nuan already, even considering her as his other half, the one who he would spend the rest of his life with.

Therefore, at present, taking human form while in her embrace, was this also impossible to consider?

In any case, he had already been seen completely bare by her, and he had been rubbed by her while in quilt form quite a lot. Taking human form this time was the combination of being seen completely bare + being rubbed, nothing more.

Thinking like this, Wen Xiao mentally encouraged himself for a moment before clenching his teeth and straightforwardly taking human form in Ye Nuan’s embrace.

Ye Nuan: ???

Sensing Quilt change to human form in her embrace, Ye Nuan was dumbfounded.

She asked Wen Xiao if he would take human form because she had been thinking that before One Tree Remaining went online, she would not be fighting in the arena for the time being.  Therefore, he did not need to be a quilt for a while and be stuffed into her belt.

After he asked, “Right now?”, she had thoughtlessly replied, “Mhmm.” As a result……

Ye Nuan blankly stared at Wen Xiao, face to face. It took a good long while for her crashed brain to restart operations. Then, flustered, she took out Wen Xiao’s mage robe from her inventory and threw it at his face!

His face covered, she instinctively moved her gaze downward. Afterward, she realized she had chosen to cover the wrong area and once again flustered, she grabbed the mage robe covering Wen Xiao’s face and covered his lower half.

Once all this was completed, she inwardly sighed in relief and then helplessly said, “Having you transform now, you don’t need to be so anxious ba……put clothes on.”

She knew Wen Xiao must have misunderstood something, but, thinking about his dignity, she could not say it and could only assume the appearance of not discovering anything yet not caring in the least.

However, when Wen Xiao’s face was covered, he had already sensed that he most likely misunderstood something. For a moment, he was too ashamed to show his face.

With great difficulty, he rearranged his mindset and said, “Sorry.” He then silently put on the clothes.

Because they did not intend to go out for the time being, he could only cover himself from top to bottom with the robe. The rest of the clothes such as shoes ah, gloves ah, cloak ah, he did not wear. He avoided wearing the accessories even more.

After putting on the clothes, he took the initiative to say, “Done.”

Ye Nuan turned her head back around to look at him, worried that he would care about what happened just now. She smiled faintly at him, using her expression to show that she did not care.

Wen Xiao sighed helplessly —— this person embodied the strong belonged to the strong. When one should be gentle, soft, considerate, contrarily, one must also be explicit.

She took care of him so much. Yet if he kept cowering, he would appear to be too lacking in masculinity.

Thinking like this, Wen Xiao pursed his lips and summoned his courage to say, “Is my figure no good?”

Ye Nuan: ???

You want to flirt?

Ye Nuan hesitated for a moment before ultimately responding to him with a bit of caution, “Really good ah.”

Wen Xiao: “Then why did you cover me up……I, I also……also do not care if you look.”

Ye Nuan: “……”

Ye Nuan did not know whether to laugh or cry.

She looked at Wen Xiao, who had raised a hand to cover his eyes due to shame, and ultimately could not help breaking out into laughter as she said, “Pfft……If you want to tease me, first smoothen your tongue, then say it again.”

This response really made Wen Xiao too ashamed to show his face. He kept the hand covering his eyes, not daring to look at Ye Nuan. He should still speak what should be spoken, though. “I just want to say, I agree to date you……then, since we are lovers……then I……”

“Hahahahaha enough, you……” Ye Nuan did not give him face with her laughter. Indeed, there was nothing she could do about Wen Xiao. “Listening to this made me feel awkward, guilt-ridden cancer[1]……okay la, okay la, I know what you want to say.”

After she finished speaking, she took the initiative to draw closer to Wen Xiao. Grabbing the hand covering his eyes, she forcibly moved it away and then stared at his beautiful face from up-close, so beautifully crafted by the Gods that it angered people. Her gaze unknowingly blurred a bit.

A second later, she closed her eyes and lightly kissed Wen Xiao’s lips.

A kiss as light as a dragonfly touching the water, ending in the twinkle of an eye, as if she was simply giving it a try.

After Ye Nuan opened her eyes, she looked at Wen Xiao’s somewhat absent-minded appearance and softly said, “I know, you want to say, we are already so familiar, so we can do a lot of things we should originally be too embarrassed to do.”

Wen Xiao’s spirit returned and looked at Ye Nuan with his gentle as water eyes.

Ye Nuan raised a hand to caress his face. “But, it seemed like you said to deepen our relationship first before dating. For the same reason, bodily contact also requires a process.”

Wen Xiao choked heavily on his saliva.

At this moment, he was especially glad he was in a game. Otherwise, who knew how red his face would be at this moment.

Recalling the action he did just now, directly taking human form in Ye Nuan’s embrace, it was indeed somewhat sudden.

Fortunately, Ye Nuan was lenient and considerate enough,  dispelling all his embarrassment. Otherwise, he really did not know what he should do right now.

“Looks like you really do not have any romance experience ah.” Ye Nuan smiled, saying, “It’s fine. I don’t either.”

Wen Xiao: “……”

“So we can do things slowly together —— starting with kissing. Ye Nuan asked, “Want to French kiss?”

Wen Xiao kneeled on the bed, allowing Ye Nuan to caress his face. Suddenly, he had a kind of relaxed, relieved feeling coursing through him. He thought that he could feel relieved because of the person before his eyes. His eyes shut as he voiced, “Mn.”

A second later, he felt Ye Nuan’s lips once again touch his.

This kiss felt more penetrating and prolonged than the one just before.

Kissing in the game, the experience was definitely not as good as in reality, but the two of them still very much enjoyed kissing.

If it were not for being unable to feel lust while in the game, they both would have wanted to deepen their relationship one step further.

Ultimately, they only kissed and did not do anything else.

Afterward, Wen Xiao laid back on the bed, somewhat absent-minded, feeling as if the entire world had changed beyond recognition. He felt extraordinarily fantastic.

Actually, before today, he had never understood why lovers liked kissing each other. In his opinion, that was completely meaningless.

Needless to say, he also had slight mysophobia, so just thinking about the scene of kissing someone made him unavoidably want to go rinse his mouth.

But just now, when kissing Ye Nuan, he not only did not feel conflicted, he instead was a bit engrossed. When his soul returned, he even felt that it was very inconceivable. 

Ye Nuan was still seated, observing Wen Xiao as he reclined on the bed, reflecting on life. She felt it was a bit ridiculous. “What are you doing? Kissed foolish?”

“No.” Wen Xiao responded in deadly earnest, “I am just thinking. It was very eventful. As expected, I can only discuss it after experiencing it myself.”

Ye Nuan: “Oh, why so deeply moved?”

Wen Xiao: “I originally thought that I would have nothing to do with this sort of romantic love. I thought I could spend my entire life performing experiments.” He paused. “But,  after truly deciding to be together with you, I suddenly felt a kind of jubilant feeling. Fortunately, I met you. Fortunately, I did not reject you at that time.”

Him saying this was tantamount to saying covertly ——  I do not regret being together with you. I think this is worth it.

Ye Nuan was undoubtedly happy. “Then say ‘I love you’ for me to hear?”

Wen Xiao helplessly glanced at her but, in the end, obediently repeated these three words. “I love you.”

Perhaps it was still not said in a deeply loving manner, but Wen Xiao was quite certain that he liked Ye Nuan —— that kind of like where he wanted to entrust her with the rest of his life.

“I also love you.” Ye Nuan smiled as she responded.


The next day, Ye Nuan, for the first time, paraded pretending-to-be-a-player Wen Xiao in front of her fellow apprentices.

Precisely speaking, in the arena with second apprentice brother.

Four Seas Fragrance, as Ye Nuan’s second apprentice brother, practiced what he preached and put into practice the meaning of ‘stupid.’[2]  When he first saw Wen Xiao in the arena, his first reaction was unexpected: “Yi? Us apprentice brother and sister are comparing notes in private; Why are you, a passer-by player, coming in for?”

Ye Nuan took Wen Xiao to sit down in the viewing platform and answered to second apprentice brother for him. “He is not a passer-by; he is my boyfriend.”

“What the fuck! You actually have a boyfriend?!” Four Seas Fragrance was shocked.

Ye Nuan rolled her eyes. “Isn’t it very normal for someone my age to have a boyfriend ba? Don’t tell me you have not had a girlfriend up until now?”

Four Seas Fragrance: “……”

He could say that he indeed had not ma……

Seeing Four Seas Fragrance’s expression, Ye Nuan knew that he truly had not and slightly did not know whether to laugh or cry. She promptly shifted the subject. “Okay, let’s try fighting first. Let me see how much your skill progressed.” 

Four Seas Fragrance voiced “Mn,” and drew out his dagger. He exchanged several blows with Ye Nuan.

When only a third of his blood remained, Ye Nuan called for a stop.

Four Seas Fragrance stopped at once, slightly not sure why, but he still obediently stopped fighting. 

Ye Nuan analyzed, “Your reaction speed is very quick, and your skill is pretty good too. But your attack patterns are too singular; it is very easy to crack. If it is impossible to change according to the situation during battle, it is better to spend time researching several possible combos in peacetime. Furthermore, you pay too much attention to movement changes and overlook weapon changes. Your weapons do not need to be gripped so tightly. With a little change, you will have more time to choose whether to attack, evade or counterattack — just like this.”

As she said this, the dagger in her hand nimbly flashed through a few loops, the blade and tip pointing up for one moment and then down the next moment.

She even tossed the dagger into the air and allowed it to revolve a few circles before switching hands to catch it stably.

Four Seas Fragrance stared dumbstruck, taking a long while to react. “ Ah……I understand what you are saying. I seem to know which direction I should break through.”

Ye Nuan quirked her lips, thinking that she had misheard. “……You understand only now?”

Four Seas Fragrance: “Right ah.”

Ye Nuan: “Eldest apprentice brother had never given you all this guidance?”

Ai, don’t bring it up.” Four Seas Fragrance recalled the beaten black and blue scene of him being abused by Hundred Miles Uncrystallized and felt depressed, wanting to weep. “That so-called guidance of his? He unilaterally oppressed me, okay? He dragged me to the arena; anything I said was ignored. He would then work me to the ground over and over again. Apart from feeling my mentality collapse more and more, I completely did not think my skill had progressed ah!”

Ye Nuan: “……”

So, it turned out that for a long time now, eldest apprentice brother was always ‘guiding’ like this?

Should he deserve to be eldest apprentice brother?


Author has something to say:

Last chapter’s sofa is ‘Cold Depths,’ handing tea to the bigshot sofa!


(Commenter) Cold Depths: wawa, feeling something disastrous is about to happen ah!

Author’s Response: Your feeling is right!


(Commenter) Ching=) : I’m actually so happy I wrote something!

Eldest apprentice brother’s brain process is too complicated

Speaking of which; what did he feel at the very beginning about his annoying junior apprentice sister beating him up

Author’s Response: Thinking she was annoying → thinking she was interesting → interested, want to pick up → fuck, too strong, not dating


(Commenter) New Name: Too sweet and teasing, I like

Author’s Response: Hahaha, this novel was written at the very beginning as a healing story; it must be sweet sweet sweet ah~


[1] Chinese meme; means extreme secondhand embarrassment at how badly/poorly something is/was done. Take the meme “people die if they are killed” (said by Shirou Emiya from Fate/Stay Night). The feeling you get when you see this sentence said is exactly what this Chinese meme means. The use of cancer is similar to the use of “straight male cancer.”

[2] 二 (èr) | two / 2 / (Beijing dialect) stupid

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