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Chapter 27 — You fought well.

Changed into a small quilt, Wen Xiao clung to Ye Nuan’s belt and pretended to be a mere ornament.

Just like how the mount did not display the name when being ridden, when clinging to Ye Nuan’s belt, he also does not have his name displayed. Therefore, he did not need to worry about being noticed.

He looked at Hundred Miles Uncrystallized, standing across from Ye Nuan. That man’s white clothing fluttered in the breeze, his face expressionless, vividly resembling a worldly expert.

But for some unknown reason, he just felt that the victor of this match would be Ye Nuan.

Soon after the two entered the arena, Ye Nuan’s fellow apprentices poked them one by one. Clearly, they had all heard the system notice.

The first to come was Four Seas Fragrance, followed by Speaking with Demons. A moment later, Uninhibited also joined.

He wore a black mask and stood at the back of the viewing platform. His image and attitude were more in line with the assassin class than the others.

At this time, apart from second apprentice brother Four Seas Fragrance, Ye Nuan’s other apprentices had all broken through the top 30 of the experts list.

Uninhibited was ranked 16 and seemed to have reached a bottleneck at last.

Speaking with Demons was ranked 27; he had to do makeup homework since he was soon starting university, so he had not been on much recently.

Four Seas Fragrance was ranked 38; eldest apprentice brother had almost given up on him……

As soon as the three came in, they began to tease each other.

Four Seas Fragrance: “Eldest apprentice brother, if you lose to little apprentice sister, can I call you little apprentice brother in the future?”

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized: “Look at your own rank, then speak again.”

Speaking with Demons: “Senior apprentice sister, you can do it! Get rid of that white-clothed guy!”

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized: “Be respectful to your senior apprentice brother.”

Uninhibited: “I bet little apprentice sister wins.”

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized: “……”

The three of them all supported Ye Nuan, not actually because they truly felt Ye Nuan could win, but rather because they wanted to see Hundred Miles Uncrystallized lose

In their memories, eldest apprentice brother had always been placed high on a pedestal, considered unexcelled in the world; they had never really seen anyone he lost to.

Oh, he lost to One Tree Remaining, but there was no system notice for the competitive ranking matches. No one knew when he would fight One Tree Remaining, so no one saw the appearance of eldest apprentice brother suffering a defeat.

Therefore, today was a seldom seen opportunity. They could see with their own eyes the appearance of eldest apprentice brother suffering a crushing defeat; how could they be absent ne!

Ye Nuan didn’t expect that people would come to spectate and felt a bit embarrassed.

The reason why she sought out Hundred Miles Uncrystallized for a private spar, instead of a ranking challenge was, on one hand, to not affect his points and on the other hand, to not attract attention.

She was holding on to defeat One Tree Remaining and came to find Hundred Miles Uncrystallized to PK with the mentality of defeating the number one on the experts list. As a result, her ambition was to win.

But if she defeated Hundred Miles Uncrystallized, would she make Hundred Miles Uncrystallized’s face as eldest apprentice brother vanish?

While Ye Nuan was in the middle of hesitating whether to continue to fight with all her strength as she had planned or only up to a certain point, Hundred Miles Uncrystallized suddenly spoke up. “I have to go on a faraway trip tomorrow and will be unable to enter the game for half a month. Regardless of whether who wins or loses this PK match, all the fellow apprentices will be handed over to you.”

Ye Nuan: ???

Handed over to her? What was she supposed to do?

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized: “Before I return, I want to see Ah Seas break through the top 30 of the experts list.”

Ye Nuan: “……”

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized: “Heard clearly?”

“……Yes,” Ye Nuan responded, somewhat dumbfounded. She suddenly did not want to let out water —— eldest apprentice brother’s manner of speaking, it seemed like he was a family head reminding a child to study hard every day to improve before he left on a business trip oh?

“Let’s start ba.” Hundred Miles Uncrystallized drew out his dagger and then suddenly charged at Ye Nuan.

Ye Nuan drew out her dagger and carefully observed Hundred Miles Uncrystallized’s movements. She had a premonition that he would use a skill and promptly raised her dagger to her chest.

Sure enough, a second later, Hundred Miles Uncrystallized’s figure blinked from existence and reappeared behind her.

Ye Nuan did not hesitate and also firmly used 「 Body Flicker 」 to dodge the attack while at the same time appearing behind Hundred Miles Uncrystallized’s body. Hundred Miles Uncrystallized also reacted quickly, immediately turning around and using the dagger in his hand to block her blow. Afterward, the two near-simultaneously used 「 Frontal Stab 」, each strike piercing the body, each causing a layer of blood to fall! 

Ye Nuan’s fellow apprentices began to embrace the manner of watching a play. Watching to this point, they all could not help holding their breaths in rapture.

These two’s tempo was too fast; they practically could not catch a complete figure of either, only afterimages.

Skills and ability acted in concert, weapon angles changed, causing those watching to be dazzled.

Before Ye Nuan exchanged blows with Hundred Miles Uncrystallized, she told herself that the other party was very strong, so she must concentrate all her attention on this challenge.

When exchanging blows later, Hundred Miles Uncrystallized’s strength was beyond Ye Nuan’s expectations. The people she fought before were a whole standard below his.

This meant Ye Nuan felt that she might lose.

After exchanging several rounds of blows, she gradually adapted to Hundred Miles Uncrystallized’s tempo and attack patterns. She began to try to seize the lead.

She kept in reserve a movement skill and avoided Hundred Miles Uncrystallized’s attacks with the tightest footwork possible. Afterward, she grabbed the opportunity to use that reserved skill, taking advantage of Hundred Miles Uncrystallized’s inertia as he charged forward to flash behind him and aim a resolute stab at his heart!

A horrifying amount of damage floated above Hundred Miles Uncrystallized’s head. Both of their blood bars finally showed a clear disparity.

At this time, the expressions of Ye Nuan’s fellow apprentices all changed.

Four Seas Fragrance looked shocked —— his mouth spoke in support of Ye Nuan, but in his heart, he still thought Hundred Miles Uncrystallized would win. As a result……how could this be possible?!

Uninhibited raised a brow —— Although he did not think Ye Nuan would lose, he also did not expect her to gain an advantage so quickly. When he first came into contact with Ye Nuan, taking into consideration her being a girl, he had deliberately taken care of her for a time. Now, it seemed that he was underestimating her.

Speaking with Demons was somewhat excited, yet at the same time somewhat vexed. His mood was complicated —— he wished for Ye Nuan to be the victor, which could also signify that the gap between him and Ye Nuan had grown larger. He needed to work even harder.

Wen Xiao, clinging to Ye Nuan’s belt, saw the scene before his eyes change erratically, causing him to be dazzled. Less than a second of watching left him dizzy, so he had no choice but to close his eyes.

Although he could not clearly see how the battle progressed, his mood was absolutely stable. He did not know why, but he felt an inevitable kind of premonition that Ye Nuan would win.

Indeed, some minutes later, Ye Nuan had thoroughly seized the lead and began to launch a storm of attacks at Hundred Miles Uncrystallized.

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized passively defended, repeatedly retreating.

Ultimately, he could not persevere until his skills were refreshed and fell to a piercing blow Ye Nuan landed at a vital part — a fatal blow that burst the last bit of his blood!

This entire match took less than a quarter of an hour; there was absolutely no chance of a comeback. It was Ye Nuan’s absolute victory!

After Ye Nuan defeated Hundred Miles Uncrystallized, the system delivered her back to the game world. For most of the day, she did not receive messages from her fellow apprentices, making her unavoidably feeling a bit worried.

But after thinking carefully, it was very normal. Rather than wishing her well, her fellow apprentices, at this moment, should comfort eldest apprentice brother.

But eldest apprentice brother did not need to be comforted at all.

Less than a second later, he sent Ye Nuan a voice message, his tone serene as he praised her. “You fought well.” He paused and then said a sentence. “Starting tomorrow, your second apprentice brother will be handed over to you.”

Ye Nuan did not hear anything wrong in his tone, and after voicing her agreement, she secretly released a sigh of relief.

Wen Xiao heard something nevertheless —— Hundred Miles Uncrystallized’s tone had returned to being as apathetic as the first meeting, not as interested and anticipatory as he had been in the last several days.

He seemed to have given up on developing a relationship with Ye Nuan.

To this, Wen Xiao did not know why he felt somewhat delighted. He used a far more cheerful and lighthearted tone compared to Hundred Miles Uncrystallized to praise her, “Amazing, defeating One Tree Remaining is just around the corner!”

Hearing his voice, Ye Nuan finally recalled his existence and pulled him out of her belt. Placing him in her palm, she used a finger to jab at his small, soft body. “Seeing me beat eldest apprentice brother, are you this happy ah?”

Wen Xiao used his two small quilt corners to hold onto Ye Nuan’s finger. “Ai ai ai, don’t poke. In any case, I am a man too ah.”

Ah, sorry, who made you so cute. I can’t help it~” Ye Nuan said, unable to stop laughter from breaking out.

Before Wen Xiao could respond, she received messages from her fellow apprentices.

Four Seas Fragrance: “Amazing ah little apprentice sister! You are simply the pride of us apprentices! Later, you are my senior apprentice sister!”

Ye Nuan: ……what was all this mess.

Uninhibited’s blessings were brief in comparison, just one word: “Congratulations.”

Ye Nuan also returned a one-word reply: “Thanks.”

Speaking with Demons groaned. “Hn, I can defeat eldest apprentice brother too!”

Ye Nuan: “……Say that again after breaking into the top 10 of the experts list.”

Not long after, eldest apprentice brother went offline, and the others each scattered off, either leveling or going to PK.

Ye Nuan took Wen Xiao back to the inn.

Right after she returned to the inn, she laid down on the bed and let out a long sigh of relief.

Despite giving the impression that she had defeated eldest apprentice brother effortlessly, she personally knew how difficult and dangerous it was to PK with eldest apprentice brother. There was no time or place where she could relax, constantly alert ah. Her nerves were stretched taut the entire time.

She also did not know what level One Tree Remaining was at, to be able to defeat eldest apprentice brother.

Between her and One Tree Remaining, when all was said and done, who was a bit more ferocious ne?

While she was still worried, all of a sudden, something soft surrounded her.

Ye Nuan turned her head and saw a shining white ball, an enlarged quilt. She could not help smiling and hugged him unceremoniously. “So forward ah?”

“This could be considered congratulations for you defeating eldest apprentice brother?” Wen Xiao’s entire body was relaxed, allowing Ye Nuan to hug him. He imagined how Ye Nuan felt hugging him; it should be very soft and comfortable?

“Next is to wait for One Tree Remaining to come online.” Ye Nuan said, “But I do not know when he will come online.”

Wen Xiao recalled the dozen or so points difference between Ye Nuan and Hundred Miles Uncrystallized and puzzledly asked, “If you win two more matches, you will be number two; why not go fight?”

“No.” Ye Nuan firmly responded. She then explained, “Why on earth should I allow my ID to be below that person’s as if I was suppressed by him ah?”

Wen Xiao: “……”

Made good sense, unable to refute……so you are just allowing your eldest apprentice brother to be suppressed by him?

Not giving time for Wen Xiao to open his mouth to roast, Ye Nuan probingly asked, “Do you want to take human form?”

Wen Xiao was startled. “Right now?”

Ye Nuan: “Mhmm~”


Author has something to say:

Last chapter’s sofa is “Ching=)”, mua~


(Commenter) Ching=) : So the original number three was beaten to the point of withdrawal? Hahahahaha

Author’s Response: You found out~


(Commenter) Cold Depths: Lord, muah! Didn’t expect there to be another chapter last night, only saw it when I got up this morning

Author’s Response: Oh, I also did not expect I could update another chapter last night orz


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Author’s Response: Such a cute Quilt will definitely be handed over to the nation ah~


(Commenter) Word Battleaxe: Hahaha eldest apprentice brother, you can’t do this; how can you give up our cute little apprentice sister because of feeling a crisis ne (?????)

Look at how well Quilt is doing, enjoy the rapid fall of being overlooked 233

Author’s Response: That is why the male lead is Quilt and not eldest apprentice brother ah ovo

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