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Chapter 29 — Donkey and fish?

Under Ye Nuan’s guidance, Four Seas Fragrance successfully made a breakthrough and really did breach the top 30 of the experts list before Hundred Miles Uncrystallized returned.

During this time, One Tree Remaining had not gone online once. Ye Nuan was bored senseless and did not feel like waiting again. In one breath, she fought ten matches in the arena, gaining enough points to surpass One Tree Remaining — thus fighting to first on the experts list in another manner.

So, half a month passed. Eldest apprentice brother Hundred Miles Uncrystallized went online and discovered that Four Seas Fragrance breached the top 30 of the experts list, and his family’s little apprentice sister also seized first place on the experts list, pressing him down to third place.

—— His mood was complicated.

He assumed Ye Nuan had already exchanged blows with One Tree Remaining and had won.

Reckoning that what he was feeling was wounded pride, he did not seek out Ye Nuan to verify. Instead, he forced himself to pretend to be calm and collected as he dragged his younger apprentice siblings into a party and made clear, “Since everyone had breached the top 30 of the experts list, quickly level up to Level 60 to finish the apprenticeship ba.”

With this awe-inspiring tone, it was as if he considered himself as everyone’s Master.

Everyone was already used to this and paid it no mind. One after another, they agreed and all rose to Level 60 one by one that very same day. The announcement box was flooded with messages.

System Announcement: 【 Congratulations Chaotic Reputation’s eldest follower Hundred Miles Uncrystallized for smoothly finishing the apprenticeship! 】 

System Announcement: 【 Congratulations Chaotic Reputation’s second follower Four Seas Fragrance for smoothly finishing the apprenticeship! 】 

System Announcement: 【 Congratulations Chaotic Reputation’s third follower Uninhibited for smoothly finishing the apprenticeship! 】 

System Announcement: 【 Congratulations Chaotic Reputation’s fourth follower Warm Light at Night for smoothly finishing the apprenticeship! 】 

System Announcement: 【 Congratulations Chaotic Reputation’s fifth follower Speaking with Demons for smoothly finishing the apprenticeship! 】 

The rankings of these five people on the experts list were not low. After finishing their apprenticeships, the increased honor value it gave Chaotic Reputation was naturally not low, allowing him to jump to first place on the honor list.

The apprentices’ rankings on the experts list decided the Master’s ranking on the honor list.  After the Master’s honor rank was revealed, the apprentices’ rewards could be calculated —— from now on, each level they ascended, the additional rewards they gained was the best throughout all of 《 Second World 》.

Unavoidably speaking, this game was very scheming.  

From the start, Ye Nuan was not interested in the rewards, so she had not checked what the system had stuffed into her inventory after she finished her apprenticeship.

She only knew that she had achieved her goal of reaching first place on the experts list. After also smoothly finishing her apprenticeship, she did not need to suppress her level.

In other words, from now on, she could train absolutely unbridled, ascending to max level in one breath!

But before that, she was very concerned about whether anyone recognized her true identity based on her face?

To say the least, thus far, no one contacted her because of this reason.

Currently, everyone who contacted her could be divided into three categories:

First category, pure admiration:

“Goddess Warm Light! You’re too awesome! From now on, you are my Goddess! Fully deserving, without any reservations, number one expert!”

Ye Nuan: “I dare not accept the honor.”

Second category, wanting to pick her up:

“Goddess, are you lacking a lackey……no, are you lacking a predestined love?”

Ye Nuan: “This game is not called Sword 3,[1] thanks.”

Third category, tearing down her former vest:

“Are you God Cold Night?! You must be! Apart from God Cold Night, I have never seen such a skilled female player!”

Ye Nuan: “The world is vast; true experts are aplenty. I am not her.”

This kind of situation continued for a few months.

What Ye Nuan did not expect was for the first one to declare her true name to actually be……

“You are Ye Nuan ba?”

Separated in time by a few months, yet once again coming online — One Tree Remaining, who had been squatting outside the door of the inn for Ye Nuan, blurted out.

At this time, Ye Nuan had already been in the game 《 Second World 》 for half a year, her level having broken 80 and soon reaching max level. 

Hearing her real name in the game for the first time, Ye Nuan was undoubtedly shocked. For a moment, she did not take care to hide her emotions, to which One Tree Remaining seized. “It seems it really is you, but as far as I know, you were in a car crash, and already……”

He did not continue speaking. He eyed Ye Nuan with narrowed eyes, waiting for her response.

Ye Nuan felt it was time for her breakthrough acting skills. “Ha? You’re cursing me to die?”

One Tree Remaining stared blankly for a moment, for a split second truly being scared by Ye Nuan’s acting, but he was not Four Seas Fragrance, after all. He quickly responded, “You do not need to pretend. I know people over at the game company and BWRE. It is not difficult at all to know about your situation if I wished.”

Hearing BWRE, Ye Nuan did not understand why, but by her side, Wen Xiao nevertheless reacted immediately. He telepathically informed Ye Nuan: 【 BWRE, that place is where my research is conducted. 】 

Ye Nuan: !!!

Wen Xiao could use telepathy, but Ye Nuan could not. Therefore, no matter how shocked she was, she could only keep silent.

Luckily, Wen Xiao did not leave her not knowing what to do and took the initiative to say to One Tree Remaining, “What a coincidence, I also know people at BWRE.”

He said this while stretching out a friendly hand to One Tree Remaining. “It seems that it is necessary to get reacquainted. I do not know what you are called in reality?”

Ye Nuan did not know what Wen Xiao wanted to do, but she trusted him and did not speak up.

One Tree Remaining narrowed his eyes at Wen Xiao. Not hesitating for long, he gripped the offered hand. “I am the CEO of SFEO Biotechnology Corporation, Li Yili. A long time investor of BWRE.”

These words froze Wen Xiao and Ye Nuan for a moment, both somewhat shocked.

Ye Nuan’s shock was —— she originally thought One Tree Remaining was a rich second generation, using his family’s money to act like a pretentious prick. Therefore, she especially looked down at him. She absolutely had not expected that he was the CEO……

This was a true ‘handsome, domineering businessman’ ah! Live!

Naturally, her family’s Quilt ‘jī’ was cuter orz

Wen Xiao’s shock was —— he originally thought the person One Tree Remaining knew at BWRE, was a friend at BWRE. He had not expected him to be a long time investor of BWRE……

Daddy Gold Master![2] Kneeling!

Naturally, his family’s Queen was more domineering orz

The two of them remained silent for a moment. Ultimately, it was Wen Xiao who reacted first. He responded, “Hello, I am BWRE’s chief researcher, the country’s first-class biologist, second class psychology consultant, doctor of medicine —— Wen Xiao.”

Mn, the prefixes could not be lost.

Li Yili: “……” Childish.

Ye Nuan: “……” Awesome.

This was the first time Ye Nuan was genuinely aware of what kind of existence Wen Xiao was in reality. She suddenly felt it was very surreal —— she unexpectedly was dating such an awesome big shot?

Gaming was not a domain Wen Xiao was good at. Without Ye Nuan, he would not be able to move a single step in this world.

However, perhaps it had always been because his brilliance had been concealed, his temperament was able to be prominent, allowing Ye Nuan’s heart to be captivated.

Ye Nuan later recalled that she could walk to the end together with Wen Xiao entirely due to that chance encounter prompted by the unexpected turn of events.

If it were not for her car exploding that day and his car just happening to pass by hers, they — as a game company’s Game Environmental Designer and a national-level brain wave researcher — basically would have never been able to walk to the end together.


Wen Xiao and Li Yili mutually confirmed each other’s identity and felt they could take the conversation one step further. Stuck in the middle, Ye Nuan had no choice but to release Li Yili from the blacklist and add him as a friend. Partying up with him, she took him back to the inn for a private conversation.

As a result, after entering the inn, the first thing Li Yili did was not to continue his conversation with Wen Xiao just now, but rather to look at him and Ye Nuan with narrowed eyes and asked, “You two, are truly together?”

Ye Nuan was surprised but then nodded with an “Mn.”

Wen Xiao heard her “Mn” and could not help laughing. “Yes, that’s right.”

“Truly unfortunate. You deserve better,” Li Yili told Ye Nuan.

Ye Nuan raised a brow. “Have you not seen my ranking on the experts list?”

“Saw.” Li Yili responded indifferently, “Very amazing, it is my weakness.”

This was a bit beyond Ye Nuan’s expectations. She originally thought Li Yili would be like her eldest apprentice brother — that sort of ‘pride setback’ — after taking note of her ranking. She did not expect he would actually not care that her ranking was higher than his at all?

But Li Yili’s temperament was still unacceptable to Ye Nuan. Therefore, even if she now knew he was some company’s CEO, she still had no interest whatsoever in him.

What was more important was —— his name was also too difficult to read ba! Li Yili, why not just straightforwardly call him Lü Yuyu (Donkey and fish)?[3] 

Ye Nuan roasted him in her heart. She still did not know how to respond to Li Yili when she heard him indifferently continue, “Wen Xiao, you indeed have the capital to fight over someone with me. Since you two are already together, then I can only give up.”

Once he finished saying this declaration, he glanced at Ye Nuan before shifting his gaze to Wen Xiao. He brought up an important matter. “I have heard a bit about Ye Nuan’s case, but I did not expect that you would also be in the end. When all is said and done, what is going on? Do I need to do anything? Speak ba.”

The speed at which he changed topics made it seem as if his renouncement just a moment ago was not about a still unbudded romance, but rather an insignificant trifle. For example, the decision to temporarily cancel going out to exercise and such.

Although she knew he would no longer nag her, relieving Ye Nuan quite a lot and putting her at ease, this manner of his where he did not attach the slightest amount of importance to her was also truly putting her in a somewhat bad mood.

From Li Yili’s words, she seemed to really be no different from a ‘good.’

Wen Xiao and Li Yili’s following conversation was not something Ye Nuan could participate in, so she listened, bored, while reclined on the bed.

However, being unable to participate was one thing; listening and not understanding was another.

The main contents of their conversation, Ye Nuan could sum up. In any case, Wen Xiao wished for Li Yili to utilize his funds and contacts to invite, recruit, and cultivate researchers of the field of brain waves from within the country and abroad to research methods to transmit brain waves, with the outer appearance of electronic data, back into the human body.

If Li Yili could help them return to reality, in exchange, Wen Xiao did not even care about having BWRE become a subsidiary of SFEO and apply for each patent belonging to BWRE to be placed under SFEO’s name. 

When all was said and done, who benefited more from this business deal, Ye Nuan did not know. She only knew that she originally thought the enemy troops had suddenly become friendly forces.

Life really did have nice surprises everywhere……


Author has something to say:

Very sorry for updating late, recently had some writing block. Last chapter’s sofa was ‘Cold Depths,’ kiss~


(Commenter) Cold Depths: Little Quilt is too cute! Ah! Daoist Immortal boyfriend!

Author’s Response: Actually, I had always been worried that everyone would not accept a male lead with this temperament……I discovered when writing romance, I never can break away from a strong female — weak male pairing orz


(Commenter) Drinking Winter: Check-in

Author’s Response: Dī~


(Commenter) Wind Between the Darkened Me: Bubbling! Little Quilt is too cute

Author’s Response: You are also very cute, hug~


(Commenter) New Name: Tsk tsk tsk nearly became yellow[4] 

Author’s Response: If it were not for this place being Jinjiang,[5] I almost……


[1] Sword 3: another game, 剑三, that I assume has in-game marriage w the significant other being called predestined love (???); a cultivation type of game

[2] Gold Master: aka financial backer, bankroller

[3] 李以黎 Lǐ Yǐlí | “plum” “by means of many/dark”
驴与鱼 Lǘ Yǔyú | “male donkey” “and fish”
aka she hates pronouncing his name (like I hate typing it) and is calling him an ass/comparing him to a donkey and a fish

[4] Yellow: ie pornographic (because porn books had yellow covers)

[5] Jinjiang (jj): aka the site the novel is being posted on

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