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Chapter 30 — Three Major Events.

There was nothing good to be said about Li Yili’s temperament, but he was very reliable when handling affairs.

However, Ye Nuan and Wen Xiao’s return to reality was a thing for a year and a half later.

In this year and a half, three major events happened:

First — After eldest apprentice brother Hundred Miles Uncrystallized reached max level, the first apprentice he accepted was unexpectedly a woman, whose skill was pretty good.

But his little apprentice had not entered the door for long before she was murdered in the wild. Hundred Miles Uncrystallized, in a fury, mobilized the entire guild to massacre his little apprentice’s murderer and the other party’s affiliated guild over and over.

Ye Nuan and Wen Xiao also participated.

Naturally, it was Ye Nuan who killed in the front; Wen Xiao stayed in the back to fish in troubled waters.[1] 

Truth to tell, when Ye Nuan had just joined 「 Ambitious Hegemony 」, she thought this guild was too savage. She did not want to wallow in the mire with the other members of the guild at all.

Therefore, whenever the guild went to war, and Master Chaotic Reputation didn’t initiate it, she did not participate. 

Now, she had become used to her family’s guild practice of massacring people at the drop of a hat, even thinking a bit invigorated by fighting with the guild……

Afterward, Ye Nuan learned that little apprentice of Hundred Miles Uncrystallized was his girlfriend in reality.

No wonder he got so angry when she was killed……


Second — Eldest apprentice brother and second apprentice brother met up offline. Second apprentice brother unintentionally divulged that eldest apprentice brother was a bodyguard for hire in reality. In retaliation, eldest apprentice brother revealed where second apprentice brother worked in reality.

As it turned out, second apprentice brother Four Seas Fragrance worked as a fitness trainer in reality.

This was truly a bit beyond Ye Nuan’s expectations……

What surprised her even more, was several days later, as a new university freshman, Speaking with Demons recognized Uninhibited at his club, discovering that Uninhibited was also in the same school and same major as him.

His senior apprentice brother in the game and his senior brother in reality — this fate truly was very fantastical.

Speaking with Demons still revealed to Ye Nuan that Uninhibited spoke an incredible amount in reality, completely unlike how he was in the game.

In other words, his reticence in the game was entirely an act.

In fact, it was not difficult to understand —— the club Uninhibited joined in university was a drama club; probably after entering the game, his acting spirit flared with rage. He wanted to play a ruthless assassin of few words, and then……Mn, he became a third apprentice brother who indeed spoke little yet was also not ruthless in the slightest.


Third major event.

Following Li Yili, there was at last another person who brought up Ye Nuan’s real name.

The matter went like this.

On an afternoon where the sun was shining brightly with moderate wind and a beautifully visible sun, the already max leveled Ye Nuan was idly thinking about leaving the inn to roam around.

Before she was able to leave, she received a friend request.

Regarding friend requests, she had always refused nobody.

In any case, it was not like she could not delete after adding.

Therefore, she decisively accepted the other party’s request.

Afterward, the other party sounded out a line. “Your face seems similar to someone I know ah.”

Hearing this sentence, Ye Nuan was suddenly on guard. She took note of this person’s ID —— Orchid Ethereal Dream.

A very dreamy, very aesthetic ID, yet laced with faint distress. It was very much in agreement with this person’s tone of voice.

Yes, that was right; this person was a woman.

The other party’s tone of voice might or might not have been processed, making it sound very unfamiliar to Ye Nuan. Based solely on this ID, she also could not make out anything.

Thus from the start, Ye Nuan thought the other person’s voice might not even be hers.

She responded with a simple “Similar to who?” The other person then directly asked her, “ Do you know someone called Ye Nuan ah? Your face is really similar to hers, and then your ID also has a bit of similarity to her name.”

Hearing these words, Ye Nuan immediately turned to look at Wen Xiao, who was also eyeing the other person with alertness in his eyes.

—— Here at last.

This person, could it be her murderer?

Based on not beating the grass to scare the snake[2] to keep this person from acquiring information fraudulently, Ye Nuan used a very friendly tone to respond. Ah, I am called Ye Nuan. Should you be someone I know ba? How come I have no impression of you ai? Or could it be that you know someone who coincidentally has the same name as me,” and she naturally added, “What is the name you are called ya?”

The other person clearly did not expect Ye Nuan’s response to be like this. Hemming and hawing for a long time, the person retrieved her ability to organize words but did not say her name.

“That Ye Nuan I know was in a car accident a few months ago. I do not know how things are now, so……you should not be her, right?” she said.

“Oh, then definitely not.” Ye Nuan replied, “I wasn’t in a car accident.”

She discovered that her acting skills really had improved, dropping lies without blinking an eye. “But it really is quite coincidental ah. The same name as me, and then even looking a little like me? I want to go get acquainted with her; I wonder if you can introduce me?”

The other person remained silent for a moment, thinking about something unknown, before opening her mouth once again. Her previous fawning tone changed, becoming somewhat cold and detached. “You are not her then. Sorry for troubling you.”

Ye Nuan promptly responded, “We were brought together by fate like this; haven’t we become friends?”

However, her voice had not yet fallen when she heard the system notice saying the other person deleted her from the person’s friend list.

Ye Nuan narrowed her eyes, still feeling that this person had a problem.

Wen Xiao also felt this way. “A little suspicious; when One Tree Remaining goes online tonight, I’ll have him investigate this person’s information.”

Ye Nuan: “Okay.”

That same evening, One Tree Remaining went online and Ye Nuan spoke of this matter. The next day, she received back information.

The received information ended up saying that this person was Ye Nuan’s colleague.

Because it was simply doubt without definite evidence, One Tree Remaining did not obtain detailed information about this person.

However, based on merely this trail, Ye Nuan was nearly certain about this person’s identity.

Most likely, it was her assistant — E Ying.

Ye Nuan interacted with quite a lot of people at the company, and her relationships with them were relatively good. For the most part, these people were of the male sex.

As for female friends, she could count this on one hand.

But, apart from female friends, she only interacted with other women at work, but no contradictions had ever arisen.

But there was E Ying; because this person was her assistant, there would inevitably be quite a lot of interaction.

Apart from sitting side by side at the company, they would chat from time to time. After getting off work, they would often go home together.

Occasionally, because of work matters, they would get angry at each other, but ultimately, they could reach a proper resolution.

Ye Nuan really could not understand where, when all was said and done, she had offended E Ying, causing E Ying to be unable to resist killing her?!

Perhaps her judgment was wrong. E Ying could enter the game to find her, not because she felt guilty of murder, but simply because of curiosity.

Also, there was no definite evidence that could be used to confirm that Orchid Ethereal Dream was precisely E Ying.

Although she was really unresigned, at the present stage, Ye Nuan could only put her suspicions to the side and continue to wait for more clues.

However, after that, up until she left the game, there had not been more clues sent to her door.

The instant she left the game, something especially sudden happened, without any prior indication.

Eyes fluttering, her entire world changed completely.


Author has something to say:

Clever cuties who read this chapter should be able to make out that the novel is quickly reaching its conclusion.

I estimate it should be done in 10,000 characters, with a 2,000 character difference. I estimate I will write five more chapters ba, and not more than that.

Rest assured, catching the murderer should be one more chapter, with the leftover four chapters being used to sprinkle sugar da~


Last chapter’s sofa is ‘Word Battleaxe,’ muah~


(Commenter) Word Battleaxe: Feel that One Tree was not as pleasing as the handsome, domineering businessman in my imagination

Trying-hard-to-act-like-a-pretentious-prick Quilt ‘jī’ so cute.

Author’s Response: In fact, the stupid author had always been unable to get the handsome, domineering businessman’s charisma, but I can actually get the beautiful, domineering female boss ……


(Commenter) tianertf: Aaahhh, no

Author’s Response: Even if it is nearly complete……are you unpleasantly surprised or just unexpected?


(Commenter) Cold Depths: I super-like reading strong female lead novels. Many of the romances I seek out are strong female leads……but those authors all changed professions to writing danmei (BL) QAQ. Even though I also read danmei, which I also very much like, I like bg (heterosexual, boy-girl) even more.

Author’s Response: Because strong female lead novels are too niche, basically written for romance, therefore…… if I write romance again in the future, I reckon it will also be as short as this novel and won’t have too long of a length. Put away your craving orz


(Commenter) Water Spirit Dark Blue Sea: I’m willing

Author’s Response: mua~


[1] means to take advantage of a crisis for personal gain

[2] means to inadvertently alert the enemy

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