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Chapter 14 — Don’t rub.

Ye Nuan was outstubborned by her family’s little apprentice brother and ultimately agreed to return to the town to rest.

Speaking with Demons watched her return to the inn, only then able to go offline at ease.

Ye Nuan yielded, but who knew if her family’s little apprentice brother was aware of this oversight —— she could go into the inn, so naturally she could also leave ah!

The moment Speaking with Demons went offline, Ye Nuan walked out of the inn.

She went to the store to clear her inventory of trash and then recalled that her family’s Quilt was not yet Level 30. She thus went to the pet breeding teacher to buy experience potions.

She originally assumed that nothing would happen.

Unexpectedly, when Quilt ascended to Level 30, Ye Nuan received a system notice.

System: 【 Your pet Quilt learned a special skill: Telepathy! 】 

Special skill?

Pet skills were not just divided into basic skills, integrated skills, and ultimate skills? Why were there also special skills?

She selected this ‘special skill.’ No need to mention Ye Nuan’s shock, Quilt was also shocked.

But he rapidly understood after thinking it over —— he reckoned his friend contacted 《 Second World 》’s developers and found an alternate solution by retrieving his ‘voice.’

As for why it was ‘telepathy’ instead of ‘speech,’ he supposed it was because his identity was currently Ye Nuan’s ‘pet.’ If the other players heard his voice, it would be hard to avoid the resulting surprise and suspicions.

As a result, ‘telepathy’ was used in this manner in order to allow his ‘Master’ Ye Nuan to hear his voice.

This was undoubtedly a good method, but……

Quilt thought of how he felt whenever Ye Nuan touched him, pressed him, hugged him, slept with him……if he suddenly said he was not an NPC, would he frighten Ye Nuan?

If, by chance, he upset her, it might cause her to disconnect accidentally, and create a large mess.

That Speaking with Demons person probably also knew about Ye Nuan’s situation, so he went into the game. 

Before he came in, he was certainly told he could not reveal any information. That was why he did not acknowledge Ye Nuan.

Quilt reflected on this for the entire trip. He was still hesitating as to when to speak up, when he saw his family’s Master go into the inn and immediately say to him, “Quilt, grow bigger.”

Quilt: “……”

Quilt could not ‘jī’ at present. Even if he cried ‘jī,’ it would not be a cutesy lolita voice, but rather a masculine voice……

Quilt was at quite a loss. In the end, he decided to speak if spoken to.

Ultimately, he chose to be obedient.

He made himself grow bigger, becoming a large, soft quilt and laid down on the bed.

He had still not been able to prepare himself when Ye Nuan directly threw her body onto him!

Due to being caught off guard, Quilt issued a muffled groan due to the abrupt pressure.

Ye Nuan: “……”

Quilt: “……”

After Ye Nuan heard a muffled groan that was distinctly masculine, her body stiffened atop Quilt for a very long time.

She was currently determining if this was an auditory hallucination of hers; otherwise, was that truly a muffled groan just now?

Third apprentice brother and little apprentice brother were offline, so she was not teamed up with any men at the moment. This eliminated the possibility that someone entered this room with her.

Afterward, she glanced at her inbox; no one had sent her any messages.

She had already blocked the Guild Channel, so that was even more impossible to hear……

Therefore, this voice, if it truly existed, could only belong to one person……or possibly, one thing.

Ye Nuan looked down at Quilt beneath her, suddenly not daring to stroke it any longer. It took her an exceedingly long time to recover her voice, after which she probingly asked, “Quilt, was that you?”

Quilt pretended to be dead, not replying.

Ye Nuan cautiously and solemnly crawled up, nearly kneeling on Quilt. She then vigilantly observed Quilt, speaking up once more. “That sound just now, was that you, Quilt?”

Quilt continued to play dead, not replying.

But, his silence was equivalent to tacit approval in Ye Nuan’s eyes.

—— Because Quilt did not cry ‘jī.’

Usually, when she talked to Quilt, Quilt would ‘jī’ in response, no matter what she talked about.

But, since learning this skill ‘telepathy,’ Quilt had not cried even half a ‘jī.’

After realizing the truth, the next step was naturally to expose the truth.

Thinking like this, Ye Nuan immediately reached out to messily rub Quilt. She originally planned to merely stroke, but after she began, she also kneaded and even tickled — kneading from top to bottom, scratching from left to right.

Although Quilt did not feel pain, which meant he also did not feel the tickling, tactile sensation was a true existence.

In the end, he could not hold on any longer. Despairing, he changed back into a small quilt and weakly collapsed on the bed. “……Don’t rub, I surrender.”

Ye Nuan raised a brow.

The masculine voice went beyond her expectations; it was very pleasant to hear. If she could use only one adjective to describe this voice, she would use ‘gentle.’

Quilt’s true voice was like white jade, clean, gentle, not feeling invasive at all. Listening to it was very comfortable.

Although third apprentice brother’s voice also sounded very comfortable, perhaps because it was somewhat hoarse, it always made Ye Nuan feel like it was lacking something.

Now, compared to Quilt’s voice, Ye Nuan finally knew what third apprentice brother’s voice had been lacking —— purity.

Ye Nuan had truly never heard such a pure voice.

Even before she went to work, she had seldom heard anything even similar.

—— Therefore, this voice did not belong to someone she knew.

Ye Nuan drew her dagger from her waist and aimed it at Quilt.

Quilt: “……”

Ye Nuan coldly said, “You have a minute to give me an explanation. If not, I will tear you apart.”

Quilt: “……”

Said one minute, so it was only one minute —— Ye Nuan immediately opened up the clock to begin measuring time.

Against her expectations, Quilt did not try to negotiate and spent half a minute organizing his thoughts into words. “I am called Wen Xiao, your attending doctor. I went into the game to observe your psychological condition. Changing into your pet was a complete accident.”

A paragraph later, concise yet flowing speech, direct and efficient, straight to the point; in the shortest amount of time, he explained his reason for existence, scrubbing away all misunderstandings.

Quilt, oh, it was Wen Xiao.

Wen Xiao’s voice was as gentle as jade. Plus, the speech he gave was very fluent, so he seemed very honorable.

Another truth, patients had no gender in front of doctors.

Thinking like this, Ye Nuan instantly laid down all her vigilance. Wen Xiao, however, felt a bit ashamed. —— In front of a doctor, a patient really did not have a gender, but……which patient would constantly caress their doctor?!

Ye Nuan sat down on the edge of the bed and picked up Quilt.

In the past, Quilt could not stand firm and would cry out ‘jī’ when scared. Now, Quilt could speak, and thus cried out in alarm.

Ye Nuan had no choice but to slow down when grabbing Quilt. She asked him, “So, how am I in reality?”

Wen Xiao had fallen down in Ye Nuan’s palm, confused. It took him a long time before he sluggishly recovered. With difficulty, he used two small corners to stand up before responding, “I’ll speak slowly. You should steady your mind when listening. You must not, by any means, get stimulated.”

Ye Nuan: “My psyche is great, you can speak with ease.”

Thereupon, Wen Xiao spoke with ease. “You were in a car accident, with very grave injuries. When you got into the car accident, I was driving in a car beside yours. When the explosion happened, I immediately got out to examine your situation and found your situation not optimistic. Even though you were sent to the hospital promptly, your life could not be saved.”

Ye Nuan frowned.

Wen Xiao continued to talk. “Therefore, I took you to my laboratory without permission……I should introduce myself first ba. Although I am currently your attending doctor, I am not a doctor. I am a scientist and have spent nearly two years studying brain waves. I tried to extract your brain waves and preserve the data. I then used the game as a medium and channeled your data into it.

“Because your injuries were indeed too severe, when I did this matter, I had no time to inform your parents. This point, I feel deeply apologetic for. However, after I successfully introduced your data, I immediately contacted your parents. Moreover, I called over a doctor friend whom I highly appreciate and trust to treat you.

“The treatment’s results were like I expected, not too optimistic —— your heart stopped.

“In other words, in reality, you are already dead.”

Ye Nuan had thought her ‘resurrection’ in the game was possibly due to undergoing some kind of ‘treatment,’ but she absolutely had not expected that she had actually died already in reality.

This was really no different from being ‘resurrected.’

However, possibly because Wen Xiao’s voice was too pleasant to hear, or because she subconsciously had anticipated this earlier, Ye Nuan’s mood was extraordinarily tranquil. Even she was amazed at her mental state.

Wen Xiao saw that her mood was tranquil and let out a sigh of relief. He then continued speaking, “Even though, from a medical perspective, you are already declared dead, your brain waves are still here, which proves my research is feasible. We are currently trying to help you build a body to use in reality, but I’m afraid that if it takes too long, your brain waves will become unstable. Therefore, I decided to transmit my brain waves into the game too, and carry on my observations by your side.”

Wen Xiao: “In fact, I originally intended to be attached to your system, who could have predicted that you would, at that exact moment, hatch a pet, causing the route to deviate. I ended up attached to your pet.”

“As it turned out, it’s like this.” Ye Nuan responded with acceptance, her tone being inconceivably tranquil from beginning to end.

What she now wanted to know was: “Do you know why my car exploded?”

Wen Xiao: “Before I came in, the police were in the middle of investigating. After I came in……I currently do not know how to acquire a communication method with the outside world.”

Hearing this admission, Ye Nuan suddenly realized a very terrifying matter. “What do you mean? Don’t tell me you are like me……”

Wen Xiao laughed at himself. “Right, just like you, I also have no way to leave the game. As a result, in the worst situation, I might be trapped in this game with you and never leave in this lifetime. However, people must always look forward, no? Our impossible case, perhaps time will pass and someone else will find a solution. My friends, colleagues, and teachers are all helping find a way.”

Ye Nuan: “……”

I thought I saw hope at last; I didn’t expect it to actually be another form of despair.

Ye Nuan suddenly felt that Wen Xiao was a bit foolish. “……Are you foolish? At first, I was certain, without a doubt, that I died. It was you who made my life able to continue on in the game. I was already quite content with my situation. Why did you want to tie yourself to me?”

“Oh, rather than for you, it would be better to say that it was for my research, for science.” Wen Xiao serenely explained, “Furthermore, accidents ma, are frequent —— experiments are always accompanied by all kinds of accidents; this couldn’t be more normal.”

It could be seen that Wen Xiao, this person, looked fairly optimistic. He simply resigned himself to adversity regarding this predicament in life.

Because of this ‘medical treatment accident’ occurring, he might have ruined his own life, yet he believed so hopefully about a miracle happening in the future.

When she repeatedly ‘laid down,’ he did not resist at all. He did not struggle and allowed her to roll all over him, even pandering to her.

Ye Nuan sighed. “I will also think of a way.”

If it was merely for her, Ye Nuan would not have too much motivation, but now, she shouldered the weight of someone else. This person was her life benefactor. She must rescue this hanger-on from the game!

Wen Xiao laughed warmly. “Take it easy, it’s not urgent. From what I understand, you like games ba, so you might as well enjoy playing. Take it as a vacation.”

Ye Nuan: “……”

Continuously hearing this man speak in such a ‘chillax’ manner, Ye Nuan now could at least experience what was genuinely ‘chillax’ despite never understanding the concept before.

Wen Xiao, this man, was simply……

Say, Ye Nuan was very curious. “In the end, how severe were my injuries?”

Wen Xiao was silent for a moment before hesitantly asking, “Do you really want to know?”

Ye Nuan: “Mhmm.”

Wen Xiao: “Your entire body was crushed, all bones broken. Your upper body and lower body were almost completely separated. Apart from your brain and heart, your other organs basically……”

Ye Nuan: “Okay, stop speaking!”

Awful, curiosity indeed killed the cat. Ye Nuan felt that she would have a nightmare tonight……


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